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411’s LIVE ECW One Night Stand II Coverage: Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle

June 11, 2006 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Tazz joins Styles and they gloat about Tazz’s win.

Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle

Kurt tries a double leg, but Orton stays away and goes to the floor. He gets pussy chants. Lock up and Kurt tries the take down, gets it and almost has the ankle lock but escapes and goes to the floor. Back in and they lock up, headlock take down by Kurt. Fuck you Orton chants now, I love these people. Orton to his feet now, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Kurt. Headlock take down by Kurt again. Orton with a head scissors to escape and he does and goes to the floor. Orton yells at the crowd and finally goes back in again. Kurt with another double leg and then paintbrushes Orton’s head. Rear mount ala Matt Hughes on Gracie and then stiff forearms. Orton gets up with Kurt on his back, but Kurt takes him down with a modified triangle and Orton gets the ropes. Kurt tells Orton to grab a hold and then shoves him off. He does it again and Kurt tosses him off. Back suplex by Kurt. Irish whip by Kurt but he misses a charge and nails the steel post. Kurt gets a toss and then off the ropes…back elbow by Orton. Orton covers and gets 2. Eye poke by Orton, Irish whip and Kurt hits the corner hard. Orton steps on the back of his head now, covers and gets 2. Snap mare by Orton and a rear headlock. Kurt reverses it and gets a half nelson, rolls him and gets 2. Kurt in control and gets the rear mount again. Elbow by Orton and he escapes. Rear choke by Orton, and Kurt drops to a knee and then down. We get boring chants now as Kurt fights to his feet. Head butts by Orton and then an elbow. Kurt sidesteps him and gets a release German! Both men are down as the ref counts. Up at 7 and uppercuts by Orton. Then from Kurt. Kurt gets the ropes and a forearm to the back of the head. GERMAN…another…and the 3rd! Kurt stalks him…Angle Slam countered and then a dropkick by Orton. He covers and gets 2. Rear choke, reversal and a belly to back by Kurt. STRAPS DOWN! ANGLE SLAM! 1…2…NO! Kurt gets the ankle lock! Orton rolls and escapes. Cool Orton back breaker and a cover for 2. Orton sets…RKO countered, but he gets a back elbow to Kurt. Orton goes up top…Kurt runs up, but Orton tosses him off. Cross body off the top and Kurt rolls through for 2. STIFF clothesline by Orton. He stalks Kurt again…RKO countered…but Orton gets a roll up for 2. ANKLE LOCK! GRAPEVINE! Orton taps!

Winner: Kurt Angle @ 15:08 via tap out


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