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411’s WWE WrestleMania XX Report 03.14.04

March 14, 2004 | Posted by Dan Wojcik

411’s Wrestlemania XX Report 03.14.04
Live from Madison Square Garden in New York City
Exclusive 411 Report by Chris Pankonin

-America The Beautiful sung by the Harlem Boys Choir

-Impressive opening video narrating the evolution of Wrestlemania. Closes with a shot of Vince, Shane, and apparently Shane’s new baby.

-J.R. and The King are actually at ringside, along with the Spanish Announcers, Michael Cole, and Tazz at the other tables.

-John Cena kicks the show off, does his “Damn Straight” catchphrase with the crowd, and fires ‘em up for the opening match of the night for the United States title.

The Big Show vs. John Cena
WWE U.S. Championship

Big Show starts off overpowering Cena, flinging him over the top rope and out of the ring. Cena tries recovers and tries for a cross-body off the top rope but Show catches him and slams him to the mat. Loud “Let’s Go Cena” chant from the crowd as Show continues to work over Cena, whom the announcers are really pushing as the underdog. The Big Show completely dominates the opening five minutes of the match, but Cena continued to kick out of Show pin attempts. Cena counters a Show bear hug into a sleeper hold, but Show again uses his power and reverses into a Cobra Clutch! Show keeps the hold applied for a long time, and eventually Cena punches his way out of the hold. Cena continues to punch, Show whips Cena into the turnbuckle but Cena counters Show’s charge with a boot to the face, then reverses another Show charge and goes up and connects with the F-U! Cena covers but Show kicks out a two. Cena looks stunned, but the crowd is still completely behind Cena, with loud “Cena” chants. Cena goes for the chain, but the referee takes ‘em away, as the referee puts the chains away, Cena grabs his knucks from the corner and decks Big Show over the forehead. The blow knocks Show against the ropes and right into another F-U. Cena covers and we have a new United States champion.

Winner: John Cena

-Backstage, Coach is asked by Bischoff to go find The Undertaker. Coach tries to weasel out but eventually gives in and begins the search.

-Randy Orton along with Flair and Batista does some trash talking to Foley. He talks about how this is where it all began with their feud, when Orton threw Foley down the stairs at Raw last June. Orton goes on to run down the entire feud, all the way up through the beatdown of the Rock ‘n’ Sock connection last week on Raw.

Jindrak & Cade vs. La Resistance vs. Dudley Boyz vs. Booker T/RVD
World Tag Team Championships

The first real offense of the match starts when Booker hits a kick on Bubba, with RVD also entering and throwing in a few kicks. Lots of quick tags keep the match from having much of a flow in the early moments, although Booker T took a majority of the punishment. Cade, Dupree, Bubba, and Conway all take a turn in the ring working over Booker. RVD finally gets the hot tag in and cleans house on everyone in the match, even the Dudleys who stood idly in their corner. RVD goes up top for a frog splash, but D-Von shoves RVD off the top to the outside of the ring. When the dust clears Booker and D-Von are battling it out when Bubba gets back in and go for the 3D, but Rob Conway shoves Bubba before it goes through. Booker quickly recovers and hits the scissors kick on Conway and then RVD hits the Five Star Frog Splash, covers, and RVD and Booker T retain!

Winners: Booker T & Rob Van Dam

-Backstage, Coach is on his hunt for The Undertaker. Some backstage guy says he hears “freakish” noises coming from a room down the hall. Coach opens the door to find Mean Gene looking nervous as Bobby Heenan also walked out of the room looking “busted”, Mean Gene and Heenan claim they were playing “Poker” when out walks Moolah and Mae Young. Apparently they were making out, gross.

-Video package to highlight the Jericho/Christian/Trish angle.

Chris Jericho vs. Christian

Jericho hammers down on Christian with fists and knees during the early going to take the first advantage of the match. With Jericho on the apron outside of the ropes, Christian goes to shove him over, but Jericho ducks and back-body drops him over the top rope to the outside from the apron! Loud “Y2J” chant as Jericho continues to dominate the early portion of the match. Jericho attempts the Walls of Jericho, but Christian gets to the ropes. Jericho tries a sidewalk slam, but Christian actually counters and flings Jericho over the top rope backwards in a very unique counter. Christian finally has the upper hand with a variety of fists and knees to the throat. Jericho finally regains some momentum when he counters a Christian charge with a drop-toe hold into the rope and follows it up with a dive onto his back, covers, and gets a two count. Both Y2J and Christian then go for some quick rollup pins and quick two counts. Jericho hits the bulldog and then misses with the lionsault when Christian raises his knees. Christian then goes for the unprettier, but Jericho counters it and Christian hits a modified old version of the Unprettier from the top rope! Christian covers and gets a two count. Jericho counters a Christian charge with a lariat out of nowhere. Christian hits what JR calls a “Snap Backbreaker Like” maneuver, and then goes to the top rope, but Jericho climbs and catches him. Christian fists out and slams Jericho face first into the mat. Christian remains on the top rope and goes for the cross body, but Jericho rolls over into a cover of his own and gets a two count. Christian locks in a Texas Cloverleaf out of nowhere dead center in the middle of the ring. Crowd rallies behind Jericho with “Y2J” counts as he counters out into the Walls of Jericho, but Christian quickly gets to the rope, but as Christian slides out of the ring, Jericho actually hangs on to the hold and re-applies the Walls on the outside of the ring. They spill back into the ring and grapple into the ropes, Jericho and Christian climb, and Jericho hits a double arm superplex off the top rope! Here comes Trish! Trish cheers on..Jericho we assume. Jericho and Christian battle to their feet and exchange fists. Christian hits a huge super DDT but Jericho kicks out at two. Christian tries several covers that don’t work, and has a temper tantrum. Trish gets on the ring and yells, and Christian starts beating up on Trish. Jericho goes to check on Trish, but Trish doesn’t pay attention to who it is and elbows Jericho right in the face! Christian quickly rolls Jericho up and gets the pin! Trish realizes what happens and looks shocked, and Jericho comes to and looks equally shocked too. Christian comes back in the ring and Jericho wants to go after him, but Trish restrains him! Jericho looks back and wonders what she’s doing and Trish slaps him three or four times and then Christian hits the unprettier. Swerve! Trish has an evil look on her face as Christian taunts Jericho. Trish and Christian leave together and Trish talks smack down the aisle. Christian and Trish then kiss at the top of the ramp! Jericho looks pissed in the ring.

Winner: Christian

-Backstage Lillian interviews Foley. Foley says its more than just his first match in four years, but that it is Wrestlemania. Foley hopes that his hatred of Evolution doesn’t get in the way when The Rock interrupts and says “Finally The Rock has come back to New York City…and Finally Mick Foley has come home!” Rock tells Lillian the “buffet is closed.” Rock says the Hamburglar and Grimace know it (Hurricane & Rosey), Snuka and Muraco know it, and the people know it. The Rock then goes to the outside and pep talks Foley about how it is their night, whoop ass, if you smellll what The Rock and Sock is Cookin.”

Evolution vs. The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection

The Rock and Foley rush the ring to start and when the dust settles Flair an Rocky start the match. Rock hits a back body drop as Flair bails to the outside and hits a cheap thumb to the eye, but Foley nails Flair from behind. Rocky and Foley both get LOUD chants as Flair tags in Orton. After a staredown Rock tags in Foley. Orton bails to the outside as Foley gives chase. Foley knocks Orton into the Smackdown announce table before flinging him back into the ring. Foley hits the elbow and goes for a cover, gets two. Foley is weighing in at 50 pounds less than he did in his last WWE match at 285 lbs. After some mutual beatdowns, Rock and Batista are tagged in to the match. Batista generall overpowers Rocky, but Rock manages to make the tag to Foley who goes for the double arm DDT, but Batista overpowers him into the corner. Foley reverses and beats Batista down to the mat, Foley does the “bang bang” and goes for the knee charge, but Batista gets up and counters it with a huge clothesline. Batista then flings Fole to the outside, where Orton and Flair do a double team. Orton flings Foley into the ring steps as Batista officially tags Orton into the match. Orton now dominates Foley in the ring before tagging in Flair. Foley finally manages to battle back with some fists, but as Foley tries to go for the tag, Flair uses his feet to trip Foley up, which gives him just enough time to tag in Orton who now begins to work over Foley’s face. Orton locks in a sleeper, but Foley elbows out, but Orton quickly tags in Batista who now hammers over Foley. All of a sudden Foley locks in the mandible claw, but Orton gets in the ring and kicks Foley in the head causing him to break the hold. Batista then tags in Flair, who whips Foley into Evolution’s corner for a beatdown before tagging in Batista. Foley hits a swinging neck breaker out of nowhere as Foley climbs over and attempts to go for a tag, but ends up exchanging a double clothesline with Batista. Foley tries to crawl over and make a tag, but Batista tags in Flair first, but Flair whips Foley into Rock’s corner, where Foley finally makes the hot tag as Rock cleans house of Evolution. Rock then does a Wrestlemania People’s Elbow to Flair! Flair tags in Orton, but Rock hits the Rock Bottom on Orton! Rock goes for a cover but Flair pulls Rock out of the ring. Flair goes for a chair, which distracts the referee. Batista hits a sit-down powerbomb on The Rock. Covers, and gets only a two count. Foley gets tagged in and goes for the Socko claw on Orton, but Orton hits the RKO absolutely out of nowhere! Orton quickly covers and picks up the win! Foley quickly gets up and complains that it should’ve only been a two count. Evolution celebrates in the ramp as Foley looks upset inside the ring.

Winner: Evolution

-After the match, Foley gets to his feet, The Rock applauds Foley and the two hug as Rock raises Foley’s arm.

-Hall of Fame ceremony recap.

-Fink introduces Mean Gene Okerlund who introduces the Hall of Fame inductees. Bobby Heenan, Tito Santana, Big John Studd (Represented by his son), Harley Race, Pete Rose (who is heavily booed), Don Muraco, Greg Valentine, Junkyard Dog (Represented by his daughter), Superstar Billy Graham, Sgt. Slaugher, and Jessie Ventura.

Sable/Torrie vs. Stacy/Jackie
Playboy Evening Gown Match

This is a four hour plus show, I need a break from typing, no need to play-by-play this.
They all strip, Jackie the only one who doesn’t want to strip, Jackie gets pinned by Torrie, Sable and Torrie flirt and dance around. Jackie and Stacy argue, Sable gives Torrie a little kiss on the cheek.

Winners: Torrie Wilson and Sable

-Backstage, Benoit paces as Eddie talks to him about how big tonight’s matches are, and how Guerrero is proud of Benoit win or lose. Benoit says there is no lose, and not to talk to him like that. Eddie has a Latino Heat shirt that looks like the Scarface poster and Benoit also has a pretty cool new shirt. Eddie says nobody believes in him, but Benoit says he believes in himself and that tonight is his night because he believes. Benoit says he proud of Eddie for winning the belt, but tonight is his night. Eddie tells him to relax and that this is what he wanted out of him, the fire, the wolverine that he took on every night in Japan, and that is the wolverine that will take HBK and HHH apart. Benoit says both of them will be walking out world champions tonight. Eddie says that he believes.

Cruiserweight Open
WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Ultimo Dragon and Shannon Moore start the match. Dragon slipped on the entrance and again on the ropes during his entrance, which probably isn’t a great omen for him. Within the first two minutes, Dragon does a sweet reverse flip-over DDT to pin Moore for the first elimination of the match. Noble is next in as Dragon hits several quick kicks and gets a two count. Noble gets Dragon to tap to the trailer hitch. Funaki tries to splash in, but Noble rolls over and pins Funaki in less than 5 seconds, a new Wrestlemania record! Nunzio and Noble are now the two in the match. Nunzio gets a few quick two counts, but Noble shoves Nunzio out and over to the outside and then flies from the top rope and hits a senton on him outside of the ring! The match so far has seemed incredibly rushed. Noble and Nunzio then fight on the outside and as Nunzio tries to climb in at the 9 count, Noble trips him and dives in himself and Nunzio is eliminated via countout. Kidman is in next and tries a shooting star press on both Nunzio and Noble on the outside, but nearly breaks his neck in the process, missing Nunzio’s ribs by the fraction of an inch, because he luckily missed, hes alright and Noble and Kidman now battle it out in the ring. Kidman hits an enziguiri and sets up the shooting star press, ends up reversing and connecting with the BK bomb which eliminates Noble. Rey is next in and quickly goes for a West Coast Pop, but Kidman countered and nearly gets the pinfall. Akio does a neckdrop on Mysterio while the ref is distracted, Kidman tries a spinebuster and gets a long two count on Rey. Kidman sets Rey up on the top rope, goes for a gut wrench powerbomb, but Rey battles back and does a top rope sunset flip to eliminate Kidman. Tajiri is in next as the two immediately quickly battle back and forth. Tajiri locks in the tarantula. Rey hits a dropkick to the back of Tajiri and then connects with the 6-1-9. Rey misses with the West Coast Pop and Tajiri hits the kick, goes for the mist, but misses and hits Akio. Rey hits the West Coast Pop on the second try and eliminates Tajiri, but with Rey’s back now turned, Tajiri knocks out Rey from behind with a kick. Chavo goes for a quick pin, but Rey kicks out at two. Rey hits a drop toe hold that knocks Chavo into the middle turnbuckle, follows it up with a hurricanrana, then lands a cheap shot on Chavo Sr. Rey goes to do a flip on Chavo Sr. but the ref stops him, as the ref is ducking and pointing at Chavo Sr, Rey flips OVER the referee and lands on him. Rey goes for a sunset flip but Chavo flips over, and with the help of his dad holding on to his arm Chavo gets the three count on Rey. Ridiculously rushed match.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero

Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg
Special Referee: Stone Cold Steve Austin

LOUD “You Sold Out!” Chants from the crowd! Crowd then chants “Na na na na hey hey hey goodbye.” Awesome! They lock up practically forever as the crowd loudly boos both of them. They break and then tie up again as the crowd again loudly boos. They break the lockups and the crowd again loudly boos. The crowd then chants “This Match Sucks” as both men stare down for the 50th time without any contact. They stare down again confused as the crowd loudly chants “Boring”. After ten minutes of staredowns and boos, Goldberg hits a military press into a modified spear, sets up for a full on spear, but Lesnar dodges out of the way, causing Goldberg to fall to the outside of the ring. Loud “Goldberg Sucks” chant from the MSG chant as Lesnar now hammers down on Goldberg. The two get back into the ring and Lesnar hits a suplex to Goldberg and goes for a cover and gets a two count. Lawler tries to bail out the Goldberg Sucks chants by saying that those were the “Smackdown Fans” who are loyal to that group. Most of the crowd seems to be watching something going on in the upper deck as Lesnar and Goldberg continue to stink up the joint. Lesnar applies an ever-devastating sleeper hold as I can smell the stink from this match all the way in Nebraska. Goldberg ducks a Lesnar clothesline, but Lesnar hits him on the other end as the crowd boos again. J.R. calls the match “pedestrian” as the crowd chants up the “This match sucks” yet again. Goldberg hits a snap swinging neckbreaker as the crowd chants “Hogan?” Goldberg hits the spear, covers, and gets only a two count as Goldberg gets up and complains to Austin about a slow count. Goldberg walks right into a Lesnar F-5, covers, and he only gets a two count as the crowd boos. Lesnar misses a shoulder charge into the turnbuckle, which allows Goldberg to hit the spear as the crowd again boos loudly, hits the jackhammer, covers, and the match is over. Thank god.

Winner: Goldberg

-After the match, nobody cares as Goldberg stands on the ropes. Goldberg actually flips somebody off on one side as he walks off looking pissed. Lesnar gets to his feet as the crowd chants “Na na na” again. Austin and Lesnar have a staredown as the crowd chants “You Sold Out” again. Lesnar flips off the crowd and then flips off Austin, who hits the stunner for the loudest pop of the night. Austin goes for the beer as Goldberg is now back in the ring and stares down Austin. Austin throws Goldberg a beer as Goldberg “toasts” the fans to loud boos. Austin then stuns Goldberg as the crowd pops again! Austin then celebrates to end one of the strangest matches in Wrestlemania history.

-Wrestlemania 21 will be at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

-Vince McMahon is introduced with no entrance music. McMahon says WMXX is where it all begins again, but without the fans there wouldn’t be any Wrestlemania. Vince thanks the fans on behalf of the WWE and McMahon family a thank you for what it’s become today, and making Wrestlemania 20 where it all begins again. Then leaves.

TWGTT vs. APA vs. Bashams vs. Scotty & Rikishi
WWE Tag Team Titles

Like the Raw match, plenty of quick tags to start the match. Scotty is singled out by all of the other teams, who take turns pounding on what half of the tag champs. Scotty finally makes a hot tag to Rikishi, who cleans house on all of the other teams before settling on Danny Basham, hits a DDT, covers, and gets a two count. Benjamin goes for a german suplex on Riksihi, but ‘Kish counters by using his ass to fling Benjamin over the top rope out of the ring, Charlie Haas gets the stinkface, Bradshaw then knocks out Riskishi and hits the last call on Haas, then hits the clothesline from hell on one of the Bashams, then goes for the same thing on Rikishi, but ‘kish counters with a Samoan drop. Rikishi then sits on the Basham to retain the titles. Post match Scottie does the worm post match and then the two dance as pyro goes off in the Garden.

_Edge video package..he’s coming. Sounds like a really loud pop from the MSG crowd.

-Jessie Ventura comes out, “What would Wrestlemania be without Jessie Ventura doing an interview with somebody.” Donald Trump is in the house. Ventura tells him the hair looks great and asks him what makes Wrestlemania so great. Trump says hes done business with McMahon, is with his son, and to have a good time. Ventura asks if he goes back into politics would he have Trump’s support, Trump says he’d have his support 100%. Ventura says there needs to be a wrestler in the White House in 2008.

-The barber shop is all set up for the Women’s match.

Molly Holly vs. Victoria
WWE Women’s Title

Both exchange armholds, with Victoria doing some nice flips to start. Molly bails to the outside of the ring. Molly takes the early advantage and gets the first pin attempt of the match which gets a two count. Molly locks in some sort of neck submission hold. Molly continues to dominate the early portions of the match. Victoria catches Molly on the top rope, but Molly blocks and ends up hitting somewhat of a sunset flip/powerbomb. Molly then goes for the Widow’s peak, but Victoria hits the backslide, which is good enough to get the quick three count on Molly. Head shaving time.

Winner: Victoria

-After the match, Molly tries to bail to the outside, decks Victoria and runs to the backstage. Then catches Victoria off guard at the ramp . Molly then gets Victoria in the chair and tries to shave her head, but the razor isn’t plugged in. Victoria sprays Molly in the eyes with some sort of hair spray and then straps her (literally) into the chair. Victoria does a little celebrating and then shaves, and shaves, and shaves some more. I don’t think the razor is cutting it completely deep, so I don’t think she’ll be completely bald. They cut to Michael Cole and Tazz before it’s over.

-Eddie/Angle video package

-I was wrong about Molly, she’s completely bald.

Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero
WWE Championship

Mixed reaction with the crowd, some saying “Let’s Go Angle” and others “Angle Sucks” to start. Back and forth match to start, with both exchanging German suplexes. Plenty of counters, Angle goes for a German off the apron to the mat, but Eddie hangs on to the ropes and manages to elbow Kurt off and to the mat. Eddie goes for a dive over the top rope, but Angle dodged and he landed face first on the guardrail. Angle gets him back in the ring, hits a sidewalk slam and gets a cover for two. Angle continues to take the advantage, hitting a snapmare into a lower-back submission grapevine hold. Eddie counters into a chinbreaker, then charges Angle, but he counters and gets hung up on the top rope, gets a hook of the leg, and another two count. Angle locks in a bear hug which he then follows with a belly-to-belly suplex for two. They battle up to the top rope, exchanging blows, but Eddie shoves Angle off and goes for the frog splash, but Angle dodges out of the way. Angle continues to dominate until Eddie seemingly Hulks Up and encourages Angle to punch him. Eddie hits some blows to the head and hits back suplex, covers, and gets a two count. Eddie goes for a suplex, but Angle counters and then goes for the German suplexes, but Eddie dodges into a rollup for two, but then Angle immediately greets him with a clothesline. Angle goes for the Angle slam, but Eddie dodges, goes off the ropes, and hits a headscissors! Eddie then hits the suplex, rolls over, and connects with the triple vertical suplex, but Angle counters and locks in the ankle lock before Eddie hits the third suplex, but Eddie counters by kicking off! Angle runs right into an Eddie dropkick as Eddie then goes to the top rope. Angle does his trademark run to the ropes and then throws Eddie off and to the mat, covers, and gets a two count. The match ends when Eddie’s boot comes off, and Eddie rolls up Angle for a three count! Eddie survives!

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

-The Undertaker/Kane Video Package

Undertaker vs. Kane

The Undertaker is back, and looks just like old Undertaker except he has the old music – and instead of a bandana he wears his old hat. Taker starts with a flurry of fists, but Kane eventually settles down and the match evens up into a good old fashioned brawl. Taker ducks a Kane clothesline into the corner and then connects with a boot. Kane sits up right away, but Taker sets him up for the old school – but Kane counters and has him set up for the chokeslam. Taker counters and grabs Kane by the throat. Both exchange counters – but Kane is the one who connects. Kane gets ready to set off his pyro, but Taker sits up, knocks Kane down, and connects with a chokeslam. Crowd chants from tombstone as Taker signals for the end. Tombstone connects, cover, and Taker wins!

Winner: The Undertaker

-HHH/HBK/Benoit Video Package

HBK vs. Chris Benoit vs. HHH
World Heavyweight Title

Benoit and HBK’s “partnership” breaks down in a hurry as the two battle back and forth early on to start the match. Benoit nearly hits the crossface, then gets a northern lights suplex for two. Suddenly HHH is back in the ring and clotheslines HBK before going to work on Benoit. HBK and HHH now go at it as the crowd chants “You Screwed Bret”. HHH and Benoit battle it out on the outside, but HBK baseball slides into both of them, then goes up stairs and does a top rope moonsault onto both of them. They all spill back into the ring, Michaels gets hung up in the middle rope when he misses a charge, allowing Benoit and HHH to battle it out again. Benoit has officially LEFT Canada and now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. I thought Fink screwed up, but J.R. made a point of it. Really interesting seeing as how the PPV is in Edmonton next month. HBK then takes out HHH, does the knip up, but Benoit clotheslines him to the outside. Benoit goes for the Germans on HHH, but Trip blocks it at first, but Benoit manages to hit all three of them. HBK goes for the sweet chin music on HHH, but HHH dodges and DDTs HBK right out of the ring. Wow, that last sentence sounded like an eye chart. Benoit went upstairs, but HHH knocked him, goes upstairs himself, but Benoit pounds him back down at first, but HHH goes back up again and connects with a superplex. HHH sends Benoit up for the pedigree, but Benoit counters into the Crossface, which connects! HBK breaks the hold. HBK goes for the German’s to the boos fo the MSG crowd, but Benoit reverses and he hits the three germans on Michaels. Benoit signals for the headbutt and connects! Benoit covers but gets only a two count. HBK eventually knips up and hits the atomic drop and some clotheslines on HHH. HBK then hits the Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere on HHH! Covers, but Benoit pulls HHH out of the ring. The crowd has rallied behind Benoit as all three are now on the outside. HBK throws Benoit back in, but Benoit takes the advantage by hitting a catapult after teasing the sharpshooter. HBK is cut open and bleeding as Benoit goes to work on HBK, knocks him down, and locks in the crossface! Michaels wants to tap, but HHH grabs Michaels’s arm before he can tap! That’s a new one. HHH hammers Benoit in the face, forcing him to break the hold. Now HHH and Benoit go at it on the outside, with Benoit ramming HHH’s face into the steps. The action spills to the announce tables, with Benoit and HHH battling it out. Trip sets Benoit up for the pedigree, but Benoit powers out, and HBK joins in on the fun, all three are up top and now HBK and HHH team up to suplex Benoit through the Smackdown announce table! Holy shit chant from the crowd as Benoit is knocked completely out. HBK gets back in the ring and signals for it to be “You and me” HHH and HBK. HHH enters and the two slug it out. HBK knocks HHH over the top out and takes out a cameraman in the process. HBK is bleeding like no other as the crowd now rallies behind him. Benoit hasn’t moved from the outside in a long time. HHH sets up and connects with the pedigree out of nowhere! Both men are down on the mat as the crowd again chants for Benoit. HHH drapes himself over HBK for the cover but Benoit comes in to break the count. HHH picks Benoit up, but the Wolverine greets him with some chops, Benoit goes for the pedigree, but Benoit counters with the Sharpshooter!!! Its locked in as HHH writhes in pain. HHH goes for the ropes but Benoit drags him back into the middle of the ring. HBK hits the Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere on Benoit and now all three are out on the mat. HBK climbs over and covers Benoit but Benoit kicks out a two! Crowd now LOUDLY behind Benoit as Michaels has pulled himself up and setting for the Sweet Chin Music. Benoit ducks the Sweet Chin Music and flips him over the top rope, HHH is ready for the Pedigree but Benoit reverses into the Crossface. HHH goes for the ropes but Benoit rolls him back over and locks it in again and HHH taps! New World Heavyweight Champion!

Winner: Chris Benoit

-Benoit cries in the ring, celebrating his win as the MSG crowd gives him a standing ovation. Fantastic main event after a way below average undercard. Angle/Eddie and Christian/Jericho were solid as well.

-Eddie comes in the ring and hugs Benoit in celebration. Eddie and Benoit now both are crying. Both are World Champs.

-End Show


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