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411’s TNA Impact Report 1.26.16

January 26, 2016 | Posted by Aaron Scott

Hello and welcome to the 411Mania TNA Report. My name is Aaron Scott, I am your fearless Impact reporter, we are only one week out from the end of Ethan Carter’s undefeated streak and the crowning of NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy. Matt took out EC3 with the help of Tyrus and Reby Sky to put the man on the shelf and fooled us all, including his brother Jeff Hardy.

Jeff will be on hand tonight to call out Matt. In addition, we have Feast or Fired for title shots and a pink slip here tonight in our Impact Main Event, As always, match times are not exact, card is subject to change.

Jeff Hardy is entering the building and is on his way to confront Matt Hardy. We review the title change and the end of Ethan Carter III’s undefeated streak, title reign and possibly his brain structure.

Jeff Hardy arrives in the Impact Zone as the fans cheer his name, earlier today he re-signed with TNA. He asks if we need answers and yes so, let’s bring out Matt.

“I Am Iconic!”

Matt, Reby, Tyrus and Maxwell come out. Well that’s the biggest wetnurse I’ve ever seen.

Jeff tells the rest he’s here to speak for Matt only. Reby says they’re the only family Matt needs, Jeff cost them the tag titles being a Redneck Evel Knieval. Jeff calls her a Sister Bitch in Law. Matt demands an apology and Jeff starts a ‘Why Matt Why’ chant and the fans start a ‘You Still Suck.’

Hardy tells Jeff he’s now The Other Hardy.

Jeff says he can’t understand him and Matt says it’s time they go their separate ways. He says he goes on to become the greatest in the history of the industry.

EC3 Chants!

Jeff agrees, because Carter won the title fairly. There’s only one way to settle this. He’s been cleared, healthy and asks for a title shot tonight.

Matt says if he wants it, he will defend it. He loves him, but he is not! Responsible for what happens.

We take you now to Feast or Fired, the video above. Tonight, Galloway, Grado, Beer Money, Rockstar Spud and more will compete. There are cases to be recovered holding title shots, and one with a pink slip. We are going to do this right now.

Bobby Roode vs Eric Young vs James Storm vs Drew Galloway vs Rockstar Spud vs Robbie E vs Grado vs Aiden O’Shea vs Chris Melendez vs Jesse Godderz vs Eli Drake

Feast or Fired

Grado shakes hands until Aiden socks him. Everyone brawls as Robbie E dives off the top into his opponents. Spud and Roode trade blows until Roode tosses him into Bram and Young. O’Shea tosses Roode! Grado crotches Aiden and stands on him to grab a briefcase!

Back from break and Galloway is fired up by Bram and fights back with a Claymore! He goes for a case, Eli Drake tree of woes him, he climbs for the case and Drew hits the spider suplex! Case for Drew!

Melendez hits the tower of doom on EY and Robbie E! James Storm hits the top rope frankensteiner on Aiden! Roode lands the attack and Jesse nails Beer Money!

Drake and Jesse go for cases, Eli grabs one and Jesse gets knocked down. Beer Money hit the catapult DDT. EY and Bram cut them off and piledrive Rockstar Spud! Beer Money double suplex EY-


Bram attacks, Roode Spinebuster!

James hits the backcracker to EY and a superkick to Bram! Roode tells James to grab the case and fights off Aiden O’Shea, James Storm has case no. 4!

OFFICIAL RESULT: James Storm at 16:06

Backstage Kurt Angle has Jeff Hardy’s back. Hardy appreciates it.

Tonight, we find out the contents of rhe cases. Nice.

Tigre Uno vs DJ Z vs Mandrews

X-Division Title Match

Everyone fights as Mandrews hits the kicks to clear the ring. Z nails the leapfrog springboard back elbow into Tigre, Mandrews backflips as Zema avoided the dropkick and hits a second attempt!

Uno wraps the men for a pin no, instead shifts to a standing backslide surfboard on Mandrews with an indian deathlock on Z! Zema answers with a jumping springboard dropkick and a somersault senton to Uno! Mandrews hits the Asai Moonsault off the stairs and a skateboard down the ramp into a flying scissors!

Mandrews cuts off an Uno dive with a kick! Zema hits the Shooting DDT and a Hostile Makeover! DJZ gets sent to the floor and Uno cuts him off with a kick and climbs up to collect with a Spanish Fly!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tigre Uno at 6:26, Spanish Fly

Gregory Shane Helms makes his way out to throw down the challenge to Tigre Uno for next week. The longest reigning cruiserweight champion has made his intentions known.

Backstage, Awesome Kong tells The Dollhouse to stay in the back as she promises to destroy Velvet Sky.

Eli Drake is sweating the case and Jesse tells him to open it, in so many words. Looks like Drake isn’t going to wait.

Angle tells Matt that he is tearing the company down. Hardy tells him if respects him, in theory. If he sticks his nose in family business, he’ll get it broken.

Awesome Kong vs Velvet Sky

Kong’s Gonna Kill You chants.

Sky hits a jawbreaker on Kong, but Kong slams her with a charge. Kong tosses Sky on the floor. And sends her into the stairs. Matthews explains how she was wrongfully fired as Kong sends her back in.

Kong misses the charge and Sky gets thrown off of a charging bulldog. Kong misses the splash and Velvet hits the sliding DDT and a bulldog!

Sky dives off the second, gets caught and slammed! Kong lands the splash and breaks up the count! Implant Buster!

Madison Rayne runs out for the save and The Dollhouse beat her down and make her watch as Awesome Kong delivers a second rope splash that damn near kills Velvet!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Awesome Kong at 3:39, Implant Buster

The Wolves reveal their titles have been stolen by Crazzy Steve and someone unknown. They wanted a match with Beer Money, but got jumped by Freaks. There is no honor among thieves, and tonight, they challenge Steve and his partner to a match.

Backstage in a special conference room, JB hosts the opening of the cases as Galloway, Grado, James Storm, and a smiling Eli Drake enter the room. The contents of the cases to be revealed, in moments.

Feast or Fired: First case revealed

JB goes over the cases. The World Title, World Tag Titles, KOTM title shots and a Pink Slip are in the unknown cases.

Miracle enters and mocks them for needing a case and Drew tells him he hasn’t earned a damn thing. He says Maria is obviously the brains. She answers that TNA is lucky they’re here.

Eli Drake opens his first, KOTM title shot. Good luck dummies. The rest will be revealed later.

The Wolves vs Crazzy Steve and??

Courtney Rush in Crazzed makeup enters saying today is the time for decaaay… And out comes Steve to Marilyn Manson’s “Come Together” and then “Down in the catacombs” begins as Abyss makes his way out to join Steve.

During the break we saw the teams battle! Abyss pummels Davey and drops him with a running avalanche.

Steve hits a flying senton and rakes the face, attacks as Abyss comes in and Splashes down. Abyss tags out and Chokeslams Steve into Richards for the pin, Eddie breaks it up.

Abyss misses the charge, Steve bites the boot, Eddie tags and cleans house! Driving the man down Splash over the side! Elevated drop into the kicks on Steve, set up as Wolves Nation climb and Rush makes her way out with the titles!

The Wolves get distracted as Steve mists Eddie for the DQ! He wraps the chickenwing on Eddie as Rush bites him, Abyss hitting the Black Hole Slam on Davey! Chokeslam to Eddie and The Wolves have been laid out, the Freaks hold the titles.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Wolves at 6:10, DQ

Feast or Fired: The contents revealed

Storm says if he gets fired it’s been real. They open and sell like Storm’s been fired. World Tag shot.

Grado has no idea what’s going on and Drew opens, World Title. He apologizes as Grado has been fired. Grado is upset and he cries.

Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy

World Title Match

Tyrus and Reby escort Big Money Matt. This is it, your TNA Impact Main Event brought to you by 411Mania, we will begin after our final break.

EY distracts Jeff yelling about how he doesn’t deserve to be number one contender, Bram attacks Jeff! EY and Bram attack Jeff as Matt takes a powder, Beer Money attack and Steve and Abyss attack! Beer Money fight back and brawl –

Hardy enters the ring to stalk his brother as Angle runs down and Tyrus smashes him from behind! Matt smashes Kurt with the belt!

Hardy celebrates leaving Jeff to fight and EY hits the piledrives Jeff off the apron through a table!

End show as Matt walks backwards evil style, maybe he was responsible after all. For 411 this is Aaron Scott saying so long, please tune in for Csonka’s Impact Review and leave your thoughts on this report. Thanks again, all the best!