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411’s LIVE WWE Unforgiven 2008 Coverage: ECW Title Scramble Match: Mark Henry © vs. Matt Hardy vs. The Miz vs. Finlay vs. Chavo Guerrero

September 7, 2008 | Posted by Larry Csonka

-Wacky PPV themed video runs.

-The announce teams welcome us to the show, run down the main matches and here we go!

ECW Title Scramble Match: Mark Henry © vs. Matt Hardy vs. The Miz vs. Finlay vs. Chavo Guerrero

Matt Hardy and The Miz will begin things. They do some mat work to kick things off. Matt with a shoulder block and a side headlock takedown on Miz. Miz escapes, gets his own headlock takedown, Matt gets to his feet and then gets tossed to the corner. Miz counters a bulldog, misses his corner clothesline and Matt then grabs his legs and gets a sit down powerbomb for 2. A big clothesline by Matt gets another cover for 2. Miz pulls Matt towards the ropes, cross face shots and then the leap over neck snap off the ropes by Miz gets 2. Matt fights back, rights to Miz, off the ropes and a sunset flip by Matt for 2. Clothesline by Miz and a cover for 2. Back elbow by Miz, climbs to the top by Matt snags him p and looks for a razor’s edge, escape, REALITY CHECK by Miz but Matt rolls to the floor. Miz rolls him back into the ring and covers for 2.

And the third man in is…Chavo Guerrero. Matt misses a 2nd rope leg drop as Chavo sneaks down to the ring. He pulls Miz to the floor, FROG SPLASH on Matt! 1…2…3! Chavo is the interim champion. Chavo lays the boots to Matt, drops Miz with a clothesline and then slams him to the corner. Miz battles back, gets the corner clothesline and covers Chavo for 2. Rolling Liger kick by Chavo and then a plancha to Miz. Matt is on the apron and then to the floor, tosses Chavo back in and gets a slam. Running elbow drop and a cover for 2. Rights by Chavo, naisl Miz who is up top. Chavo up as well, Matt over and gets kicked away. Chavo tossed off, Miz gets a cross body to both, and covers matt for 2! Clothesline by Matt to Miz and then to Chavo. A backdrop follows as Matt runs wild. Bulldog/clothesline Combo. Side effect on Chavo! 1…2…3! Matt is the interim champion. Crowd loves that, Mat tosses Chavo to the floor, and now works a chinlock on Miz. Miz escapes, gets an arm drag and Chavo is back in.

The fourth man is Mark Henry. Chavo tries to rally the troops against Henry, they wait for him to enter and they attack him. They have him in the corner but he tosses them off. Clotheslines by Henry, hip toss to Chavo. Press slam to Matt! Body attack on Miz. World’s Strongest Slam on Chavo and that is all. Mark Henry is the interim champion. Slam on Miz by Henry, rights by Matt in Henry now. Twist of fate countered, Matt tries a springboard but is swatted down by Henry. Henry beats down Miz, Chavo is back in and leaps into a bear hug. Chavo fights, Matt back in and up top…but leaps into a bear hug by Henry. He fights, Henry slams him down and then back to the bear hug.

The final man is Finlay. He rushes down, unloads on Henry and gets a DDT! 1…2..NO! Another DDT and another cover for 2. Bear hug on Finlay as we have 4:30 left in the match. Hornswoggle is in, SHACKALACKI SHOT by Finlay! Matt and Finlay toss Henry! Celtic Cross by Finlay! 1…2…3! Finlay is the interim champion. Miz up top and gets a missile dropkick on Finlay. Twist of fate by Matt! He pins Miz! Matt is the interim champion. 3:00 left, Henry is back in and Chavo frog splashes Miz and only gets 2 as Matt breaks it up. Henry starts to clean house, Miz is busted open I see. World’s Strongest Slam on Chavo by Henry, and Matt makes the save. The slam on Finlay, Matt makes the save. Miz rolls up Matt, but Henry breaks that up. Henry catches Chavo, SLAM on Chavo! Matt breaks that up. Finaly rolls up Matt for 2! Henry gets a boot to Finlay, splash on Miz but Matt breaks it up again! Finlay covers Miz for 2 as it is broken up. Matt tosses Chavo, Henry splashes Finlay for 2 as Matt breaks it up. Miz tossed to the floor, Chavo as well. Finlay slams Matt, Chavo back in and they all keep breaking up pins and MATT WINS!

Winner and NEW ECW CHAMPION Matt Hardy @ 20:00 via pin

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