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411’s WWE Raw Report 05.31.04

May 31, 2004 | Posted by PK

411’s WWE Raw Report 05.31.04
Live from Montreal
Announcers are JR & The King
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for 411MANIA by PK

Show opens with Vince giving a Memorial Day salute, and then TAPS is played.

Recap of the current HBK/HHH feud.

Intro…Orton vs. Shelton tonight

Chris Benoit & Edge (c) vs. La Resistance – World Tag Team Titles
Edge and Conway start. Benoit quickly tagged in. Benoit with a hard irish whip, then a snap suplex for 2. Edge back in, corners Conway, but Conway gets the boot up, and stomps away. Greiner tagged in. Crowd is going crazy for La Rez, and they pop huge for Greiner. Greiner stomps away, and Conway back in. Edge finally gets to Benoit and he attempts to lock Conway in the Sharpshooter, but messes it up. Greiner makes the save, but he gets a Sharpshooter for his troubles. Conway attacks, but Benoit nails the Trifecta of Germans. Greiner attacks, at the 2 count, and La Rez goes for a double team, but Edge pulls Greiner out of the ring, and Benoit locks the Crossface on Conway. Greiner breaks the submission, and they head to commercial.


Greiner has a choke hold applied on Benoit when we come back, and Edge looks concerned. Greiner whips Benoit into the corner, and Benoit falls down, and Greiner stomps away. Benoit into the other corner, but he puts his boots up, and fights away. Benoit gets to Edge, and he charges in and nails the Impaler DDT for 2. Then a missile drop kick for 2. Conway in to help, Benoit in to help, Edge goes for a spear on Conway, but hits Benoit instead. La Rez then nails their double team move (Conway lifts Edge up for a suplex, but Greiner catches Edge’s legs. Conway then turns into a neckbreaker, and Greiner lands in a splash, and makes the cover. It looks much cooler then I described it.) FOR THE WIN!
Winners AND NEW CHAMPIONS – La Resistance


Recap of the finish of the last match. La Rez’s music is still playing, and they are celebrating in the crowd.

New guy is with Randy Orton. New guy, Todd I guess, asks if Orton is upset about facing Shelton Benjamin tonight, and apparently, if Shelton wins, he gets an guaranteed IC Title shot. Orton is furious, and they show a recap of Shelton pinning him last week.

Regal and Bischoff bantering, and Eugene enters. Bischoff seems sincere, and says that Eugene has become overly popular, and he will have his second 1 on 1 match tonight against a friend. Coach enters, and Bischoff tells him to apologize to Eugene. Coach makes a sarcastic apology, and Eugene just says “OK!” HAHA. Bischoff says that wasn’t good enough, and that Coach better get out in the ring, and make a sincere apology right now.


Rewind – Coach belittling Eugene.

Coach is in the ring. He calls Eugene to the ring. He tells Eugene that he sat in the ring 2 weeks ago and called him a joke. Coach says that he was wrong, and that the joke was on The Coach. Coach then shakes his hand. He admits that Eugene has plenty of friends, and that he has one more that wants to meet him tonight…and KANE’s fire explodes! HAHAHA! Coach says that Kane really wants to be Eugene’s friend. Kane opens his arms to hug Eugene! HAHA! Eugene, albeit tentatively, goes over and hugs Kane…and Kane hugs back! Eugene is ecstatic, and hugs Kane again! Coach says that it looks like Kane really is Eugene’s friend…but he is not, and then Coach nails Eugene with the microphone in the back of the head. Kane then storms in front of Coach, and looks to attack him. Eugene then gets up, and Kane drills him with a clothesline. Coach leaves the ring laughing his head off.


Recap of what just happened.

Coach and Bischoff dying in the back. Regal storms in, and Bischoff stops him quickly. Bischoff then says Eugene will take on his new friend Kane, and if anyone interferes, they will be fired on the spot.

Victoria vs. Jazz (Non-Title)
We learn that Victoria will face Gail Kim at Bad Blood. Also, Victoria has a new….really crappy entrance, and she basically dances all the way down the ramp. My friend informs me that this debuted last week when I was off…ugh. Jazz dominates, locks on the STF, but Victoria gets to the ropes. Victoria slides out of the ring, and hits a sunset flip back in for a 2 count. Victoria with a power slam for 2. Victoria goes to shake her ass for the moonsault, but Jazz grabs her tights and rolls her up for 2. Jazz goes for a suplex, Victoria flips though, and rolls up Jazz for the pin.
Winner – Victoria


Randy Orton (w/ Batista) vs. Shelton Benjamin (Non-Title)
I heard an advertisement for a local house show last week, and they gave Shelton Benjamin 3rd billing…only under HHH and Trish. Isn’t that weird? Orton dominates the beginning. Batista gets the refs attention, and Orton takes the pad off the turnbuckle. Orton tosses Benjamin towards the exposed turnbuckle, but Shelton stops himself, and turns around and he knocks heads with Orton…Orton busts his head open. Both are down, and the ref is checking on Orton. Batista gets on the apron, lifts up Shelton and runs him into the exposed turnbuckle. Orton crawls over for the cover but only gets a 2 count.


During the break, Batista manhandles Benjamin on the outside. Orton sends Shelton back outside, but the ref catches Batista this time and ejects him. Orton fires up, and sends Shelton to the corner. Orton then goes for a Monkey Flip, but Shelton flips right through, and nails a powerslam for 2. Orton fires back, drills his boot into Shelton’s mouth, and goes up for the flying Crossbody, but Shelton rolls through for 2. Orton up quickly, and nails that snap backbreaker, then sizes up for the RKO, but Shelton blocks it, and locks on a back slide for 2. Orton walks up the ramp to leave, but Shelton comes up from behind, only to get a sucker punch. Orton leads Shelton back into the ring, but Shelton hops up and nails the super-gay powerslam for the win.
Winner – Shelton Benjamin


JR & King plug the Raw Diva Search.

New Guy Todd catches up with Stacy, who is in the middle of a photo shoot to ask how she feels about the contest. She says that she is excited, and the her sister even entered. New Guy Todd then asks what a Diva actually does. Stacy describes her job as touring the world to exotic locations, going on publicity tours, and has photo shoots…like she’s on right now, and she pushes New Guy Todd away.

Triple H comes out, and tells us to stop looking around, and that HBK is banned from the arena until Bad Blood. He says that HBK vs. HHH will finally end at Bad Blood. They then show a video package of HHH’s 3 Hell in a Cell victories (Foley, Jericho, Nash).

Bad Blood Card:

  • Benoit vs. Kane (World Title)
  • Orton vs. Benjamin (IC Title)
  • Victoria vs. Gail Kim (Woman’s Title)
  • Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels (Hell in a Cell)


    Bischoff has Johnny Nitro fetch Eugene.

    Matt Hardy V1 (w/ Lita) vs. Garrison Cade
    Matt Facts: ‘Matt and Lita hate sparkling water’ & ‘Matt’s life is better with Lita in it’
    Matt seems a bit distracted now that Lita is back at ringside. Cade is dominating. Mattitude sends Cade to the outside, then leaps on him. Back in the ring, Mattitude nails a Side Effect for 2. Cade up quickly and takes Matt’s head off. Cade goes for a Powerbomb, but Mattitude back body drops out of it. Matt nails a 2nd rope leg drop, then the ToF for the pin.
    Winner – Matt Hardy

    Smackdown Rebound:

  • JBL is announced as the #1 Contender
  • JBL will announce the World Title Match stipulation this week
  • Bikini Contest this week
  • Booker T vs. Undertaker rematch

    Nitro returns with Eugene. Bischoff has Nitro leaves. Bischoff admits to Eugene that he knew what was going on with Kane. Bischoff tells Eugene that this is what is called tough love, and that he is trying to teach Eugene a lesson, and that Eugene is not cut out for this business. But, Bischoff admits that he might be wrong, and Eugene has a match with Kane to show what he is really made of. Eugene goes to walk away, and Bischoff asks for a hug, and gets one.


    Highlight Reel set is in the ring, and JR and King tell us that Jericho is not in the arena due to his injuries from last week.

    Highlights from the Tour of Defiance in Ireland and the UK.

    Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel
    Jericho’s music hits, and Trish and Tyson Tomko come out. Tyson’s tattoos are looking better…he must have of had them fixed up, because they looked BAD. Trish says that since Jericho isn’t around tonight, she will be the guest host. She then gives kissies to her baby, Christian at home recovering. She then calls the furniture tacky. So, the reason why she is out there is to show a ‘highlight’ if you will. She then turns our attention to the StratusTron 5000. Trish leaves this as a message to everyone to not be a Problem…and she goes to show the footage again, but Jericho’s pyro hits, and Jericho charges down. Jericho takes out Tomko, and then locks the Walls on Trish, but Tomko gets back in, and boots Jericho in the face. Tomko then presses Jericho, and drops him over one of the Highlight Reel chairs. Tomko then puts a chair over Jericho, and Trish sits on it, laughing.

    Kane stares into the camera.


    Kane vs. Eugene
    Kane wants a hug, but Eugene doesn’t fall for it. Kane goes for some clotheslines, but Eugene ducks them. Eugene ducks another one, and he grabs Kane’s waist and gets a single leg take down, and a Ѕ nelson for 2. Eugene then with a quick roll up for 2. Kane up quickly and takes his head off with a clothesline. Eugene off the ropes, goes for a sunset flip, but Kane grabs his throat, and tosses him to the corner. Kane charges but Eugene with a drop toe hold, Kane goes face first into the turnbuckle, and Eugene goes for the double sledge off the top, but Kane drops him. Kane tosses Eugene over the top. Eugene tries to come back in, and Kane suplexes him in. Kane then starts to dominate. He gets a couple of thrust punches in. Kane with a snapmare, and a choke hold. Eugene gets out, and Kane starts punching away, but Eugene starts Hulking up (would it be offensive if I call it Tarding up? Do I care?) Eugene starts Tarding up, and fires away on Kane, and hits a standing drop kick, with Kane dropping to the floor. Kane brings a chair in the ring, and the ref tries to take it away, but he tosses the ref. Eugene kicks Kane in the gut, and he drops the chair, and Eugene nails a DDT on the chair! Ref calls for the bell, he DQ’s Kane for shoving him, and Eugene wins.
    Winner via DQ – Eugene

    Kane sits up from the DDT, and then choke slams Eugene. Kane then goes to Tombstone Eugene on the chair, but Benoit charges out to make the save. Kane takes one swing, but Benoit catches it and goes to lock on the Crossface, but Kane fights out. Benoit quickly grabs the chair, and Kane quickly exits, and Benoit checks on Eugene.

    Show Over.


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