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411’s Live Impact Bash at The Brewery 2019 Coverage

July 5, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Sami Callihan RVD Impact Bash at the Brewery

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I will be doing the coverage in my regular review style; final ratings and extra thoughts will be in the final version of the review. Have a good time chatting, and thanks for joining 411 for your live coverage needs.

Csonka’s Impact Bash at The Brewery 2019 Review

The Rascalz vs. Dirty Andy Dalton, Stave O Reno, & Mathew Palmer: Trey and Dalton to begin as Dalton takes control early on. Trey battles back and hits the lucha arm drag. Wentz and Palmer in as Wentz lays in kicks, and hits a double stop. The standing moonsault eats knees as Reno tags in. The heels work quick tags and isolate Wentz. Wentz fires back and Palmer hits a powerbomb for 2. Wentz tags in Dez and he and Trey run wild until Trey gets cut off. Reno hits a clothesline for 2. He follows with strikes, Palmer in and the Rascalz cut him off. Dez in and runs wild with uppercuts. Reno cuts him off with the blue thunder bomb and as the heels take control. Dez accidentally mists Palmer with the water, meteora from Trey, and the swanton and spiral tap finishes Dalton. The Rascalz defeated Dirty Andy Dalton, Stave O Reno, & Mathew Palmer @ 6:42 via pin

– They hype Kross vs. Edwards at Slammiversary.

– Cage arrives and discusses the journey to the world title, which Elgin ruined. Elgin didn’t break him because he’s standing right here. At Slammiversary, he proves himself. Moose arrives and says he heard Cage talking, and wants to vomit. Moose says that Cage is ignoring him, which is a mistake. Cage better hope that he isn’t passed off tonight and Elgin attacks and Moose joins in. They get a chair and Moose stops Elgin and they chat until Elgin attacks Cage’s back with the chair. Moose pulls him off and referees make the save. Elgin keeps attacking Cage, as they drag him off of the champion. Moose bails as Cage is helped to the back.

– We get an oVe promo,

RCW Champion Fallah Bahh vs. Anthony Edwards: Boom Boom Oliver is out with Edwards. Edwards attacks right away, but Bahh fires up and hits a shoulder tackle. Edwards cuts him off and slams him down, but Bahh hits the running cross body and spinning head butt. Bahh lays in chops, and hits the corner splash. He then stomps on his face, they work to the apron and Oliver distracts Bahh allowing Edwards to hit an apron flatliner. Edwards follows to the floor and posts Bahh. Back in and Bahh fights him off, absorbs strikes, and fires up. Edwards lays in strikes, and Bahh hits the belly to belly for 2. Edwards battles back with a side effect for 2. Bahh cuts him off, but Edwards hits a knee strike and covers for 2. Edwards to the ropes and Bahh catches him with the Samoan drop and banzai for the win. RCW Champion Fallah Bahh defeated Anthony Edwards @ 7:25 via pin

– Elgin cuts a promo on Cage as Moose arrives and says Elgin ruined the plan. Elgin says Moose isn’t so bad, and adds that he will take out Moose as well tonight.

Havok vs. Jordynne Grace: Yung is at ringside. Havok overpowers Grace to begin, but Grace fires back and hits double knees and a sliding elbow. The Vader bomb gets 1. Grace follows with strikes, but Havok hits a back breaker and chokes her out. The hanging full nelson follows, and then Havok hits the backbreaker/lariat combo. Havok follows with corner attacks, but misses the leg drop. Grace fires away with clotheslines and covers for 2. Grace hits the stomps and Havok powders and cuts off the suicide dive. Grace locks on a sleeper on the floor, Yung gets involved for the DQ. Jordynne Grace defeated Havok @ 4:30 via DQ

Havok & Su Yung vs. Rosemary & Jordynne Grace: They brawl on the floor, and then back in as the faces control. Havok accidentally hits Yung and Rosemary & Grace attack Havok. Rosemary dumps Havok, and Grace jackhammers Yung, covering for 2 as Havok makes the save. Yung battles back and Havok joins in, as they isolate Grace. Havok follows with a suplex, and grounds the action as Yung tags in. She hits palm strikes, a bulldog, and covers for 2. Havok now hits a back breaker and covers for 2. Havok runs into a boot and Grace follows with a second rope senton. Rosemary tags in and runs wild with strikes, and a sling blade. Yung tags in and Rosemary works her over, hitting an XPLODER, but Yung cuts her off with palm strikes but Rosemary hits the German but Havok makes the save. It breaks down, Grace hits a suicide dive and Rosemary & Yung work into counters, spear by Rosemary and that’s it. Rosemary & Jordynne Grace defeated Havok & Yung @ 7:45 via pin

Tessa Blanchard, Willie Mack, & Rich Swann vs. Sawyer Fulton, Jake, & Dave Crist: Fulton looks like a legit giant in here. Swann and Fulton begin. They lockup and Fulton shoves him down. Mack tags in and they lock up and Fulton shoves him down. Tessa tags in and Jake joins her. They lockup and Tessa shoves him down. Dave tags in and Tessa shoves him down. Fulton back in and they lock up, Fulton claw slams her down and Jake tags in and takes over. He follows with forearms, but Tessa catches him with a cutter, Mack tags in and tackles Dave down. The arm drag follows, and then a hip toss. Swann tags in for double teams, and the cover gets 2. He follows with kicks, but Jake gets involved allowing Dave to cut off Swann. Jake grounds the action, and then follows with a superkick. Dave tags in and lays the boots to Swann. He follows with strikes and covers for 2. He chokes out Swann in the ropes, Jake tags back in and Fulton joins him as they pummel Swann in the corner. The one-handed claw slam connects and he follows with elbow strikes. Swann fires back, and tags in Mack. He lays in strikes, clothesline and spin kick. He dumps Fulton and Mack follows with a dive. Tessa in and runs wild on the Crists, hits the draping code breaker and covers for 2 as Fulton makes the save. Fulton counters the magnum but Swann hits lethal injection. Standing moonsault by Mack and Dave cuts him off. He DDTs Tessa for 2. Jake lays in a flurry of kicks on Mack, but Tessa cuts him off and lays in strikes. Swann back in and Dave dumps him, attacks Tessa and Swan takes out Jake as Tessa knocks Dave to the mat and the magnum finishes it. Tessa Blanchard, Willie Mack, & Rich Swann defeated Sawyer Fulton, Jake, & Dave Crist @ 11:50 via pin

Michael Elgin vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Moose: They brawl at the bell and dump Elgin. Elgin pulls Moose to the floor, but Edwards hits a suicide dive. Elgin then slams him off the apron. He and Moose collide back in the ring and then trade strikes until Elgin hits a shoulder tackle. The delayed suplex follows but Moose kips up and lays in strikes. Enziguri by Elgin, Edwards is back in and runs them together and Germans Moose. He RANAs Elgin off the rope and into Moose, covering for 2. Elgin cuts him off, laying in strikes and they trade strikes. Elgin hits an enziguri and then does the deal with a falcon arrow for 2. Moose is back in and dropkicks Elgin, and then follows with jabs. Edwards cuts him off, they all brawl and Moose dropkicks Elgin. He takes Edwards up top and hits the superplex as Elgin connects with a top rope swanton. They all brawl, German on Edwards by Elgin and then clotheslines follow on both. Enziguri to Edwards, and then hits the double slam on both for 2. Elgin fires away with strikes, Edwards cuts him off and Elgin counters the tiger driver into a cradle for 2. They trade, and the tiger driver finally connects for 2. Moose spears Edwards but Elgin makes the save. They trade chops, Moose pokes him in the eyes but Elgin hits a superkick. The pop up powerbomb follows. Moose low blows him, Edwards gets Kenny 2.0 and nails Moose. Elgin then powerbombs him, buckle bombs him and the Elgin bomb finishes Edwards. Michael Elgin defeated Eddie Edwards & Moose @ 12:25 via pin

Champions LAX vs. The North: Santana and Alexander begin. They work into counters, with Alexander controlling early on until Santana hits a monkey flip and into a double bridge spot. Alexander back to his feet, Santana follows with head butts and Santana gets the suplex for 2. Really nice opening stretch from these two. Page and Ortiz tag in and lock up, Page looks to take control but Ortiz counters out and hits a northern lights suplex for 2. Santana tags in and double teams follow for LAX. They then double team Alexander and continue to isolate Page. More double teams follow and Ortiz covers for 2. The champions continue to work quick tags, but Page & Alexander battle back and Alexander slams Santana onto the apron. This allows the challengers to take control, isolating Santana. They work double teams, Alexander follows with chops, and then whips Santana to the buckles. Alexander grounds the action until Ortiz makes the save. The challengers then double team Santana, laying the boots to him, and Page follows with chops. Alexander back in and Santana fires back until Alexander hits the Finlay roll. Page tags in and back breakers on Santana as follow for 2. Alexander tags back in and follows with chops. Santana runs them together and tags in Ortiz. He runs wild, hits a DDT and snap slam for 2. Santana joins in for double teams, and the powerbomb/neck breaker gets 2 as Page makes the save. The North cuts off Santana into a cutter/wheelbarrow German combo for 2. Santana fights off his opponents, and Ortiz gets the sunset flip for 2. Santana tags back in, Page is sent into Alexander and eats a cutter as Santana covers Alexander for 2. The North battles back, belt shot cradle, and new champions. The North defeated Champions LAX @ 16:45 via pin

– It’s official, the North will defend against LAX &The Rascalz at Slammiversary.

RVD vs. Sami Callihan: This is an extreme rules match. Sami charges, RVD avoids and celebrates, but Sami fires back with chops. RVD fires back with clotheslines, they talk trash, push and shove but Sami fires away with a boot to the face. He follows with strikes, but RVD counters back with a spin kick. The plancha follows. Sami rakes the eyes and then paper cuts RVD’s hand. Sami misses a chop and hits the post, allowing RVD to fire back. Sami then slams him to the barricade and follows with chops. He takes a lap and RVD trips him up into the barricade. Back in and Sami hits a kick, heads up top but RVD cuts him off and follows him up. Sami slips out and takes out the knee of RVD. He grounds things wit a figure four variation, but RVD rolls the hold and escapes. They trade strikes; Sami rakes the eyes, and then grounds the action, working an Indian deathlock until RVD makes the ropes. Sami keeps things grounded, but RVD again makes the ropes. He stomps away at the knee and then misses an elbow drop. RVD then cradles him for 2. He follows with clotheslines, a monkey flip, and then a leg drop. RVD up top and the frog splash is cut off by Jake, Sami attacks and hits the DVD for 2. Sami gets a chair, Tessa takes out Jake and RVD hits a vandamniator. The feed died and I came back to RVD’s music playing, so I assume he won; nice work everyone… RVD defeated Sami Callihan @ 13:30