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411’s WWE RAW Report 12.29.14

December 29, 2014 | Posted by Tony Acero


411’s LIVE WWE Raw Report 12.29.14

It’s the last RAW of the year and with one tweet, Daniel Bryan has the world like….


Sidenote: You will have to forgive any shortening of matches or typos. I’m a bartender, and for the first time ever, I cut my damned finger.

Let’s hope I survive!

We start the show with Edge’s retirement being recapped. If this is foreshadowing for Bryan, get your tears ready…

We are informed that Edge and his “boyhood friend” will be hosting RAW, and are told to get our cameras ready. Edge and Christian are introduced right away. They come down to Edge’s music.

Christian is first to speak. He is excited to be here for the last RAW of 2014, He thinks they should send the year off with a bang, and do RAW E&C style. He has decided that there will be a very special Peep Show with….Edge cuts him off, says he thinks it should be The Cutting Edge. Christian disagrees. Edge says Peep Show sounds like perverts in 1920 would pay a nickle to watch. Edge wants to regroup. He wants to show why they are the best damned tag team in history, and do the first ever Cutting Edge Peep Show, with the first guest being the self-proclaimed future of the WWE, Seth Rollins. He wants to put the name in perspective though, and says that if tonight Rollins will go one-on-one with….Roman Reigns then there’s a pop. Like if Christian says Rusev (BOO!) in a Champ vs Champ match with Dolph Ziggler(YAY!) Christian says they’ll be completely naked…

Edge says no one wants to see that. Christian says maybe just Lana. Christian wants to bring the audience back. He wants to know who would like to see…Daniel Bryan? YES! Edge wants to give Washington DC with a special treat….HERE COMES THE POSE!!

Is that a Zayn shirt, Edge? haha. Nice.

Edge and Christian are about to pose but


Cole brings up the attack on Jericho and how this does not bode well for Edge and Christian. Heyman introduces himself to the Peeps and Edgeheads of the world. He can’t help but wonder why a man with a broken neck and a man with far too many concussions to wrestle again would swim in the shark-infested waters that are inhabited by the biggest, most unmerciful predator in the WWE Universe, Brock Lesnar. Heyman tells Edge and Christian to make a move. But one bad hit or smack across the face and either one of you could end up in a wheelchair forever. He wants to reassure them; Brock has no desire to break the neck or end the career of two men whose careers are already other. No, Brock wants to penetrate the virgin neck of someone like….John Cena.

Kinky, Heyman…real kinky.

At the final conflict, the last battle, the final Cena vs Brock match…

Hereeeeee’s Johnny!

Cena holds his NEVER GIVE UP towel up then throws it, which is funny considering what throwing a towel usually signifies.

Brock is in the ring alongside Edge and Christian. Brock smirks. Heyman sulks. Edge sneers. Christian sneezes.

The only reason why Cena doesn’t knock Brock clean into 2015, is so that Brock doesn’t use it as an excuse. Cena uses “ya savvy,” and I hate him for it…Cena has a gift and a resolution. He resolves to remove the title from Brock’s shoulder, and his gift is for Heyman. He grabs Heyman. Brock attacks. Cena gets him on the shoulders. Brock hops off then leaves the ring. Cena removes his shirt. Heyman holds Brock back. Brock isn’t very happy. He has the title, and holds it up for the world to see.

-Commercial Break-

Match 1: Champion vs Champion
Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev

Rusev backs Dolph into the corner with a kick then tosses him into the other corner with some rights. Dolph fights back but it’s short lived as Rusev hits some shoulder tackles in the corner. He hits a right to the face. Ziggler fights back in the middle of the ring. He hits the ropes .Rusev hits a hard chop to the chest, sending dolph down. Rusev with elbows to Dolph. Three, to be exact. Cover for 1…2…NO! Rusev with a half underhook choke hold on the mat. Dolph is able to get up and out. He foes for his super DDT, but Rusev sends him away. Dolph with a kick to the face, but Rusev doesn’t go down! Dolph tries for the DDT again, and he hits it this time!! Pin for 1…2..NO!!! Rusev rolls out of the ring as we go to break.

Back, and Dolph is gettin a hard forearm into the back. Dolph falls across the apron. Rusev grabs him and drags him in the ring. Half nelson into a choke and he’s ringing it in hard. What we missed was a catapult into the turnbuckle. Dolph is back up, he hits a jawbuster onto Rusev, but Rusev no sells it after a bit. Dolph runs out. Rusev walks up and Dolph hangs him up. One more time! Dolph heads to the top! He dives…right into the loving arms of Rusev. Rusev goes for the Fallaway, but Dolph lands on his feet and backs into the corner. He hits an elbow to Rusev. Dolph goes up top. Missile dropkick to Rusev!!! Rusev is down! He gets back up in the corner. Dolph goes for a splash in the corner, but Rusev pushes him off! Dolph runs again, but Rusev pushes yet again! Rusev grabs Dolph after the third time, but Dolph ducks, hits the ropes! FAMEASSER!! PIN! 1….2..NO!!! Ziggler goes for the Zig Zag, but Rusev escapes. Rusev grabs Dolph, Dolph flies over. Superkick attempt, but Dolph ducks! Dolph goes for one of his own! Rusev rejects it! Dolph flies over! SUPERKICK! Dolph hits it! Pin! 1…2…..NO!! Both men down. Rusev is trying to get up in the corner. Dolph is struggling on the ropes. Both up. Dolph goes for the Zig Zag, but Rusev sends him away. Rusev turns and sends Dolph across the ring. Rusev with a kick to the knee! He tosses Dolph shoulder first into the corner! Rusev with stomps in the corner. He won’t stop. The ref tries to pull Rusev away. Rusev won’t listen. Ref finally calls for the bell.

Official Result: Dolph Ziggler via Disqualification
GREAT match with a shit ending that I should have seen coming…
RATING: ***1/2

Rusev stops a bit. Dolph rolls. Rusev sees Dolph prone under the ropes. Rusev locks in The Accolade, using the ropes! Dolph taps. Refs try to break the hold, but Rusev won’t listen. FEED! ME! MORE! Ryback runs in and hits a hard clothesline to Rusev! Rusev rolls out of the ring. Rusev leads a FEED ME MORE chant. Rusev is up and he and Lana had to the back. Ryback helps Dolph up like he’s an older brother, and I’m not sure if I like that, but can’t fully understand why.

-Commercial Break-

When we return, Ryback is still in the ring. He wants to say a few things to us. There is a lot we don’t know about him. His first WWE Live event was when he was 12, and he was a guest bell ring. That’s when he decided he wanted to be a star. 10 years ago, he got his start on Tough Enough as The Silverback. We get a video of Al Snow eliminating “Ryan Reeves” from Tough Enough. Ryback says after that, he lost his dream job and fell into a deep depression. He didn’t talk to his family for a year. He got a shot at some bbq joint working 12 hours a day, in a negative state, and more depressed than ever, returning to an empty apartment with only a stack of Mania DVDs to remind him of everything he lost. Then one day he found a book called The Secret that talked about Laws of Attraction and almost right away, he got back on track. He was re-signed then made his debut with The Nexus. Another video package that actually shows the spotlight on Ryback in case we confused him with Justin Gabriel or Heath Slater, you know…

Everything was going great; he was 28 with his dream job and everything was picture perfect until he broke his ankle in 2010. He then broke his leg all the way up to his knee. We see a scar to remind him of how lucky he is to be in the WWE ring today. After two bad surgeries and three doctors telling him he would never wrestle again, Ryback was born and he returned.

Extensive video package this time around. Ryback stands today to tell Rusev something. This isn’t a USA vs Russia thing…this is going to be one big guy vs another big guy thing. If there’s one thing we need to know about him, is that he takes negative things that people say, and he eats them. When it’s all said and done, and he looks at all these negative things and turns them into positive. So he’s got one message for CM Punk Rusev: FEED ME MORE!

A little out of place, but if they’re serious about Ryback, then this was a good way to show it.

-Commercial Break-

Back to the show, and The Bellas are making their entrance. Looks like we’re gettin Nikki vs Natalya, or something to that notion. Recap of last week where Nikki was knocked off the apron.

Match 2: Nikki Bella vs Natalya
Nikki with a press onto Natalya, hitting some hard rights. Natalya reverses it and gets some rights of her own. Natalya with a spinning clothesline. Nikki on the apron. Natalya knocks her off, but Tyson is there to catch her! He seems a bit smitten….a bit. Natalya with a baseball slide to Nikki! Nattie goes outside the ring and tosses Nikki back in.

Brie goes to yell at Tyson, distracting Natalya, allowing Nikki to attack Natalya, and set up for the Rack Attack. Pin for 1…2..3!!
Official Result: Nikki Bella
This seemed about as inspired as the wrestlers involved.

Oh, there’s the point:

Cole ends the segment with: “Let’s see how things play out on Total Divas this Sunday on E!”

Backstage, Miz is talking to Damien. Out of nowhere, Naomi comes in and hugs Miz hard, saying Thank you. She wants to speak in private. Mizdow excuses himself. Naomi says that she spoke to Miz’s producer, and thanks to Miz, he wants to meet up with Naomi to discuss future projects. Naomi says she knows that Miz has issues with Jimmy, but she wants to say thank you and she appreciates how he helped her. Miz is taken aback by this, it seems.

-Commercial Break-

Match 3: WWE Tag Team Championship Match
The Usos vs The Miz and Damien Sandow

Miz removes his shades to boos. Sandow does the same to cheers. Miz and J to start. Miz is backed into the corner, but the ref breaks it up. Again, in the opposite corner, but MIz takes advantage this time and kicks Jimmy in the gut. He stomps Miz in the corner. Backstage, Naomi is watching. Miz whips Jimmy, but Jimmy slides, turns and hits a right hand. Jimmy with a body slam and a pin for 1..2..NO! Jimmy works the head of MIz, but Miz turns it into a side headlock of his own. He hits the ropes then a shoulder tackle to Jimmy. Miz hits the ropes, bounces over, then runs into a high elbow. Jimmy with a tag to Jey, Jimmy hits a shoulder, then Jey hits a right forearm and a pin for 1…2…NO! Miz grabs the head and hits a jawbreaker to Jey. Miz sends Jey face first into the corner, but Jey hits an uppercut and sends Miz into the opposite corner. Jey with a whip that is reversed. Jey hops up and over, then hits a hard right hand to MIz. Nice. Jey works the left arm a bit and gets the blind tag from Jimmy. Double elbow to Miz. Jimmy with the pin for 1…2..NO! Jimmy with a chop to the chest. Tag to Jey. Double team back suplex, no wait, front it’s an atomic drop type move. Sandow sells that same move in the corner then drops just as Miz gets a right hand. Miz is up. Jey clotheslines Miz over the ropes. Sandow looks, and falls through the ropes as well! Jey hits the ropes, is about to fly over the ropes, but Miz is up! He hangs up Jey!!! Miz in! Pin for 1…2…NO!

We are back, and Miz is asking the crowd if they want Sandow in, then says no. Jey powers out of a hold, and takgs in Jimmy. Jimmy in and trucks Miz with a clothesline, another. Uppercut. Rope work. Samoan Drop! Mizdow in, but Jey sends him right back outside. Miz in the corner. Jey wants the buttsplash, but while running, Miz ducks under, Jey with a rollup! 1…2..NO! Jey sends Miz to the outside again. He calls for the suicide dive again. This time, he hits it. He rolls Miz back in and heads to the top rope. Miz is up. Jey hops over, lands on his feet. Miz kicks the knee. DDT to Jey! Pin for 1…2..NO! Miz kicks the leg, tries to work in the Figure Four, but is stopped. Miz is up. Jey heads up top. He flies off with a Whisper in the Wind-like move! Pin for 1…2..NO! Jey is up first. He sets up for the Superkick, but Miz catches the leg! He sends Jey down, nd locks in the Figure Four!!! Jey is struggling as Miz has the hold. Jey stretches for the ropes, reaches it. The hold is broken. Miz pulls the leg and tries to lock it in again! Jey rolls through for a pin, but Miz rolls through that! Jimmy with a submission move!!!

Sandow in to break it up!! He sends Uso to the outside! Jimmy is in! He goes for a Superkick, but Miz shoves Sandow into it!!! Jimmy with a Superkick! Tag to Jey! Jey up top! He goes for a crossbody, but Miz has the leg up! SKULL CRUSHING FINALE! PIN!!! 1…2….NO!!!! DAFUQ?! Miz attacks the head a few times then locks in the arms. He’s setting up for another.
Jey fights out. Tag to Jimmy! Superkick to Miz! DOUBLE SUPERKICK to Miz!!! Jey heads up top! Superfly Splash! Pin! 1….2….3!!!!!
Official Result: The Usos
A pretty damned good match, in my opinion, even if – again – the result wasn’t what I wanted.

Lawler in the ring. He congratulates The Usos. He wants to ask them how it feels to end 2014 as the Tag Team Champions. The Usos says it feels good, it was the year of The Usos. They have a lot of celebration. He says they got JR’s BBQ and invites King. He wants to bring Johnny Manziel…

King asks about Naomi and him being on the same page. Jimmy says that they are always on the same page. They played Miz and it felt damned good. Miz reiterates that The Usos “played” The Miz. Damn, I thought King was leaving…

Cole says that Bryan’s tweet is relating to a “Career-defining moment.” King says that he is concerned and that Bryan may join the ranks of Edge and Christian, which means he won’t be.

Video package about The Shield and Seth Rollin’s eventual turn to highlight the importance of tonight’s match.

-Commercial Break-

We are back, and Cesaro is in the ring, sitting in the corner with a mic and a towel over his head. He wants to get a few things off his chest. 2014 should have been his year. He won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Mania, and now all of a sudden, he is being told that he doesn’t connect. He doesn’t, though, he delivers. Every single time he steps into this ring, he delivers. And connect with who? Us? The Universe? He doesn’t care about connecting with any of us, or the pageantries, are the pyrotechnics, or fancy elaborate entrances. All he cares about is what he does inside this ring, and there is no one who holds a candle to him when he steps into the ring. If there is anyone that doubts what he is saying, make his day and try him…


Barrett loosely mocks DDP haha. Barrett says Cesaro may not care about connecting, but he assures that there will be something connecting tonight, and that’s this bullhammer with Cesaro’s shiny little head.

Match 4: Wade Barrett vs Cesaro
Cesaro with a dropkick out of NOWHERE!! hahah. Uppercut to Barrett! Rights and lefts in the corner! Cesaro with a whip. It’s reversed. Backbreaker from Barrett. Barrett with a knee to the back of the head. Barrett with a barrage of knees on the ropes. Barrett with a hard boot to the face. Barrett gets some cheers. Cesaro is outside near the barricade. Wade follows. He comes to the outside but Cesaro is ready for him. Cesaro with a kick and a trip then a toss into the ring. Cesaro hops top and flies with an axe handle. Cover for 1…2..NO! Cesaro with an uppercut from above, another, a few more! Cesaro locks the left arm, attempting to reinjure the shoulder. German Suplex by Cesaro! He goes for another, but Wade elbows out. Wade hits the ropes and runs into an elbow. Cesaro toys with Wade, then hits some hard right elbows to the head of Barrett. Wade is whipped, ducks a clotheslines, then hits a mule kick! Kick to the head of Cesaro! Pin for 1…2…NO!

Wade grabs the head, sets up for a Pumphandle, but Cesaro hops over, and grabs the legs! BIG SWING!!! He hits five, stops, then locks in a half Boston Crab! Wade reaches the ropes, grabs the apron.
Cesaro pulls Wade into the center of the ring. Wade hits a thumb to the eye! He drops the elbow pad! BULLHAMMER! Pin for 1…2…3!!!
Official Result:
Nice to see Wade back, not so nice to see the decline of Cesaro

Harper with a promo who says we cast people like him aside like trash. He is a product of our environment, a nightmare come to life. Sweet Dreams.

Well then.

<center?-Commercial Break-

Back, and we get a promo for The Ascension.

Lillian announces Swagger, and it sounds like she says Swinger. No reason to tell you this other than the fact that I chuckled. He’s facing Harper tonight.

Match 5: Luke Harper vs Jack Swagger
Swagger tries to attack from the offset, but Harper tosses him aside. They hit a standstill. Lockup results in Swagger going behind and locking hands. Harper gets Swagger in the corner and hits a throat thrust then a chop. Harper grabs the face of Swagger then goes in the corner. Swagger reverses and hits some rights of his own. Harper comes back with an uppercut then locks the face from above and behind. Harper with a boot to the head. Whip to the corner, but Swagger comes out with a hard clothesline! Swagger with a splash, hits the ropes and flies…right into a DROPKICK! A FREAKING DROPKICK!! Pin for 1…2..NO!!! Harper gets Swagger in the corner. Hard thrust then an uppercut. Harper locks the face down on the mat. Swagger stands, elbows out of the move, but Harper hits an uppercut. He runs, but Swagger sends Harper over the ropes! Swagger heads to the outside!! He runs! Clothesline to Harper!!!

Back to the match, and Harper is in control. He’s got a hold on Swagger from behind. We missed Harper pushing Swagger into the steps on the outside. Swagger is out of the hold. He hits the ropes. BIG BOOT From Harper! Pin for 1…2…NO! Harper grabs the legs of Swagger and chokes him up on the ropes witha slingshot. Pin for 1…2.NO! Harper with the gator roll into a side headlock. ROpe work results in a soft ass boot from Swagger. Harper in the corner, he runs out, ducks a clothesline, but Swagger hits one of his own, hard, and pins for 1…2..NO! Swagger wants the bomb. Harper lays prone. Harper is up, though! Swagger clips the knee! He grabs Harper, lifts him up and slams him down. Pin for 1…2..NO! Both men up in the middle of the ring. Harper with a right. He sets up for the powerbomb, but Swagger shoots the legs and tries for a Patriot Lock. Harper rolls through and hits a Super Kick! Pin for 1…2…NO!!! Harper shakes his head no. He’s up, lifts Swagger. Sets up for a Saito, but Swagger backs Harper in the corner. PATRIOT LOCK BY SWAGGER!!!
Harper reaches the ropes, forcing the break. Harper rolls onto his back. SWAGGER BOM–NO! Boot up from Harper! Harper is up! Spinning Clothesline to Harper! Pin for 1….2…3!!!
Official Result: Luke Harper
A little clunky to start, but Harper’s still got the moves, yo.

Backstage, Cena is reminiscing on Edge taking Cena’s title with Christian. They bring up beating each other in their hometowns. Christian reminds Cena of when Edge went to his dad’s house and slapped him around. haha. Christian then leaves. Cena is serious face now. He remembers that; when two guys who would never have amounted to anything but got a chance, and left their lives out there to prove that they belong and that they were the best. Cena thanks Edge. He respects him. They shake hands and hug it out. Cena tells Edge to be careful out there.


-Commercial Break-

So looks like The Big Show will be on commentary for the Reigns vs Rollins match…yay.

Match 6: Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins
We get a standoff for a little bit before Rollins hits the corner and tries to hit a shoulder tackle. Reigns hits one of his own, and Rollins heads to the outside. He shakes off the tackle a bit. Rollins heads back to the ring. Test of strength doesn’t happen, as Rollins hits a kick then right hands and an elbow to the head. He hits the ropes, but Reigns hits an elbow to Rollins. Rollins heads to the apron, but Reigns grabs him and tosses him over the ropes into the ring. Reigns grabs the left arm and drops an elbow on it. Reigns works the left arm a bit then pulls on it. Reigns slaps Rollins around a bit (kinda heelish there, Reigns…) He sends Rollins into the corner chest-first then Reigns works the left arm and flips Rollins. A hard shoulder to shoulder from Reigns. Big Show calls Rollins the future. Rollins with a right hand, another. Whip to the corner, but Rollins gets his boot up and Rollins slides out of the ring. He pulls REigns out and tries to send Reigns into the apron, but Reigns reverses and sends Rollins into the apron. Reigns sends Rollins into the ring then heads in himself. Rollins with elbows. A few more. He sends Reigns down to the mat then lets in some stomps. Chin lock from behind then Rollins drops an elbow on the shoulder.

Big Show is verbally blowing Rollins while saying that “Reigns wants to be a star…we’ll see.” Interesting. Rollins has a cravat locked in until Rollins turns into it. He hits a right, but Rollins rolls through. Reigns looks for the roll up! Pin 1….2..NO! Reigns lifts Rollins up while still holding in the rollup and hits a powerbomb! Rollins rolls to the outside. Reigns heads in the ring then runs into the corner. He drops Seth, then heads to the outside. Reigns with a kick to the head of Seth. J&J distract! We get a break while Seth gets the upperhand.

Back, and Rollins had a headlock in on Reigns. Rollins stands to get some pressure on the hold, but Reigns gets out of it. Rollins sets up for a suplex, but Reigns locks the leg and goes for one of his own. Rollins hops over, lands on his feet, and clips the knee. He hits the ropes. Right hand to Reigns and a pin for 1..2…NO! Rollins with another hold from behind. Reigns is about to get out, but Rollins holds it in, and tries to cinch the waist. Reigns is able to stand up, but Rollins locks in a sleeper. Reigns backs him into the corner, but Rollins locks it in again! Reigns backs Rollins into the corner once more, but Rollins uses the momentum to send Reigns into the corner hard. Rollins is up, waiting for Reigns to rise. He hits a flying right hand, then walks right into….a tilt-a-whirl slam by Roman! Rope work, and here’s a hard right clothesline from Reigns. Reigns toses Seth into the corner then lifts up, and drops a hard right on the chest of Seth! Pin for 1…2…NO! Roman lifts Seth, but Rollins hits a knee. Reigns runs into a back elbow, then a boot, but he catches it. STO HARD to Rollins! Reigns grabs the legs of Rollins then lifts up, but Rollins lands on his feet and hits a hard Enziguri! Pin for 1…2…NO! SUPERKICK! Pin! 1…2…NO!! Reigns kicks out! Rollins wants the curb stomp! Reigns to his knees! Rollins hits the ropes! Reigns blocks! He’s up! He tosses Rollins over the ropes! High kick from Seth! Reigns in the corner! Seth hops over the ropes! SUPERMAN PUNCH! Reigns in the corner. He calls or the Spear!!

The Big Show drops his headset and grabs the leg of Roman Reigns! He pulls him out of the ring and tosses him over the announce table, then flips the table over atop of Reigns.

Official Result: Roman Reigns via DQ
A little slow to start, with waaaay too long a rest hold, but Reigns continues to prove that he isn’t as one-note as people think.
RATING: **1/2

Cole sells this situation as extremely serious, as apparently, the announce table crushed Reign’s leg.

-Commercial Break-

Backstage, Rollins calls Big Show his man then says thanks. Rollins wants J&J to celebrate. Tonight, Rollins will propose a new year’s toast, and he’s going to invite John Cena to it. Tell the world.

Recap of Wyatt vs Ambrose starting at Hell in a Cell.

Anyway, there will be an ambulance match on RAW next Monday between Bray and Dean. Speakin of Bray, here he is. He wants sto speak of a place where life both begins and ends. Everything must come full circle eventually, and both he and Dean have reached the point of no return. Zoom out, and he is in an ambulance. This, says Bray, is where their great journey ends. It’s too late, says he, and they will not be able to resuscitate Dean because he’s already dead. Bray alone has his soul. Bray closes the door, says he has his soul, then the ambulance leaves.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan is hugging R-Truth, slapping hands with The Usos, and pondering bearded fellow thoughts.

-Commercial Break-

Back to the show, and Bryan is here. Solid response from the crowd. He says that it’s an honor to come out and be here for the last RAW of 2014, but it’s always an honor to be in the ring. Every single time. Who would have thought that a small kid from Aberdeen always labelled a B+ player could have main evented Wrestlemania? No one…except us. Thanks to Bryan, he got the opportunity to beat Triple H, Randy Orton, and Batista, all in one night to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship! YES! Chant.

That opportunity was given to him by us and he can never repay us for that. Five days later, he married the woman of his dreams and that was the greatest week of his life, then everything changed. Two days later, Daniel Bryan’s dad died. Bryan wasn’t there for him, because he was here wrestling. Then a month later, he was injured and he needed surgery. They couldn’t fix him, and all he could do was sit at home on his couch and watch, and all he wanted to do was be in this ring because being in front of us was the only thing that could take the pain away. This is what he loved and what he has dreamed of his entire life. He’s getting a bit teary-eyed. He doesn’t think there is anyone who cheered louder than he did when Dolph sent The Authority packing. It was a great moment, but it hurt because he couldn’t be there. The doctors didn’t have any answers, he talked to friends and family, and even talked to Edge. You get to a point when you have to make a decision of whether or not….


You get to a point where you have to make a decision as to whether all of this is worth it or not. And because we have supported him his entire career, he made the request to make this announcement in front of all of us. Is his career over?


That is NOT the announcement that he came here to make!! He is ready to fight! He is ready to compete! And will he be in the 2015 Royal Rumble?


Backstage, Christian is playing the Kazoo!! haha. Miz and Sandow come, and Christian see that maybe they’re upset cuz Christian isn’t playing his theme music. Miz stops them, Christian says Miz needs a tic-tac. Miz wants a rematch for his belts tonight. Edge brings out a muppet looking like Edge. Edge says Miz gets his match. It’s not for the titles, though, and it’s not against The usos…but it is next.

Sandow, before leaving, gives the muppet the ol “I’m watching you” motion. haha.

-Commercial Break-

The Miz and Sandow are in the middle of the ring, awaiting their opponents…and here they are…THE ASCENSION

Match 6: The Miz and Damien Sandow vs The Ascension
Bell rings and we’re starting with Conor and Miz. MIz tags in Sandow quickly, and Conor hits a high knee to Damien. He attacks the back then drags Sandow to the corner. Tag to V. Double shoulder to Sandow then a whip. Sandow gets the foot up, though, then hits a clothesline. Whip is reversed, Sandow tries to attack Conor, but Conor no-sells, and Victor hits a hard clothesline to Sandow. Tag to Conor, who drops Miz off the apron.
Both men up. We get the Fall of Man double team move. Pin for 1…2…3!!!
Official Result: The Ascension
Another tag team on the main show. I wouldn’t call it “very impressive,” but nice to see em.

Backstage, Renee wants to talk to Rollins. Rollins says he feels so good, he wants to extend another invitation…to Brock Lesnar.

-Commercial Break-

We are back. Edge and Christian area already in the ring. They introduce Seth as General Zod 2000, The Walking Pile of Suck, Seth Rollins.

Rollins is all smiles. He sits in between Edge and Christian, saying it’s a great night. Edge says Seth is pretty chipper, what’s with the champagne? He calls J&J The Geek Squad. Rollins says that’s not very nice, and before we start, he wants to say this is an honor to be on the first ever edition of The Cutting Edge Peep Show. This is special for him because they are like heroes to him. Rollins brings up Hardyz and Dudleyz and Chairz. He calls them heroes. Edge says he appreciates that, but he doesn’t believe it, seems kind of condescending, actually. Christian calls it lame. Rollins says they are way too cynical, but he gets it. It’s a time for introspection and reflection, but who has had a better year than Rollins? He stands up, brings up Money in the Bank, becoming the new standard bearer, is worldy recognized as the future. Who has had a better year? Edge and Christian stand. Rollins also won a Slammy. Edge says that he’ll take a stab in the dark and say Cena, Sting, Daniel Bryan, Ziggler. Rollins didn’t come out here to reflect on all of his accomplishments, instead he wants to talk about the last month and how difficult it has been since Survivor Series. He has been a party pooper, and he doesn’t want to be that guy anymore. No. 2015, that Seth Rollins is gone. He wants to celebrate the new Rollins but cannot do that yet. He first wants to invite…The Big Show!

Big Show lumbers down. Rollins introduces Show. New Year, New Us. haha. Oh Rollins. There is one other guy Rollins wants to be out here to join them in his toast. He introduces John Cena.

Cena doesn’t come out. His music doesn’t hit. Edge says that Rollins is trying to do what Edge and Christian did, but doesn’t have any charisma. Jamie Noble removes the stools as if I can’t see him. Rollins says he is better than Edge and Christian. Rollins says he didn’t want to bring Cena out to propose a toast, no he wanted him to come out because he wants something from Cena. Rollins demands Cena to come out. Cena no sells. Rollins says that if Cena doesn’t come out, then Rollins is forcing his hand, and that leaves him no choice but to force his. Of course, Rollins attacks Christian. Edge pushes Rollins, and Big Show and J&J circle Edge. Edge is wide-eyed…well, wider than usual. Edge is surrounded. Show goes for the chokeslam, then turns Edge around and works the arm down. Show pushes Edge down, pushing his head into the MITB briefcase, setting up the Curb Stomp. Rollins yells for Cena to come out to save the man he “respects.”

Here’s Cena. He stops at the edge of the ramp. haha, I said “edge.” Rollins says that Cena knows what Rollins wants, and if Rollins doesn’t get it, Edge’s neck will be broken. Cena removes his hat. Rollins tells him not to take the chance. Cena removes his shirt. Rollins says that if Cena cares, he’ll stay right there. Cena runs forward, then stops. Rollins tells ihm to stop. This is a husband he has under his boot, a father. Edge has a little kid, and if you want him to ever be able to play with that child, then Cena will give Rollins what he wants. Rollins wants it.

Cole chimes in, Rollins wants The Authority back. Oh fuck….

Rollins tells Cena to test the waters if he doesn’t believe him. Christian is apparently dead. Edge is still prone. Rollins says that Edge is praying that Cena would save him fro mwhat he is about to do. Rollins calls him a phony, and says to prove him wrong. Rollins finally says it: “Bring The Authority Back.”

Cena scoots forward, so Rollins raises his voice, says Cena has made his life hell, he will find no guilt in doing this. Cena tells Rollins to stop. Just stop. Ok. Just stop. He says Ok. Seth makes Noble grab a mic and head to the outside. Cena on the mic.

“I Bring Back The Authority.”

Cena screams it again. Rollins removes his boot from Edge’s head but Big Show is still holding him down. Rollins says thank you, but still goes for the Curb Stomp! Cena rushes in and stops him with a spear, then Big Show enters and grabs Cena. Show tosses Cena in the corner. KO Punch to Cena! Big Show stands tall. Rollins in the corner. Cena on his knees. Curb Stomp to Cena!

At the top of the ramp, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman head out. Just as Rollins and Show head up the ramp, the music of The Game hits, and he and Steph come out with champagne glasses and smiles. They cheers to us then raise their glasses.

Happy New Year.

End Show

May all of you fucks have a great one! See you on the other side of the calendar!

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  • See this is what i dont get when it comes to WWE making “new” stars… CENA is the only person who matters in the company. God forbid Ziggler was the one who was involved in that last segment. Or even anyone else from Survivor Series match being out there alongside Cena. What about Ryback?

    You know why crowds dont chant or get involved during the shows anymore? They dont understand anything in the show that Cena isnt a part of because THE WHOLE WWE IS CENA. It’s like if they cant chant “Let’s go Cena/Cena Sucks” they dont know what else to do… well besides saying “WHAT?!”.

    Nice to see Bryan is back at least and I really enjoyed Ryback’s little moment. Plus Barrett had a fun return. AWFUL crowd the whole show though. Im kinda surprised they didnt save any for Rumble entrances though.

    • Billy

      It’s as if in any segment without Cena, the crowd is quiet because they are wondering, “Where’s Cena?”

    • victor malar

      Cena was the only one authorized to bring the Authority back…if Ziggler came down, Edge gets crushed.

      Cena had something Rollins wanted, and him holding Edge hostage was the perfect lowlife bastard move to force Cena’s hand.

      Rollins played his role like a champ.

      We have D-Bry back, BNB back, Ryback showing a human side, decent wrestling, the Authority back (and a crew of Brock, HHH, Rollins, and Show with Heyman, Steph, and J&J as support could be cool).

      • greg

        sorry Rollins was terrible in that promo thats another reason the crowd was dead

        • Ice Dagger

          Sorry, but your trolling just isn’t good enough.

          Take a lap.

          • greg

            not trolling moron he was pathetic can’t handle the truth huh?

          • Ice Dagger

            Stay in school.

          • greg

            he dragged out the segment and was hard to take seriously that whole segment was far too long for what they needed. Go cry somewhere else if you don’t like it.

          • Durel

            I don’t know if it was Seth’s fault. That part of the segment did dragged on, but I’m not sure if it was his doing or Kevin Dunn’s doing for making it longer than it needed to be.

        • egomaniac247

          He was pretty bad….it dragged on waaay too long. Literally the best part of his promo was the 5 seconds it took him to say “Damn, you should know me better than that…..I’m gonna break his neck anyways!

          • doctorburningfire

            He said “I’m gonna kill him anyway,” which was even more twisted. I agree that the segment went on a bit too long, but Rollins did a great job. The only thing I would’ve changed would be to have arranged the threatened curb stomp to Edge while also having Show hold Christian hostage and threaten to punch him into dementia. A guy that retired due to concussions + a guy with a giant fist who knocks people out = more sensible than Christian taking a briefcase shot to the gut and being down for ten minutes.

      • Im well aware of WHY it was Cena. I just dont understand why from the beginning it couldnt have been “the winner of the match decides what happens with the Authority”. Hell, the whole match was called TEAM CENA vs TEAM AUTHORITY. My point is, why couldnt Ziggler or Ryback just been out there to offer some solidarity or try to get in the ring and stop it from happening? It’s the Cena show…

    • Like I said to the Victor, I know Cena was the only guy who could do it… and that’s why I said it’s a shame it is just The Cena show. It was like the whole WWE roster is on hold until he does his stuff. And while Id like to think it would set up for a fun New Year, to me this will be more of the same old “stuff” we have had since 1998 as far as evil leaders and a single face to defeat them goes. They’re moving backward again instead of forward

      • doctorburningfire

        I hear ya. Same argument would’ve gone for Survivor Series when The Authority was sabotaging Cena’s team at every turn. There’s no reason that, if these guys hate The Authority as much as they say, they all shouldn’t have some kind of pact to work together in those situations. Even Ziggler running in from the crowd and jumping on Show for one of his sleeper holds would’ve done the trick to give Cena the time to run in and drop Rollins.

  • Austin Powers


  • Mark

    Just to confirm, that entire authority nonsense was terrible….a waste of time.

  • Steph’s Silicone

    The Authority will screw over Daniel Bryan again.
    Book it.

    • SomeCretin

      Nah, Sting will stop them from doing that.

  • Jim

    It took 52 weeks, but we finally got the best Raw of the year. And with a dead crowd, to boot.

  • Jordonh4

    I like Triple H, I really do. I hate when people say he
    never puts someone over because he has (WM 20-22, 30) but I feel as if he
    always has to insert himself in everything. He puts over wrestlers but he
    always has to put himself over even more. My biggest pet peeve of tonight’s Raw
    was Trips coming back. I do not like this idea but it is probably the only way
    to get the Sting program moving so if that is how they want to do it than fine.
    But when you have Brock Lesnar come out and have him be there to celebrate
    because Trips is back pisses me off. Brock is bigger than Trips. This is the
    WWE champ, THE GUY WHO BROKE THE F’ING STREAK and he is in the background to
    Trips. That just pisses me off, the WWE knows they have limit dates with Lesnar
    and this is how they waste em. Just stupid with how they manage Lesnar and Raw.
    With the reaction tonight I bet they will still have Reigns win over DB. Stuff
    like this just frustrates me to no end about the WWE. Gotta have Trips look
    like the king of the WWE.

    • 5050

      I agree with you, but unlike you, I dont like HHH

  • oppyu

    Good news, Daniel Bryan is coming back.

    Bad news, The Authority is coming back.

    Surprising news, Ryback’s a big fan of self-help books.

    • Ajay

      Hilarious. I love self help books by the way.

    • Iocus

      I will say that when I learned Ryback believes in pseudoscientific dreck like The Secret, it did not make me want to cheer him more.

      Positive thinking is cool, but that book is absolute garbage.

  • JestersTear

    The last segment demonstrates everything wrong with WWE product currently.

    1. BORING. It went on way too long.
    2. Too much talk / repetition.
    3. Authority back already? Well, that angle meant nothing.
    4. With all the “fake” stuff we’re supposed to accept as “real,” this is the type of angle where everyone just shakes their head and goes “come on, this is too f’ing ridiculous.”

    • Jim

      1: It was a major plot point. It took as long as it needed to.
      2: So, you want Rollins to just be like “I smash if no get what I want” and Cena ot be like “Grr ok”?
      3: The angle would have meant nothing if Cena *didn’t* re-instate them. ROllins looks more like an evil mastermind than ever, and Cena actually looks sympathetic for once. It was good storytelling, and the story is still ongoing.
      4: Well.. Edge * does* have severe neck injuries. Yeah, everyone knows it’s fake, but what would you have preferred? Rollins threatening to german suplex Edge every night for 4 months? It made sense.

      • JestersTear

        1. Could have been done better and didn’t need to go on as long.
        2. See above.
        3. Cena didn’t need to do it so quickly. It’s the same rush job they gave when Punk won the title and left. 2 weeks later he’s back. Not to mention, this was a lame and horribly written way to do it.
        4. So we’re supposed to accept that a guest on the show can be threatened? Yeah, right. No one else in the back cared about Edge / wanted to get their hands on Rollins? The entire segment was fucking stupid.

        Thank you for pretending I wanted even dumber things to happen. It shows you have no confidence in what you’re saying when you try to project things like that on me.

        • IAmLars

          Guests are threatened all the time. What’s the big deal?

          • JestersTear

            Not to that level. For a show that expects us to believe a lot of unbelievable things, that one was just too stupid in my opinion. I know it’s a sin in McMahonLand to think about things logically, but let’s try. Paralyzing someone who came on as a host? Good luck getting anyone else to host in the future. Oh, lawsuit anyone? Just too dumb. I know we accept that one wrestler can injure another and put them out for 5 or 6 months with no penalty. I’m just not willing to suspend that disbelief into paralyzing a non-wrestler for life. Others might think different.

          • Jim

            Dude, it’s wrestling. Kane electrocuted Shane’s balls. Austin got run over by a car and Mick Foley was the only person investigating it. Undertaker shoots lightning bolts to scare opponents. The ref should have been counting 3 on Sting the entire time during his entrance at Survivor Series.

            You need a strong level of ‘suspension of disbelief’ to watch the stuff. While you’re not wrong about your comments, and how it doesn’t make sense from a legal standpoint… Mark Cuban has ben put through a table, Pete Rose has been tombstoned. It’s not perfect, but it got the point across.

          • Cortez

            I see where you’re coming from, but the whole “threaten to injure a non-wrestler to get what one wants” act is about as close as it gets to a timeless classic in professional wrestling. Like when Undertaker had Kane threaten to throw Stephanie McMahon off a balcony, or all those times poor ol’ JR was held hostage for a title shot. My personal favorite was Austin holding Vince at gunpoint demanding his job back, then pulling the trigger only to have a “Bang!” flag pop out. In real life none of those agreements would have held up in court, as the segments themselves were video evidence that they were agreed to under extreme (and criminal) duress. Hell, most of what Austin did during the Attitude Era would have resulted in jail time. Every backstage assault, every attack with a steel chair or any other weapon in a match where they aren’t allowed, the infamous Kaientai/Val Venis segment… I feel like I could go on forever. The point is that all of it would result in criminal charges (and in a lot of cases, serious prison time) in the real world. The whole thing is a contradiction, so I wouldn’t go looking for it to start making sense any time soon.

          • IAmLars

            But Edge was a wrestler. He is not the same as a celebrity host.

          • Boffo97

            Are they threatened with paralysis and at one point even murder?

        • Jim

          Cena’s hand was forced. Rollins was going to cripple ‘one of the best guys in the business’. If Cena *doesn’t* cave, then Cena is a heel.

          The alternative is to not book that segment at all.. but frankly, why delay it? Like it or not, WWE loves their heel authority figures, and write around it. While I’d prefer no authority figures, if they’re going to stick to that trope, it’s better they do it now en route to Mania than after Fast Lane or something.

          I do agree that someone could have, say, snuck up from behind (Ziggler? Orton? Reigns? Ambrose? Hell, even Mysterio would have made sense) to save Edge, but when someone is facing the ‘barrel of the boot’, you don’t want to give them a reason for an itchy trigger finger.

          If you didn’t like it, that’s cool. Personally, I loved the segment.

          • JestersTear

            Like I said below, I just can’t stretch the “suspension of disbelief” that far. I mean, we had Big Show threaten a lawsuit over being humiliated and in that storyline it made those in charge piss their pants in panic. But we’re not supposed to believe that the ring would be full of people telling Rollins that he’s going to be fired and possibly prosecuted if he paralyzes a now non-wrestler who is there as a host, thus causing a massive lawsuit against the company? I just couldn’t accept it.

          • oppyu

            My suspension of disbelief was stretched a little too far with that as well. Even if you take Cena’s verbal contract to reinstate the Authority as binding, he was clearly under duress and Seth Rollins straight up tried to murder a dude. If Stephanie and Brie can get each other arrested for slaps Edge should be charging Seth with attempted murder.

          • Captain Central America

            I think they love their heel authority figures because they forgot how to write a story without them.

    • Ajay

      Boo hoo

      • JestersTear

        Some people have nothing intelligent to say and remain silent. Then we have people like you.

        • Ajay

          I’ve been part of the universe since 1986 . Now shut ya mouth.

          • Ajay

            And your drivel is so drawn out, that one cannot deem what you say intelligent, because it’s unreadable.

    • 5050

      5. You forgot the shitty commentary, listening to JBL just makes my ears bleed.

  • harveyd

    This was the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Cena gets blackmailed with Edge at “boot point”? He can’t just say next week “I lied, they’re not coming back”? I understand it’s sports entertainment, but can they at least TRY to be realistic?

    • WWEFan

      He’s John Cena not Eddie Guerrero.

    • Ice Dagger

      Do you want to see what would happen if somebody with neck damage like Edge had his skull curbstomped?

  • Elliot Ralston

    Bryan announcing his intention to join the Royal Rumble in advance makes me think he probably won’t win, but would the WWE really be stupid enough to make the same mistake two years in a row?

    (I already know the answer is yes, but I don’t want it to be.)

    • WWEFan

      Imagine the boos if Roman Reigns eliminates Daniel Bryan from the match.

      • ACynicalBastard

        I’ll be there and it’s in Philly. We love us some DBry. Reigns will instantly turn heel if that happened.

  • Mister Thirteen

    Holy crap – Cena actually came to someone’s rescue! Although, in fairness, and keeping with his heel character, he did have to be coerced to come out and help in the first place.

  • Matt Boogie

    Hearing the same line repeated over and over again bored the hell out of me, and added nothing to the last segment, imho.

  • Ron_Mexico_17

    Clearly someone in the office listened to Ryback on “Talk Is Jericho” and realized that if he just told the exact same story on RAW, it’d help fans relate to him in more three dimensional fashion. Bravo. That was exactly what Ryback needed to be a long term player.

  • The Ricker

    For those who might be interested, here’s what happened at the Richmond show that took place at the same time as RAW. This is the first live report by The Ricker! I included as much as possible.

    The Titan Tron consisted of 2 HDTVs flanking the entrance ramp. The TVs were about the same size as you might have at home.

    After the National Anthem, Roman Reigns beat Kane in less than 5 minutes.

    Tyler Breeze, Hornswoggle and Titus O’Niel beat El Matadors in a match that seemed to be an hour. El Matadors piled on Titus for the pin. Titus got mad and kicked over an inflatable XMAS tree and snowman on the entrance ramp.

    Sin Cara vs. Justin Gabriel. Justin teased tossing his shirt into the crowd. Then Sin Cara tosses his shirt into the crowd. THIS. IS. AWESOME!! Seriously though, this match was probably the best match of the night.

    Sin Cara wins and shakes hands with the entire front row. They’re all going home happy tonight for sure.

    Videos play on the two 50 inch “Titan Trons”:
    Connors Cure and WWE’s bad luck history with vehicles.

    Gold and Stardust vs. New Day.
    Stardust disses Richmond and says we’re all ugly and stupid. He’s about right.
    New Day grab the mic and say Richmond is great. Says XMAS time is awesome and when he was a kid, he wanted a VCU Rams jersey (cheap pop) and the WWE Network for $9.99 (no pop).
    During this match, some kids to the right of me are getting on my nerves big time.
    Kofi pinned Cody by jumping off the top rope and stomping on Codys face.

    New Day celebrated the big win by taking selfies and hugging everyone in the crowd.

    Intermission: Aerosmith “Same old song and Dance” and Alice In Chains “Would” play as people get food, drinks and piss.

    “Titan Tron” videos” Jingle All the Way 2, WWE Super Strikers, Smackdown to Thursday, Total Divas.

    RAW returns to Richmond on May 18th! Password “Richmond”.

    Live voting results are in and the fans voted for a Six Man Diva’s tag match.
    That’s good, since if it were a singles match that won, 4 Divas would be standing backstage doing nothing all night.

    Summer Ray, Cameron and Sasha Banks vs. Emma, Charlotte Flair (with the NXT belt) and Samantha Fox. Guest ring announcer: Santino. He uses his “real” voice to introduce the girls. That was amusing (no accent). All girls wore Diva Santa gear.

    Fox pinned Summer and ends this nightmare.

    Adam Rose vs. Curtis Axel. Adam Rose disses the Richmond crowd for heat.
    This match made me wish I could fast forward life.
    Axel wins with a roll up while Rose argues with the rosebuds. Axel wins and it isnt televised. So it never happened.

    MAIN EVENT: Wyatt vs. Ambrose: Street Fight.
    They use tables, chairs, kendo stick. Both go through tables. Ambrose does a savage elbow onto Wyatt and puts him through a table for the win.


    – The Ricker. 411 commenter

  • IAmLars

    I really enjoyed most of the show tonight. Until the Authority came back. I know they were eventually going to come back with that stipulation, but I think it could have held off a little longer.

    • SomeCretin

      They had to set up HHH v Sting somehow.

      • IAmLars

        Which nobody outside of the Levesque household wants to see.

        • SomeCretin

          But it’s not like they ever made a secret that it was going to happen.

          We knew it was coming.

          • greg

            they didn’t have to bring the authority back to do that in fact there are plenty of ways to set up a feud and wow was that whole survivor series stip pointless.

  • Cam Passmore

    That was by far the best Raw of 2014… right up until they brought back The Authority. I feel like we just wasted the last month. In under five minutes I went from Raw being must-see next week to planning not to watch. Seth Rollins doesn’t need to carry Triple H’s bags anymore. The “Evil Authority Figure,” story-arc is stale.

    • SomeCretin

      In fairness, they were probably always going to have to bring back HHH in some regard to set him up for a match with Sting at WM.

      • Mike Barnes

        Obviously HHH was going to appear on screen again to set up his Sting stuff. There is absolutely no reason he needs to be back in charge of the show for this to happen though.

        In fact, why is HHH even mad at Sting now? He got his authority job back a month later, Sting cost him virtually nothing.

        • Ohailno

          Because Sting could be hiding in the shadows ready to strike again?

        • SomeCretin

          My prediction? HHH uses his power to enter the Rumble and stack the deck with guys loyal to him. Right when it looks like they’re going to screw Daniel Bryan out of winning the Rumble, Sting’s music hits, Daniel Bryan eliminates HHH, Sting brawls with HHH on the outside, BAM feud. Then HHH and Sting have a career vs. career match or something at Mania. Whatever that match is is the thing that will officially end The Authority angle.

  • johnsos9 .

    Anyone get a finger poke of doom vibe with the ending?…lol. that’s what came to mind when I was watching.

    • Ice Dagger

      Nah, it had somebody under the age of 40 (under 30 even) being put over.

  • SomeCretin

    Really good RAW. Advanced the storylines and characters of a lot of people and is setting the stage for a really good 2015, or at least a very good Road to Wrestlemania.

    Most I’ve enjoyed RAW in a while.

  • fbdh

    How many more times on RAW are they going to show the Usos vs. Mizdow?

    • victor malar

      It’s done except for the obligatory rematch clause.

      Once that happens, we’ll go full bore into the inevitable Miz-Mizdow feud.

    • Erh

      Until they can come up with the next tag team that Usos can have thousands of matches with.

  • Cortez

    Did anybody else notice the camera focus in on a little kid in a bright yellow CM Punk t-shirt chanting “Feed Me More” at the end of Ryback’s promo? If the reports of a company policy prohibiting his merchandise are true, I’m glad they aren’t enforcing it on kids.

    I also appreciate the irony of a kid in a CM Punk shirt chanting for Ryback!

    • Jim Jones

      The cynic in me thinks it’s a plant.

      • ACynicalBastard

        Yes, you would be correct.

  • CS 22

    A very good Raw (probaby the best post WM 30), until that horrendous final segment. I said it elsewhere. It’s not a case of great heel heat. No one wanted to see the Authority back. Certainly not one after lousy month. How about you allow your audience to breath? Don’t fucking stifle them just because HHH and Steph can’t help but self serve their inflated egos all the time. But I don’t blame just the McMahons. It’s also the fault of those guys that sent HHH the fruit basked after the NXT show. You gave him a reason to speed up his return.

    Bryan’s return was probably the biggest mark out moment for me since April. Especially after the way the whole thing was teased. Nice to see Barrett back. And also nice to see Ryback speak his mind. And how about that? A nice pop at the mention of the Nexus!

    • Erh

      If they had given us a break from the 30-minute opening borefest formula or the constant DQ-finish tag main events, maybe the Authority return would’ve been more cringe-inducing. But judging from what we’ve seen since Survivor Series, nothing was that different without em. I guess we just get more backstage segments with Trips and Steph chatting about their daily routines.

      • CS 22

        Oh yeah, the show’s formula is the same with or without them. It’s just when they’re on tv, they have a tendency to hog the spotlight at the expense of everyone else. Just look at last night. Their return after 1 month was somehow considered more important than Bryan’s huge announcement.

        • Erh

          Ohright, forgot the nonsense where Steph constantly has to put down every heel she runs into, which makes no goddamn sense whatsoever.

          Idunno, I was really disappointed in the build leading to them getting booted. Hopefully they’ll redo it with better buildup and someone who makes sense (cough Ambrose cough) gets the rub for getting rid of them.

          • CS 22

            The payoff was pretty good though. Ziggler got that distinction, Sting lent a hand and Bryan rubbed it in their faces the next night. Now we’re back where we started.

            Who knows. Maybe the plan is for Reigns to take them out eventually. If they ever plan on getting their faces off tv.

          • Erh

            The payoff could’ve been worse, no doubt there. Ziggler getting to shine was one of the biggest suprises of the year to me, really; I was 100% expecting Cena to be the one doing the heroic comeback. Hope they’d built something out of that already, but unfortunately their ongoing script is set in stone so for the time being Zig continues to be meandering with the IC belt (which at least is getting a whole lot more relevant thanks to him being booked better lately).

            I just hated the way the whole “Authority loses their power”-stipulation came straight the feck out of nowhere, was built as a big deal in a couple weeks to what has been a throwaway ppv for ages, and that the two guys who have been the most anti-authority character-wise – Ambrose and Wyatt – were busy feuding with each other during all of it. And since then it’s been about the goofy stipulation with Cena having the say to bring the Authority back, so this has been mostly about John Cena again. I mean, where was Ziggler or Sting tonight, would it have hurt for one or the other to at least stand at ringside as backup looking pissed off at the turn of events?

            Anyways, I just think it should’ve been and should still be Ambrose’s job to kick Triple H off of his throne. The guy’s supposed to be an anarchist and whatnot, the whole thing has Ambrose written all over it. But I guess he has to work for a couple years to prove himself, since he doesn’t have Roman’s dreamy eyes and chiseled good looks.

          • CS 22

            Not for nothing, Ambrose should have been on Team Cena. At least. They could have always began the Wyatt feud after that. Or seeing how moronic this feud turned out to be, they should have scrapped it altogether. Not sure whether anyone will agree, but maybe Ambrose’s saving grace will be a heel turn. He’s over with the fans, but the face side is just too loaded right now: Reigns, the golden boy. Cena, who will never turn. Bryan, who’s as over as anyone. Orton, who’s inexplicably face again. And Ziggler who seems to be peaking popularity wise. They need a couple of new heels, badly. And with so many spots open on that side (especially after Lesnar leaves), Ambrose could find himself pretty high on the card as a heel.

            As for Survivor Series, sadly it all turned out to be a bait and switch. All over the Network Free Free Free crap. Entice subscribers (old and new) with a huge stipulation, Sting’s debut and a deserved push for Ziggler and then revert back to the same old crap once it’s over.

        • WrestlingRealist

          Triple h and steph have more talent and charisma than 99% of the roster. And you blame them for the other guys not being at their level? Common now… what are they suppose to do? Hold back so they dont expose the talents weaknesses? Thats bogus. If they cant hold their own on the mic against their rival then thats their flaw. Neither Triple h nor steph have buried anyone. They buried themselves. Im not even speaking in favor of the authority. But its high time these wrestler’s “fans” start holding their favorites accoutable for their own image. Trips or steph arent backstage telling these guys to not out do them. If anything theyre telling them to destroy them. If they fail at that that’s on them. Cena could hold his own, punk, jericho, edge hell even christian. Go back to triple hs era, he hasnt change his mic game one bit- the only thing that has changed is the other guy. Who lacks the charisma of a Rock, a austin, or even big show.

          What I dont really get is you have the hottest heel in bizz right now. Seth rollins
          An indy darling who will be wwe champ backed by the e”ver character burying authority”. Common now. There can only be one.

          • CS 22

            I know H’s promos haven’t changed. They are as long and boring as they ever were. And yes, I blame the Levesques, because they have built a show around them and in which no one can outshine them. And that’s not their job anymore. As head of Creative, HHH’s job is to make stars out of the wrestlers in his hands.

            This generation of wrestlers isn’t any worse than the Attitude Era’s (except for Rock and Austin). The difference back then was that Creative cared about every wrestler having a purpose, a character and a storyline. Unlike today’s, which only cares about HHH, Steph and Cena

          • WrestlingRealist

            Triple h is not a jobber, triple h is not enhancement talent. Triple hs job is yes to put over a superstar in the end that is in the position to be elevated. It is not triple hs job to go out and bury himself for an unproven talent day in and day out. Look at Batista and his rize. THATS triple hs job. The show is built around a figure that is to be taken down by the fan favorite. That is a wrestling story. The begining, the climax and the send off. Then the sequel. Triple does not prevent anyone from outshining him, they simply lack the ability to do that on their own. And no creative is not different. People talk about the attitude era as if it didn’t have its flaws. Todays daniel bryan is attitude eras chris benoit and eddie Guerrero. Your shamrocks, your bart guns, dlos, perry saturns, malenkos, rhynos and the list goes on. The only difference between now and then is pop cultures interest in the competitiveness of a fad known as the monday night war. Fads come and go. And the monday night was a FAD. Im no triple h fan, I thought 2003-04 he should have dropped the title numerous times. But in the end it made benoits defeating him that much better. But triple h is nowhere near as bad as youd like to percieve him.

          • greg

            sure when hes running them down and trashing them all the time thats the fault of the wrestler because they’re not outshining them its a nice fantasy you live in

          • WrestlingRealist

            He’s a heel. Why is Triple H the ONLY heel that can’t use heel tactics without the internet being “too smart”.

    • Indeed

      I thought Raw was excellent up until the end. Maybe undertaker told them he wouldn’t be OK for WM so they had to go with sting versus Hhh and this is all creative could come up with. Even so, this is a sign of good raws, which is always the case on the road to WM brrrrrother.

  • oppyu

    The ending… Seth Rollins tried to murder Edge. Not injured, not hurt, murder. Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon got arrested for slapping each other, how does Seth Rollins get away with attempted murder?

    Not to mention a verbal contract made under duress (like agree to this or I murder someone) clearly isn’t binding.

    • CS 22

      For what it’s worth, it’s not the first time they had attempted murder on tv, with no arrest as a consequence. There was the time Austin dropped a car with HHH in it off a forklift, 30 feet down. Or the time Heyman was trying to incase Paul Bearer in a box with cement. Undertaker finished the job later on that night. Two attempts of murder there…

      At the end of the day, it’s WWE with it’s fucked up logic…

      • Captain Central America

        Hulk Hogan pushed a man off of a skyscraper. Of course, the man survived and wrestled later that night. Only attempted murder.

        • Erh

          Bischoff still owes us that explanation.

        • CS 22

          Without even a scratch. Some Dungeon of Doom magic going on there. 😉

          Oh wait. I just thought of another one. JBL ramming his car right into Cena in 2008. LOL.

      • The Nerd Dragon

        And yet they keep going back to the well!

        Gods, what am I watching?

    • WrestlingRealist

      Yeah! And how can the undertaker be dead? and for that matter how the heck can nobody tell clark kent is superman with glasses! Or how captain america can be frozen for decades and be revived. Or how someone can geneticly recreate donsaurs in a theme park.

      Whoa. Thats right…its fake.

      • oppyu

        Hate the Undertaker as well. A relic of the goofy early 90s that somehow survived through the Attitude Era and into the ‘Reality Era’. I get it’s fake but suspension of disbelief only goes so far before it becomes a distraction.

      • Marty Confetti

        Or is it? :-O

        • Mind…blown.

        • Marty Confetti

          Exactly. Fiction….. like Fox News. Heyoooooooo! I couldn’t help myself. 😛

    • WWEFan

      Kane raped Lita, a dead chick, put people on fire, Undertaker confessed killing his parents, attempted murder on Austin, tried to run over The Rock with his motorcycle, threw Mankind from the top of a cell, Orton tired to kill Cena with pyro, Matt did the same with Jeff…welcome to WWE.

      • Kevin Caruso

        Don’t forget Kane attaching jumper cables to Shane McMahon’s testicles!

    • victor malar

      When Steph slapped Brie, Brie was there as a fan (civilian), thus Steph couldn’t touch her.

      E&C were there in an official capacity (and being paid for their appearance), thus they were fair game.

      And how many times have we seen guys get blackmailed to do X or have Y happen?…all part of the deal.

      • Indeed

        I would love to see the terms and conditions for E & C contract. In tiny tiny writing, we are not responsible for any attempted murder whilst you host Raw.

    • i8mypants

      logic gets easily lost in the world of kayfabe.

      kinda like how Undertaker fought both Dudley Boyz to save Paul Bearer from being buried alive in cement but then buries Paul in cement after winning the match. only for Paul Bearer to return at Kane’s side years later. Kane then chases Edge around to save Paul who then gets killed off by Kane himself.

      and i thought the WWE hated JR the most. 😉

  • $47546490

    Damn! Gonna have to watch the replay, this seems like a pretty active RAW!

    • $47546490

      Really? Cos I’m seeing a bunch of comments that basically say “Great show, up until the end”

  • Erh

    Oh so Brock is now another chickenshit heel like all the rest of em. Potential of Cena winning at Rumble is increasing.

    • WrestlingRealist

      How long have you been watching wrestling? Lets complain villians always getting booed next

      • Erh

        Well he was kind of the only heel in forever who wasn’t booked as weak as the rest of em. Up until monday he was booked as the guy who walks out to start fights, not the guy who gets told he’s getting his ass kicked then flees from the ring at the threat of physicalities.

  • The Nerd Dragon

    Super glad DB is back. Though the way he announced it made me wonder if he’s back full time or not.

  • CS 22

    By the way, that Bryan look at top of the page is priceless. It’s like he just found out how Raw will end…

  • J_Parx

    Seth Rollins is cashing in at the Rumble. I don’t know if he wins the belt or not but he’s definitely cashing in.

    Does anyone know if Lesnar is scheduled for Elimination Chamber? I’d love to see him in that match if only to see him work people other than Cena.

  • Joshua Vrooman

    Great, the authority. Guess I can take some time off watching again….

  • disgruntledfan

    Reigns is the #3 guy in the Rumble after Miz and Mizdow. Reigns eliminates about 20 guys – breaking records and looking strong. We are left with Big Show, Rollins, Reigns, Orton, Ziggler, and Bryan…

    Reigns eliminates Big Show and goes to spear Rollins, Rollins moves and big show hits the knock out punch on Reigns from the outside, through the middle rope–Big Show then pulls the ropes down and helps Rollins toss Reigns…

    Orton hits an rko on Rollins (who is taunting Reigns) Orton eliminates Rollins. Ziggler sneaks in and tosses Randy.

    Ziggler and Bryan are the last 2 left and go at it back and forth for 20 more minutes before Bryan finally wins the Rumble.

    In the title match: Cena wins, Rollins goes to cash in- but Lesnar destroys Rollins and Cena–Cena then pins Rollins and keeps the belt.


    Cena vs Bryan (for the title)

    HHH vs Sting (Hell in a Cell with the Undertaker as Special Guest Ref)

    Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns for the #1 contender slot (Reigns talks about how he is the big dog in the yard after his rumble performance, and reigns is a thorn in the authority’s side-Lesnar takes offense and the match is on)

    Orton vs Rollins vs Ziggler

    Dean Ambrose vs Big Show (No DQ)

    Rusev vs Bad News Barrett (title match)

    Miz vs Sandow

    Bray Wyatt vs Ryback

    Ascension vs Usos (title match)

    DIvas fatal 4-way Lumberjill match: Nikki vs Brie vs Natalia vs Naomi (AJ Lee returns the next night on Raw and beats Brie for her title)

    Andre The Giant Battle Royal

    Goldust vs Stardust (pre-show)

    Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, JR and JBL should be the announce team for mania.

  • Joshua

    If Bryan looses the Rumble, I fear the winner will get booed into next year.

  • Bleh

    Didn’t watch the show but some parts definitely peaked my interest- BNB, Ryback shooting, DB returning. However, I don’t like that they buried Mizdow and Cesaro and brought the Authority back.

    Bringing back the Authority is a little bit of a statement about how empty creative is- the way they brought them back was abrupt and, frankly, not very “creative” and the fact they couldn’t fill their void with anybody in a month tells me how uncreative creative is.

  • Indeed

    Have hhh and Stef just been sitting in the back with champagne in their scsa cooler waiting for cena to say bring back the authority?

  • Durel

    Can we all agree that Seth Rollins is a good worker and good promo guy, just not good enough (yet) to hold down that extended amount of camera time???????