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411’s WWE Vengeance Report 07.11.04

July 11, 2004 | Posted by Widro

WWE Vengeance Report 07.11.04
Live from Hartford
Announcers are Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross
Report by Widro

Garrison Cade and Jonathan Coachman vs. Tajiri and Rhyno
What a way to start the show! After a semi hot start, the match goes into a lengthly Cade beatdown on Tajiri. Tag to Tajiri who does a slam and then mockingly bows at Tajiri, who kicks hi in the face. Tag back to Cade. Coach sucks chant. Wow double team suplex on Tajiri. Coach holds Tajiri back from a tag, but he gets tha tag and Rhyno is in to a modest crowd reaction. He takes down Coach and then Cade and the belly to belly on Coach. Pin attempt broken up by Cade. Blind tag by Tajiri as Cade sends Rhyno to the floor. Coach and Cade double team Tajiri who does a double springboard elbow. Cool finish sequence as Tajiri green mists Cade. Coach takes down Tajiri from behind. Coach checks on Cade, but from behind Rhyno goars Cade (as Coach steps aside) and Tajiri hits Coach with a sidekick for the pin. Hot finish and solid match.
Winners: Tajiri and Rhyno

Orton, Batista and Flair complain about Eugene backstage until Hunter comes in. He reassures them and is about to explain his master plan to the boys when he suspiciously looked around and at the camera before pausing and asking where Eugene was. They look around and Hunter finds him around the corner talking with Benoit, who is bashing Evolution to Eugene. Hunter makes one of those grrr faces.

Chris Jericho vs. Batista
Batista powers down Jericho for a while. Batista has a full nelson on Jericho who loudly refuses to give up before sending Batista over the top rope to the floor. Both take a breather. Batista climbs back in and sets up Jericho for a belly to back superplex. Jericho pushes off Batista and hits him with a top rope back elbow. Batista back in and hits a side slam for 2. Slow middle portion. Jericho flies at Batista who catches him, and tries a Walls. Jericho up and flies at Batista who sends him neck first across the top rope. Attempted powerbomb by Batista and Jericho reverses. Batista pounds Jericho in the face several times. Jericho rebounds and goes for a lionsault but Batista SHOCKINGLY gets the knees up. Both are down. Both up, Y2J chant. Jericho does the standing enzigui but cant get up for a cover. Jericho and Batista go toe to toe. Spinebuster by batista who lets us know it’s over with an arm motion. Huge sit-down powerbomb by Batista, who rolls away before rolling back for a cover. Jericho gets his foot on the rope by the ref doesn’t see it and Batista gets the win.
Winner: Batista

Eugene comes into the Evolution lockerroom and has a sit down talk with Hunter. Hunter tells Eugene that “Benoit must have told you…” and goes through a list of all the stuff he overheard Benoit tell Eugene. Hunter promises to put an end to Chris Benoit tonight. “We are, would you like that?” Hunter tells Eugene about a big surprise, and tells Flair to get it. Flair doesn’t really want to, but Hunter insists. Flair returns with a blue Nature Boy robe for Eugene, who struts and woos to exit. Hunter smiles and puts his arm around a worried Flair.

World Tag Team Titles
La Resistance (c) vs. Ric Flair and Eugene
Sylvain does the poor rendition of the anthem. Flair doesn’t really like Eugene’s entrance. Or treatment of his robe, etc. Flair tells Eugene to start. Robert start for the champs. Eugene does Flair mannerisms and woos in the ring to mock Robert. Eugene with a single leg takedown and a side headlock, just like Flair has done. Eugene chops on Conway until he rolls to the corner for a tag. Sylvain in and the crowd chants for Eugene. Sylvain with some offense, and backs Eugene into the corner. Eugene begs off just like Flair and then pokes Grenier in the eye for a HUGE pop. Conway chops away on Eugene, Eugene switches and some chops, then Conway pounds on Eugene, who walks out of the corner and then does a Flair flop. Flair tags himself in and then goes into the ring and does a HEALTHY does of trademarked Flair stuff for a huge reaction. JR plugs Flair’s book. Flair takes care of both of La Rez for a bit. Flair with a nice vertical suplex on Conway. Flair goes for a figure four and gets it. Crowd cheers but Grenier breaks it up. Grenier takes over offense on Flair. Lengthy heat sequence on Flair. Eugene dying to get in. Eugene attacked on the floor and his head smashed into the steel steps. Au revoir on Flair, but Eugene breaks up the cover. He tosses Conway out and then goes to work on Grenier. Eugene has snapped and kicks down the ref. Stunner on one guy, Rock Bottom on the other, then people’s elbow.
Winners by DQ: La Resistance

Kane vs. Matt Hardy
Matt runs down and they brawl on the floor to begin. Matt comes out with a flurry and tries a Twist of Fate through the announce table, but Kane escapes and begins to beat on Matt. Kane and Matt brawl into the crowd and back, and now into the ring. Kane beats on Matt. Kane continues to beat on Matt in and out of the ring. Kane beats on Matt from the apron, Matt rebounds and sends Kane out of the ring and Kane’s feet get stuck in the ropes. Kane falls backwards into a tree of woe-type move and Matt pounds on him for a bit. Kane back in, Matt up top and Matt hits a legdrop onto the back of Kane’s head. Kane back up, Matt hits a Twist of Fate out of no where, but is slow to cover and Kane kicks out. Kane up and hits an ugly chokeslam. Kane goes out of the ring and takes part of the steel steps and tosses it into the ring. Lita comes out and comes into the ring and gets between Kane and Matt as Kane has the steel steps. She screetches to put down the steps and he tosses them to the side and grabs her by the wrist and pulls her into the corner and berates her. Kane grabs the steps, but Matt has a chair, smacks the chair into the steps and the steps fall onto Kane. Matt covers and hooks the leg and gets the surprise pin.
Winner: Kane

WWE Intercontinental Title
Randy Orton (c) vs. Edge
Orton getting some chants in his favor. Ross mentions that Honky Tonk man is Lawler’s cousin and Lawler and JR have a tense exchange! Back and forth match for a bit. Randy does a suplex to bring Edge back into the ring and continues to work on Edge. Lengthy submission sequence and the crowd gets antsy with some chants and boring chants. Edge up and sends Orton to the floor. Orton gets the title belt and goes towards the ring but Edge does a baseball slide dropkick onto the belt sending Orton onto his back. Lets go Orton chant is huge as Edge sends Orton back into the ring. Edge with a missile dropkick and the crowd cheers then the Orton Vocal Minority boos. Edge goes for a spear but Orton knees Edge in the face. Cool. Orton then goes for a cool backbreaker and a cover for 2. Orton on the floor and drums drums down on the mat until smacking Edge several times. Ha! Let’s Go Edge chant. Randy with a rear chinlock and the crowd now chants for Orton. Crowd is getting into it. Orton admonishes the fans! Standing legdrop on the back of Edge’s neck for 2. Side headlock for a bit. Orton up to the middle rope and Edge counters with a dropkick to the gut. Both are down. Long count by the ref gets to 8 with the crowd chanting along. They are both up and it’s a slugfest. Side Russian Legdsweep by Edge with a cover for 2. Edgecution with an awesome bridge for 2. Orton and Edge on the top, Edge knocks Orton off and Orton topples down awkwardly. High cross body but Orton turns it around for 2 with a rollout. Dueling rollups for 2. Impaler DDT by Edge but Orton kicks out at the last moment. Edge is frustrated. Orton goes for an RKO, Edge pushes off sets up for a spear. Edge goes for a spear, Orton LEAPFROGS Edge and Edge goes shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Edge sends Orton headfirst into a turnbuckle that Orton had exposed earlier, and Edge hits the spear for the win and the title. Really good match except for a slow part in the middle, and Orton did a great job getting the crowd back behind Edge with some interactions and slow action.
Winner and NEW champ: Edge

Orton gets back up in the ring and realizes what has happened, and breaks down crying. Crowd sings shananana at him as he exits. This makes him ENRAGED as you could tell by his reaction.

Molly vs. Victoria
Victoria did a nice little dance. Back and forth to start. Victoria goes for the shimmy moonsault but Molly rolls her up to counter. Victoria with a plancha onto Molly on the floor. Molly hits Victoria’s shoulder into the steel steps and then works on the shoulder for a while in the ring. Victoria up with some shots to Molly. Victoria goes for the Widow’s peak, but Molly floats back. Victoria with a stiff superkick for the pin right after. She is now YOUR number 1 contender. JR calls the kick a savat kick.
Winner: Victoria

World Heavyweight Title
Chris Benoit (c) vs. Triple H
Slow stardowns and lockup type stuff to begin. Benoit goes for the crossface very early and Hunter rolls to the floor. Benoit follows and chops HHH repeatedly. Hunter rebounds and they brawl on the floor. Back into the ring and Hunter controls. Hunter sends Benoit back to the floor and then follows. Brawling. Back in. Benoit with some offense and a snap suplex. Brawling again on the floor and Benoit rams HHH into the steel steps shoulder-first. JR points out Benoit working on the shoulder to set up for the crossface. Benoit sends HHH back in and then goes for a diving headbutt, but Hunter moves and Benoit smashes his face into the mat. Hunter goes to work on the chest area of Benoit with some face first whips into the corner. Continues to work the chest area. HHH pulls Benoits arms back with his knee on the back of a seated Benoit for a submission. Hunter continues to work on the chest both in and out of the ring. Hunter continues to cover Benoit with Benoit kicking out, with the idea that the sore chest makes kicking out more difficult. Abdominal stretch by HHH. Benoit counters by unlocking HHH’s hands and then turns the move around into an ab stretch of his own. HHH hiplocks Benoit out of the move quickly. Benoit tries the sharpshooter, Hunter gets out, but Benoit gets it the second time in the middle of the ring. Hunter fighting. He stays in the move a very long time before finally getting to the bottom rope and the hold is broken. Rolling Germans by Benoit. Benoit releases the third but favors his chest before getting up. Benoit thumbs the neck and then goes up top. Hunter rolls out so Benoit gets down and dives out of the ring through the ropes onto HHH and both are out cold on the floor. Back into the ring and Hunter mistakenly takes out the ref as the ref checks on Benoit. DDT by Hunter. HHH calls down Eugene. And here he comes. He makes his way to the ring slowly, and Benoit takes the opportunity to put the crossface onto Hunter. Benoit yells at Eugene to get the ref. HHH taps out with no ref. Uh oh. Eugene was on the apron, Benoit hits Eugene and knocks him to the floor. JR spins in that Benoit didn’t trust Eugene and could take no chances. Hunter with a low blow and then a pedigree on Benoit. Eugene gets up slowly and gets the ref back into the ring. The ref slowly counts but Benoit kicks out of the cover. Eugene has a chair, and HHH grabs it but Eugene wont let it go. Hunter pushes the chair and Eugene to the floor. Benoit has the chair and is about to hit Hunter, but Flair runs in and Benoit takes out both Flair and now Batista with the chair. Benoit has the chair and Eugene comes in. Benoit talks to Eugene, and Hunter attacks Benoit. Hunter grabs the chair, goes to hit Benoit, but Benoit gets a low blow. Benoit and Hunter are both down, and Eugene goes to get the chair. Eugene has the chair and goes to hit both Benoit and Hunter and the crowd pops for either one he goes near, but then goes to put the chair down. Benoit goes to grab the chair from Eugene who wont let it go. Benoit lets go as Hunter gets up so Eugene pulls the chair away and swings it and hits HHH in the face. Eugene goes to the floor upset with himself. Benoit paces around Hunter, rolls him up and gets the win. Match told a good story and had a satisfying finish. You gotta hand it to the Raw booking team, the booking of this match and this angle came together really well.
Winner and STILL champ: Benoit

Eugene cries and apologizes to Hunter, and HHH yells at Eugene as the PPV ends…


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