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411’s WWE Raw Report 07.02.2007

July 2, 2007 | Posted by Daniel Wilcox

We get clips from Vengeance, specifically the Open Challenge for the WWE Championship, which Cena won after pinning Mick Foley following an FU. Great video package as per usual.

Cue “To Be Loved…” by Papa Roach, new opening video, and Raw starts… NOW!

JR and King welcome us from the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas.

Promo – Mr Kennedy

His name is Mr Kennedy and he should be the WWE. The only reason he isn’t is because he never had the opportunity to cash in his Money in the Bank, which is the people’s fault. The fans caused him to compete when he wasn’t ready. From now on, his actions will serve one man, and one man alone, the next WWE Champion, Misstteeerrrr….

The Champ John Cena is here. Cena grabs a mic and gets a big reaction, cheers and boos as we’ve come to expect. Cena calls Kennedy the new guy. This is the first time they’ve met. He introduces himself. Cena mocks Kennedy’s shtick and calls him Mr Camel toe. “Camel toe!” – Dallas. Kennedy is not amused. Cena has heard Kennedy likes to talk. A lot. Rumour has it that Kennedy is a big mouth. This is Monday Night Raw and anything can happen, all man has to stand on is his word. He wants to put Kennedy’s word to the test. Cena asks the fans if it’s their fault that “Mr Kellogg” is not Mr Money in the Bank. Cena says Kennedy’s word is worthless so he doesn’t trust him, or like him. More importantly, it means there was one person responsible for throwing away the single biggest moment in sports entertainment history, Mr Kennedy… Kennedy. They go nose to nose and here comes…

King Booker! “Bravo, John Cena.” Booker says Cena is right, but only one man should compete against Cena. His record against the Champ is flawless, and it should be King Booker. It doesn’t matter what these “peasants” think. Booker reminds Cena that he made Cena kiss his royal feet so Cena tells Booker to kiss his championship ass. Booker challenges Cena for the WWE Championship.

Next out is Randy Orton! He tells Kennedy and Booker to hold on. Since they are new to Raw and not too bright, he’s going to explain things. He’s been successful and ended the careers of HBK and RVD. Most importantly, he’s never had a one on one championship match with Cena. The bottom line is no one on the roster deserves a match with Cena, but Orton does.

Bobby Lashley is here! Lashley says Kennedy lost the Money in the Bank. King Booker and Orton are both former world champions and they both lost. Lashley never lost the ECW title and therefore he is the uncrowned champion. He won’t rest until he gets the title off of Cena.

William Regal is out as they all argue in the ring. Regal has a message from Coach. He is on holiday so Regal is in charge tonight. There will be a contract signing in the ring by the time the show goes off the air. All 4 men will compete in singles “Beat the clock” matches and he who defeats their opponent in the quickest time will face Cena at The Great American Bash. Orton’s match is up next!

Commercial break.

Beat the Clock Match – Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy

Orton must beat Hardy to establish a time. They lock up and Orton grabs a side headlock and gets 1 off a shoulder block as Jeff gets a near fall from a school boy. Dropkick by Orton takes Jeff down and gets 1. Orton shoots Jeff but gets back dropped over the top to the floor. Jeff dropkicks Orton through the ropes and then cross bodies over the top onto Orton. Back in and Jeff gets a 2 count. Stiff clothesline by Orton gets a 2 count. And a second 2 count. Orton stomps on every appendage of Hardy’s body and drops a leg for a near fall. Body scissors while controlling the arm now by Orton. Move set! Jeff fights it with the crowd behind him. Orton switches it to a reverse bear hug and Jeff still can’t get out. Clubbing shots by Orton who releases. Slam on Hardy gets a 2. Another scoop slam and another near fall. A third now by Orton and gets 2 with both legs hooked. Back to the body scissors at the 4 minute mark. He tries to get a pin out of it but only gets 2. Orton is eyeing the clock on the tron. Jeff manages to separate the legs of Orton who comes back with a European uppercut. Jeff slugs back but gets caught with a knee to the gut. Takedown by Hardy on Orton at the 5 minute mark gets a near fall for Hardy. Mule kick by Hardy now followed up by the rope-assisted dropkick for a 2 count. Face buster suplex by Jeff. Hardy to the top but Orton rolls to the apron. Jeff gets hung up on the top rope and Orton covers for 2. He’s frustrated now and Jeff nails Whisper in the Wind for a long 2 count. Jeff stalks Orton but the Twist of Fate is reversed into the RKO for 3 @ 7:06! **?

Winner: Randy Orton

Maria vs. Melina is up next!

Commercial break.

Candice Michelle, the new Women’s Champion is here. She joins King and JR on commentary.

Melina vs. Maria

Melina is evidently upset after losing the title. Maria seems happy to be here as usual, and I’m happy to have her. Melina trash talks and Maria takes her down with a Thez press but pulls Maria’s hair and takes her down. Spin by Melina and drops Maria on her back. More hair pulling and Melina shoves Maria’s face into the mat. Melina with a kick to the gut of Maria and she goes down. Maria tries to fight back but gets booted. She hammers away at the back of Maria. Forearm shots by Melina. Maria comes back with knees and a right hand. Bulldog by Maria and an Irish whip into the corner. Mounted punches in the corner but Maria gets dropped on the top turnbuckle. Melina hits her version of the final cut for the 3 count. ***** for Maria’s effort.

Winner: Melina

Post match, Melina stares down Candice and they face off on the floor. They brawl and Candice fights back and tosses Melina into the guard rail. She celebrates on the announce table.

Commercial break.

We’re back with clips of Triple H’s injury. Trips tell us about the injury. We see him undergoing surgery with Dr Jim Andrews! He wants to come back and be an 11 time champion. No news on a return date.

Backstage Dusty introduces Hacksaw to his son Cody. Orton is here and wants to be introduced. One day he can be just like him. Orton introduces himself as the Legend… you know the rest. Cody; “stay away from my dad.” Dusty says Orton is disrespectful so Orton slams Dusty. Rhodes holds his son off. Orton just owned the Rhodes.

We now get clips of Santino Marella’s Intercontinental title win back in Milan in April, and also from Vengeance where Umaga decimated Marella but got disqualified.

Backstage – Marella checks on Maria. Maria says she’s fine and Marella doesn’t have to go through with the match. Let him do it, Maria, please! Marella challenged Umaga tonight and he thinks he must prove he deserves to be Intercontinental Champion. The bastard kisses my Maria on the cheek for good luck. He better get his sorry ass kicked for this.

Commercial Break.

Intercontinental Championship – Santino Marella (c) vs. Umaga

Umaga stares down Santino. Marella goes for a waist lock but gets thrown down. He tries to kick the thighs but just gets screamed at. Umaga takes him down but misses a splash. Marella gets a low dropkick on Umaga to the floor, but Umaga just tosses Marella out. Umaga now crushes Marella’s head in the ring post but misses a charge and eats the steel. Back in and Umaga back on the offensive with clubbing blows. Umaga working the neck but Marella fights out only to run into a chop. Umaga misses a splash in the corner and Marella comes with the kicks and gets 1 off a shot to the back of the head. Marella to the top but dives right into a SAMOAN DROP by Umaga. Umaga drags Marella to the corner and nails the BUTTALANCHE! Umaga calls for the Spike and nails it for the academic 3 count! ?*

Winner: And NEW Intercontinental Champion, Umaga

We see King Booker and Queen Sharmell as we head to break.

King Booker w/ Queen Sharmell vs. Val Venis

The time to beat, set by Randy Orton, is 07:06. Lock up, shoulder block by Val for 1. Inside cradle by Booker gets 2. Booker gets a shuffle kick right to the face of Venis gets a near fall. Chop by Booker, and now shots in the corner and a scoop slam – countered by Val and gets a back suplex for a 2 count. Booker gets a 2 count off of a clothesline. Booker wraps the arm of Venis around the ring post. Kicks to the shoulder by Booker and now he goes to an arm bar but Val gets a foot on the bottom rope. Shots by Booker to the back now, and he uses the ropes to choke out Val. Suplex by Booker gets 2 as we are now down to the 4 minutes remaining mark. Val and Booker slug it out in the middle of the ring but Booker gets a high reverse elbow for 2. Booker misses a kick and gets telegraphed and Venis gets a big clothesline on Booker. Neckbreaker by Venis gets a 2 count. Chop by Val into the corner and a big boot Booker. Kick to the abdomen to Venis and the Scissors Kick ends it @ 4:30! *

Winner: King Booker

Mr Kennedy tries to convince Super Crazy to lay down for him.

Commercial break.

Mr Kennedy vs. Super Crazy

4:30 is the time to beat. The time is counting down but Kennedy wants his mic. Don’t ever disrespect him. Crazy rolls him up for the 3 @ 0:40! N-R

Winner: Super Crazy!

Kennedy is pissed and chases Crazy to the back.

Commercial break.

Backstage, Booker preps Shelton for his match with Bobby Lashley. H offers Benjamin a shot at the title if he lasts the 4:30.

Dusty Rhodes wants Randy Orton to meet him in the ring next week.

Carlito complains to Jillian Hall about the Sandman, who shows up a drinks beer. Carlito says he’s cool and spits apple in his face, so Sandman spits beer in Carlito’s face. Ron Simmons is here. Fill in the rest for yourself.

Commercial break.

Carlito vs. Sandman

Sandman can still walk the guard rail when he’s piss drunk. Sign guy is in the crowd tonight. Elbow tie-up into the corner. And again. No clean break from Carlito who stomps down Sandman in the corner. Sandman comes back with a shot and takes Carlito down with an elbow. Carlito hangs Sandman up and stomps away. Left hand by Carlito gets 2. Neck vice applied by Carlito. Sandman comes back but Carlito grabs the cane. Sandman gets it and cracks Carlito over the head with it for the DQ win. ?*

Winner: Carlito via DQ

Commercial break.

Bobby Lashley vs. Shelton Benjamin

4:30 is still the time that Lashley has to beat. Lashley can’t get a hold of Benjamin. Take down by Lashley but Benjamin rolls out. He checks the clock. Back in, shots to Lashley who fires back with rights. Belly to belly suplex on Benjamin. Benjamin avoids the spear and jumps to the outside again. 3 minutes left as Shelton breaks the count and goes back out. Lashley goes out to get Benjamin who goes back in. Shelton meets Lashley coming in and gets caught with an awesome DDT for a 2 count. Rights to the back of the head by Benjamin with 2 minutes remaining. T-Bone suplex by Lashley. Clotheslines by Lashley, into the corner, shoulder tackle. Gut buster by Lashley. He goes for a cover and gets 2 with a minute remaining. Torture rack countered, dragon whip countered, powerslam countered, super kick by Benjamin gets 2! 30 seconds on the clock. He comes off the top and gets caught with a spear with 25 seconds to go. It gets the 3! *?

Winner: Bobby Lashley!

Commercial Break.

Just in case you’d forgotten – he is The Game. He’s back! Coming soon.

William Regal is out for the contract signing. The Great American Bash is just 3 weeks away. The challenger – Bobby Lashley. And his opponent – John Cena. Cena says it’ll be a great match and he’s looking forward to it. Lashley says that makes two of us. Lashley signs. Kennedy and Booker are out. They say this is a farce. Cena cuts them off – “you want some, come get some!”

They brawl and the faces quickly clean house. Lashley and Cena now face off and stand tall. Cena signs and Lashley spears Cena! Lashley stands tall as we go off the air!

A solid show that built towards the title match at the Bash and that was about it. The wrestling was bad for the most part and too short to mean anything, but the opener was good clean fun.


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