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411’s TNA No Surrender Impact Report 08.05.15

August 5, 2015 | Posted by Aaron Scott

Hi everyone!

Welcome to 411’s TNA No Surrender Report 8.05.15 my name is Aaron Scott. Tonight we are at the precipice of No Surrender, where Ethan Carter III defends his World Heavyweight Championship against Matt Hardy in a Full Metal Mayhem Match, where everyone is banned from ringside. Can EC3 beat his first real challenger by himself? Rockstar Spud faces Austin Aries in a name vs career match, Gail Kim fights The Dollhouse, Drew Galloway versus Eli Drake, Ken Anderson faces off with Bram and much much more! Thank you for joining us tonight for No Surrender, match times are not exact. Let’s get ready to go into it, it is time for Destination Impact, but first this from Rockstar Spud on his name versus career match with Austin Aries!


We begin with a tribute to The HOT ROD! Rowdy Roddy Piper!!

Mr. Anderson vs Bram

Fisticuffs are flying! Mr. Anderson beats into Bram and withstands his attack then follows with a clothesline clear over the side! The shirt comes off as Anderson rams Bram’s head into the post! The southpaw unleashes into Bram and a ram back into the apron! Anderson gets caught and goes headfirst into the apron, comes inside to drop as Bram hops over! Bram goes for the kick, it’s caught and Anderson sends him over the side once again! Pope mentions Bram arriving with the very same mic he brutalized Anderson with last week.

Bram and Anderson struggle on the floor and Bram sends him into the post, the stairs, and clocks him between the eyes. Anderson battles back, sending Bram on his ass. Anderson slides inside and for the Steamroller but Bram has the ropes to block! He sends Ken to the apron and sliding out, pulls out the leg to send Anderson bouncing off the apron to the floor. Bram yells at the crowd and sends Ken into the barricade. The fans are chanting “Anderson” as Bram smashes him once again. Does the ram back into the apron edge and handful of hair to see Ken Anderson sent back inside. Bram ignores the Referee and smashes Anderson’s face into the apron, pulls the apron cover over his head and a barrage of wild strikes!

Anderson is taken back in and Bram floors him, back elbow to the face only a cover of two. Chinlock as Bram sets in, the Ref seeing if Ken will give as Orlando chants for Anderson. Ken battles back and dodges a dive as Bram hits the buckles and Anderson jabs then knocks him down! The fans are cheering and Ken gets the Steamroller! Two count only!

Ken Anderson gets cheered once again by the Florida fans. He goes to the top rope but Bram cuts him off, climbing up top to take the arm and set for the superplex, pummeling the ribs. A shot to the head and Bram stays in control, he hits the Superplex! Lateral press and only a two.

This match is taking its toll on both competitors, Anderson misses a shot, Bram counters and gets a two. Bram sends Ken to the ropes, eats a boot and spinning heel kick from Bram! Two count only! Bram with the short arm and lariat! Once again! Maintains the wrist and strikes him down for a third time! Anderson can barely stand, ducks the lariat and hits the neckbreaker NO Bram reverses into a fourth lariat! Two count! Two Count! Two count and Bram is getting angry. Try as he might he cannot put the veteran away.

Bram stalking from behind as Ken Anderson tries to rise, Bram has the mic! He goes for the Mic Check, Anderson’s own finishing maneuver on Anderson -ANDERSON counters the Mic Check into a small package!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ken Anderson at 9:32, small package!

Bram attacks Ken Anderson on the stage! “MISTAHHHHH… PATHETIC!” Bram stands over Anderson, Ken has won the battle but Bram has won the war. Still, a surprising victory for the veteran Ken Anderson.

Backstage the Hardys are talking with JB. Hardy says they’ve overcome criticism, they succeeded where everyone said they would fail. Jeff Hardy tells his brother tonight is his night. Chase that dream. Matt Hardy tells EC3 he will fulfill his dream of becoming the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Confidence from the Brothers Hardy as we look forward to our main event.

James Storm’s Music begins?

The leader of the Revolution comes on out, crouching down as we review the final fight of Mickie James in TNA. They show how Khoya missed and hit Storm with the stick, costing his leader the match and Storm eating the Mickie-DT.

Storm says he built the Revolution on giving people leadership. He took one man from nothing. And what did he do? He failed. Over and over and over again.

“And now, those who fail me, will pay the ultimate price. Those who fail me will pay for their mistakes. So KHOYA?! Get out here, right now.”

Khoya makes his way out, stick in hand as James waits inside the ring. James slaps Khoya! He berates him again and again, slapping him and talking shit about India, then beating Khoya again! He tells the audience off, as Khoya rises and rips off his shirt! SKY HIGH ON JAMES STORM!!

The fans are cheering!

“My name is not Khoya! MY NAME IS MAHABALI SHERA!

Kho- Shera goes off on Storm and leaves the ring! The fans are all about it.

The Dollhouse backstage mock Gail Kim as they live up the fact they broke her finger. Tayrn no longer lives in Gail’s shadow. They show the lights cutting out and Gail Kim appearing to cost Taryn her title to Brooke. The numerous times Kim has destroyed The Dollhouse. Tonight, they will face Gail Kim in a 3 on 1 match.

Backstage James Storm is freaking out! James mocks Khoya, saying he took him from that crap country! He challenges Shera to a one on one match inside the TNA Ring.

“Put your boots on, because you’re about to dance with the devil.”

Three on One action next! This will be a fair fight, what do you think Taryn?

Never mind.

The Dollhouse vs Gail Kim

3 on 1

The Dollhouse get screamed at by Taryn and Marti Belle gets in the ring and gets her ass beat left and right by Gail Kim. She ties up Kim who reverses the counter and gains control. Finally a distraction from a screeching Taryn and Marti from behind. She goes for a cover but Taryn yells at her to stop and Jade tags in. Jade gets caught with an armdrag and Gail hits a pinfall but only gets two. Kim sends Jade in but Jade reverses and Taryn hits Gail! Jade lands a German Suplex! Jade hits the Roll N’ Slice into the corner and Taryn rushes in, only gets two.

Taryn tags out to Marti, misses the forearm and socks her own underling! Jade tags in and Gail posts Marti! A Tornado DDT for Jade! Gail goes for Taryn and Taryn runs through the crowd! Gail ducks the double clothesline from The Dollhouse! Kim hits the kicks to both, the springboard block to Marti, and Jade kicks her off a cover! The Dollhouse goes for the double team suplex but Gail lands on her feet and hits a flying double dropkick! EAT DEFEAT ON MARTI BELLE!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Gail Kim at 5:09, Eat Defeat

We see a Drew Galloway promo, talking about #StandUp, his war with MVP, and the fact Eli stabbed him in the back and took down The Rising. Drake cost Drew the World Title because of his jealousy.

“Tonight is No Surrender, and you’re gonna pay for your sins. Now I stand up, to watch you fall.”

Drew Galloway vs Eli Drake

Drew Galloway is on his way out as Josh and Pope talk about how Eli Drake cost his own stable their existence. Drew is all ready and Eli is all wait a second, let me talk at these fans a bit. Galloway is staring Eli down, as Drake shows no sign of entering the ring. Drew comes out to attack Eli on the floor, and Eli escapes across the ring, to get outside! Drew chases and gorilla presses Eli into the barricade! Drew moves the floor mat allowing Eli to attack and set for a piledriver! Galloway counters with the backdrop!

Drew tells the fans to hold Eli’s arms and they do as he lights into the chest of Eli! Eli goes backwards away and over the stairs, Drew comes off the steps to hit a flying clothesline!! Drew and Eli are fighting on the floor, SPINEBUSTER into the RING APRON! Eli sent in! The match has officially started! Drew for the Future Shock and Eli heads away, up the apron but Drew charges and clotheslines the man down! Galloway beats down Drake all over the ramp and sends him running into the ring apron!

Eli goes rolling inside and kicks the middle rope to crotch Drew on his way in. Eli sends Drew shoulder first into the ringpost, and now Drake is on Drew with a series of rights. Hebner says four, and Eli checks his lip then chokes Drew along the rope. The Ref says back off and Eli is right back on the attack with a choke in the ropes. He has the head and sends a fist into the forehead! Earl says stop with the punching! Eli is into Drew with a kick and slams him on the back of his head!


The fans give him hell but Eli takes Drew down and gets reversed on a run and Drew chops him down! Galloway with a deadlift Suplex drop! Drew to a knee and waistlock, GERMAN RELEASE INTO THE BUCKLE!


Drew yells to Eli and charges head full of steam, Eli sliding halfway out and Drew beats him into the ropes! The Ref says get back and Drew shoves him, Eli to the eyes of Drew! Eli with the rollup and handful of tights!!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Eli Drake at 3:48, Handful of Tights

Eli celebrates on the ramp as Drew has been cheated out of a victory! We go to highlights of the Aries challenge to Rockstar Spud, name versus career. Backstage Bully Ray is telling Brian Hebner that he is the senior referee when Earl retires, and here comes Bobby Roo!

Bobby Roode sits down with Bully Ray, he appreciates the night off but he is asking about this Austin Aries career on the line thing. Bully defends the decision, Roode says if Aries loses and leaves, he has no more partner. Ray says it’s not on him, it’s on Aries. Roode says Austin doesn’t lose because he’ll make damn sure. Bully Ray says he’s going to make damn sure the best man wins. They part ways…

Let’s take a look at the first time Spud and Aries crossed paths!

Austin Aries vs Rockstar Spud

Career vs Name Match

Aries attacks and takes Spud down, swimming over and over to wrap in the Last Chancery! Spud escapes and Aries with the headlock to go behind to waistlock as Spud gets the wristlock, Aries dives over, Spud gives chase, Aries with the float in the corner and Spud takes him down, Aries handstands out of the headscissors and dropkick to the face of Spud! Austin with the face and scoop, slam and Aries to the outside. Earl yelling as Aries lands the slingshot, one two no.

Aries socks Spud in the corner, and takes a shot! Spud lands the shots as dueling "Let's Go Spud/Austin Aries" ring on out. Aries counters and puts Spud down, he asks and delivers the Pendulum Elbow! Rear wristlocks spread with the knee in the back. Spud battles up and fights, he hits the jawbreaker! Aries for the charge, sent over the side, Aries manages the neck and neckbreaker into the ring ropes! Aries to the top and hits the Missile Dropkick!

Aries charges as Spud kicks him! Spud is hurting in the corner, Aries hits an inside kneelift and takes a dropkick from the charge to the knee! Spud with a forearm off the side, does it again, once more, misses the kick and Aries has the waistband, pickup and kneebreaker no Spud hits a crossbody! Nails the Enzugiri! Spud for the Underdog, Aries avoids and rakes down the spine causing pain!

Kneebreaker into the reverse suplex by Aries, two count only!

Last Chancery set in! Spud trying for the ropes, Aries has to let him go. Spud takes some kicks of consternation as Aries retreats for the far corner. Charging Hesitation Dropkick in the Corner! Brainbuster NOOO SPUD INSIDE CRADLE! TWOOO!!!

Aries with the discus elbow! Another one as Spud is down off the ropes! Aries nails a another spinning elbow in the corner! DROPKICK IN THE CORNER! BRAINBUSSTAHH!!



Aries is upset! The fans are cheering! Austin Aries yells to the fans, he slaps down Spud! Aries paintbrushes him! The fans are chanting as Austin lays into Spud who begins to fight back! The bowtie is off! Spud with the lefts, a series of haymakers! Windup and AUSTIN CLOTHESLINES HIM DOWN!

Aries has the head, sends the man into the corner! Aries for the run, float by Spud, Aries turns and WIND UP SHOT sends Aries to the floor! SOMERSAULT PLANCHA OVER THE TOP!!

"TNA TNA!!!"

Rockstar hits the flying Crossbody off the top! Two Count Only!!

Underdog! Aries shoves him over the ropes! Aries sits him on the top! Austin climbing up, he has the man from behind, boxes the ears! Aries for the Back Superplex! Both men battling to stand, SPUD WITH THE SUPER ULTIMATE UNDERDOG!!! INCONCEIVABLE!!!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Rockstar Spud at 11:19, Super Ultimate Underdog

Aries raises the man’s hand and he hugs Rockstar Spud! Handshake of Honor as Austin Aries has wrestled his last match in TNA!

We go backstage to see Bully Ray is laid out on the floor, and suffering in pain.

Backstage Bobby Roode and Austin Aries talk about how guys like them land on their feet. Roode is at a loss for words as Aries tells him he’ll be fine. He tells Roode to keep doing what he’s doing. Bobby is beside himself, and Austin tells him it’s not goodbye, just see you down the road.

James Storm vs Mahabali Shera

Storm attacks Shera low before the bell! James pummels Shera and wraps his face up, talking trash! Shera sent for the ride, back elbow running from the leader of The Revolution. James hits the headbutts and has the head, slap across the face. Storm talks at the fans and Shera yells then slams the clothesline into Storm! A massive lariat floors Storm to the canvas! Shera charges Storm into the corner! James for the cowbell and clocks Shera across the forehead!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mahabali Shera at 1:41, Disqualification

Backstage, Dixie Carter is upset as Bully Ray is laid out. She doesn’t know how long Ray is out. Jeff Jarrett enters and feels bad, then says he can help. Let Global Force help, Jarrett says let him take over the show, do the booking and he will take care of it for one week. Dixie agrees, saying she needs the help. Jeffy says relax, and he’ll keep her posted.

Ethan Carter III and Tyrus are backstage as Carter says he’s unbeaten. So fitting that there are no pinfalls, no submissions.

“You picked a match where you’re playing with house money. But the money always lies with the 1 percent.”

EC3 is supremely confident, that he will keep his title belt.

Ethan Carter III vs Matt Hardy

Full Metal Mayhem

World Title Match

Jeff Hardy walks his brother out and gives him the props as Matt is on his way to the ring. Ethan Carter III makes his way down next, the World Title is hanging overhead. Your Referee is Brian Hebner, and we get ready to go to our main event.

Tables, ladders and more surround the ring as Jeremy Borash goes to super special ring announcing.

Weighing in at 239 pounds, from Cameron, North Carolina, he is the challenger, MATT HARDY!

And weighing in at 233 pounds, from Boca Raton Florida, he is the undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World!




“Hardy” chants to start as both lockup! Carter works Hardy to the ropes but Matt is all punches and whip, running clothesline and a bulldog! Matt with the taunt and Side Effect blocked, Carter with the clothesline and heads outside. EC3 for the chair, comes in chair across the back! Matt hurting as Ethan yells he wanted this. Carter sits down on the chair and yells some more to sock the man across the face. Ethan makes Matt eat the chair! Up and again, head to the seat! Matt ducks a shot and nails a SIDE EFFECT THROUGH THE CHAIR!!

Matt to the outside and he looks for plundah, choosing the ladder and takes it in. Ethan is barely up and Matt runs him over several times with said ladder, but Ethan gets a shot in. He runs and Matt hiptosses Carter into the ladder! Jeff is watching backstage, Matt for the head and slams it into the ladder as its laying across the corner ropes. Matt with the head and once again Carter into the ladder. Hardy for the arm and whip, right up against the ladder! Matt has the hair, front facelock to the suplex! Matt with the ladder in place, begins to go for the World title belt.

Ethan Chairs his knee and rips the leg out! Hardy crashes hard and both men are down!

We come back from break as Carter is stomping Hardy underneath the steel steps. He turns them over with Matt inside them and heads inside as a table, and a ladder are now set up in the center. EC3 climbs for the title, making his way up the ladder and Matt shoves it over! Matt sends the ladder into the groin! Matt has the chair as the fans cheer out loud! He chairs the end of the ladder! EC3 is down, holding his nether regions and Matt climbs up the ladder, but Ethan again hauls him down. Matt manages a neckbreaker! Matt Hardy begins back up the ladder and Carter shoves the ladder over but Matt lands on his feet, ducks the shot and kicks then hits the Twist of Fate!!


Matt yells into Ethan’s face and wraps the head, sending him onto the table! He climbs the buckles and MOONSAULT NO! Ethan attacked the knee and Matt was hung on the top rope. Ethan inside and POWERBOMB THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

Ethan Carter III once again, goes to the ladder and mocks Matt to the fans. He begins to head up, but Matt kicks to slide out and wraps the ankle! He takes Ethan off the ladder and can only lay as Carter unloads with strikes. He has the leg and goes right back to the knee with a diving elbow to the inside knee. EC3 sets up the ladder, ascending to the top, hand over hand but Matt manages an attack and Powerbombs Carter off the ladder!

Matt is able to stand and Ethan runs them both through the ropes!!

On the floor, Matt makes it for the chair and sends it to the stomach, then a chairshot across the back. He moves the stairs, and pulls out another ladder from under the ring. Matt lays it between stairs and ring, pushing Ethan into the ring. Matt has Ethan through the ropes, and Carter hits the lowblow! He shoves Matt to the ladder! Matt hits the floor as Carter looks up top, but instead rolls outside. Carter slams Matt’s head off the apron, and looks for a nearby table. He drags Matt to the apron, talking trash and MATT SLAMS THE SIDE EFFECT ON THE APRON!

Ethan sent onto the table and Matt climbs high!


Backstage Jeff Hardy is applauding!


Both pro wrestlers are down as Ethan is starting to move, but Matt is inside already. Matt begins to climb for the ladder as doctors are now at ringside. Ethan slides a chair in as Matt is up the ladder, making his way for the title- and Carter slams his knee!

Both men can barely stand as Ethan falls on the standing ladder, Matt hanging on the other side. Both begin to climb to the top, hand over hand as Ethan is a little bit higher than his challenger. Carter for the title but Matt strikes the side of his head! Hardy for the title, Ethan kicks his leg out! Carter for the title and he’s got it!!



Both wrestlers are down as the Referee checks on Ethan, Hardy is not moving, Ethan can only lay in the corner, title reign secured. Thanks everyone, good night from Orlando! Thank you for joining me, we will see you next time for 411’s TNA Impact Report!