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411’s TNA Bound For Glory Report 10.18.09

October 18, 2009 | Posted by Chris Lansdell

This feels like a big night. We’re opening with a montage of sound bites from the protagonists tonight.

Oh my goodness, they’re letting Zakk Wylde do the national anthem. I’m not American, but if I were I would be getting very pissed at this. A national anthem is not meant to be wailed on a guitar. And I say that even knowing about Jimi Hendrix, Brian May and everyone else. I won’t go into a rant on national anthems, but suffice it to say I hated this.

TNA X-Division Title Ultimate X Match: Amazing Red © vs. Suicide vs.D’Angelo Dinero vs. Daniels vs. Homicide vs. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin

The Guns are out first, having earned their spot on the preshow by beating Lethal Consequences. That seems to have been a last-second decision as D’Angelo Dinero was called away due to a family emergency. Am I the only one who finds that uncomfortable?

The bell rings and the madness commences. Daniels attacks Red, Shelley is on Suicide and Sabin is on Homicide. Russian leg sweep by Suicide. Overhead belly to belly on Sabin by Homicide. Red gets a spinning headscissors on Daniels sending him to the floor, then whips Homicide who hits a somersault senton to the outside! Finlay Roll by Suicide who then leaps out to the floor onto Homicide! Tope by Sabin into Suicide! Red hits a spinkick on Shelley and tags a run up to fly but Daniels wipes him out with a leg lariat! Daniels climbs but Red is back up and crotches him, then goes up top…bugger me a rana to the outside sends both Daniels and himself to the floor! Sabin gets Red in a giant swing on the inside…SHELLEY catches Red with a dropkick to the head mid-spin!!! Daniels is back in and ducks under the attempted double clothesline before hitting the clothesline/bulldog tandem takedown. Homicide is climbing while nobody else is watching! He’s on the X! He’s right by the belt!! Suicide SPRINGBOARDS UP BEHIND HIM!!! Hangman’s neckbreaker from the X by Suicide!!! The Guns hit a series of kicks on Homicide and…wow. I dunno what to call that. Double stomp from the top by Shelley onto Daniels AND Homicide, who were positioned over the knees of Sabin. Daniels avoids a double team by the Guns but they come back with a missile dropkick Doomsday Device! Red is climbing now, the Guns cut him off and try the powerbomb/super Sliced Bread combo! Red fights off Shelley, ranas Sabin then trips Sabin into Shelley before hitting a reverse DDT on Sabin. Suicide out of nowhere hits Shelley with a springboard missile dropkick while Shelley is in the tree of woe. Homicide hits a swank pump handle suplex on Suicide and a neckbreaker on Red and he’s the last man standing. He climbs the scaffold and is on the X again, Daniels jumps to punch him in the kidneys and then hauls him off the X to hit a DVD! RANA to a kneeling Daniels by Red and Daniels goes headfirst to the mat! Ouch. Red is on the X now but seems unsure how to get across, Suicide is up but Red kicks him off. Daniels tries to stop Red and gets kicked down, and Red starts going across DROPKICK BY SUICIDE and Red goes face-first to the mat! Blue Thunder Driver by Daniels to Suicide, and both he and Sabin are on the X now! The 2 Ultimate X veterans are hanging on opposite sides of the belt kicking each other! They both drop together and Sabin hits a stiff enziguiri and a SEXY springboard tornado DDT. Suicide Solution to Sabin! Standing Sliced Bread by Shelley to Suicide! Front Suplex by Suicide to Shelley, followed by a HUGE lariat! Gringo Killa to Daniels countered to a Flatliner!!! RED off the top with a tornado Flatliner!!! Good God I’m out of breath just from typing! Red is climbing again, Suicide cuts him off but Red…looks like he’s setting for a Destroyer from the top!!!! Sabin is over and grabs Suicide for a German! TOWER OF DOOM and everyone hits Daniels!!! Holy shit. Homicide cuts off Shelley but Shelley shoves him off the top and leaps right into an exploder by Homicide. Red hits a spin kick to Homicide, goes up top….INFRARED! Red Star Express! Sabin is on top and gets kicked in the head by Suicide, who then goes up top with him…FLUX CAPACITOR!!!!!!! Daniels…BME TO SABIN!!! Daniels is going up top now and is climbing the OUTSIDE of the scaffold, Suicide is doing the same on another side, Red is following Daniels…OH FUCK Daniels and Suicide are on top of the scaffold, above the X. “Please don’t die” – Orange County. Daniels wants a superplex off the scaffold!!! Red was knocked down before we got this far. They are teasing the uber bump between Daniels and Suicide, Red is now on top of the scaffold too. Daniels drops down and is sitting on the cable above the belt, Suicide is right there with him,. The Guns are climbing too! Red is prone on top of the scaffold!!! Wait…no. NO WAY!!! FUCK HE’S DEAD. Daniels went for a Flatliner off the cable but over-rotated and landed ON HIS HEAD. Red drops down on top of the belt as Shelley is crawling towards it, Red unbuckles and retains!!!

Winner: Amazing Red via not dying.
Rating: **** I just hope Daniels is OK, that was NASTY. Awesome spotfest to start us off, but that bump reminds us why spotfests are bad.

Lauren is with The Beautiful People. Velvet calls Lauren JB and says it must be the stubble, cheap cologne and Adam’s apple. Ouch. They think the belts were made for them, and they’re taking it home.

I’m hearing from people in attendance that they stalled the interview backstage due to Daniels needing help from the ring.

JB is with the champs. They cut the standard “we’re gonna win” face promo.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Title Match: Taylor Wilde and Sarita © vs. The Beautiful People


I love you cameraman. Lacey tries to chat up the ref and plants one on him in an attempt to get permission to stay at ringside. It seems to have worked but HERE COMES EARL! The “You screwed Bret!” chants start and…Lacey plants one on Earl too! He sends her back anyway! The other ref calls for the bell and Taylor gets a quick schoolgirl for two. A pair of armdrags to Sky and a tag to Sarita. Sarita gets a drop toehold and Wilde connects with the basement dropkick. Sky reverses a whip but Sarita avoids the dropkick, Rayne distracts Sarita and Sky levels her with a clothesline. Tag to Rayne who gets a dropkick for 2. Tag back to Sky and they hit a double team flapjack for 2. Sky whips Sarita in but Sarita blocks a monkey flip and hits…something that was meant to be a floatover DDT. Both ladies are down. Hot tag! Wilde is in with a series of clotheslines to Rayne and a dropkick, Sky comes in to break up the pin but EATS a missile dropkick from Sarita! Springboard dropkick/German Suplex combo by Wilde and Sarita! 1…2…3!

Winners: Taylor Wilde and Sarita via pinfall (Wilde on Rayne, springboard dropkick/German suplex combo)
Rating: WAY too short. Nothing in it really and it seemed like an excuse to get the title on the card.

Video preview for the Legends title match, leading to Eric and Nash with Lauren backstage. Eric is still butthurt about Hernandez turning down the World Elite, and calls him a scar that will be eliminated. Nash says the $60,000 is whatever you want to call it, but he’s going to leave with the title and the money.

TNA Legends Title Match: Kevin Nash © vs. Hernandez vs. Eric Young

Hernandez is out first, Young waits on the ramp for Nash before entering the ring.

Hernandez cuts Nash off before he can get in the ring then nails Eric with a series of clotheslines before hitting a huge shoulder block and sending Young over the top to the floor. Hernandez follows but Nas cuts him off and beats him down before Hernandez reverses a whip and sends Nash into the post. Back inside and Hernandez drives a shoulder into the gut of Young and hits the shoulder backbreaker for 1, Nash makes the save. Knees to Hernandez in the corner by Nash, Young takes the opportunity to get in some shots too. Elbows in the corner by Nash now. Double whip but Nash and Eric drop their heads and get kicked. Hernandez tries the delayed vertical on Young but Nash punches him in the kidney, allowing Young to get the suplex. Double booth choke in the corner by Young and Nash. Hernandez gets a burst of adrenaline but runs into a double back elbow. Young goes for the cover, Nash is irritated by this and breaks it up. Another double whip, Nash sends Young into Hernandez and then follows up with a corner clothesline of his own. Hernandez fights off a superplex attempt and HITS A MISSILE DROPKICK on Nash! He almost Sidded himself there. He charges Young who elevates him over the top to the apron, but he fights off Young and hits the slingshot shoulderblock on Nash! Clotheslines for Young and Nash and a BIG back body drop to Young! Nash catches Hernandes from behind but he levels them both with a double clothesline. Young tries a crossbody off the top but Hernandez catches him…ALPHA BOMB! 1…2…Nash breaks it up! Young flees to the floor, a whip by Nash sends Hernandez to the corner but he avoids the charge and hits a tope to the outside into Young! Nash nails Hernandez as he comes back in with a big boot, then tells Eric to go up top…BIG elbow drop! Young pulls down Nash’s straps!!! Here comes the jackknife…YOUNG SHOVES HERNANDEZ’S HEAD INTO NASH’S GROIN!!! He covers Nash! 1…2…3!!!

Winner: Eric Young via pinfall (Hernandez’s head to Nash’s nuts)
Rating: **3/4 Much better than I thought it would be, and with an interesting result

There’s a to-do a-doing backstage with the tag teams involve din Full Metal Mayhem. Magnus and Williams calm everyone down and point out that 3D should be the targets, because they own this type of match.

TNA World Tag Team and IWGP Tag Team Title Full Metal Mayhem Match: The British Invasion © vs. Booker T and Scott Steiner © vs. Beer Money vs. Team 3D

This should be brutal. The Brits charge Devon, MEM charge Ray, and Beer Money take one each. Looks like the plan worked. Booker hits the arm wrench and kick on Ray while Storm and Williams take turns punching Devon. Steiner takes Devon outside and rams him to the railing, then Magnus runs him into a ladder held by Steiner. Booker hits some Muay Thai knees from Booker. The Brits are in the ring and setting up ladders! Beer Money cut them off, Roode hits a blockbuster on Williams! They ram a ladder into the groin of Magnus, then hit it with a chair for good measure. Steiner has Devon at the top of the ramp and is beating him into stuff. Beer Money run the head of Williams into a chair then hit a catapult/DDT combo! Shades of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew! Booker hits a Harlem sidekick on Roode and a sloppy spinebuster on Storm, then sets up a ladder. He climbs but Roode stops him. Booker reverses a whip, hits a knee and gets the axe kick! Steiner is choking Devon with a cable! SPINAROONIE in the ring! SUPERKICK by Storm…DWI! STEINER from behind with clotheslines! More for the Brits! Overhead throws for everyone! He is a House! En! FUEGO~! Steiner goes up top with Doug Williams…FRANKENSTEINER! The crowd goes banans! TOP ROPE T-BONE to Magnus! Booker is calling for a ref on the outside. Sharmell is out to check on him while Steiner hits a top rope overhead belly to belly to Roode. Steiner is killing everyone. Steiner is climbing the ladder and…WILLIAMS pushes the ladder over! Double necktie takedown by the Brits…THEY HIT THE WAZZUP!!!!! Oh God this is great, Magnus does the hopping deal while Williams says…


Booker is being taken out on a stretcher. Future endeavours! 3D ARE BACK! Chair shots to everyone by Ray! Devon is leveling what’s left! FLPAJACK to Magnus! Back suplex/neckbreaker to Williams! Bubba Bomb to Roode! Saving Grace to Storm! Ray goes outwside but Magnus catches him with a boot…ZAKK WYLDE throws a beer into Magnus’ face! CHAIR SHOT by Zakk Wylde! In the ring Devon takes out both Beer and Money with a clothesline before hitting a spinebuster on Williams through the table! WAZZUUUUUUUUP! Devon!

Wait for it…


Oooh we have a trio of tables in the ring and one outside. Roode is in the ring with a chair but Devon kicks him before he can use it. Devon and Ray hit simultaneous spinebusters on Beer Money through tables! STEINER with chair shots to both 3D members! Steiner has a ladder…to the chest of Ray! And to Devon! He sets up the ladder and goes up top…3D catch him! SUPER BOMB OFF THE LADDER THROUGH THE TABLE! 3D are alone in the ring now, both men are climbing! RHINO! He NAILS Ray with chair shots and knocks him off the ladder, but Devon is able to retrieve the IWGP belt before Rhino takes him down! MORE chair shots for Ray and Devon by Rhino! The Brits are in and hit the European uppercut Hart Attack! The Brits start to climb but Beer Money cut Williams off! Beer Money both climb up with Magnus, they set for the double suplex off the ladder…YES!


Storm and Roode start to climb but Magnus nails Roode with a chair! Storm gets down to take care of Magnus, takes a gulp of beer and climbs up the ladder to spit the beer in the face of Magnus! SUNSET BOMB OFF THE LADDER by Storm! CHAIR SHOT by Williams! He climbs the ladder and is within reach when Roode cuts HIM off! Roode knocks Williams off but BIG ROB! He has Roode up in a press slam…HOLY MOTHER OF MERCY he LAUNCHED him over the top and almost past the table that was set up outside. That man is too damn strong. Big Rob helps Williams climb…they have the belts!

Winners: Teamd 3D (IWGP) and The British Invasion (TNA) via retrieval
Rating: **** As good as the X-Division match, in a different way. Also, nobody died. So now World Elite are going to have all the gold, instead of MEM? Oh Russo…

TNA Knockouts Title Match: ODB © vs. Tara vs. Awesome Kong

Ahem…LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! At this time I would like to remind you, as per my contractual obligations, that Kong kills bitches dead. Tara gets a big pop, partly because she is announced from California.

Kong attacks Tara before the bell then takes down ODB. She charges Tara with the belt but Tara ducks and hits some rights and a couple of clotheslines, Kong does not go down. Tara and ODB play tennis with Kong but she comes back with a double clothesline. She whips both to the corner and avalanches them, then scoop slams them down before heading to the top. KONG SMASH! She misses! Double shoulder block and Kong goes down! Double suplex to Kong, Tara tries a cover but ODB pulls her off, ODB tries and Tara returns the favour. ODB whips Tara, Tara ducks the clothesline and tries a crossbody but ODB CATCHES HER and hits the fallaway slam. Impressive. ODB is wearing flesh-coloured underwear. Igh. Whip by ODB, Tara avoids the contact and hooks in the Tarantula hold in the ropes! Kong charges and hits ODB with an avalanche! Hip toss to Tara, a whip by Kong but she charges into Tara’s foot. ODB scrambles for a quick cover! 1..2…no. Tara on the top…GORGEOUS moonsault press to ODB and Kong! She covers ODB! 1…2…no. Kong lifts Tara by the throat and dumps her to the outside. Hmmm…a fan seemingly attacks Tara in the audience before security breaks it up, and I bet that’s Kim Couture or whatever her name is. Kong and ODB are unsure how to proceed as Tara…is leaving? ODB hits some shots to the chest of Kong and tries a TKO…Kong blocks with a foreram to the back, whips ODB and misses the charge. Stinger splash by ODB! Wow the crowd has died since Tara left. ODB tries to lift Kong again for the TKO…she gets her up! Samoan Drop gets 2! Kong catches ODB coming off the top then runs her into the corner. Kong climbs the ropes again but Tara is back out to stop that idea. Kong kicks her to the floor…KONG SPLASH!!!! 1…2…2.946! Tara breaks the pin but gets chokeslammed and push-kicked to the floor. IMPLANT BUSTER to ODB! 1…2…2.907! See, she bounced off her implants. THEY DID NOT BUST! Saeed is out now and slides a chair into the ring! Kong kicks it back out, but Saeed wants her to use it. Kong has her up for the Awesome Bomb, Saeed slides the chair under ODB who REVERSES IT INTO A FACEBUSTER! 1…2…3!!!

Winner: ODB via pinfall (Awesome Bomb reversal into a chair)
Rating: *** That was really good, although the Tara leaving part came off weird.

Lauren is backstage with Matt Morgan. Morgan says he’s not like other stereotyped giants in wrestling, he’s actually smart. He knows that Kurt tried to avoid him but it didn’t work. Even some of the Mafia members were scared to get in the ring with him. Oh hi Booker!

MMA vs. TNA Submission Only Match: Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Lashley

15 minute time limit here, which suggests a draw to me. Lashley’s ribs are still taped.

They try some takedowns early but neither man gets anywhere. Joe backs Lashley into the corner and slaps him a couple of times. Dumb. HOLY SHIT Lashley leaps clean over a charging Joe and hits a HARD spinebuster before trying an armbar. Joe turns into it and mounts with some punches, a body kick is blocked so Joe rolls into a leg bar. Lashley breaks it, gets a single leg go-behind and gets the rear mount. Good gried they showed Krystal in the crowd. Shots by Bobby, he whips Joe in but Joe slides under the bottom rope to the floor. Back inside, Joe goes to work with some leg kicks, then kicks Earl Hebner before hitting an enziguiri on Lashley! Lashley goes to the floor and Joe hits the elbow suicida to the outside! Joe continues to work on Lashley on the outside. He rolls Lashley in, Lashley tries to leapfrog Joe again but Joe sees it coming and punches Lashley in the ribs. Abdominal stretch applied by Joe. Hip toss by Lashley to escape, he comes off the ropes but Joe catches him with a snap powerslam! Armbar attempt by Joe, Lashley blocks and turns into a mount! Strikes by Lashley, Joe gets to his feet and backs Lashley into the corner before attacking the ribs. Jabs by Joe (sounds like a designer line of inocculations…) but Lashley catches a full nelson slam out of nowhere! Elbow by Lashley and a T-Bone suplex, this is the best I’ve seen from Lashley. He charges Joe in the corner but Joe catches him with the STJoe! URANAGE! Joe goes for another Uranage but Lashley blocks! STO! ANACONDA VISE! Hebner calls for the bell saying Joe is out!!!

Winner: Bobby Lashley via chokeout (Anaconda Vise)
Rating ***½ WAY better than I thought. This is the way wrestling can attract some MMA fans. I hope they’re not rehashing Hebner screwjobs again though.

Trying to get confirmation of the blonde who attacked Tara, nothing yet. Also, Joe received a standing ovation on leaving the ring.

JB is with Foley, who is saying he did all his bleeding to make a name for himself, NOT for Abyss.

Monster’s Ball Match: Mick Foley vs. Abyss

God the Monster’s Ball has changed. Remember when the participants were locked in isolation for 24 hours before the match? Stevie is out, followed by Abyss, and FOLEY charges him on the ramp with Barbie!

BREAKING NEWS! Daniels has Tweeted:

I am sore, but alive. Thank you everyone for checking on me.

Thank God for that. Back to the match, and Foley is pounding on Abyss atop the ramp, then hits a spinning neckbreaker. Foley climbs up the scaffold at the top of the ramp, Abyss is up and he climbs too. They’re a little higher than a top rope right now. Foley punches Abyss repeatedly, knocking him off AND THROUGH THE STAGE!! Foley climbs down and Stevie gives him Barbie…FOLEY WITH A RUNNING DIVE down on to Abyss with Barbie! Dr Stevie is telling Foley that he’s done, and Foley is celebrating as they head back to the ring. Foley says they should get in the ring and count the sumbitch out, but ABYSS IS UP! He comes up from under the ramp through a trapdoor! Foley charges but gets levelled with a clothesline from Abyss, who heads back to the ring. Foley is right behind him but gets met with a right hand and thrown back in the ring. Abyss has already thrown in some weapons and now he wants to throw in the railing. No, he was just rearranging it and now he props a barbed wire board between the ring and the railing. Abyss goes back in, blocks a trash can shot and then nails Foley with some trash can shots of his own. Abyss grabs the other barbed wire board and goozles Foley, Foley fights out…DOUBLE ARM DDT into the barbed wire!!! Foley’s hair is tangled in the wire. Barbie is back in play as Foley grinds it into Abyss’s head. Another shot with Barbie. Foley props a barbed wire board in the corner and goes back to Abyss who is bleeding from his head and arm. Whip into the board by Foley…REVERSED! Foley really does get tangled in that shit. Abyss takes a running charge…FOLEY MOVES!!! Abyss goes face-first into the barbed wire! Stevie and Foley then ppush Abyss and the barbed wire board down onto the other board on the mat! ABYSS SANDWICH! Foley drops the elbow onto the sandwich! As if it wasn’t sucking enough for Abyss. Foley is looking for more unpleasantness now as he has…TACKS! Ohhh this won’t end well. Abyss manages to gain control, teases the chokeslam into the tacks but Stevie stops him. Ummm…why not let him, then disqualify him? Abyss settles for the Shock Treatment on Stevie instead. Well, here comes Zombie Hot Daffney! And yes, she has a tazer. Foley tazes Abyss! Another ref is out to make the count! 1…2…3??? NO!!! Apparently the ref has to count to 4 when he’s a replacement. The crowd is crapping on that, but Daffney getting chokeslammed into barbed wire quickly changes their minds. Dr Stevie gets a-tacked with a Black Hole Slam. And now poor Mick…CHOKESLAM into the barbed wire! Abyss picks up Stevie’s hand…1…2…3!

Winner: Abyss via “pinfall” (chokeslam into barbed wire)
Rating: ** Tough to rate this. On one hand you have to respect what these two did for our enjoyment, but it was overbooked and gimmicky, the finish felt stupid and the tazer nonsense is just off the charts.

Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan

JB gets in a word with Angle. He’s confident. Then again if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be Kurt Angle.

Angle is hesitant before getting in the ring and locking up with Morgan. Slow to start. They lockup again and Morgan sends Angle over the top rope. FEEL THE POWARR! Angle again avoids Morgan, guess that. Back in the ring and Angle hits an uppercut and goes to the top rope, Morgan goes for the goozle which Angle is able to escape. Morgan lays in the sick back elbow sequence then hits a reverse chokeslam. Morgan in control. He actually takes time out to go give high fives to the fans. That might just come back to haunt him. Angle knocks Morgan out of the ring and goes for a dive but Morgan catches him and slams him spine-first into the corner. They make their way back into the ring where Morgan hits a double fist off the top rope followed by a missed Carbon Footprint. Angle goes to work on Morgan’s leg, Indian Deathlock chained into a Figure Four. Morgan tries to reverse and eventually is able to but Angle gets to the ropes. Morgan clotheslines Angle on his knees and then nails Angle twice. He then hits a side slam for a near fall. Angle tries to go up top but is caught, leading to Morgan hitting a fallaway slam. He goes for a chokeslam but Angle gets out of it, Morgan eventually hits it for a two count. Hellavator gets countered by Angle, GERMAN! Twice! THRICE!! Morgan counters an Angle Slam and CARBON FOOTPRINT! 1…2…no! Morgan rushes at Angle but gets hit with the Angle Slam! 1…2…NO! Ankle Lock!!! Morgan gets out of it and goes for a powerbomb which Angle counters into another Ankle Lock. Morgan again gets out. Angle rushes at Morgan but ends up hitting the steel post, leaving Morgan open to hit the Hellavator!!! 1…2…2.9007!!!! Morgan goes for a Tombstone but Angle gets out of it and again locks in an Ankle Lock. Morgan eventually gets out of it and hits a huge clothesline for two. Crowd chanting “Morgan Sucks.” Morgan goes up to the top rope but Angle gets up and hits a belly to belly suplex, followed by an Angle Slam1 Angle then hits a Frog Splash!!!!! 1…2…NO!!!!! Angle heads back to the top, Morgan is up, victory roll by Angle!

Winner: Kurt Angle via pinfall (Victory roll)
Rating: ***½ Morgan showed a lot here and Angle gave him a lot, but the result clearly means AJ-Angle for the title next

TNA World Title Match: AJ Styles © vs. Sting

Sting gets a crazy ovation, but so does AJ. They have a tough one to follow that’s for sure.

AJ grabs a headlock off the bat, Sting reverses into one of his own. AJ gets a hip toss and grabs the headlock again. Sting pushes him off and gets his own hip toss, only higher. Sting pushes AJ off again, they each reverse a hip toss but Sting’s takes AJ over the top to the apron. AJ springboards back in, Sting ducks under it and they look at each other with respect. They work another quick exchange with AJ missing a knee drop. Snap mare by AJ and a kick to the spine, he gets a scoop slam and this time connects with the high knee drop for 2. AJ charges but Sting sidesteps and sends AJ careening upside down into the corner, then gets a HARD whip on AJ. He clotheslines AJ out to the floor where he regroups. Sting holds the ropes open for AJ who comes back in. Suplex by AJ gets 2. Chops in the corner and a stiff whip by AJ and Sting is hurt. AJ drops his head on a backdrop and gets kicked, then eats the mat on 2 facebusters. Whiip by Sting and he shows AJ how to do a back body drop, sending AJ HIGH. AJ fights back and hits that SWEET dropkick, sending Sting to the floor. AJ fakes a jump but lands on the apron, Sting was moving anyway. AJ chases along the apron and tries the foreram to the outside but Sting moves! AJ eats barricade! Sting backs off, then charges…STINGER SPLASH MISSES! He bent the barricade!!!AJ goes back into the ring instead of pressing the advantage outside. AJ gets a go-behind, Sting elbows out and they exchange punches. AJ misses a Stinger Splash, so does Sting. AJ charges again but eats a boot. Sting goes to the second rope but AJ is up and drags him off the top into a tombstone position!!! Sting kicks and reverses! NAILS THE TOMBSTONE! 1…2…no! AJ rolls to the outside, Sting goes to meet him but is met with forearms. Springboard flying forearm! 1…2…no. Backbreaker by AJ gets 2 more. Sting reverses a whip but charges into an elbow, AJ tries the moonsault reverse DDT but Sting counters! He tries the Scorpion Deathdrop but AJ counters with a snap mare! Sting is up and tries it again…connects! He hits a second one! 1…2…NO!!! STINGER SPLASH to the back of AJ!! Deathlock applied! AJ will not quit! He manages to fight it off and lays in some shots but Sting hulks up! He nails a clothesline for 2. sting positions AJ on the top rope but AJ fights him off, then falls down to the apron. Sting goes over to him PELE! On the apron! Springboard splash!!! 1…2…3

Winner: AJ Styles via pinfall (springboard splash)
Rating: *** This was actually too short to be any higher. I reckon we get the feel good moment as Sting says goodbye now.

Sting leaves but AJ calls him back on a VERY bad mic.

Sting comes back to the ring amid chants of “Please don’t go”. He says the moment is not about him, it’s about the new world champion. If he’s gonna lose, he’s glad it’s to someone like AJ Styles. He’s also glad to lose at home. “You’ve still got it” – Orange County. He says he will address the issue everyone has been asking about as the crowd chants for one more year. He’s not pulling a Brett Favre but he was not prepared to make a big announcement tonight, and he’s not pulling a “kayfabe teaser” (his words) but he’s being honest, and the way the fans are reacting right now he wants to stay forever. His music hits as Sting leaves to a rousing ovation.



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