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411’s WWE NXT Report 06.27.13

June 30, 2013 | Posted by Marc Elusive

From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida

Commentators: Tony Phillips & Brad Maddox

Championship’s roll call: WWE Champion: John Cena… World Champion: Alberto Del Rio… Intercontinental Champion: Curtis Axel… United States Champion: Dean Ambrose… Tag Team Champions: The Shield… NXT Champion: Bo Dallas… NXT Tag Team Champions: The Wyatt Family… Diva’s Champion: AJ Lee

Big E Langston vs. Aiden English:   Aiden tries to counter a corner charge rolling off the second rope but Langston just backdrops him; he nails a clothesline and the Big Ending to complete the squash. Post-match, Langston gives English another Ending to reassert his dominance. The crowd entices him to do it again, so he does.   2/10 Total destruction from Langston to regain some of his heat from the title loss. Langston is much better as the dominant babyface than AJ Lee’s “lackie” in the WWE.

Here is your winner… Big E Langston via Big Ending pinfall

Renee Young tries to talk to Emma who is more fascinated with blowing bubbles and popping them. Renee asks her strategy in her match tonight. Emma’s strategy is to win and she blows bubbles in her face.

Emma vs. Aksana NXT Women’s Championship tournament, first round:   Emma is so over it is ridiculous. Aksana takes her down with a double-leg takedown and a sideslam. She seductively crawls around and gets a few twos. Emma gets some quick O in with a slide-under sunset for two; Aksana comes right back with a clothesline and works the legs. They battle over a few nearfalls and they catfight back-and-forth. She locks Emma in a head scissors and slams her face on the mat a few times, for two. She backs her into the corner and gets a few chops in; she tries slam but Emma reverses into the DilEmma and gets the submission. Post-match, Emma invites a few kids into the ring to dance with her.   2.5/10 Boring match but it is what I figured would happen; I’m guessing we’re gonna get Paige in the finals (I think against Summer Rae) but sometimes NXT throws a curve in there and we may get a battle of the two most popular divas on the show in the finals.

Here is your winner… Emma via DilEmma submission

Dante Dash vs. Leo Kruger:   Haven’t seen Kruger in a while; William Regal says he went back to South Africa to “take care of some business.” They lock up and Dash pushes him back into the corner; Kruger does not dive the clean break and beats the shit out of him in the corner. He hits a pair of shops to the top of the shoulder and works the arm on the mat with an arm twister. Dante tries to fight back but Kruger keeps weakening the arm and posts it in the corner. He runs him across the ring and posts the shoulder in the opposite corner. A snap-suplex sets up the Slice (running lariat out of the corner); the GC3 is locked in for the submission.   4/10 I like Kruger so I enjoy watching him. He worked the arm the whole match (despite it being a squash) and it figured into the ending and submission. Really, just a squash to reintroduce Kruger.

Here is your winner… Leo Kruger via GC3 submission

Conor O’Brian vignette is shown; the most intriguing part is he noting that “we” are the Ascension and “we” will rise. Perhaps a reformation or recreation of an Ascension tag team?

Mickey Keegan vs. Bo Dallas:   The champ is here. Leo Kruger is still hanging about ringside scouting Dallas. They lock up and Keegan gets a hammerlock; Dallas counters and hits a pair of Manhattan drops. He floors him with a dropkick and clamps on a headlock. Keegan counters with a back suplex and gets two. Dallas comes back with clotheslines and a running boot. He plants him with the tornado bulldog and the side belly-to-belly to get the pinfall. Post-match, Kruger wanders in and beats up Keegan with a snap-suplex and the Slice. Kruger approaches the title and then sneaks away uttering “ta-ta” and laughing.   4/10 Just a squash match for Dallas but it does possible set up his next opponent for the title; they are still booking Dallas as a face despite the fans not giving two shits about him and also when they do give a shit, they boo him.

I like the tit for tat with Kruger and Dallas; the fans chant for Kruger of course because he’s awesome,

Here is your winner… Bo Dallas via side belly-to-belly pinfall

Kassius Ohno & Corey Graves vs. Scott Dawson & Garrett Dylan (w/Sylvester Lefort) number one contender’s match:   Ohno and Dawson opens the match and they trade armlocks. Graves quickly tags in and does damage to the arm as well. They use some old Brain Busters moves drawing Dylan in the ring and then illegally switching. Graves settles into a standing armbar. He plants him with a Japanese armdrag but Dawson manages to break free and kicks Graves down. Dylan tags in and they quick tag on Graves in their corner. Dawson plants him with a neckbreaker as we head off to break. Back from commercial, the heels are still working him over with fast tags. They are going the Anderson route with Dylan and Dawson as he applies a chinlock. They keep tagging and Dawson gets a European uppercut and applies his own chinlock. Graves frees himself with a jawjacker and tags in Ohno. Kassius strikes the crap out of Dawson and nails a senton splash. He hits a gourdbuster for two. A blind tag sets up Southern Pride but Graves breaks it up. The southern boys take over on Ohno with their quick tagging and roughhouse offense. Dawson hits a short clothesline and Dylan adds a neck crank. Ohno slips free but cannot tag out. They awkwardly fight in the ropes and Kassius manages a sunset flip but cannot bring Dylan over and ALMOST makes a tag. He sticks an elbow in his face and finally tags. Here’s Graves going to work on Dylan; he uses his speed to nail a leaping knee. He counters a boot in the corner and locks in a unique submission there. He wipes Dawson off the apron and hits a fireman’s carry backbreaker. The match breaks down completely with a huge brawl and Graves submarines Dylan’s leg. He clamps on his Thirteenth Step to get the victory. Post-match, the Wyatt Family shows up to make the save; Dylan and Dawson gets involved and we get a huge brawl to end the show. William Regal leaves his announce spot but the heels overwhelm everyone and make an example out of Regal. Dawson and Dylan take their leave and Bray Wyatt beats up Regal and he and the family depart leaving everyone lying in the ring.   6.5/10 Fun main event with a huge entertaining brawl. The WWE dusts Regal off (on NXT) when they need him to put a younger team over or at least make them look good in the ring. I like the fact that everyone got involved in the brawl instead of disappearing which makes everyone look on the same level.

Here are your winners… Kassius Ohno & Corey Graves via Thirteenth Step submission

OVERALL 5/10   Pretty good show this week as the next title feuds are taking place. Not sure where they will go with Big E since he’s pretty much a main roster person now. They will probably have him come out and squash jobbers to pop the crowd. Kruger and Dallas intrigue me just to see where the fans stand in the battle, which should give the WWE a gauge on what to do with Dallas.

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