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411’s WWE Raw Report 12.31.07

December 31, 2007 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Raw Back in the Day~!

10-Years Ago
-The Disciples of Apocalypse defeated Los Boriquas
-Ken Shamrock defeated Kama Mustafa
-Jerry Lawler and Brian Christopher defeated Taka Michinoku and George Steele by Disqualification
-Cactus Jack defeated Jesse James by Disqualification
-“Chainsaw Charlie” debuts
-Owen Hart defeated World Heavyweight Champion Shawn Michaels by Disqualification

5-Years Ago
-Rob Van Dam and Kane defeated Rosey and Jamal
-Hurricane Helms defeated Christopher Nowinski
-David Batista defeated Spike Dudley
-Jacqueline, Stacy Kiebler, and Trish Stratus defeated Ivory, Molly Holly, and Victoria
-World Tag Team Champions, Booker T. and Goldust, defeated Chris Jericho and Christian
-Test defeated D’Lo Brown by Disqualification
-Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler defeated William Regal and Lance Storm

1-Year Ago
-Kevin Federline defeated John Cena
-Cryme Tyme and The Highlanders defeated TWGTT and The Dervish
-Jeff Hardy defeated Rob Conway
-Melina defeated Maria
-Kenny Dykstra and Chris Masters defeated Carlito and Ric Flair
-Umaga, Armando, The Coach and Johnny Nitro defeated John Cena

WWE Raw…Begins Now!

  • We get a snazzy video package for Randy Orton to open the show, stating that he is the greatest superstar in Raw’s history.
  • Randy Orton’s Super Cuts buzz cut is in the ring for some promo time. “2007 can be summarized with three letters, RKO. I went from legend killer to one-man dynasty, and in 2008 I will be more ruthless and dominant than ever. I will begin the new year as the champion as WWE champion, and end 2008 as the champion.”

    -Jeff Hardy’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. “You can talk about your year all you want, but right now it means nothing. Dude it is about what you have done lately, and right now you have mo momentum, let’s see a little something you left out of your video.” We see Jeff pinning Orton 2-weeks ago. Orton gets angry, and Jeff says that it proves that he can beat the champ and than he has all of the momentum. Orton runs down the laundry list of guys he has defeated, and says that no one has ever beaten him for the title and Hardy won’t be the first. They stare down, Orton looks for an RKO, but Hardy gets the Twist of Fate to a great pop.

  • We get a video package for Ric Flair, playing up the “win or lose” stipulation. They showed some awesome old footage in there.

  • Raw Roulette returns next week.
  • Jeff meets with brother Matt. Matt says Jeff is on a roll and thinks he will win the title. Matt says he is doing well, but he hopes to be back at the Rumble. Matt then asks when Jeff wins the title if he can get the first shot. Jeff agrees and they walk off to talk about tag teaming Lita, back in the day.

    HBK vs. Mr. Kennedy

    Lock up and HBK goes right to the left arm that he worked at the PPV. Kennedy gets a single leg and we go into some quick mat work and they stand off. Lock up, side headlock by HBK, off the ropes and a tackle by HBK. Arm drag and another by HBK, and he slides into the arm bar. Kennedy manages to take him to the corner, rights to HBK and then the boots. To the corner, HBK slides under and grabs the legs, and then slams a knee off of the apron. HBK drops down Kennedy’s kneepad and goes to work. HBK works the single leg crab. Kennedy manages to get to his feet, and then tackles HBK to the floor. Kennedy back in and demands that the ref counts. HBK just makes it back in, which doesn’t make Kennedy happy. We head to a commercial @ 4:40.

    Back from commercial @ 8:06 as both men battle in the corner. Kennedy knocks HBK down and gets the face wash, and Kennedy covers for 2. Kennedy lays the boots to HBK, but misses a short-armed clothesline and applies the cross face. Kennedy escapes and gets a series of elbow drops and a cover for 2. Kennedy slams HBK to the corner and gets him in the tree of woe. He then sits HBK up top, he follows and HBK fights and knocks Kennedy off. Kennedy back and stops HBK, climbs and gets a superplex for a close 2! Kennedy applies a seated abdominal stretch, HBK escapes and starts kicking the knee of Kennedy. Off the ropes and HBK gets the forearm and kip up. Atomic drop, rights, atomic drop, clothesline, body slam, sells the back, HBK up top…MISSES the elbow drop, Kennedy gets an Oklahoma roll for a close 2. HBK tries a sunset flip, they do a series of pin counters, sweetness, backslide by HBK gets 2! Kamikaze roll try stopped, HBK counters the flatliner, misses sweet chin music and Kennedy then gets the flatliner for the pin!

    Winner: Mr. Kennedy @ 14:36 via pin

  • Todd is with HHH and asks about the match with Flair. HHH says if he wins, that Flair loses ad had to retire. Losing is not an option for HHH, and he will beat Flair. Vince then pops in and says this is history. Vince is very proud of himself. He asks what happens if HHH loses, and Regal says if he loses in ANY WAY that HHH will not get into the Royal Rumble Match. Vince wishes him a happy New Year. HHH contemplates his predicament.

  • Jillian sings, Big Dick Dudley dances dressed as Baby New Year, Ron Simmons does what Ron Simmons does, DAMN!
  • Regal wishes Vince a Happy New Year. HOLY SHIT VINCE HAS HIS THEME MUSIC AS HIS CELL RING TONE! Vince answers his phone, and then says Regal should start off the year in the right way. Tonight, Regal will face Hornswoggle. Vince ensures Regal that Finlay is in Ireland and won’t be an issue.
  • We get a video package for last week’s Tribute to the Troops show.

  • The Royal Rumble commercial is the SHIT! JR and King shoot us to some footage of the first ever Rumble, which Hacksaw won.

    Royal Rumble Qualifying Match: Umaga vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

    All right, now while we all know that Umaga is winning, the set up makes complete sense. They show the video, we all figure out that Duggan wants another show 20-years later and hopefully we are sympathetic and get into the match.

    Hacksaw fires up but eats a right. Umaga pummels him in the corner, backs off and then gets the Samoan Clambake. Nice, Hacksaw is “bleeding from the mouth,” which leads to the Samoan Spike for the win.

    Winner: Umaga @ 1:15 via pin

    He qualifies for the Royal Rumble with his win.

  • Flair talks with BOBCORE and Cody. Vince breaks it up and asks Flair is he is ready for HHH. Ready to walk the isle, wear the robe, for one last WOOOOOOOOOO! Vince tells Flair that it is all over. Over. It’s over Ric.
  • JR and King discuss what we just saw, and say that Vince could very well be right. They then go to talk of JBL and Chris Jericho, and how JBL cost Jericho the WWE Title.


    -JBL enters in great fashion, balloons, the limo with the horns, the majestic cowboy hate, the flowing suit…stunning really. The still photo of him staying on the screen is tremendous as are the crazy pyrotechnics. And we get another set when he raises his other hand. This is taking too long and is completely over the top, which is why it works; they all hate him even more now. Ok, we now get a third set of pyro shooting off, and then finally the grand finale type of explosions. This has to have been close to four minutes in and of itself.

    -In New York they are waiting for the ball to drop, but the rest of the world will remember this day as the day that JBL returns. This is the day JBL comes to Raw. A momentous day, and everyone knows that he doesn’t have to be here; he is a millionaire many times over. But he is here because he loves power, domination and owning people like us, because he can. Money comes to money, and if he cannot buy it, he will take it.

    -Chris Jericho has had enough of this and rushes the ring to attack JBL. After a little bit the officials all charge down to break it up. SARGE, WINDHAM, GAREA and ROTUNDA SIGHTINGS~! JBL’s nose is bloodied and the crowd seemed to really dig that.

  • Back from commercial with a recap of what went down with JBL and Jericho.
  • JBL complains backstage about his $5,000 suit being ruined. He demands respect and runs down the officials.

    WWE Women’s Title Match: Beth Phoenix © vs. Mickie James vs. Melina

    Sweet Jesus, Mickie is in jeans~! I love life. Melina backs off and then tosses Mickie into Beth. They blow the first spot and we’re off to a bad start. Thesz press by Mickie, Melina in and eats a kick. Beth grabs Mickie and gets the bitch toss, and has to stop Melina from a pin try. Melina slaps her and all three brawl. Melina and Mickie try to work over Beth, double Enziguri to Beth and then they fight over the cover. Neck breaker by Mickie on Melina, cover for 2. Beth over, slams Mickie to the corner and then tosses Melina. Elbow by Mickie, head scissors try and Melina then gets one of her own. Melina gets the pie in the sky to Beth for2 as Mickie makes the save. Basement dropkick by Mickie to Melina for 2. Beth slams Mickie to the corner, but Mickie gets a roll up for 2. Melina rolls her up for 2. They then toss Beth to the floor and then they brawl. Primal DT by Mickie on Melina! 1…2…Beth breaks that up. Beth tosses Mickie to the floor, Beth then grabs up Melina, who is out, and gets the Fisherwoman’s Buster for the win. Mickie was too late to break it up.

    Winner: Beth Phoenix @ 4:25 via pin

  • Vince is out with Regal, who is not dressed to compete but will.

    William Regal w/Vince McMahon vs. Hornswoggle

    Vince talks with Hornswoggle before the bell and they hug. He makes Regal and Hornswoggle shake hands, sportsmanship and all. They lock up and to the corner they go and a break. Lock up again and to the corner, clean break. Vince tells Hornswoggle he is doing well. Regal gets a takedown and breaks. Vince to the steps, Regal refuses to punch Hornswoggle and this angers Vince. Vince talks to Regal, admonishes him even and Hornswoggle lays the kicks into Regal. Regal hesitates to hit him and Vince is on the mic and demands he hits him. Vince gets the KNUX from Regal’s pocket and says for him to use them. Vince tosses them to him, and Vince demands he busts up Hornswoggle. DAMN IT I SAID HIT HIM! Regal refuses and Hornswoggle runs away.

    Vince in the ring now and slaps Regal. Vince says it was a test, for Regal. Regal failed him. He wanted to see if he would hit him and he didn’t. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? WHO ARE YOU? Vince tells Regal to leave the ring. He does, humiliated.

    Winner: No Contest @ 4:00

  • We see the Hardy/Orton altercation from earlier tonight.

    Non-Title Match: Jeff Hardy © vs. Santino Marella w/Maria and Carlito

    Maria is dressed like a complete whore, I approve. Lock up, to the corner they go and Jeff breaks clean. Lock up again, arm drag by Jeff, Marella tries one and Jeff sidesteps him. Rights by Marella, a trip and mounted punches on Jeff. Marella gets a cover for 2. Knees by Marella, but Jeff back with a clothesline. Reverse kick and ten the corner dropkick by Jeff connects. Up top…and Orton is on the screen. He says the New Year will be spent at the hospital, because he kicked Matt where his appendix used to be. He then gives him the concussion kick and Jeff rushes to the back.

    We see Jeff in the back and he demands medical attention.

    Winner: Santino Marella @ 2:45 via count out I would assume

  • We get highlights of the Orton attack on Matt Hardy. Lawler and JR mention that Orton will do anything he can to stay on top. Mat wasn’t medically cleared and was just here visiting.
  • Flair and HHH meet backstage. They thank each other for the good times, and HHH says he knows Flair’s career is important, but tonight he has to end his career. HHH asks if Flair thinks he has a chance. Flair says he feels as if he is talking to himself 20-years ago. He then says HHH will be his friend forever, best friends, and that will not change. Flair demands that he be THE GAME and be the man. But this is Flair country and he HAS to be Ric Flair. And HHH is NOT the man yet, until he puts Flair down. Bring the Game. HHH says he has strived to be the man that Flair was and is. Flair says for one night, I WILL RISE TO THE OCCASION! HHH says to go ahead and be the man, because he will beat the man.

    Royal Rumble Slot vs. Career: HHH vs. Ric Flair

    Flair gets an awesome reaction as he comes to the ring. Flair struts as HHH smiles. WOOOOOO! Lock up and a side headlock by HHH. Hammerlock now, Flair reverses and gets a headlock takedown and cover for 2. Off the ropes, Flair stops, struts and WOOOOOOO’S! Lock up, off the ropes and a tackle by HHH. He backs off, they stare down and lock up again. Rights by Flair, off the ropes and another tackle by Flair. HHH off the ropes, hip toss and chops by Flair. HHH backs off as he lays on the mat against the ropes. Lock up, to the corner and HHH backs off. Lockup, back to the corner and HHH fires up with a right to Flair, and the crowd hates him. Rights by HHH, chops by Flair and they continue to trade. Flair fires up, but eats the back elbow by HHH. A knee drop follows, and then another to the back of the head of Flair. HHH slams Flair to the corner, Flair tries to come back with chops and backs HHH off. Off the ropes and a knee buster by HHH, cover for 2. Rights by HHH, to the corner they go and then a neck breaker by HHH connects for 2. Chops by Flair, rights by HHH, more chops as they trade. Off the ropes and a reversal and spinebuster by HHH. HHH sets for the pedigree, gets the boot and Flair escapes and gets a backslide for 2. HHH now lays the boots to Flair, send shim off the ropes and a sleeper by HHH. Flair drops to a knee as HHH maintains the hold. Flair tries to fight to his feet, does and gets a backdrop suplex! Both men are down now, the ref counts and they battle to their feet. A boot by Flair, rights by HHH. They trade shots again, jabs by Flair, chops and HHH is down. Butterfly suplex by Flair. Irish whip, reversal and a back elbow by Flair. Flair goes up top…HHH over, eats a right and Flair with the shot off the top! 1…2…NO! FLAIR RIVER DANCE~! Knee drop to HHH. Chop block! Another! Figure four try…HHH kicks off and Flair hits the corner hard. Flair back with the knee buster, NOW…WE GO TO SCHOOL~! HHH fights like a maniac to escape…he works for the ropes, and Flair pulls him back center! HHH now drags v back towards the ropes…and gets them. Flair breaks, goes after HHH and Flair eats a pedigree! But the knee is damaged and he is having trouble covering Flair. Regal is out and nails Flair with the KNUX! That’ll be a DQ.

    Winner: Ric Flair @ 13:22 via DQ

  • HHH is pissed as his shot at the Royal Ruble is gone. He then pulls Flair to his feet and they hug.

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