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411’s TNA Impact Report 09.02.15

September 2, 2015 | Posted by Aaron Scott

Hi everyone, welcome to 411’s TNA Impact Report! I am your host Aaron with the most as we are dealing with the fallout from GFW’s betrayal of Impact Wrestling. Last week Karen Jarrett revealed she was the one who ordered attacks on Bully Ray and Drew Galloway. Tonight Ethan Carter III defends the TNA World Heavyweight Title against Matt Hardy with Jeff Hardy’s freedom on the line. King of the Mountain Champion PJ Black defends against “The It Factor” Bobby Roode. Velvet Sky calls out The Dollhouse and newest member Rebel. We will have words from the Jarretts as well as Dixie Carter as we head into TNA Impact from Destination America! Cards are subject to change, match times are not exact, this is the 411 TNA Impact Report for 09.02!

We start off with the entrance of The Hardys into the Impact Zone. To the recap as Drew Galloway reveals it was Karen Jarrett who called the hits on Drew and Bully Ray, prompting Jeff to kick Drew downstairs and the GFW wrestlers to run in and attack TNA.

Global Force Wrestling declares war

Enter the Jarretts, Brian Myers, Trevor Lee, Chris “The Adonis” Mordetzky, Scott D’Amore, Lei’D Tapa, Royal Red, Sonjay Dutt and PJ Black. Jarrett talks about his induction, how pleased he was to return to TNA and how much he tried to help. He gave a pretty good show to prove to Dixie Carter that he could help the show. Karen takes over and says she took Bully Ray out of TNA to help her husband. She gets on the fans for chanting “TNA.” She had Mordetsky attack to throw things back in the favor of GFW. Jeff says he thanks her and he is here to take everything back over. Tonight begins a corporate hostile takeover, he has ownership stake and no one can stop him. Nobody can compete with the Global Force Wrestling roster.

Mordetzky says they aren’t impressed with the TNA talent. He throws out the challenge to anyone in TNA to come out and face him.

And Out Comes Lashley.

The Destroyer vs The Adonis, one on one when we get back from break!

Lashley vs Chris Mordetzky

Circle to start, the lockup and Lashey with the go behind, pickup and takedown, Chris in the ropes begging off as the Ref says stay back. Lashley does not look pleased as they circle to the center oncwe again, the power battle between the hosses as Chris walked back to the corner. Earl Hebner says back up as Lashley takes a kick to the stomach and a standing side headlock. Shove off to the ropes, shoulder by the Adonis has no effect. Lashley shoots in to wrap the waistlock and Chris has him back in the corner, battling with elbows to the head. Leapfrog over a Mordetzky charge and a clothesline takes Chris down. Clothesline missed, Adonis Lock attempt no and Chris gets the Full Nelson Slam!

Chris sends Lashley to the ropes and slams him from behind with a lariat! Kicks to the chest and on top to slam the sit on the lower back of Lashley. Headlock applied as Chris has Lashley in the mat. The fans chant and Lashley battles free but Chris rakes the eyes! Chris Mordetzky sends Lashley to the ropes, goes for a charge but sent over to the apron and a foream sends him down and into the ring barricade. Lashley slides out and fires a punch to the brain! Another shot and Lashley has Chris around, sent at the steps no Adonis with the reversal and Lashley sent into the metal stairs!

Chris rolls in to see if he can get the count out win, Lashley begins to climb inside and Chris picks him to nail the butterfly suplex, cover gets a two. Pose from Adonis allowing Lashley to fight back with a series of strikes. He gets sent to the rope and both nail each other with an explosive double clothesline! The Ref counts both and Lashely up to block and manages a german suplex! Charging clothesline in the corner! Then a following shoulder into the guts! Has the man up in the air… delayed… vertical… SUPLEX!

Lashley is calling for the Spear but Chris sends him into the corner! SPINEBUSTER From Chris but he’s too hurt to make the cover! He sets up Lashley for the Adonis Lock- Lashley begins to fight and instead inside underhook takeover! Has him on his shoulder, powerslam by Lashley!


OFFICIAL RESULT: Lashley at 8:12, Disqualification

SPEAR TO SONJAY DUTT!!! The Wolves are out! They’re not enough to stop Global Force!

Brian Myers hits the Perfect Shot on Lashley, Sonjay Dutt hits the Super Backflip Stomp off the top onto Eddie Edwards! Jeff Jarrett calls for Karen and her surprise as we go to break!

“GFW!” “GFW!” “GFW!”

We return and are back from the break. Karen Jarrett walks out with the Feast of Fired briefcase won by Magnus. Earl says hell no! He ain’t cashin nothing! He shove Jeff and Jeff shoves Earl as both brawl and Jarrett clocks the Senior Referee! The GFW roster kick Earl from of the ring!

Scott D’Amore, Royal Red and Lei’D Tapa force Referee Brian Stifler to the ring, Jarrett saying ring the bell as Myers and Lee beat down Eddie Edwards!

The Wolves vs Brian Myers & Trevor Lee

World Tag Team Titles Match

Eddie tries to fight out of an attack and Lee hits the dropkick for a two. Myers tags in, hits the suplex on Eddie. He has the facelock on Edwards as the fans are booing! Eddie battles back, taken into a swinging slam by Brian Myers, two count only!

The GFW connection are cheering Lee and Myers outside the ring, the TNA fans are yelling for their federation in the crowd! Trevor sent for the ride and runs facefirst into the elbow! Trevor hits the rolling crab on Lee, Davey is in and he wraps the texas cloverleaf on Myers! Sonjay for the distraction as both make the kick! Referee distracted as Brian goes for the pole, behind them metal briefcase by Lee to the skull and he pins Eddie, we have NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Trevor Lee & Brian Myers at 2:32, Feast or Fired Briefcase Shot

Roode is backstage and yells it’s all uncontrollable chaos! He doesn’t care, he’s tired of being disrespected by TNA management, Jeff Jarrett, period. The only thing he cares about is winning championships. PJ Black is in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong guy.

We’re back as Pope Daddy! and Josh Matthews run down what we just saw and manage to promote the TNA Tour through Louisiana through their hype of tonight’s title main event. Jump to Jeremy Borash who brings in Tyrus and Ethan Carter III.

Ya know JB when I was growing up I loved stories.

EC3 talks about his childhood, and how he never read the Hardy Boys mysteries because it had a stupid title. Instead he loved Choose Your Own Adventure (!). Tonight they’ve chosen their own adventure, and talks about the stipulations! He reads from the future pages, from whence I cannot do justice- that Matt will lose and Jeff becomes his. He likes his coffee black, his women brunette, and he likes his streak intact. Jeff Hardy, get ready to do the work. Glorious.

PJ Black vs Bobby Roode

King of the Mountain Title Match

Roode: Cut the music! Shut it off! PJ Black, I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. Look around. Look around you! This is TNA Wrestling. (cheers) I’m a TNA guy. Hell, I’m a TNA Original (Loud Cheers) and everything you see here, I have helped build over the last 10 plus years. And over the years, yeah some people have hated me, some people have loved me, but at the end of the day, every time I set foot into the Impact Zone, inside that ring that you’re standing in, I’ve earned their respect. And I don’t know what the hell’s going on here with all this Global Force Wrestling crap. I need you to know something. I’m a TNA Original. This is my house. This is TNA’s house. This, this is our house! I’m the It Factor of Professional Wrestling, and after I come down there and kick your ass, I’m going to become the King of the Mountain Champion.

Brawl to start and Roode clears the ring with a massive clothesline! To the outside and Roode fires the punch and smashes another! Bobby with the hair and sends PJ into the railing! Roode with the kneelift and a slam of the head off the apron! Josh makes it clear that the title does not need to be defended in a KOTM match itself. Bobby continues the barrage and PJ goes inside to catch Bobby with the stomps on the following. Black with shots in the corner and Roode fires back with big chops of his own!

Black sent to the other side, manages the reverse but takes a monster lariat and Roode manages the cover, kickout at two. Throws the stomp to the Champ as Roode wraps the arm and leg, Black turns in and standing side kick! Roode rolls out for a breather, Tope through the ropes into Roode! Back inside and a second suicide dive takes down the challenger. “The Darewolf” PJ Black taunts the crowd, he sends Roode inside, and times a flying springboard elbow to the forehead. Ref Stifler asks if Bobby can continue as we go to the break.

Back with Black having Roode in a double underhook, and Roode beginning to fight his way out. Bobby blocks the corner charge with a kick and hits the second rope blockbuster to take both down. Roode is trying to rise as PJ snaps a shot and Roode answers back! Forearm battle which turns into a battle of the knife edge chops! Roode slams the shots and PJ kicks then runs to get sent to the apron, misses a springboard and Roode with the Double R Spinebuster! “TNA” chant from the fans as Roode hits the running clotheslines into the corner and a textbook vertical suplex to slam which only gets a two.

The It Factor with the Roodebomb, no Black slips out and Black manages a tilt a whirl reverse DDT! Shoulder up at two! Dueling “Let’s go Bobby/Let’s go PJ” as Black manages a Tornado DDT to get a two. Black springboard moonsault, Roode stays alive at two! Springboard into the knees! Roode wraps the Crossface! Sonjay Dutt runs to the apron, Roode misses the swing- sunset flip from behind, two count into the Armbar! Dutt taken out by Galloway! Roode distracted as PJ goes to the apron, shoulder through the ropes, springboard- caught and Roodebomb!

OFFICIAL RESULT: NEW KOTM CHAMPION Bobby Roode at 13:06, Roodebomb

“My World” kicks up as Jeff Jarrett, Trevor Lee and Brian Myers run down as Bobby escapes into the crowd! GFW hit the ring Jeff is furious! He yells out to Dixie Carter and says he’s not leaving until he takes this damn place over! He is going to take back what is his, what she stole from him!

Dixie Carter comes out in disbelief, saying she admits her mistakes, but Jarrett hasn’t ever. She has never thrown his mistakes in Jarrett’s face. All she ever wanted was to be a team. And she hears is “I, I, I, I I…” Jarrett says they were a very successful team, until she stole his power. He was replaced with regime after regime after regime that failed miserably. That’s why they’re back. Carter says she won’t let him do it. He left TNA, Jarrett left and she stayed since Day One. Fighting the fight that still continues till this day. And Jarrett wasn’t removed, he removed himself. All of his mistakes, and she still stood by his side and she still hoped he would change. Jarrett may have taught her about wrestling, but more so about ego, and when he didn’t get his way he took his ball and went home.

Jarrett says she’s damn right and he knows exactly what’s best. No one can stop him, he’s part owner. She agrees, and Dixie puts out an offer that he can’t refuse. One Fight. One Match. Winner take all. Her majority in TNA versus his. For the men and women that have chosen to stay in TNA and fight for this company. She invests in people, not one “I” person. Jarrett says she can’t accuse him of being selfish. He walks on God’s green earth to serve, not to be served. These people standing in the ring believe in him, they believe in Global Force Wrestling because he’ll get in the trenches, and fight. Look who’s standing by him, he has his team, she has nobody behind her.

Drew Galloway walks out. He tells Jarrett he thought he would lay down and die, but for everyone that’s ever supported TNA, Jarrett and GFW can go straight to hell. He is here to #Standup for Dixie, their company, their future, and their way of life. And he brings out The Wolves. They make their way out and here comes Lashley.

Drew: I see the change in your demeanor, and I strongly suggest GFW start fashioning the white flag of surrender. This is TNA, and we are ready for war!

Backstage back from break, the GFW team is Whoa Bundying. Pope and Josh break it down regarding the frontline versus the GFW troops. Pope is all fired up saying you don’t come in his house and take over his wife and his family! We’re going to turn it around as Matthews pushes the Impact Calendar and saying Pope didn’t get him a wedding present for his marriage to Madison Rayne. They throw it to Kenny King in the ring.

King says he’s been gone a bit, and he’s back without flags, masks and more. But the BDC identity is not the one that directed his career. He’s been sitting at home, thinking about exactly who he wants to be. A leader, and he doesn’t want to take cheapshots. His first order as the brand new King of the Night. He doesn’t care who he faces, GFW or TNA, it’s Open Fight Night. If you’ve got the N.U.T.Z. step up so he can mess your rep up. Out comes Bram.

Bram vs Kenny King

Bram is met by King in the aisle and Bram rushes in but is sent through the ropes. He comes up and King lands the One Handed Kick to the head, sending Bram off the apron and hits a plancha over the side to follow up. He wants to start anew as he beats into Bram. King off the stairs, flies into a clothesline from Bram! Bram sends the man inside and fires the kick into King! King is hurting as Bram has the man’s neck on the ropes. King gets sent for the ride, up and over as Bram comes under and King with the sunset only gets two.

Bram smashes into King and gets two himself, has the head and takes a forearm, but Bram puts him down and forearm across the face again and again. Bram with the no, right into the elbow. King off the air into the flying elbow, throws the arm to a spinning kick! Running dropkick into the corner two count only! King for the pickup, no, Bram fights to send King outside! Kenny to the apron, springboard dive moved! Bram for the head, Brighter Side of Suffering! That is it! Bram leaves, doesn’t even want his hand raised.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bram at 3:34, Brighter Side of Suffering

Backstage the Hardys are talking about how Jeff has to become the servant if Matt loses. However, Matt Hardy is fueled by his brother and how every day he’s more motivated to beat EC3 and become the Champion. #Matt4Champ later on tonight in our Impact main event.

Velvet Sky calls out The Dollhouse

Last week, The Dollhouse gained a new member at Velvet’s expense.

Sky talks trash about Taryn whoever crosses her is her enemy for life? She’s gonna wish she never met her. The fans chant “Velvet” and Terrell says because of her, she’s been scarred for life. Honey, you’re gonna wish you never met me. She’s been compared to Sky since day one, but they’ve never crossed paths because she would destroy her on every level. She’s been in media and Sky looks like she stumbled out of a Hot Topic store. Remember, this is her house, and Sky must play with her dolls.

Rebel, Marti and Jade enter as Sky mocks them for not bringing enough and she starts the attack! All three beat her down, The music of The Beautiful People plays as Angelina Love and Madison Rayne enter! They clear the ring and Rayne kicks Jade into a Stunner from Velvet! Actual A-Love grabs the stick!

Angelina: SOOO Sorry to interrupt girls! But it looks like playtime’s over! And it looks like The Dollhouse just met the edgy, new and improved Beautiful People!”

Velvet: And that just means one thing… bring it!

The fans chant “Welcome Back!” as we throw to a promo for the main event, EC3 versus Matt Hardy!

Moments ago, we saw Dixie put her shares up against Jeff’s. Jarrett tells her she has no one and we cut to Drew, Lashley and The Wolves announcing they’re ready for the war. Backstage Drew says they respect her guts but is she going to put it on the line? Dixie says she has no choice, and has made the investment in the people that have stayed. She knows they won’t let her down. Davey says since they’ve entered they’ve been treated like family. Dixie says if they stand with her, she will always stand behind them. Josh says in two weeks time, Lethal Lockdown will decide the fate of TNA.

Ethan Carter III vs Matt Hardy

World Title vs Jeff Hardy Match

Jeremy Borash is the ring with the super special ring announcing. If EC3 is victorious he will retain the services of Jeff Hardy as his personal assistant.

Lots of “Hardy” chants to start, Jeff in Matt’s corner, Tyrus in Ethan’s. Your Referee is Brian Hebner. We have dueling “EC3” and “Sucks” chants to go as Matt and Ethan lock up. Collar and elbow, roll off the ropes and both competitors grapple seeing EC3 inside the ropes to get the break up. Standing side headlock from Carter and sent to the ropes, off with the block to knock Matt down. Carter caught in a hiptoss and Matt with the takedown, Ethan tries a roll and Matt drops the elbow. He slams the elbow into the back of Ethan’s neck and a few knees then a lariat. Drops the elbow a cover and only a one.

Matt with the swinging neckbreaker, one two, kickout by EC3. Jeff is chanting outside, Ethan caught in the cravat and fights free to get caught in a backdrop! Matt sends him outside!

Back from break, Ethan is in control as he steps on Matt in the ring. The fans are booing as Carter goes to the ropes, sits up to the buckles. He gives the Matt yell and misses a flying elbow! Jeff starts working the crowd as Ethan takes a few shots but manages a sleeper! Matt fights and hits a jawbreaker! Ethan checks for blood as Matt nails a reverse jawbreaker! Ducks the clothesline, answers with one of his own! Clothesline in the corner, running bulldog! Matt to the second, yells and dives with the elbow into Ethan and SIDE EFFECT! ONE TWO NO!

Matt to the fans and kick to Twist, driven back into the Ref! Hebner is down as MAtt kicks and TWIST OF FATE! He has the cover!

The Ref is down! Matt Hardy tries to get the ref up but Tyrus hits him through the ropes! EC3 nails the man with title and the Ref is pushed over, Matt Kicks Out!!

The fans chant “EC3, SUCKS” and Carter for the title but Jeff has it! Hardy strikes him and schoolboy by Matt almost sees a new Champion! Ethan for the 1 Percenter but Matt shoves off, both collide and Ethan falls on Matt for a two!

Both men strike each other as Matt slams his head into Ethan’s Tyrus for the legs and Matt kicks him in the head! Jeff hits Tyrus with a chair! EC3 hits the TKO on Matt! Matt Hardy kicks out at two!! Ethan can’t believe it!

Hardy is in the ropes, the fans are cheering as Ethan misses the Stinger Splash! Tornado DDT from Matt! Kickout at two!!

Matt is up, Ethan trying to rise, Twist of Fate, no, clothesline from Ethan! Carter gives the Matt Yell and has the head, twist of fate, shoved into the Ref but catches himself! Matt from behind, kicks ghe leg backwards to land the lowblow and a sunset flip later, EC3 has the pin! Jeff Hardy is now his personal assistant!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ethan Carter III at 13:13, Sunset Flip

Ethan calls for Jeff to enter the ring, and tells him to raise his hand! Hardy has no choice as Ethan is laughing.

Next week:
Drew Galloway vs Chris Mordetsky to determine who enters Lockdown first.
The Wolves challenge Trevor Lee & Brian Myers for the World Tag Titles.
Will Jeff Hardy honor his agreement with Ethan Carter III and become his assistant?

Thanks for joining us, we will see you next time on 411’s TNA Impact Wrestling Report!