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411’s WWF Raw Is War Report 7.09.01

July 9, 2001 | Posted by PK

Sorry, but there are problems here at 411, thanks to rajahwwf.com for the Raw Report.

LIVE, while the WCW invades the WWF, the WWF invades the old WCW stomping grounds of
Atlanta, Georgia for RAW is WAR!

We start with video of SmackDown’s WCW Title defense, the ensuing attack by Kurt Angle, and the
WCW six-on-one attack of Undertaker and then Shane’O Mac and finally their own Champ.

Shane McMahon vs. Diamond Dallas Page
-The Raw Video rolls, the Raw pyros explode, and the Raw announcers welcome us to tonight’s show.
Shane’O takes on DDP in a Street Fight tonight, and that match is up now! Here comes the money! and
the money’s got a kendo stick in hand. Now more than ever, Shane’O knows how the spin that kendo
stick. Just as Lilian is about to introduce DDP, The Undertaker and Sara come out and down the ramp.
Taker comes into the ring and grabs a mic. With all due respect to Shane, tonight is about Undertaker
settling the score with DDP. Yo, it’s he, it’s he, it’s DDP. Page comes down with a chair, and apparently,
he’ll take on Taker. Taker jumps out and chases Page around, but he realizes that he’s got Taker on one
side and Shane on the other, so DDP jumps in the ring. Page goes off on Taker in the corner, but Taker
reverse and starts laying in on his own. Clothesline in the corner by Taker, and he locks in a choke.
Shane’O jumps in the ring with his kendo stick and starts laying into The Undertaker! Shane’O nails
Taker again and again, when Taker catches the stick and rips it away. Taker starts his work on Shane
and sets him up for the Last Ride, when DDP nails him with the chair. Page nails Taker down with a chair
to the head. As Shane taunts the fallen Undertaker, Sara runs in and beats away on Shane. DDP comes
up behind her, spins her around and gives her the Diamond Cutter! Taker leaps out of the corner, but the
damage has been done. As DDP and Shane leave up the ramp, the EMTs roll Sara onto a stretcher.

In the back, Shane and DDP are congratulating themselves when they come upon Taker’s motorcycle.
Shane’O tells DDP that he can have the night off, so DDP jumps on Taker’s bike and rides off. Fade

As they load Sara on the stretcher, Undertaker vows that he will get revenge eventually, but for now,
they’re going to the hospital.

Dudley Boyz vs. Acolytes
-In the arena, the D-Bombs drop, and the Tag Champs, D-Von and BuhBuh Ray, come down to defend
their Titles. The Acolytes come down for their long overdue Title shot. This one starts as a brawl with
Faarooq on BuhBuh and Bradshaw on D-Von. BuhBuh and Faarooq start this one out for real with
BuhBuh getting a shoulder block and an elbow drop 1-2-shoulder up. Clothesline by Faarooq and a
powerslam 1-kickout. Tag to Bradshaw. Double shoulder block by the aPa and Bradshaw starts laying
down multiple elbow drops 1-2-kickout. Big boot by Bradshaw 1-2-kickout. Tag to D-Von. D-Von hits
a back elbow and goes for a cross body, but Bradshaw catches him and hits the Fallaway slam. Clubs to
the back by Bradshaw, who sets D-Von for a powerbomb, but BuhBuh breaks it and the Dudleys his a
double team neckbreaker 1-2-shoulder up. Tag to BuhBuh. Chops by BuhBuh, who climbs the buckle
for the 10 Punch, but only gets six in before Bradshaw powerbombs him down. Both men crawl towards
their corners, and both make the tag. Spinebuster by Faarooq 1-2-BuhBuh runs in for an elbow drop,
but Faarooq rolls away and he hits D-Von. BuhBuh knocks Bradshaw out of the ring and they hits the
Wassup Headbutt. BuhBuh goes out and gets the tables for once, when Spike, broken leg and all, comes
down and nails BuhBuh with his crutch. D-Von yells at Spike and turns right into the Clothesline From
Hell 1-2-3! The Acolytes are the new Tag Champs!

In the back, Austin and Vince are going over what has happened tonight. New tag champs, and Shane
comes to the ring and gets consumed in his power. Shane is a bad apple, but Debra remarks that that
bad apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Angle comes in, cowboy hat and all, bearing gifts. He hands Vince
a present and Austin a present. The two open their boxes to find fake sherrif’s badges. Angle goes and
opens his own box to find, a big gold badge, to match his gold medal. Austin gives his badge to Debra
and then utters the famous line “We don’t need no stinkin’ badges”. He rips Angle’s cowboy hat off and
smashes it, saying it was a joke, just like when he got his Olympic ass whipped by the WCW Champion.
Austin tells Angle that if it were him, he’d kick down Booker T’s door and demand a shot at the WCW
Title. Angle storms out. Fade Out.

Rhyno vs. Albert
-Rhyno makes his way down the ramp for his shot at the Intercontinental Title. Then, as we deal with the
X-Factor, Albert and X-Pac, two men who got everything they ever wanted, come down the ramp.
Rhyno attacks X-Pac, which allows Albert to get in some shots to start. Rhyno comes back with stomps
in the corner. Clubs to the back, by Rhyno. As the ref checks on Albert, X-Pac runs in and superkicks
Rhyno. Albert gets up and pins 1-2-kickout. Albert hits the catapult into the ropes and then pulls Rhyno
up by his hair and headbutts him down. Albert comes off the ropes and into a Rhyno spinebuster.
Punches by Rhyno and a shoulder thrust in the corner. Back suplex by Rhyno, who goes up top. Splash
from the top by Rhyno 1-2-shoulder up! Rhyno backs into the corner for the Gore, but Albert side steps
it. He lifts Rhyno for the Baldo Bomb, but Rhyno beats down and Gores an entering X-Pac. Rhyno gets
up from the Gore and turns right into the scissor kick to the face by Albert 1-2-3!

In the back, Booker T is stretching when Angle bursts in. He introduces himself as Kurt Angle, Olympic
gold medalist. Booker asks how Angle’s doing. Angle says he’s “p’d off” after what happened on
Smackdown, and now he wants a shot at the WCW Title. Booker T accepts the challenge and asks if
Cowboy Angle thinks he actually has a chance. Angle: “Yippe kay yay, Mother Hubbard” Fade Out.

As Tajiri looks at Regal’s armor, Kane bursts in. Regal explains the latest on Sara, and Kane demands
to be in the previously scheduled Mike Awesome/Lance Storm vs. Undertaker match, taking his
brother’s place. Regal agrees.

JeffHardy vs. The Big Show
-In the arena, Jeff Hardy makes his way down the ramp, with no one by his side. Poor Jeff. Big Show’s
pyro explodes and the big man comes down. Clothesline by Show to start, and he then tosses Jeff into
the corner and then tosses him outside. As Show chops on Jeff, Trish makes her way down the ramp.
Show misses Jeff and nails the ring post. Jeff runs the rail and naiuls Show. Back in the ring, Jeff hits a
missile dropkick and then a front dropkick. Jeff climbs again and goes for a hurricanrana, but Show
catches him and slams him over his head and onto the mat 1-2-3! As Show leaves, Trish enters. She
pushes Jeff into the corner and then lays the figure four lip lock on him. Trish makes her way up the ramp,
and Jeff can only look on, perplexed.

In the back, Angle loosens up, as Vince tells him that he has to beat Booker T. He has to. Vince asks if
Angle knows what this match means to him. Angle explains that this match means everything. Austin tells
him that that is all well and good, but they need to focus on the Inaugural Brawl. Austin volunteers his
leadership of Team WWF. Angle says that he’s a former WWF Champ, and if he wins the WCW Title,
he should be the leader. Vince tells him that they’ll both be in the Brawl, as will the Undertaker. Chris
Jericho bursts in and says that he wants to tell Vince that the rumor about him going to WCW back at
King of the Ring were totally false. He’s been in WCW, and never wants to go back. He’ll be glad to be
on the side of Team WWF. Austin and Angle tell Jericho that they don’t want him on their team, but
Jericho tells them to think about it. Fade Out.

As if the Invasion wasn’t big enough, it will host the first ever Tag Team Bra and Panties match between
Lita/Trish and Stacy Keibler/Torrie Wilson.

Over at WWF New York, Matt and Lita are waiting. JR asks Lita’s thoughts on the match. Matt says
that Lita doesn’t have a problem facing Torrie and Stacy in any type of match, but it’s Trish that they’re
concerned about. It’s time for Trish to step up to the plate, and “follow the Lita”.

In the back, Shane’O is pumping up Booker T. Here in WCW’s home, the fans will be with him,
chanting “Book-er-T! Book-er-T!”

In their room, Vince is pumping up Kurt Angle. Austin tells him that he and Vince will be there at
ringside. Angle says that they weren’t here in ’96 when he won gold for himself and his country, just like
he’s going to win WCW gold for himself and his country, without Vince or Austin. Fade Out.

Kurt Angle vs. Booker T
-Angle’s music hits, and he comes down for the first ever WWF vs. WCW match (what about the first
match of this show, JR?). And, thankfully, JR and Heyman are still announcing, even though we have
WCW ring attire. Booker T’s music hits and the WCW and TV Champ comes out, along side Shane’O
Mac. Angle yells at Shane, allowing Booker T to attack him from behind. Chops by Booker, and a
jumping calf kick. Punches in the corner by Booker, but Angle hits a back elbow. Angle clotheslines
Booker over the top, and follows after him. Clubs by Angle, who then slams Booker’s head into the
announce table. Angle yells at ref Nick Patrick, allowing Shane to nail Angle from the back and into the
steps. Patrick just turns and looks at Shane, no scolding. Back in the ring, Booker hits a missile dropkick
1-2-shoulder up. Snapmare by Booker and a knee drop. Angle starts firing punches, but gets nailed with
a crossbody by Booker T 1-2-shoulder up. Booker tosses Angle out of the ring and leaps off the apron,
nailing Angle with an elbow. Booker flapjacks Angle onto the barrier. Booker rams Angle into the stairs
and then tosses Angle back in the ring. Angle reverses a whip and hits a back suplex. Big boot by
Booker T and a spinning heel kick 1-2-shoulder up. Angle blocks a suplex and hits a vertical suplex of
his own. Exchange of punches, and Angle scores a clothesline. Overhead belly-belly by Angle. Angle
goes for the Olympic Slam, but Booker again floats out of it and hits the scissors kick, but he falls down,
all his engergy spent. Both me are up at the count of seven, but it’s Angle who scores the right hands.
Booker comes back with a spinebuster and goes for the scissors, but Angle grabs his leg. Angle ducks an
enziguri attempt and locks in the AngleLock. Booker T taps, but Nick Patrick decids to yell at Shane
when he sees Booker tap. Booker nails Angle, knocking Patrick out of the ring. Angle hits the Olympic
Slam on Booker T and pins. Earl Hebner runs down and counts 1-2-pulled out by Nick Patrick. Patrick
admonishes Angle in the ring, when Hebner runs in and spears Patrick! They brawl outside of the ring,
allowing Shane to toss Booker T the belt. Booker nails Shane with the belt, but the refs are still brawling.
Another WCW ref runs down and quick counts the 1-2-3!

In the back, Angle demands to know where Austin and Vince were. Austin says that Angle told them
that he didn’t need them. Angle says he didn’t really mean it. Austin promises him that, as the leader of
Team WWF, they are going to kick WCW’s ass.

In the back, Scott Hudson interviews the WCW divas, Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler. Torrie says
that Vince was the dirtiest old man she’s ever seen. Stacy says that the women of WCW have much
better bodies and are more athletic than the so-called WWF divas.

In the back, the Acolytes are trying to tell the Dudleys that they didn’t want to win the Tag Titles with
Spike’s interference. They’d be glad to give them a rematch as early as SmackDown, and offer to take
the Dudleys out for beers. BuhBuh tells them that they have something else to take care of, but maybe
they’ll take those beers at the end of the night. Fade Out.

Kane vs. Mike Awesome & Lance Storm
-Kane comes down and lights up the ringposts, as we get a video memory refresh of why Kane is here
and not the Undertaker. WWF Hardcore Champion Mike Awesome comes down with Lance Storm for
this handicap match. Suddenly, the Y2J Countdown hits 0.00 and out comes the Ayatollah. Jericho is in
ring attire, but no one in the ring seems to know what’s going on. Apparently this will be a tag match.
Kane and Awesome fight in the ring, while Lance and Jericho brawl outside. Sidewalk slam by Kane,
who then nails the entering Lance Storm. Tag to Jericho. Jericho chops away on Awesome, and we are
told that the 24/7 rule is suspended until after Invasion. Awesome tosses Jericho over the ropes, but
Jericho grabs the ropes and leaps onto the turnbuckle for a missile dropkick. Tag to Storm. Flying
forearm by Jericho and a clothesline. Chops by Jericho, but Awesome knees him outside. Jericho rams
Storm into Awesome and bulldogs Storm, but Awesome clotheslines him down. Tag to Awesome.
Awesome slams Jericho into the mat and kicks him in the head 1-2-kickout. Tag to Storm. Storm attacks
Jericho but misses a dropkick. Jericho goes for the Lionsault, but Storm gets his knees up. Lance drags
Jericho to the WCW corner and tags in Awesome. Back elbow by Jericho, but Awesome catches a
flying Jericho and hits an overhead suplex 1-2-broken by Kane. Tag to Storm. Storm chokes Jericho on
the ropes, but Jericho kicks back and hits an enziguri. Both men crawl to their corners and both tag out.
Big boot by Kane on Awesome. Back bodydrop to Storm. Running powerslam by Kane, who goes up
top and hits the flying clothesline 1-2-broken with a Storm dropkick. Jericho gets up and missile
dropkicks Jericho. Jericho goes for the Walls on Awesome, but Storm knocks him out of the ring. Kane
clotheslines Awesome down, while Jericho locks in the Walls on Storm. Suddenly, Rob Van Dam and
Tommy Dreamer, in ECW attire, leap in the ring and attack Kane and Jericho. Suddenly, the WWF
Troops hit the ring, and it appears all the old ECWers are ready to extract payback on their old colleges.
All of a sudden, the WWF/ECWers turn around and attack Kane and Jericho! Holy Shit! Tommydriver
to Jericho and the Van Daminator to Kane! Heyman says that the world deserves the truth Heyman gets
in the ring and says that he has been sitting like a corporate sell-out next to the pig that is Jim Ross. He’s
had to talk about WWF vs. WCW and the Invasion. Has everyone forgotten the Tribe of Extreme?
These men are too extreme for WWF vs. WCW. It seems like Storm and Awesome have left WCW. It
seems like the Dudleys, Taz, Raven, Rhyno, and Justin Credible have left WWF. It seems they are here
to band together as ECW! Anytime Shane or Vince want some, they can get some, because this invasion
has just been taken to the extreme! Holy Shit!

JR welcomes us back, with no one by his side anymore. Poor JR.

In the back, Shane’O and Vince meet up in the hall. Shane says that Vince just lost six of his guys, and
Shane lost two of his. They need each other tonight. For one match only, Shane will bring five of his guys,
Vince brings five of his, to meet up with the ten of Heyman’s. They agree that this is one night only, and
that at Invasion, it’s on.

Scotty Too Hotty vs. X-Pac
-As we all try to calm ourselves down from that incredible turn of events, Scotty tries to turn us up on his
way to this Light Heavyweight Title match. Once again, one of the guys who got everything he ever
wanted, comes down the ramp. Pac attacks Scotty to start, but Scotty takes him down. Scotty ducks a
spinning heel kick and hits a clothesline. Scotty floats over a back suplex and hits a hiptoss. Armbar by
Scotty, and later, a hurricanrana. Pac side steps Scotty, who goes flying outside. Pac climbs the
turnbuckle and hits an ax handle smash down to Scotty on the floor. Back in the ring, Pac hits a leg drop
1-2-kickout. Chops by Pac. Spinning heel kick in the corner, which sets up the Bronco Buster, but
Scotty moves in time. Inverted atomic drop by Scotty, followed up with a superkick 1-2-kickout. Pac
ducks the bulldog and goes for the X-Factor, but Scotty blocks and hits a jawbreaker. Scotty gets up
and sees that Pac is set. He gets in the W-O-R-M, but by this time, Pac has rolled out of the ring. Scotty
slams Pac into the apron and rolls him back in the ring. Sunset Flip by Scotty, but Pac sits down and
grabs the ropes for the 1-2-3!

In the back, Vince is getting the WWF and WCW troops ready, and it appears the team will be made
up of midcarders. Vince tells the WCW guys to follow his guys, while Shane tells the WWF guys to
follow his guys. Shane tells Vince that he’ll go down and lead the troops, so Vince says that he holds
Shane personally responsable. After the WCWers leave, Vince grabs his guys and tells them not to listen
to Shane, and to do whatever they want. Fade Out.

-Representing the WWF: The Acolytes, Hardcore Holly, Billy Gunn and The Big Show. Representing
WCW: Kanyon, O’Haire, Palumbo, Stasiak and Jindrak. The WWFers and WCWers stare down and
exchange words, when suddenly, the fists start flying! The WWF wrestlers clear the ring of the WCWers.
Suddenly, the ECWers come down through the crowd. All sporting ECW shirts, we have: Taz, the
Dudleys, Raven, Rhyno, Justin Credible, Lance Storm, Mike Awesome, Rob Van Dam, and Tommy
Dreamer. The ECWers hit the ring and manhandle the WWFers, since the WCWers are still outside.
Shane holds his troops back, letting ECW kick WWF’s ass. The ECWers call the WCWers to get in the
ring, and they do…and embrace the ECWers! As Shane and Heyman embrace, the combined ECW and
WCW troops attack the already fallen WWFers. Vince comes out onto the ramp and demands to know
what the hell is going on. Shane tells Vince to sit back and watch. Taz locks in the Tazmission on
Hardcore Holly. Faarooq gets 3Ded. Billy Gunn gets a VanDaminator. Shane says that he knew he
couldn’t compete with Vince’s checkbook, but he could compete with Shane’s mind. Vince said that
Shane was responsable for what happens tonight? Well Shane is responsable for all this and more. He’s
responsable for WCW being here. He’s responsable for ECW being here. And he’s responsable for the
WCW/ECW merger. He’s also personally responsable for the new owner of ECW: Stephanie
McMahon-Helmsley! Holy Shit! Steph comes out and just laughs at her father as she walks past him and
to the ring to join her brother, her wrestlers and her brother’s wrestlers. End One Hell of a Show

[Credit: Dan the Man & RajahWWF.com]


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