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411’s WWE Heat Report 12.21.07

December 22, 2007 | Posted by Sat

Hey guys and gals, this is Sat filling in for Scott this week. Let’s get right into the action.

Announcers are Todd Grisham & the Coach

Match 1: Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Super Crazy versus the Highlanders

Crazy and Robbie to start. Crazy and Robbie lock up with Robbie taking advantage. Reversal by Crazy. Elbow to crazy by Robbie and he takes him over to his corner. Punches by Robbie. Tag by Robbie to Rory. Punches by Rory and Rory throws punches and crazy. Crazy’s head into the turnbuckle and Rory sends him to the other corner. Crazy goes over Rory and kicks him the gut. Crazy is dominating and then gets an arm drag. Rory rakes controls with arm wrench. Nice reversal and crazy takes control. Crazy with arm wrench and tag to Duggan. Duggan and crazy with double elbows. Duggan starts to work on Rory’s arm. Duggan sends Rory into the turnbuckle shoulder first. Punches by Duggan. Arm wrench by Duggan and tag o crazy. Double team on Rory. Rory sends him into the other corner. Up and over by crazy. Attempted arm drag by Rory into the ring is reversed by crazy. Arm wrench by Crazy. Tag by Rory and Robbie is greeted by a dropkick. Cover for 2. arm wrench again. Tag by crazy. Duggan with punches. Clothesline by Duggan. Robbie rams his head into Duggan’s stomach. Cheap shot by Rory and Robbie covers Duggan for two. Rory wrenching Duggan’s head back. Punches by Robbie. Duggan hulks up and kick by Robbie in Duggan’s gut. Tag to Rory. Rory stomping away. Cover for two. Punches by Rory. Duggan trying to fight back and Robbie gets a cheap shot. Cover for two by Rory. Rory wrenching back on Duggan’s head. Duggan looks to be out but he recovers. Duggan gets back with punches, but Rory with a head butt to recover. Cover by Rory for two. Duggan fights back again, but the double team is too much. Tag by Rory to Robbie. Punches by Robbie. Robbie with a toss. Cover for two by Robbie. Tag to Rory and Rory punching away. Another head butt by Rory. Rory wrenches on Duggan’s head again. Duggan coming back again, sends him into the turnbuckle, both men are down. Duggan with the tag and crazy flies in. crazy going crazy. Crazy with a cover, but broken up by Robbie, Duggan is also in. referee trying to get control of Duggan and Rory throws crazy of the top rope. Rory is able to pin crazy for the win. Hacksaw has his two by four and the Highlanders bail.

Analysis: This match was nothing spectacular, but it was still a decent match. The beginning and end were very good, but the middle part of the match was just plain boring. This was my first time seeing Duggan and Crazy and I have to say that they are a fun team to watch.
Result: The Highlanders defeat Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Super Crazy
Length: 10:21
Best Spot: Super Crazy’s acrobatic moves, right when he is tagged in by Duggan.
Rating: **

Highlights from Armageddon

Match 2: Snitsky versus Mike Tular

This should be quick. Throw by Snitsky. Punches by Snitsky. Throw by Snitsky. Clothesline into the rope by Snitsky. Slam by Snitsky. Elbow drop by Snitsky. Kicks by Snitsky followed by a massive clothesline. Pump Handle Slam by Snitsky and that is all.

Analysis: This was your standard Snitsky squash. I have to give Tular some credit because he did a great job in selling for Snitsky.
Result: Snitsky defeat Mike Tular with the Pump Handle Slam.
Length: 1:38
Best Spot: Snitsky tossing Tular across the ring.
Rating: 1/4*

Video of Tribute to the Troops on Monday

Match 3: Charlie Haas versus DH Smith

This is your Heat main event. Lockup with Smith getting the advantage. Some mat wrestling with Smith in control. Hass to the ropes. Lockup again with Haas getting control. Reversal by Smith into an arm wrench. Some more mat wrestling. Hass takes control with some punches. Smith throws Haas into the turnbuckle. Smith with some uppercuts. Haas reverses Smith into the ropes and Hass kicks Smith in the gut. Kicks by Haas in the gut. Haas with an elbow across Smith’s chest. Side bear hug by Haas. Smith fights back. Another elbow drop by Haas. Cover for two. Haas with a partial cross face chicken wing. Smith lifts Haas up and drops him. Clotheslines by Smith. Smith with a back body drop. Smith picks up Haas and delivers a side slam. Cover by Smith and he got the win.

Analysis: This was an okay match. Crowd was really dead for this match. If you like some mat wrestling, then I would check out the first few minutes of this, but besides that I would avoid it.
Result: DH Smith defeats Charlie Haas
Length: 04:43
Best Spot: DH Smith’s back body drop on Charlie Haas
Rating: *

That’s it for this week’s edition of Heat. Scott should be back next week. Be sure to read this week’s High Road/Low Road.

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