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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 1.25.23

January 25, 2023 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite Mark Briscoe Image Credit: AEW
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 1.25.23  


It’s Wednesday, you know what that means…

Startin hot and heavy with Le Sex Gods!

Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara (w/ Daniel Garcia) vs Ricky Starks and Action Andretti

Sammy and Action to start. Sammy tries for a quick kick but AA catches it and gets a side headlock. Sammy switches, AA slinks under, shoved forward, bounces off the ropes, hops over Sammy, Sammy trips him up for a pin, doesn’t get a 1, Andretty sweeps the leg, Sammy hops up, rollup for 1..2.NO! Press by Sammy, both dodge, and we get the Spiderman pose from both.

Sammy extends his hand, AA drops his hand, and Sammy hits a superkick to the throat. Sammy chops him in the corner. AA hops out the corner, head scissors spin sends Sammy reeling. A tries for a moonsault, but spins backwards as Sammy rolls out the ring. AA spins and poses like Sammy. Sammy hops on the apron, AA hits a dropkick off the corner like Jericho. Sammy in, AA hits the ropes, dropkick from Sammy. Sammy hits the ropes, again, and again, as the crowd shows major hate. He leaves the ring and chops AA then sends him in the ring. AA hits the ropes. SUICIDE DIVE FROM AA but Sammy pulls Garcia into the way. Sammy dives himself onto AA. Garcia claps, saying “Good job, Sammy.” Sammy tells Tay he loves her then sends AA into the ring. The crowd wants Ricky something fierce. Sammy sits AA on the top rope. He grabs the head, head scissors, AA lands on his feet and walks away with arrogance. Sammy runs up on him, and AA hits a Spanish Fly! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Tag to Ricky! Tag to Jericho!

Ricky and Jericho go face to face. Jericho with a chop, Ricky hits his own. Rope work and Ricky with a clothesline. Jericho kicks out of the corner, to the 2nd rope, hops off, Ricky captures the legs, spins and catapults Jericho into the buckle. Ricky sends Sammy off the apron, elbow in the corner to Jericho. He locks knuckles, chop, Ricky with the rope walk!!! Sammy is up on the rope! He dives! CUTTER TO RICKY!!!!! Jericho crawls to Ricky, covers for 1..2…N!O!!! Jericho with a back suplex. Tag to Sammy. He gets in a cocky pin. Gets 1. Tag to Jericho. Jericho in, body slam to Ricky. Sammy is impressed. Tag to Sammy. Double team whip into a shoulder tackle. Sexy Pose!

Ricky gets a tag to AA. Jericho gets a tag. AA attacks immediately. Backbreaker/neckbreaker to Jericho! A hit to Sammy! Both men outside now! Suicide dive to Jericho! To Sammy! He shoots Sammy into the ring, and Ricky hits a tornado DDT off the ropes! AA in, moonsault off the 2nd rope! Cover for 1…2…NO!!! AA crawls to a tag. He gets it! Jericho in, too! Ricky with a clothesline miss, Jericho punches AA, Ricky misses a clothesline. SPEAR!!!!!! Cover!!! 1…2….NO!!! Sammy runs in! He hits an elbow, Ricky moves! Sammy elbows Jericho!!! Jericho rolls Ricky up. 1..2…N!O!!! Jericho goes for a Codebreaker, Rickyy stops it! Liger Bomb! Cover for 1…2……NO!!!!! Tag to Sammy. To AA. Knee lift from AA. Kick misses, but Enziguri lands.

Jericho catches AA and smacks him in the face, Ricky is there to pull Jericho down! Into the post goes Jericho! Garcia with the cheat to win! He’s got the bat! Sammy with the pin! Aubrey sees nothing! Cover for 1..2…3!!!!!

Winners: Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara
A solid opener that continues to showcase Action Andretti and keep the Starks v Jericho feud going.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 12:02

A video package for Jay Briscoe plays. I can do no honor to it by attempting to summarize it, so I’ll just show it.

TNT Championship Match
Buddy Matthews vs Darby Allin

Buddy got facepaint, this gives him +4 HP.

Buddy with a huge pump kick, murdering Darby. He tosses Darby into the barricade a few times to bring him back to life and send him back in the ring. Knee stuff Darby. Darby is able to send Buddy ot the outside, hit the ropes and dive, but Buddy catches him by the head!!! He spines Darby then grabs him in a tree of woe and sends him swinging into the barricade. Powerbomb attempt, but Darby head scissors him into the barricade! Darby locks up from behind. Drives Buddy into the brricade. Darby climbs into the ring, turns to Buddy. Kicks to the face but Buddy just slams the leg down onto the edge of the apron. Buddy slides in. Darby rolls to the apron. Buddy to the top rope. KNEES TO DARBY’S CHEST!!! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Darby with a coffin drop off the top to the outside!!


They are back on and Brody and Black are at the bottom of the ramp! They stare Sting down but here is Ortiz with a kendo stick to Black!!! Sting with the bat! He attacks Brody!

IN the ring, Darby hits a powerbomb into a pin for 1..2..NO!!!

WE ARE BACK and Darby sends Buddy into the barricade, then slams his head into it a few times. Darby sends Buddy back into the ring, heads to the top rope. Sits on it and dives, crossbody, Buddy rolsl through into a cover for 1..2..NO!!! Crucifix Bomb from Darby! Pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Both men down. Ref starts the count. Both men up at 7. Slap t othe face from Darby, Buddy with a kick, back kick, a stomp, knee is missed and Darby paintbrushes then headbutt, tries for a Code Red, but Buddy pops him off and backslides! 1..2..N!O!!! Buckle BOMB from Buddy! STOMP TO THE HEAD! Cover for 1..2…..N!O!!! CODE RED!!! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Darby to the top rope! Buddy up! He shoves Darby, crotyching ihm. Buddy turns Darby facing the ring. Locks the head, tries for a superplex. Darby fights back. Buddy lifts, turns him mid air, Darby lands on his feet, the set up again, and Darby hits a Scorpion Death Drop off the ropes! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!!!

Darby to the top! Buddy rolls to the apron. Darby slaps him on the apron, again, another. Kick to the face, Darby with a Coffin Drop to the back!!!! Mount and cover for 1…..2……3!!!

Winner: Darby Allin
You get the impression they really wanted to give Buddy some time to remind us all that he ain’t no slouch, because that’s exactly what I felt while watching. The ending may have been just a biiiiit sloppy, but it doesn’t eliminate the fact that this was a sick ass win.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 12:48

Tony Schiavone enters the ring and brings up Darby going four weeks in a row of successful title defenses. He brings up Darby’s win against Joe and hands the mic to Darby.

But of course, Samoa Joe is not done with him. He is backstage, saying crime is a theft punished by having your hand cut off, but in the kingdom of the King of Television, he is coming to take everything from Darby. The gold he wears, stolen, feels right, but know this: he is coming to take back what’s his. The king will not be usurped b a man like Darby. Winning that championship is the greatest mistake of Darby’s career.

The music of The Hardy Boyz hits!!!! But Ethan Page runs out behind Matt to stop the music and tell us all that they are playing the wrong music! Ethan Page is the star of the show. Stokely asks Isiah Kassidy if Ethan Page is the star, and he says HELL NAH. Stokely tells Isaiah to put his chain on, Dead Ass. Page’s music hits and he walks to the ring with a mic.

Ethan Page and Matt Hardy vs Hook and Jungle Boy

Matt to start, but Page tags himself in. JB chops him, hits the ropes, rana, and Page corners JB. Matt tags in. All four men in, though. Standoff as Matt does his Delete thing. Pages shovs Hook by the face then runs out of the ring. Hook leaves the ring, ducks under, tries for a T-Bone, but Page sends him into the apron. Page tries for Ego’s Edge, but JB dives through the ropes! JB enters, Matt with a Side Effect attempt, but JB drops and hits the rope. Page grabs the leg and trips JB up. Matt and Page send JB off the apron, lift him up, and hit a delayed suplex.

We are BACK and Matt elbow drops off the 2nd rope to the shoulder of JB. Page wants in and Matt tags him. Page tries for the same move Matt did but JB kicks him, rolls off the back, sends Matt outside, climbs under Page. Tag to Hook. Page is turned around. Huge lariat! Gutwrench flip to Page! He knocks Matt off the apron. Page turns with a right, Hook catches. T-BONE!!!! Tag to JB. Whip to the ropes from both guys, Hook flies and gets sent over but hangs on. Hook tries for Redrum form behind, Matt pulls hi off the apron, drives him int othe apron. ROLLUP IN THE RING!!! 1..2..N!O!! jawbreaker from JB. Tag from Matt, JB flies off the ropes. Side Effect!Matt kicks. Twist of—NO!! Page wants the tag. Matt tags him in begrudgingly. Ethan walks up to JB. He tries for a Twist of Fate, but JB shoots the leg and locks in the Snare Trap!

Hook is up, Matt wants a tag! Page crawls to the corner, Hook pulls Matt off. Hook sends Matt into the barricade. Ethan Page taps!

Winners: Hook and Jungle Boy
Hook is great. JB is great. Ethan has a great character. This wasn’t the best meshing of styles, but they still pulled out a great affair.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 6:58

Time for some Family Therapy.

We are with The Gunns, The Acclaimed, and Billy Gunn.

Gunn asks where these kids became so spoiled. They say that Billy was on the raod over 300 days of the year.

Anthony tells them that he thinks they are the biggest POS he has ever met in their entire life. Lol. He says they had all the time to mend the relationship, but the minute they experienced a bit of jealousy, they attacked him.

Max says those guys cant do what they do.

The Gunns wonder who helped him when Bowens was in a wheelchair. They were supposed to be friends. They attacked them with a crutch? And this is their fault And “Ass Boys?” come on.

Billy tells his kids that they took the easy way out. The Gunns tell Billy that their faults as sons represent his failure as a father. Billy wants to know what will make them happy.

The Gunnsa say they titles. They want them.

We could have done ALL of this without a hot therapist.

We are backstage with Hangman Adam Page and Renee, who wants to know more details about his future. He says he continues to look back to Ohio, he knows they are 1 – 1, and next week they are in Ohio, so he wants to do the impossible. He wants to knock out Moxley.

Here comes Wheeler Yuta to stop him, saying Moxley will be ready and accepts. Speaking of challenges, he’s running his mouth a lot about a man not medically cleared, so how bout Page faces Yuta on Friday.

Page wonders why Wheeler thinks what happened to Jon wont happen to Yuta, too.

Last week someone took offense to my mistakenly typing Daniel Bryan somewhere in the report. Gee, I wonder how well that’ll go over…

Bryan Daniel son of Daniel Bryan vs Brian Cage

Bryan stays in the corner as Cage poses. They finger lock, go shoulder to shoulder. Cage gets Daniel to his knees, but Bryan uses his feet to break the hold. Daniel hooks the leg, but Cage wont go down, so Danielson holds the leg and kicks the knee. They separate, and we get a LOCKUP!!! Cage sends Bryan into the corner and chops! Another chop by Cage! Danielson with his own. Daniel sends Cage to the corner, a bunch of kicks, but Cagejust shoves Bryan away. Brian with the go behind, hooks the leg with a crucifix for a pin to get 1..2..N!O!! Bryan with elbows to the head, trapped against the elbow. He srikes over and over. Cage gets Bryan on his shoulders, tries to spin him, but Daniel Bryan with the LaBell Lock! Cage reaches for the ropes! He gets em! Bryan releases. Cage to the outside, Bryan with a sliding dropkick. SUICIDE DIVE TO CAGE!!! Bryan enters the ring. To the top rope. He dives with a crossbody! Kicks against the apron. He sends Cage inside. To the top rope. Bryan dives and Cage runs under. He presses the running Brayan and drops him upside down onto the buckle!!!! Cage rushes the corner, uppercut, high kick, GERMAN TO BRYAN!!! Cage to the apon, back suplex onto the apron, shoulder captured!

We are BACK and Cage catches Bryan off the corner flip! He hits a shoulder breaker! Brian rolls to the apron. Cage wants to get his shit in. He suplexes Bryan off the apron into the ring. Daniel rolls to the other side, and Cage hits a German, sending him into the ring! He captures Bryan into the buckle, kicks the face, then heads to the top rope. He flips Bryan up for a powerbomb, but Daniel Bryan with a chop. K nee to Cage. Cage shoves, Bryan with a running kick into the corner. Bryan runs up, SUPLEX OFF THE TOP TO CAGE!!! Daniel with the YES KICKS!!! Bryan grabs the arms. Stomps to the face! He only hits two, transitions to a triangle, but Bryan picks the ankle. ANKLE LOCK TO CAGE! Cage tries to stand, does, Daneilson with a waist lock, GERMAN!!! Kick from Cage, elbow from Bryan!

A missed clothesline from Cage, Bryan hits the corner, Buckle Bomb by Cage! Into a powerbomb! Tries for a second, but Bryan rolls through, stacks Cage! Gets a pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Daniel Bryan
A good big man/little man match that got a little clunky at times.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 12:27

After the match, Brian Cage grabs Danielson and hits an overly convoluted finisher. MJF comes out to no music, as the timekeeper rings the bell over and over. MJF heads over to the table and stops the ringing, then shoves a dude and takes his chair. He sets it up for Cage, who grabs Bryan’s head and traps it into the chair. He sends Bryan into the ringpost then into the ring.

MJF heads in and removes his shirt, then steps on the left wrist and twists his foot. He then mounts Bryan and punches over and over and over again.

Cage enters the ring with a new chair. He puts Bryan’s arm in the chair, then holds Bryan down by the feet. MJF to the 2nd buckle. He looks to dive, but here comes Konosuke Takeshita

MJF leaves the ring, Cage kicks him, another kick, rope work and Takeshita with a jumping knee to Cage! Cage and Prince call Takeshita an idiot as refs check on Bryan and MJF slowly walks backwards up the ramp.

Ruby Soho vs Toni Storm

Lockup!!! They circle the ring locked up. Toni leaves the ring for a second, comes in and sends Ruby ot the mat. She pops up and hits a right, Toni with a right, th ey go back and forth till Ruby hits a few then Toni stomps the foot. Big kick sends Ruby down hard. Toni presses her foot against the neck in the corner. Ruby shoots her off a DDT and hits a right, chop to the chest, antoher right, chest, elbow, right, chop, Toni blocks so Ruby pauses, then hits her. Whip t othe ropes, Ruby locks the head, Toni sends her to the apron, Ruby shoots a right off the apron, tries to spring up but Toni hits a thumb to the eye then a huge hip attack, sending Ruby off the apron with power. Toni leaves the ring, grabs Ruby and hits a chop. Whip to Ruby into the barricade. Into the apron.

We are back and Ruby hits a back elbow in the corner. Another. She sends Toni face first into the corner with the knees. Ruby with a saito suplex. She trips Toni up. Rollup from Toni out of nowhere. 1..2..NO!!! No Future from Ruby! 1..2…..NO!!!! Ruby grabs the boot. Ruby to the top rope, rolls through, knee to the face. Ref holds Ruby back as Toni says her nose is messed up. Ref holds Ruby back. Ref checks on her, Ruby gives em a “come on, man…” Toni is fibbin, y’all! She pulls Ruby into the bottom rope, then hits a German! Toni then hits a huge hip attck in the corner! DDT! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!!

Toni wants the finish with Storm Zero, but Britt Baker’s music hits! Toni is distracted! Ruby with the finish! 1…2…3!!!!

Winner: Ruby Soho
Not bad by any means, just a bit uninteresting.
Total Rating: *1/2
Match Time: 8:46

MJF backstage, says he is not the first Jew who has hid from a man with blue eyes. He then calls out Takeshita, telling him to stay out of his business. He then turns to Bryan, says he knows why he wants to take the title. He has a hole in his soul and he’s trying to fill it, but MJF is not the one to fill that hole. Bad things happen to people who mess with MJF. IN fact, he remembers some British guy who looked like Ellen on Meth. He tells Bryan physical pain is fleeting, but mental pain really leaves a scar.

This week, Tony Khan has issued out a contract for any man to fight Bryan, so MJF made a call. It’s been a fun ride, Dragon, but it’s over next week, because Bryan will face Timothy Thatcher next week.

Ian and Caprice on commentary with Excalibur for this main.

Jay Lethal vs Mark Briscoe

LOCKUP! Side headlock into a head scissors. Both men pop up. Another lockup, Mark works the arm, Jay grabs the head, sends him t othe ropes, misses a right, Mark slides under, trips up Jay. Mark send Jay to the corner, he hops up to the 2nd rope, turns, body slam from Mark. Dropkick from Jay, and they both stand off. Another lockup. Jay spins Mark in the corner. Chop to the chest of Mark. Mark sends Jay to the corner, hits his own chop. Jay smiles it off, says lets do it. A chop from jay, back to Mark, they go back and forth, chopping away at each other. Whip to the corner, reverse, Mark with a clothesline, snapmare, kick to the head. Uppercut to the chin. Whip to Jay, Jay holds on, sends him back to the ropes, hip toss, cartwheel, dropkick to Mark. Jay locks the head, lifts up for a suplex, waist lock from Mark, elbows from Jay, hits the ropes, dive with a punch from Mark. Mark turns into a neckbreaker to Jay. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!!

We are bck and Mark dies off the 2nd rope with a big strike. Mark misses a right, high enziguri to the head. He rushes Lethal in the corner, hits a splash, huge uppercut to the seated Jay. He twists the arms and sends Jay down with an Iconoclasm. Pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Mark double underhooks the arm, then slaps Jay in the face. He locks the head, spins, Jay spins again, back breaker into a Flatliner! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Jay pulls Mark to the center by the leg. Tries for a Figure Four, but Mark rolls him up instead for 1..2…NO!!! jay locks. The head, lifts, then drops Mark down in front. Jay tries for a Lethal Injection, hits it! Mark rolls to the outside! Jay leaves the ring, sends Mark into the ring, well he tries. Chops from Mark until he’s sent to the barricade. He’s near the timekeeper’s table. Jay presses on his head. Jay looks to the top rope. He heads up there as Mark lays prone. Mark runs into the ring, Jay to the apron. Mark hits the ropes, dives through the ropes with a dropkick!!! Mark runs the apron, dives with a blockbuster off the apron! Mark uppercuts Jay, lays him on the apron. Mark to the top rope! FROGGY BOWWWW!!! Mark rolls Jay into the ring. Covers for 1..2….NO!!!! Mark double underhooks, Jay counters with a bridge, 1..2..NO!!! Mark keeps it locked and lifts, Lethal tries for a Lethal Injection, but Mark hits the rope, clothesline!!!

Double underhook again, but Jay spins, CLOTHESLINE! Mark double underhooks AGAIN!!! JAY DRILLER!!!! Cover for 1..2….3!!!!

Winner: Mark Briscoe

Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 12:18

Mark gives a message to Jay’s kids, then to Jay as commentary thanks us all.

The entire locker room comes out to show mad love to Jay Briscoe.

End Show

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
An emotional match that kept the tried and true show must go on feel. In a lot of ways, we got a hell of a distraction for the first 1.5 hours before heading into what we knew would be an emotional moment to close us out. My comment section, and myself all knew it was coming, and AEW gave us so much to enjoy beforehand, but by the end of it all, we lost a brother here, and it made for a bittersweet end to a solid episode. Quality of the first 1.5, an easy 8. The ability to get Mark on the show, have people who loved and knew him celebrate him, and remind us all to hug our loved ones – an even easier 10. And with that being said, I know this report is read all over the world, and often times it is viewed in passing, by people who are NOT watching it with me and “the boys” weekly, so there is really no emotional tie. To you few who click and take a gander, just know that in this wrestling world, you are safe. Stop by some time and enjoy the crew. They’ve helped each other more than you know.

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