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411’s TNA Impact Report 5.15.15

May 15, 2015 | Posted by Larry Csonka

* Tenay and Mathews are on commentary.

* Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring and Chris Melendez is with him. Angle discusses lacing up his boots to go to war each and every week. But last week Young sided with the BDC, and that blew up in his face because Angle had backup. Angle puts over Melendez as an American hero and says he gave up his body for the country. Angle says that every child should aspire to be like Melendez. He asks Melendez to team with him tonight and they agree. Angle then calls out the Rising, who also helped him last week. Galloway, Mica and Drake make their way out. Angle says they are a breath of fresh air in TNA. They love wrestling like the fans love it, and the BDC is a cancer that has been running through TNA. Angle thanks them for their help and shakes Galloway’s hand. Galloway says Angle standing with them sends a message to everyone that thinks they can force their way to the title. Galloway says who ever holds the title is the best and that is Angle. Galloway then says a day will come that they will go one on one for the title, and he wants to be the best and he has to beat Angle to do that. Angle says he has never backed away from a challenge, and won’t now.

Young them makes his way out and is not pleased by this. He said it took him weeks to get his shot fair and square, but Angle stacked the deck against him. He got screwed last week, and everyone knows it. He says he is owed his real title shot because he deserves to be champion. Angle says he tried to help Young, but Young sided with the BDC and lost. Young says Angle cannot beat him one on one, he needs help. Young won’t quit or go away until he is the champion. Angle tells him to shut up and says Young is the #1 contender, and will get a rematch under his terms. It will be one on one, in an I quit match. But tonight, it is about Hardcore War. Young doesn’t care about Angle’s team, because they are losers. Young only cares about his team and the BDC then attacks Angle an company from behind. Everyone brawls, and Young goes after Angle. Lashley’s music then hits and he is back. He hits the ring and spears Young out of his boots. Team Young retreats. Lashley is officially on team Angle for tonight.

Marti Belle and Jade w/Taryn vs. Brooke and Rebel: Dollhouse attacks as Brooke and Rebel make their entrance, and then they brawl on the floor. Belle and Rebel in the ring to begin the match properly, Rebel to the corner and jade tags in. Off the ropes and then double team Rebel, Jade follows with kicks. Rebel battles back with kicks of her own, covers for 2 as Belle makes the save Mounted rights by Jade follow, she follows with a kick and then tags in Belle. Belle chokes he rout in the ropes, as Tenay says the Menagerie has gone back to circus life. Rebel manages a clothesline and then tags in Brooke. Clotheslines to Jade, the forearm follows and then uppercuts follow. Jade tried a powerbomb, but Brooke counters into an x-factor. Tag to Rebel, she heads to the second rope and misses the split leg drop. Dollhouse double chokeslams Brooke, and then one for Rebel and they cover for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Marti Belle and Jade @ 4:07 via pin

* Taryn cuts a post match promo, saying that this is not all fun and games. She says Kim may want to pay attention, because she had playtime with Kim’s family and she’ll show us later.

* Young and the BDC discuss the main event, and apparently Homicide is not coming tonight. MVP is working on a backup plan. Young says he has a guy lined up, and if you think he’s crazy, wait until you see his partner.

* Ethan Carter III and Tyrus make their way to the ring. Carter says that he represents the hopes and dreams of the majority. He says that the TNA Top 5 list is a steaming pile of red, while and bullcrap. He has an impeccable record, and beat Anderson but is not #1. The man that is #1 lost last week, a conspiracy theory. He demands answers, and will do anything to get the. Obama, pick up the phone because he has a problem. Anderson is out with a chair, and Carter tries to dismiss him. Anderson wants to fight tonight, and they leave. Anderson says he already got a match cleared, if he beats Tyrus, he gets Carter one on one. Carter refuses, and Anderson asks if he will remain a huge bitch. Tyrus says he got his bitch right here and we have a match.

Tyrus w/EC3 vs. Mr. Anderson: Anderson attacks at the bell, and lays the boots to Tyrus. Tyrus battles back with punches in the corner, Anderson tries to cover up and then Tyrus misses a clothesline. Rights by Anderson, corner clothesline follows. Tyrus then catches him and hits a spinebuster. He works over Anderson and covers for 2. Big ending by Tyrus follows and he covers for 2. head butts by Tyrus follows, and another cover gets 2. Tyrus continues the attack, he then hits a powerbomb and covers for 2. Carter tries to get involved with a chair and the ref tosses him. Carter throws a fit, and leaves as Anderson plays dead. Tyrus picks him up, but then Anderson counters the heart punch with the mic check for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mr. Anderson @ 4:37 via pin

* Anderson announces himself the winner and screams in Tyrus’ face.

* There is Pitmasters stuff at ringside, to hype the new season of the show.

* We get highlights of last week’s angle between Storm, Mickie and Magnus.

* Magnus makes his way to the ring. He will not apologize to Storm, because Storm’s a sick son of a bitch. Magnus is dressed to compete, and wants Storm in the ring. The Revolution’s music hits, and Magnus waits in the ring. Abyss makes his way out with a mic. Abyss says that Magnus attacked his leader, and he will realize that there are consequences for his actions. And those consequences are Abyss. They brawl at ringside, and Magnus sends Abyss to the post. They continue to brawl as Magnus slams Abyss to the post again. Abyss battles back with a cookie sheet, and then grabs some of that conveniently placed Pitmasters stuff and tosses it into the ring. Abyss in the ring and he assaults Magnus with the barbeque related merchandize. Abyss looks for a chokeslam, but Magnus gets the BBQ tongs and grabs Abyss by the balls, Manik is out and Magnus fights he and Abyss off and beats then down with the weapons. Khoya is out and attacks Magnus with the walking stick Storm gave him. They triple team Magnus, and then Abyss hits a chokeslam on him. The Revolution stands tall.

* We get a video package, looking at the cursed TNA Tag Team Titles.

First Match in The Best of Five Series For The Vacant Tag Team Titles: The Wolves (Edwards & Richards) vs. The Dirty Heels (Aries & Roode): Richards and Roode to begin. Lock up, they both work for position and Roode escapes and then stand off. Edwards tags in, lock up and Roode works the arm. Tag to Aries, off the ropes with the axe handle and then the arm drag follows. Edwards with the head scissors, Aries escapes and they have a stand off. To the corner, Richards tags in and they work he arm of Aries, lots of quick tags and then Richards off the ropes with the axe handle smash to the arm of Aries. Edwards tags back in, drop toehold and then the knee drop by Richard. Roode in, and the Wolves with the double team to him and are in control. Aries tries to fight back, but the Wolves maintain control and work their double teams, Edwards gets the cover for 2. Aries sends Edwards to the apron and then Roode clotheslines him to the floor. Aries with the axe handle smash to the floor, and then rolls him back in and Roode tags in and covers for 2. Knees to the back by Roode follows, the gutbuster suplex then connects and a tag to Aries follows, Double team on Edwards follows and Aries covers for 2. Edward tries to fight back with chops, but a snap mare and Hennig neck snap by Roode follows. Tag to Aries, he and Edwards trade strikes. Roode in to distract the ref, Edwards made the tag but the ref did not see it and that allows the Dirty Heels to maintain control. Roode with a cheap shot to Richards, but Edwards starts to fight back and then hits a second rope dropkick to Roode. He looks for the tag, and gets it. Richards in and starts to clean house with clotheslines. Roode to the floor, and Richards with a charging forearm to Aries. Back handspring knee strike by Richards to Aries follows and the cover gets 2. he misses creeping death, Edwards in and they get the toss up kick to Aries Roode pulls Richards to the floor and Aries with a RANA sends Edwards to the floor. Suicide dive by Aires takes out both Wolves, back in and hits a missile dropkick to Richards. Shotgun dropkick to Richards, but then Edwards grabs the legs of Roode and Richards gets the sunset flip on Aries for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: The Wolves (Edwards & Richards) @ 8:20 via pin

* The Rising talks backstage, and Galloway says they get two spots on Team Angle tonight, He picks Mica for tonight, and says Drake has to sit out tonight. Angle and the rest of the team arrives, he puts over the team and says that they have to win.

* The Dollhouse tells secrets and has some pillow talk for Jade and Marti. She says that while Gail worked out she spent time with her stepdaughters. She also has some special wardrobe to show Gail’s husband, Robert Irvine, later tonight. And by later tonight, she means next.

* Storm yells at the Revolution for their attack on Magnus. Storm claims that he did not ask them to attack Magnus, and says this is between he and Mickie. He tells them not to let it happen again.

* The Dollhouse makes their way to the ring. They were having pillow talk, so Jade and Marti are in their lingerie and Taryn is wearing a robe. She says she teased what she would wear for Robert Irvine, but then says they create fantasies and that is all they will be for the fans. They are more than wrestlers like Gail Kim, they are creating something special. She then discusses her time with Gail’s stepdaughters and then teases her meeting with Robert. She asks for the lights to be turned down and then asks for a spotlight and music. She shows off her sexy little outfit, and then yells for the music to be cut. She teases what could happen with Robert, and Gail is now out. Gail says if they want to make it personal, they have crossed the line. Marti is upset that Gail interrupted story time, and calls her a buzz kill. Gail says if Taryn wants to go down this road and prove that she is better, then she needs to do things like a real woman, in the ring. They end up brawling, and Gail runs wild and the Dollhouse retreats.

Robbie E vs. Jessie: Nice little thing, Jessie has already changed up his gear. Robbie takes Jessie down and then gets a cradle and the quick win. Seriously, that was all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Robbie E @ 0:22 via pin

* Jessie asks for a rematch because no one wants to see a short match. And here we go.

Robbie E vs. Jessie II: Jessie slams down Robbie, goes to follow up and then Robbie gets another cradle and scores the win, again.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Robbie E @ 0:29 via pin

* Jessie says Robbie beat a guy that wasn’t ready because his tights weren’t tied. He wants another match, ok then.

Robbie E vs. Jessie III: The crowd is counting along because they expect a shot match again, Shoulder block by Jessie, but then Robbie back with a clothesline. Jessie slams him to the corner, and then hits a dropkick and lays in some rights. Robbie then gets a crucifix and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Robbie E @ 1:06 via pin

* Jessie throws a fit and attacks Robbie with the mic, demanding he gets up. He continues the attack with a clothesline, and yells more. He tosses out the ref and press slams Robbie and tosses him over the top and to the floor. Jessie then wraps a chair around Robbie’s neck and slams him to the post.

* Team Angle has their big talk about kicking Team Young’s ass. We then see Team Young, and Young brings in his man, but Ki shoves the cameraman away so we can’t see who it is.

* Mr. Anderson has a man building a cage backstage, so next week when he faces Carter, Tyrus will be locked in side of it to make sure the match is one on one.

Hardcore War: Kurt Angle, Mica, Lashley, Drew Galloway, and Chris Melendez vs. Eric Young, Low Ki, Kenny King, MVP and Bram: Guys can bring weapons to the ring, and we’re doing Lethal Lockdown style entries here. Galloway and Ki to begin, and they each have a pipe, a new man will enter every 90-seconds, and there cannot be a winner until everyone is in. So Lethal Lockdown without the cage. They brawl and tease pipe shots, to the floor and chops by Galloway follow. They continue their brawl, and then King is the next man in. he had a golf club with him and the BDC members take the advantage and work over Galloway. They work him over with chops, Galloway tries to fight back but the numbers are too much for him. Mica is in next and evens the odds with a nightstick. Ki to the floor as Mica and Galloway work over King in the ring. Ki back in, but Mica and Galloway lays the boots to the BDC members. The next man in is Eric Young. Young has a trashcan lid. He beats down Mica and Galloway, and stacks then in the corner and works them over with lid shots. He looks for a superplex, but Mica fights him off and Galloway Germans him off and Young and Mica fall onto the pile of bodies. And now Angle is out for his team to even things up, German suplex time for Kenny King… 2, 3, 4 and he releases and goes to the floor and works over Young. We head to a commercial…

Back form commercial as we see that MVP and Melendez are now in the match. The fight is in and out of the ring right now, and the final member for team Young is Bram. He has a kendo stick with him and starts to attack as team Young takes control of things. Bram and MVP work over Angle, and then toss him to the floor. Lashley is now out as the final man as team Young clears more bodies from the ring. Lashley in and works over Bram as the rest brawl to the floor. HUGE spear to Young, Lashley avoids the attacks by King and then hits the big powerslam. MVP attacks Lashley with the kendo stick, but Lashley says fuck that and starts his attack but then eats a big boot from MVP and that gets 2. Lashley counters the play of the day, and then spears MVP. Bram in and rakes the eyes on Lashley, hits him with the kendo and then hits the DDT. Mica in and then King as we start to get the big move./finisher buffet. Galloway with a big dive onto the floor, and wipes out a pile of bodies. Angle up top and now doves to the floor onto the big pile of bodies. Some guys ate knees to the face there. In the ring is Young and Melendez, and fires up and hits clotheslines and a big boot for 2. Young then hits the piledriver and covers for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Eric Young, Low Ki, Kenny King, Bram, and MVP @ 17:10 via pin

* Post match Young tries to rip off Melendez’s prosthetic leg and does. Angle makes the save and questions what Young is doing, so Young hits Angle with the prosthetic leg. He then uses the leg to apply a camel clutch to Angle, setting up their I Quit match, which that announced earlier in the show.

* End scene.

* Thanks for reading.

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