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411’s Live ROH Honor For All Coverage

August 25, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka

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I will be doing the coverage in my regular review style; final ratings and extra thoughts will be in the final version of the review. Have a good time chatting, and thanks for joining 411 for your live coverage needs.

Csonka’s ROH Honor For All 2019 Review

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– Tonight’s attendance is looking rough…

– PCO isn’t cleared for tonight, so Scurll & King will face two of Lifeblood in tag team action, no six-man tag title match, which is cursed at this point.

The Bouncers vs. Okumura and Felino vs. Coast to Coast: LSG & Okumura to begin, they lock up and work into counters until LSG grounds the action. Okamura escapes, but LSG catches him with a dropkick. They trade chops and Okamura then counters with a neck breaker. Bruiser tags in and Okamura fires away with chops, but Bruiser lays in jabs and bites him. Milonas tags in but Okamura hits arm drags, chops, and then gets ran over by both. Felino tags in and tries shoulder tackles, but Milonas keeps knocking him down. He fails at a slam as Ali tags in and trades chops with Felino. Felino fires back, they workup top and Felino hits the sunset bomb for 2. The Bouncers cut off Felino, catching a high cross to the floor and gets slammed down. Back in and LSG takes out Milonas as Ali covers Felino for 2. C2C works double teams, LSG lays in uppercuts and covers for 2. Ali back in and double teams follow for 2. Ali takes control, LSG in and grounds the action. Felino fires back, but LSG cuts off the tag. Felino now tags in Milonas and he strolls mild. Okumura cuts him off and Bruiser takes him out. It breaks down and Felino works a half crab until LSG and Ali double team him. They double team Milonas and cover for 2. Bruiser battles back and closing time connects for the win. The Bouncers defeated Okumura and Felino & Coast to Coast @ 9:35 via pin

– PCO arrives and grabs a table, and then grabs the mic. PCO then takes out security as they try to remove him. He runs wild on all six of them and dumps them to the floor. He lays one on a table on the floor and the top rope cannonball follows. PCO then beats down more security until Flip arrives to stop him.

– Castle cuts a promo, discussing Joe Hendry. Castle calls him out and he arrives. He and Castle banter, and Castle understands why he wants to face him. He wants Hendry to watch him kick the crap out of Isom. Hendry says he knows that Castle knows that he can’t entertain the fans like Hendry can. Hendry is here to save the day. Castle disagrees, and says he’s entertaining and dangerous. Hendry is here to compete, and he will defeat Isom as Castle watches. Castle says he’s in for a nightmare and Isom shoves them and calls them silly. He suggests a tag match with Burger involved. Hendry agrees.

Joe Hendry & Dalton Castle vs. Eli Isom & Cheeseburger: Burger and Castle begin, until Castle tags out. Hendry in and locks up with Burger grounding the action. Hendry takes him down again, but Burger counters back with a RANA until Hendry lands uppercuts and a shoulder tackle. The high knee follows, and Castle tags himself in. Isom tags in and Castle attacks, grounding things. Isom counters back, Castle talks shit and gets a takedown, and then follows with rights. Isom follows with clotheslines, and cradles him for 2. Isom follows with arm drags and a dropkick. Burger tags in and follows with chops in the corner until Castle cuts him off with an XPLODER. Hendry tags in and hits a delayed suplex. Castle tags back in and follows with strikes and Burger then cradles him for 2. Castle cuts him off and lays in strikes. He grounds things, Hendry tags in and follows with uppercuts. He tosses Burger across the ring as Castle tags back in. Burger fires back, Hendry tags in and cuts off the Burger tag. He and Castle argue, and Isom tags in and hits the high cross to both. The overhead belly to belly follows and then dumps Castle. Hendry cuts him off and as they argue Isom hits a moonsault to the floor. Back in and Castle follows with chops, strikes, and Hendry cuts of bangarang and pins Isom with the code breaker. Joe Hendry & Dalton Castle defeated Eli Isom & Cheeseburger @ 9:20 via pin

Angelina Love vs. Sumie Sakai vs. Jenny Rose vs. Damaris Dawkins: Mandy Leon is at ringside. Love stays on the floor as the other three battle, she then sneaks in an covers for 2. Rose and Dawkins trade strikes, Rose takes control and they then trade clotheslines. Dawkins follows with a DDT but Sakai makes the save. Sakai takes control as Allure beat down Rose on the floor. Dawkins sorta hits a neck breaker for 2.Sakai cuts her off, heads up top and the missile dropkick connects. Rose back in and cuts off Sakai, Dawkins joins in as does Love for a four-way submission spot. Love then lays the boots to them and covers for 2. Sakai fires back, Leon pulls Love to the floor as Dawkins hits a northern lights on Sakai for 2. Uranage by Rose gets 2. Sakai hits smash mouth and Dawkins breaks it up. Sakai gets distracted, blinded by Leon and Love hits botox injection on Dawkins for the win. Angelina Love defeated Sumie Sakai, Jenny Rose, & Damaris Dawkins @ 5:00 via pin

– Maria Manic arrives Love bails as she beats down the others until Klein arrives. Love lays out Klein and bails again.

Silas Young vs. PJ Black: Woods is out with Young. They lock up and Black grounds the action. But Young quickly counters and Black takes him back down. Young makes the ropes and argues with the ref. Back in and Black follows with a shoulder tackle and they work into pin attempts for near falls. Black follows with kicks, a sweep and standing double stomp. Young follows with rights, and then chokes out Black in the ropes. Young follows with more strikes, and Black is down. Black then head scissors Young to the floor. Black chases and Young cuts him off with a clothesline. Young yells at Woods for not helping him. and follows with kicks on Black. Young follows with strikes, and then whips Black to the buckles, covering for 2. He grounds the action, maintaining control. Woods keeps teasing getting involved, but doesn’t as Young berates him. Black fights back, hits the spin kick and clothesline. He heads up top and the flying punch follows. The springboard clothesline follows for 2. Black misses a charge, Young dumps him and Woods refuses to attack him. Young to the floor and attacks Black. He argues with woods and back in, Black cradles him for the win. PJ Black defeated Silas Young @ 8:50 via pin

– The Bouncers join commentary.

Rush vs. Vinny Marseglia: They lock up and grapple to the ground. Back to the feet and they work into lucha passes, they trade Germans, and then both go for dropkicks. Rush follows with clotheslines, a flying forearm, and they brawl to he floor as Marseglia posts Rush. He posts him again, beats on Rush on the table and Marseglia follows with chops and kicks. Marseglia slams Rush to the barricade, slaps him around and back in they go. Marseglia now chokes him out, follows with strikes, and then lays in chops. Rush fires back, they trade, and Marseglia follows with corner forearms and a side effect for 2. Rush fires up, hits the superkick and the suplex to the buckles. They spill to the floor and Rush slams him to the barricades. He then powerbombs Marseglia through a table at ringside. Back in and Rush stomps away at him and kicks him in the face; tranquilo. Marseglia fires back, hits the knee strike and Russian leg sweep for 2. Marseglia now heads up top, gets crotched, and Rush hits the superplex. Rush lays the boots to him and misses the top rope senton. Marseglia follows with red rum for 2. Rush counters sliced bread, and the bull’s horns finishes it. Rush defeated Vinny Marseglia @ 11:40 via pin

TV Champion Shane Taylor vs. Chase Owens: Owens backs off right away. They lock up and Taylor tosses him across the ring. Owens looks for a takedown, follows with strikes and chops. He unloads on Taylor and follows with uppercuts and then dumps Taylor. He follows with a dropkick to the floor, and back in Owens heads up top and drops down, they pick up the pace and Taylor cuts him off with a pounce. Taylor chokes him out in the ropes, and then lights him up with chops. Owens is down, so Taylor pokes him in the eyes. He follows with body shots, and a modified tower of London for 2. Owens fires back, and Taylor misses the leg drop and Owens hits the running knee strike. Taylor misses the corner splash, Owens follows with forearm strikes and an enziguri. The sliding lariat follows and then a flatliner gets 2. The superkick connects, but he then runs into a spinebuster for 2. Owens counters greeting from216, hits the knee strike, but Taylor counters the package piledriver but Owens hits the knee strike and jewel heist for 2. The package piledriver is countered again, but the superkick connects. Owens up top and Taylor crotches him and the running splash gets 2. Taylor lays in chops, Owens asks for more and gets it. Taylor drops him with a big right and Owens keeps firing back. They trade, rapid fire strikes by Owens, and the lariat follows and Taylor is down. Owens follows with a knee strike, Taylor dares hi to do it again and he does, head butt by Taylor and hits the knee strike for 2. Greetings from 216 finishes Owens. Champion Shane Taylor defeated Chase Owens @ 12:05 via pin

ROH Tag Team Champions The Briscoes vs. The Rock & Roll Express: Jay and Ricky begin. They lock up and work to the ropes. They trade, Ricky fires up with strikes and follows with arm drags. Jay fires back, but Ricky dumps him and knocks Mark to the floor as well. Ricky follows with a suicide dive. Back in and Robert tags in and they double team Jay, Robert takes out Mark and backdrops Jay. Ricky tags back in and follows with rights. Mark cuts him off and Jay lays the boots to him. Mark tags in and Ricky Morton plays… well Ricky Morton. They work over Ricky on the floor, and back in Mark follows with rights. Double teams follow and they continue to isolate Ricky. Jay chokes him out, but Ricky fires back and avoids the charge. Rolling tag to Robert and he follows with strikes on both. Jay cuts him off and Mark grounds him with rights. Jay takes Ricky to the floor and they lay him on a table. Mark up top and Robert shoves him off as Ricky moves, sending Mark through the table. They pull Jay in with a double suplex and hit the double dropkick for the near fall. Caprice is marking out HARD here. Robert gets posted and Jay follows with the neck breaker on Ricky. Mark follows with froggy bow for the win. Champions The Briscoes defeated The Rock & Roll Express @ 8:50 via pin

– They shake hands and hug post match.

For a Shot at The Tag Team Titles: Lifeblood (Bandido & Haskins) vs. Villain Enterprises (Scurll & King): Marty and Bandido begin. Nope, King now tags in and he and Bandido lock up. King tosses him around, Bandido looks for a takedown, but King shoves him away. Bandido follows with kicks, they pick up the pace and into lucha passes as King counters the RANA and then hits one of his own. They both go for dropkicks and end in a stand off. Marty attacks Bandido and Haskins joins in, he follows with strikes and kicks and King accidentally clotheslines Marty. Haskins and Bandido work double teams until King suplexes both at the same time. Lifeblood fights back with the double dropkick and isolate King. Haskins works the arm, Marty gets in a cheap shot and he and King work over Haskins on the floor. Back in and King follows with chops, as Marty lays the boots to him. He grounds the action and the grounded superkick follows for 2. King back in and he cuts off the tag, lays in chops and he and Marty follow with double teams and cover for 2. Marty snaps the fingers, and looks for the chicken wing but Haskins cuts him off with a leg lariat. Bandido tags in and hits the tornillo press and back breaker. He misses catching King, collapsing and then hits a dropkick. Lifeblood follows with suicide dives. Haskins does the deal with the falcon arrow as Bandido hits the frog splash for 2 on Marty. 52 fake out follows and King tags in and they double team Bandido, with the German following for 2. Marty hits the powerbomb and King follows with strikes and the assisted senton for 2 as Haskins makes the save. King takes him out, Bandido then hits the crucifix driver, but Marty hits the half & half. Haskins attacks and everyone is down. King now tags in and gets dumped and Haskins hits the PK. X-knee by Bandido and from Haskins with love follows and then the double team double stomp gets 2. Haskins snaps Marty’s fingers but Marty runs him into Bandido and locks on the chicken wing but Haskins counters out and hits the soldier shoulder roll for 2 as King makes the save. Bandido saves Haskins and runs King into Marty, he gets dumped and 21-plex on Marty and the sharpshooter finishes it as Bandido hits a tope onto King. Lifeblood defeated Villain Enterprises @ 14:15 via submission

DENY or DEFY: Matt Taven vs. Jeff Cobb vs. Kenny King vs. Jay Lethal: This is an elimination match, if the World Champion wins, whoever is last eliminated cannot challenge for the World Championship as long as that person is still the champion. Should one of the three competitors who are not the champion win, they receive a future ROH World Championship shot. Taven won the last one of these matches, ending Flip Gordon’s hopes at a title shot. Taven talks shit about beating all of these guys so they attack him and beat him down. King and Lethal then pair off as Taven dumps Cobb as Lethal gets dumped. Taven grounds King and then follows with shoulder tackle. Cobb trips up Taven and bodies start flying to the floor. Lethal and Cobb face off, they lock up and trade shoulder tackles. Lethal tries again and fails and hits a dropkick but Cobb then runs him over. He follows with head butts, but Lethal hits an arm drag and suplex. Cobb pops up and hits a hip toss but misses the standing moonsault as Lethal hits the cartwheel dropkick for 2. King pulls Lethal to the floor as Cobb hits the stalling suplex on Taven. King and Lethal brawl on the floor, as Cobb delivers head butts on Taven. He follows with chops and then tosses Taven across the ring. King chokes out Lethal on the floor, Cobb misses the running uppercut but then lays in chops, he tosses Taven across the ring, King in and he and Taven double team Cobb. Lethal in and he runs King into Taven but Taven counters back with a spin kick. They double team Lethal, with Taven delivering chops as King covers for 2. Taven follows with a suplex for 2. King knocks Cobb back to the floor, and they then double team Lethal again before dumping him. They all brawl on the floor, Taven rolls Lethal back in and whips him to the buckles. King joins back in and follows with a side back breaker. King then cradles Taven for 2. They argue and Lethal attacks, but Taven locks on a figure four. King up top and Cobb cuts him off and powerbombs him onto Taven. Cobb follows with running uppercuts on Lethal, the dropkick follows and slams Lethal and hits the standing moonsault. The spinning F5 on Taven follows for 2. Taven gets dumped and King flies in but Cobb catches him until King cradles him for 2. Cobb takes him up top and follows him up. King fires back, and then hits the blockbuster for 2. Taven in and attacks King, hits just the tip and the cover gets 2. Lethal back in and Taven counters lethal injection as it breaks down. Taven DDTs Cobb and all four are down. King & Taven trade chops, King fires up and hits trouble in paradise. He then cradles Lethal for 2. Lethal hits the Lethal combination and heads up top. He gets distracted by Amy Rose, and Taven hits Cobb with the title for the DQ so he’s eliminated. King then uses it to hit Lethal and pins him with the royal flush, so Lethal is eliminated. We’re down to King & Cobb. King back rakes Cobb, but Cobb counters the royal flush and King then cradles him with the ropes for 2. King follows with a flurry of kicks, slaps Cobb but Cobb hits the snap German and tour of the islands for the win. Jeff Cobb defeated Kenny King, Jay Lethal, & Matt Taven @ 18:50 via pin

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