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411’s WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Report

January 29, 2017 | Posted by Scott Slimmer

Welcome to 411’s WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Report. We are LIVE in beautiful San Antonio, Texas.

Tonight’s Kickoff Show panel is Renee Young, Booker T, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and HBK Shawn Michaels. They start off with a recap of the developing situation between Seth Rollins and Triple H before breaking down the Royal Rumble by the numbers. Next up is a discussion of Charlotte Flair vs. Bayley for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship. Booker R, King, and HBK all pick Charlotte, but Renee goes with Bayley.

Kickoff Show Six-Woman Tag Team Match
Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella & Naomi vs. Alexa Bliss, Mickie James & Natalya
 photo Six_Woman_Tag_Team_Match_Cropped_zpsgvk7kmik.jpg

Nikki and Natalya start the match, but Natalya decides she wants no part of Nikki and makes the quick tag to Alexa. Alexa whips Nikki to the ropes, but Nikki puts on the brakes and kicks Alexa in the chest. Naomi gets the tag from Nikki, and together they hit Alexa with stereo drop kicks. All six women rush into the ring, and the faces hit the heels with a triple suplex. The heels roll to the outside but eat stereo basement drop kicks from Becky and Nikki. The faces stand tall in the middle of the ring as we head to a commercial. We return from the break with Becky and Natalya as the legal women in the ring. Becky tosses Natalya out of the ring and connects with a flying forearm off the apron. Mickie cheap shots Becky from behind, and Natalya follows up with a snap suplex on the outside. Natalya rolls Becky back into the ring and makes the tag to Mickie. Mickie chokes Becky against the top turnbuckle in the corner and makes the quick tag to Alexa. Alexa chokes Becky across the second rope before making the tag to Natalya. Becky catches Natalya with a quick rollup for a two count, but Natalya regains control with a lariat. Natalya locks in a rear chin lock and follows up with a Michinoku Driver. Becky goes for an O’Connor Roll, but Alexa gets the blind tag. Alexa rolls up Becky escapes and makes the hot tag to Naomi. Naomi drop kicks Natalya and Mickie off the apron and levels Alexa with a flipping clothesline. Naomi delivers a rapid volley of kicks to the body which leads to rapid-fire finishers from all six women. Naomi hits Alexa with a roundhouse kick over the top rope and follows up with split-legged moonsault for the three count.

Match Result: Naomi defeats Alexa Bliss with a split-legged moonsault
Match Length: 9:23
Slimmer’s Rating:

Up next is a video package for Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns. Booker T and HBK both pick Kevin Owens, but King goes with Roman Reigns.

Kickoff Show Match for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
Cesaro & Sheamus (Champions) vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson
 photo Cesaro_and_Sheamus_vs_Gallows_and_Anderson_Cropped_zpsev0bxlsb.jpg

Cesaro and Anderson start the match, and Cesaro goes to work with a volley of uppercuts that drive Anderson into the corner. Sheamus gets the tag and levels Anderson with the slingshot battering ram for a two count. Sheamus makes the quick tag back to Cesaro, and Anderson drives Cesaro into the corner before making the tag to Gallows. Cesaro catches Gallows with the springboard uppercut for a two count. Sheamus gets the tag and assists Cesaro with a double suplex. Sheamus traps Cesaro in the corner and trades quick tags with Cesaro. Cesaro whips Gallows to the ropes but eats a big back body drop. Cesaro whips Gallows to the corner and connects with a running uppercut, but Gallows fights back and knocks Sheamus off the apron as we head to a commercial. We return from the break to find Cesaro and Gallows still as the legal men. Cesaro finally creates enough distance to make the tag to Sheamus, but Gallows back body drops Sheamus onto the apron. Sheamus catches Gallows from behind and delivers Ten Beats of the Bodhrán. Cesaro gets the tag and goes for the Cesaro Swing, but Gallows kicks him away and tags Anderson. Anderson gets a quick rollup with his feet on the ropes, but the second referee catches his chicanery. Cesaro sets up for the Neutralizer, but Gallows blocks. Cesaro hits the Swiss-1-9 and follows up with a crossbody from the top for a two count. Gallows catches Cesaro with a backslide but only gets a two count. Anderson hits a spinebuster but again only gets a two count. Gallows heads into the ring to set up for the Magic Killer, but Sheamus makes the save. Sheamus accidentally Brogue Kicks one of the referees, so the second takes over. Cesaro delivers the Cesaro Swing to Anderson and follows up with the Sharpshooter. Gallows makes the save, but Sheamus takes down Gallows and goes to work with the ground and pound. Gallows and Anderson hit Sheamus with the Magic Killer, but Cesaro quickly clotheslines Gallows out of the ring. Anderson takes advantage of the distraction and rolls up Cesaro for the three count.

Match Result: Karl Anderson defeats Cesaro with a rollup pin.
Match Length: 10:20
Slimmer’s Rating: **¼

Peter Rosenberg replaces HBK on the panel for the second hour of the Kickoff Show. Hmm… wonder where the Showstopper needs to be… Austin Aries then joins the panel to break down Rich Swann vs. Neville for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Booker T picks Swann, but Aries and Rosenberg go with Neville.

Kickoff Show Match
Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax
 photo Sasha_Banks_vs_Nia_Jax_Cropped_zpsbejclqqk.jpg

Sasha takes the fight right to Nia to start. Sasha goes for springboard arm drag, but Nia catches her in mid-air and tosses her into the corner. Nia levels Sasha with a clothesline and menacingly stands over her as we head to a commercial. We return from the break with Nia still firmly in control. Nia head butts Sasha, but Sasha comes off the ropes and goes for the Bank Statement. Nia blocks and turns her attention to Sasha’s injured knee. Nia locks in a stretch muffler, but Sasha counters into a head scissors takedown. Sasha heads up top and drops Nia with double knees from the top. Sasha makes the cover but only gets a two count. Sasha goes to work with a volley of short forearm shots, but Nia catches her with the Pop-up Samoan Drop for the three count.

Match Result: Nia Jax defeats Sasha Banks with the Pop-up Samoan Drop.
Match Length: 5:06
Slimmer’s Rating:

Stephanie McMahon joins the panel from backstage to let us know that she has banned Seth Rollins from the arena tonight (we’ll see how well that works out for her) will address his recent actions tomorrow night on Raw. Next up is a video package for AJ Styles vs. John Cena. Suddenly Shawn Michaels’ music hits, and HBK makes his way down the ramp. Michaels heads into the ring, grabs a mic, and says hello to his hometown crowd. He works the crowd, hypes the Rumble match, and if you’re not down with that, he’s just got two words for you… That wraps up the Kickoff Show, and now it’s time for the Royal Rumble.

WWE Raw Women’s Championship Match
Charlotte Flair (Champion) vs. Bayley
 photo Charlotte_Flair_vs_Bayley_Cropped_zpsgcmq65iv.jpg

Charlotte and Bayley lock up to start, but Charlotte quickly gets the standing switch and a rear waist lock takedown. Charlotte tosses Bayley out of the ring and taunts her from the high ground. Bayley charges back into the ring, and this time it’s Bayley that tosses Charlotte to the outside. Bayley hits a basement drop kick into a hurricanrana on the outside before heading up top and hitting a crossbody from the second rope. Bayley goes after Charlotte’s leg, but Charlotte tosses her head-first into the apron. Charlotte rolls Bayley back into the ring and makes the cover for a two count. Charlotte repeatedly slams Bayley’s head into the mat and follows up with a suplex for another two count. Charlotte locks in a rear chin lock and rag dolls Bayley before rolling into a cover for another two count. Bayley goes for a backslide, but Charlotte counters into a neck breaker. Charlotte connects with a big boot but only gets a two count. Charlotte locks in a figure four head lock and repeatedly flips Bayley around the ring. Charlotte goes for another neck breaker, but Bayley escapes and connects with a clothesline. Charlotte chops Bayley into the corner, but Bayley responds with a springboard arm drag. Bayley connects with a springboard crossbody and then drives Charlotte face-first into the mat. Bayley heads up top but thinks better of it and heads back to solid ground. Bayley stomps on Charlotte, heads back up top, and hits the Macho Man elbow drop for a looong two count. Charlotte gets back to her feet, lands a kick to Bayley’s knee, and locks in the Figure Four leg lock, but Bayley rolls to reverse the pressure. Charlotte rolls back into position and bridges into the Figure Eight. Charlotte grabs the bottom rope to add more pressure, but the referee catches her and forces the break. Charlotte heads up top and goes for the moonsault, but Bayley gets her shoulders up. Bayley takes Charlotte up top, but Charlotte dumps Bayley over the top rope and to the outside. Bayley climbs up onto the apron, but Charlotte hits Natural Selection on the apron. Charlotte rolls Bayley back into the ring, makes the cover, and gets the three count.

Match Result: Charlotte Flair defeats Bayley with Natural Selection on the apron.
Match Length: 12:58
Slimmer’s Rating: **¼

No Disqualification Match for the WWE Universal Championship
Kevin Owens (Champion) vs. Roman Reigns
 photo Kevin_Owens_vs_Roman_Reigns_Cropped_zpsa8pf0hap.jpg

Jericho seems hesitant to enter the shark cage, so instead he and Owens attack Reigns. Reigns slams Jericho into the cage and then tosses him into the cage himself. The referee locks Jericho in the cage, and off he goes into the wild blue yonder. With Jericho finally suspended above the ring, the match officially begins. Owens attacks Reigns from behind and traps him in the corner. Damn, Jericho really is pretty high up there. Reigns land a punch to the jaw that sends Owens tumbling out of the ring. Reigns beats Owens into the crowd and toward the international announce tables. Reigns drives a security stanchion into Owens’ ribs and chases him back to ringside. Reigns bounces Owens’ head of the German announce table, but Owens whips Reigns shoulder-first into the ring steps. Owens sets up the Spanish announce table and pulls half a dozen steel chairs out from under the ring. Owens sets up the chairs in a pyramid at ringside before driving a monitor into Reigns’ ribs. Owens whips Reigns into the barricade and hits the cannonball against the barricade. Owens drives a chair into Reigns’ ribs and sets Reigns on the apron. Owens tries to powerbomb Reigns through the chair pyramid, but Reigns counters and tries to suplex Owens through the chair pyramid, but this time Owens blocks. The action returns to the ring, and Reigns levels Owens with a clothesline. Reigns posts Owens in the corner and grabs a table from under the ring. Reigns brings the table into the ring and begins to set it up, but Owens catches him with a backstabber from behind. Owens dumps the table out of the ring and goes for a cannonball, but Reigns counters with a big boot and a sit-out powerbomb for a two count. Owens slides out of the ring to catch a breather, but that inadvertently sets him up for a Drive By from Reigns. Reigns sets up the table at ringside, but Owens super kicks Reigns onto the table. OWENS HEADS UP TOP AND FROG SPLASHES REIGNS THROUGH THE TABLE!!! Owens rolls Reigns back into the ring but only gets two count. Owens grabs two more chairs from under the ring and brings them into the ring. Owens delivers a chair shot to the back and then wedges the chair between the middle and top turnbuckles. Reigns regains control and works over Owens in the corner. Reigns hits the ropes and charges at Owens, but Owens catches him with a forearm shot to the jaw. Owens connects with a super kick and whips Reigns into the chair in the corner for a two count. Jericho calls out to Owens and drops down brass knuckles. Owens goes for the Superman Punch with the brass knuckles, but Reigns blocks. Owens goes for it again and connects this time, but he only gets a two count. Owens sets up a chair in the ring and goes for a powerbomb onto the chair, but Reigns counters into a Samoan Drop straight through the chair for a two count. Seriously, that chair got pancaked under Owens. Reigns heads out of the ring and grabs another table. Reigns props up the table in the corner, but Owens rolls him up for two. Reigns lands the Superman Punch and gets a two count of his own. Reigns goes for a spear through the table, but Owens counters with a Stone Cold Stunner. Owens stomps a mud hole in Reigns in the corner and follows up with the cannonball. Owens takes Reigns up top and tries to superplex him through the chair pyramid, but REINGS BLOCKS AND SUPERMAN PUNCHES OWENS OFF THE TOP AND THROUGH THE CHAIRS!!! Reigns sets up the announce table and powerbombs Owens through it. Reigns rolls Owens into the ring and sets up for the spear, but suddenly Braun Strowman attacks him out of nowhere. Strowman choke slams Reigns onto the German announce table and then power slams him through a table in the ring. Owens covers Reigns and gets the three count.

Match Result: Kevin Owens defeats Roman Reigns after an attack by Braun Strowman.
Match Length: 23:28
Slimmer’s Rating: ****¼

Sami Zayn and Dean Ambrose are in the back picking their numbers for the Royal Rumble. Zayn picks #8, but Ambrose doesn’t even look at his number. He doesn’t want to ruin the surprise.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match
Rich Swann (Champion) vs. Neville
 photo Rich_Swann_vs_Neville_Cropped_zpsxn3rj9zs.jpg

Neville muscles Swann to the corner to start, but Swann slides out and creates distance. Swann runs the ropes and connects with a drop kick that sends Neville to the outside. Swann connects with a plancha and then slams Neville’s head into the apron. The action returns to the ring, and Neville lands a drop kick from the second rope. Swann catches Neville with a rolling crucifix but only gets a two count. Neville stomps on Swann and follows up with a snap suplex. Neville hits a forearm shot on the corner and gets a two count. Neville locks in a rear chin lock on the mat and then drops a knee onto the forehead. Neville goes back to the rear chin lock with a knee in the back, but Swann fights back to his feet. Neville slides out of the ring, but Swann follows him. Neville whips Swann into the barricade twice and then rolls him back into the ring. Neville heads up top and flies at Swann, but Swann catches him with a super kick in mid-air. Neville heads up top, but Swann hits a standing hurricanrana from the mat that takes Neville off the top. Neville rolls to the outside, but Swann connects with a Phoenix Splash from the top. Swann rolls Neville back into the ring and splashes him in the middle of the ring. Swann heads back up top, but Neville sweeps his legs and makes him lose his balance. Neville joins Swann up top and sets up for a superplex, but Swann shoves Neville off the top. Neville back flips and lands on his feet, but Swann rolls him up for a two count. Swann hits a super kick and makes the cover, but Neville gets a foot on the ropes. Swann once again heads up top, but Neville leaps all the way up top and hits the superplex. Neville covers but only gets a two count. Neville locks in the crossface / arm bar combination, and Swann has no choice but to tap.

Match Result: Neville defeats Rich Swann with the crossface / arm bar combination.
Match Length: 13:28
Slimmer’s Rating: ***

WWE Championship Match
AJ Styles (Champion) vs. John Cena
 photo AJ_Styles_vs_John_Cena_Cropped_zpszxd7dcfb.jpg

Styles and Cena circle each other to start, and Styles strikes first with a leg kick. Cena retaliates with a clothesline and then whips Styles to the corner. Cena peppers Styles with jabs in the corner, but Styles fights back with a knee drop. Styles levels Cena and goes for another knee drop, but Cena rolls out of the way and connects with a big back body drop. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment, but Styles lands on his feet. Styles hits an enzuigiri, but Cena gets back to his feet and hits a running shoulder tackle. Styles delivers a snap mare takedown and a low flying forearm shot for a two count. Cena hits the Protobomb and goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Styles pops up and hits a German suplex. Cena fights back with a running lariat and follows up with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena takes Styles up top and goes for a suplerplex, but Styles slides between his legs and pulls him into an Argentine backbreaker rack and a spin-out powerbomb. Styles goes for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Cena ducks and hits the Attitude Adjustment for a looong two count. Cena levels Styles with a running lariat, but Styles ducks a second lariat and hits the Pele kick. Cena back body drops Styles onto the apron, but Styles springboards into the Phenomenal Forearm for a two count. Styles goes for a kick to the head, but Cena counters into a sit-out facebuster. Styles and Cena slug it out in the middle of the ring. Styles rolls Cena into the Calf Crusher, but Cena counters into the STF. Styles crawls toward the ropes, but Cena pulls him back to the dead center of the ring. Styles rolls Cena into a jackknife cover and then locks in Cena’s own STF. Cena gets his legs under him and tries to counter into the Attitude Adjustment, but Styles tries to counter into a hurricanrana, but Cena counters into a Figure Four leg lock, but Styles counters into a cross arm breaker. Cena powers up and hits a sit-out powerbomb to break the hold. Cena heads up top and goes for the diving leg drop, but Styles counters into a mid-air powerbomb. Styles hits the Styles Clash… BUT CENA KICKS OUT OF THE STYLES CLASH!!! Styles heads to the apron and goes for a springboard 450 splash, but Cena gets the knees up. Cena hits the somersault sunset flip, but Styles kicks out. Styles hits the Ushigoroshi, but Styles kicks out. Cena hits a cutter, but Styles kicks out. Cena takes Styles up top and hits a super Attitude Adjustment… BUT STYLES KICKS OUT OF THE SUPER ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!!! Cena goes for an Attitude Adjustment, but Styles counters into the Styles Clash. Styles rolls to the apron and goes for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Cena pulls Styles of the top rope and hits an Attitude Adjustment. Rather than going for the pin, Cena rolls Styles into yet another Attitude Adjustment and FINALLY get the three count.

Match Result: John Cena defeats AJ Styles with the Attitude Adjustment.
Match Length: 24:00
Slimmer’s Rating: ****½

The Royal Rumble Match
 photo Royal_Rumble_Match_Cropped_zpsoyzpaubu.jpg

Jerry Lawler joins Michael Cole and Corey Graves on commentary for the Rumble match. Big Cass is #1. Chris Jericho is #2. Cass immediately traps Jericho in the corner and hits a running splash. Cass hits a scoop slam but misses a running elbow drop. Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho, but he can’t get Cass rolled. Cass launches Jericho over the top rope, but Jericho lands on the apron. Jericho heads up top and flies at Cass, but Cass catches him with a mid-air big boot. Kalisto is #3. Cass launches Kalisto onto the apron, but Kalisto springboards back into the ring. Kalisto lands a leg kick, but Cass damn near decapitates him with a big boot. Mojo Rawley is #4. Rawley charges into the ring and levels Kalisto with a shoulder tackle. Cass traps Rawley in the corner and tries to dump him, but Jericho comes over to help Rawley try to dump Cass. Jack Gallagher is #5. Gallagher flips Kalisto, but Jericho cheap shots him from behind. Jericho scoop slams Gallagher, but Gallagher goes low with William III. Kalisto heads up top, but Cass launches him three quarters of the way across the ring. Mark Henry is #6. Henry splashes Cass in the corner and launches Gallagher between the ropes, which is not an elimination. Cass catches with a knee to the gut, but Henry shoves Cass to the corner. Gallaher floats off the top with an open umbrella to slow his descent, but Henry catches him and tosses him over the top rope for the first elimination of the match. Braun Strowman is #7. Rawley goes after Strowman and splashes him in the corner, but Strowman choke slams Rawley and tosses him to the outside for the elimination. Strowman eliminates Cass and then easily eliminates Kalisto as well. Strowman, Henry, and Jericho are the three legal men. Jericho relaxes on the outside as Strowman brawls with Henry and eliminates him. Sami Zayn is #8. Zayn brawls with Strowman, lands a boot to the face, and posts Strowman in the corner. Zayn charges at Strowman, but Strowman levels him with a clothesline. Strowman flattens Zayn in the corner. Big Show is #9. Show and Strowman face off in the middle of the ring, but Strowman gets the best of the situation and levels Show with a clothesline. The crowd is already chanting “10!” in anticipation of a certain NXT star. Show choke slams Strowman and levels Jericho with the WMD. Strowman muscles Show to the ropes and uses leverage to eliminate him. 10! 10! 10! TYE DILLINGER IS HERE!!! Dillinger takes the fight right to Strowman and goes to work with mounted punches. Dillinger and Zayn team up to try to drop Strowman. Dillinger and Zayn go for a double suplex, but Strowman counters into a double suplex of his own. James Ellsworth is #11. Ellsworth is hesitant to enter the ring with Strowman, but Ellsworth’s distraction allows Dillinger and Zayn to sneak up behind Strowman and almost eliminate him. Dean Ambrose is #12. Ambrose and Ellsworth agree to charge into the ring together, but Ambrose pulls up and allows Ellsworth to take the full force of Strowman’s fury. Strowman gets his hands on Ellsworth and easily eliminates him. Ambrose heads into the ring and teams up with Dillinger and Zayn against Strowman. Baron Corbin is #13. Corbin joins the alliance against Strowman, but Strowman suddenly eliminates Dillinger. Zayn hits Strowman with the Helluva Kick, and Corbin follows up with a clothesline over the top for the elimination. It’s now Zayn, Ambrose, and Corbin in the ring, and I think Jericho is still legal somewhere on the outside as well. Kofi Kingston is #14. Kingston drop kicks Zayn and goes for an elimination, but Corbin attacks them both from behind. Ambrose drives his shoulder into Corbin’s gut in the corner, but Corbin regains control and tries to eliminate Ambrose. The Miz is #15. Kingston gets launches at the ring post but hangs on and pulls himself back in. Sheamus is #16. Sheamus levels Miz, Corbin, and Ambrose in rapid succession. Miz eats White Noise and Zayn gets a scoop slam. Sheamus pounds on Miz and Brogue Kicks Jericho. Corbin and Ambrose try to dump Sheamus, but Sheamus rolls back into the ring. Big E is #17. Big E spanks Miz, and yes, that’s something I hoped I’d never have to type. Kingston and Big E go after Miz as Ambrose and Zayn trade elimination attempts. Rusev is #18. Rusev splashes everyone standing and levels Sheamus with a spin kick. Rusev tries to dump Zayn, but Zayn lands on the apron and scrambles back into the ring. Rusev goes after Ambrose as Kingston and Big E double team Corbin. Cesaro is #19. Cesaro hits Jericho with a spinebuster and then swings Jericho followed by Zayn followed by Ambrose followed by Kingston followed by Big E. Corbin gets swung and Sheamus tries to beg off, but Rusev saves Sheamus with a super kick. Xavier Woods is #20, and now all three members of New Day are in the match. New Day triple team Miz but can’t manage to eliminate him. Bray Wyatt is #21. Wyatt side slams Jericho and connects with a back elbow shot to Zayn. Wyatt faces off with Woods and levels him with a clothesline. Woods and Kingston end up on the apron, and Cesaro and Sheamus try to eliminate them. Apollo Crews is #22. Big E pulls Woods and Kingston back into the ring, but Cesaro and Sheamus hit a 2-on-3 clothesline to eliminate all three members of New Day. Cesaro and Sheamus have thoughts of eliminating each other, but Jericho sneaks up behind them and eliminates them both. Randy Orton is #23. Orton power slams Miz and RKOs Corbin. Orton RKOs Rusev and then catches Zayn with a mid-air RKO. Orton goes after Jericho as Wyatt goes after Ambrose. Dolph Ziggler is #24. Ziggler super kicks Wyatt and Crews. Ziggler goes for a leaping DDT on Ambrose, but Ambrose counters into a near elimination. Luke Harper is #25, and now all three members of the Wyatt Family are in the match. Harper quickly eliminates Crews before staring down Orton. Wyatt tries to rally the troops, but Harper clotheslines Wyatt and big boots Orton. Harper goes for Sister Abigail on Wyatt, but Orton makes the save with an RKO. BROCK LESNAR IS #26, and business is about to pick up. Lesnar eliminates Ambrose and Ziggler before hitting Rusev with a German suplex. F-5 to Orton, and Lesnar is the only man standing in the ring. Enzo is #27, but he thinks better of charging into the ring to face Lesnar. Enzo finally picks his moment and charges at Lesnar, but Lesnar drops him with a clothesline and dumps him for the elimination. Lesnar suplexes Rusev as Jericho again rolls out of the ring to catch a breather. GOLDBERG IS #28! GOLDBERG SPEARS LESNAR! GOLDBERG ELIMINATES LESNAR!!! Goldberg clotheslines Corbin and jackhammers Zayn. Wyatt and Orton double team Goldberg, but he levels them both with a double spear. THE UNDERTAKER IS #30! Taker appears in the ring, and he stares down Goldberg. Taker goes for the choke slam, but Corbin and Rusev attack Taker and Goldberg. Goldberg eliminates Rusev as Taker eliminates Corbin. Taker eliminates Harper, but Taker eliminates Goldberg. Miz and Zayn double team Taker, but that ends about as well as you’d expect. Taker choke slams Miz and then Zayn. ROMAN REIGNS IS #30… and the crowd is not exactly pleased. Reigns faces off with Taker, and they slug it out in the middle of the ring. Taker levels Reigns with a clothesline, but Reigns counters a choke slam into a Superman Punch. Taker hits the choke slam on the second attempt and then eliminates Miz and Zayn. Taker choke slams Jericho and calls for the Tombstone… BUT ROMAN REIGNS ELIMINATES THE UNDERTAKER!!! And now the crowd *really* isn’t pleased. The final four are Chris Jericho, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, and Roman Reigns. Jericho heads up top, but Reigns lands a Superman Punch send Jericho tumbling to the outside for the elimination. Wyatt and Orton double team Reigns, and Orton hits his patented rope-assisted DDT. Wyatt sets up for Sister Abigail, but Reigns counters into a Superman Punch and eliminates Wyatt. Reigns goes for the spear, but Orton counters into an RKO. Orton clotheslines Reigns over the top rope to win the Royal Rumble.

Match Result: Randy Orton wins the Royal Rumble, last eliminating Roman Reigns.
Match Length: 1:02:06
Slimmer’s Rating: ***½

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