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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 2.24.21

February 24, 2021 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite Lance Archer Rey Fenix
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 2.24.21  

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It’s Wednesday…you know what that means.

Wellllll it’s The Large Exhibition!!!!!

Just kidding. We’re starting with a squash! Moxley and Ziggler’s brother face off as soon as we open!

Match 1: Jon Moxley vs Ryan Nemeth

Moxley makes short work of the kid, but not before Ryan hits a throat thrust then some hard knees. He hits the ropes, misses a clothesline, back suplex from Jon! Jon sends Ryan into the corner, works the fingers. A chop to Ryan, then a whip. He gets kicked in the face. Right hands from Ryan. Ryan hops over Jon, hits a shoulder, hits the corner, but Jon is right there for a clothesline. Ryan hits a dropkick that would make Ziggler proud.

Neckbreaker attempt, but Moxley hooks the arm, turns the kid, then double underhooks. Paradigm Shift and a cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Jon Moxley
Missed about ten seconds, but obviously didn’t miss much. A nice little squash for Moxley just cuz.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: Stopwatch Issues

Moxley grabs a chair and takes a seat in the middle of the ring. From the morning he woke up without the title till now, he knew he’d do whatever it took to get back to the top and take the hill. Turns out that’s exactly what he’ll have to do. What comes to our mind when we hear the words “Exploding Barbwire Deathmatch?” What images come to our mind? Fire? Blood? Torture? Agony? Vintage Japanese wrestling magazine? How do they make you feel? Disgusted? Revolted? Shaky hands? Sick thrill? For him, he is addicted to it; to the feeling of coming out here, with blood, sweat, and tears, laying his soul bare every night. He can’t get enough of it. So the thought and idea of the exploding barbwire deathmatch is too attractive. Win, lose, or draw, everybody in the building and at home will know that when it’s all said and done, he gave us everything he has, and if this is one way to go out, this seems like a hell of a way.

BACKSTAGE, Archer and Rey Fenix will be facing each other in a Qualifying Match for the Face of Revolution Match on March 7. Some dude asks them that they’ve been getting along well.

Archer says there’s no reason for him to qualify, because he’s going to kick Rey’s ass. Rey speaks Spanish with the dude named Alex. He says Archer is the worst partner.

Archer takes offense, and they go at it backstage for a bit.

BACKSTAGE earlier today, The Bucks take photos with their dad against a truck with The Bucks on the back of it. This would make so much more sense if the Bucks were either a debuting act, or AEW hadn’t been around for over a year already.

Match 2: Brian Cage and Ricky Starks vs The Varsity Blondes

Pillman and Starks to start. Lokcup and Ricky works the arm. Pillman reverses, tugs on Ricky’s left arm. Ricky breaks out, spins the wrist. Pillman rollsout of it with some flippy flips and a kick to the face. Pillman works the arm. Tag to Griff. Punch to Ricky. Ricky backs Pillman into the ropes. Ricky runs and hops over Pillman. Brian flies to the outside with a diving dropkick! Nice. Brian sits on the arm and rolls into a pin but Ricky kicks the forehead to break it. Chop to Ricky. Whip to Ricky. Ricky sends Pillman over the top rope. Right hand to the chin of Ricky. Ricky hits an uppercut off the springboard. Cage locks him up and powerombs him against the ringpost ONTO the steps! Ouch! He sends Pillman into the ring as we go to break.

We are back and Cage is hitting some curls on Pillman before tossing him over the head. Tag to Starks, who comes in to attack, but gets chopped in the chest. Ricky punches Pillman in the gut then hits a back elbow. He flies off the 2nd rope dropkick that is more thigh slap than anything else, but still looked pretty. Tag to Cage. He attacks the midsection. Starks to the apron. Uppercut from Cage. Cage grabs the head. Sends it to the corner. Tag to Starks. Right hand to the face. Snapmare into a run and a kick. Starks rolls Pillman, misses, tag to Griff. Clotheslines everywhere! Starks enters, Griff hits a big boot. Cage to the outside. Splash in the corner. Griff flies over the top rope onto Cage! He re-enters, spins, Starks ducks under, Griff with a front slam and a cover for 1..2…NO!!! Cage stops the pin. He locks Griff up, Pillman with a springboard clothesine! Griff sends Starks into the ropes, pops him up, Pillman to the top rope! Dropkick off the top! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!

Griff tags in Pillman. Whip to the ropes, tag from Cage, Starks with a SPEAR to Griff!

Discus clothesline to Pillman from Cage! Cage calls for the end. Drill Claw and a pin for 1..2….3!!!

Winners: Brian Cage and Ricky Starks
Pillman and Griff need some fine tuning. They try the risky stuff, but it’s not pretty. Then again, maybe it doesn’t need to be. It’s always fun seeing Cage murder people, though.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 9:12

We get a black and white video of someone driving in the desert. They open a body bag, and Darby is in it with his title. He smiles. It goes dark. Snow is falling. Sting is here. He’s got a body bag. Sting opens the body bag, and Hook is in the bag! Taz, on commentary, is pissed.

Darby slides in from the rafters. He attacks with the skateboard, sending Ricky to the outside, then dives over the top onto them!

Sting attacks cage in the corner! He kicks, stomps, whips, hits a clothesline. Tazz is checking on Hook. Sting with a splash in the corner, he clips the leg of Cage from behind. Sting grabs the head. Scorpion Deathlock!

SOMEWHERE ELSE, Kip, Penelope, and Miro are here to talk to Tony about the wedding. It was destroyed by Charles and Orange Cassidy, says Miro. They couldn’t even have a honeymoon. He says he will deal with the walking Xanax in Orange Cassidy, but dealing with Charles is first. He’s a nice guy, organized, he does everything, so he wants to tell Charles that he can come back. He looks to the camera, says he forgives him, he will always have him under his wing.

Someone comes to Tony and hands him a note. The note says “Will you wrestle us at Revolution: Yes, No, Maybe? Circle one. XOXO”

Miro says this is what he is talking about – this is childish, stop acting like a child. Associating himself with Orange makes him that. Come home and Miro will teach him how to be a man.

Miro eats the notes, then spits it out at Tony.

Brandon Cutler is here, wearing a dragon mask. I stopped watching Dark a while ago; is this a thing? I don’t know if it’s incredibly cool or incredibly cheesy. He’s facing Hager.

Match 3: Jake Hager vs Brandon Cutler

Hager misses a clothesline, Brandon with a right. Hager grabs him and sends him to the corner. Cutler ducks under a right and hits a few right hands from above. He flies over then under, Hager grabs him off the Sunset Flip, Cutler hits the ropes, wheelbarrow, but Hager hits a GERMAN!!! He lifts Cutler for another German! Hager sends Cutler into the corner. Right hands over and over. Hager sends Cutler into the corner, hits a big boot, then a Hager bomb! Hager misses a kick and a splash, kick from Cutler, he holds the ropes and Hager flies outside, Cutler flies with a suicide dive! He re-enters. Cutler flies again with a flying tope con giro!

Cutler springboards, Hager catches him and slams him down hard. Hager hits the ropes, again, HUGE CLOTHESLINE! Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Jake Hager
While I appreciate Hager making short work of Cutler, this is the third match in a row that was essentially both a) a foregone conclusion and b) an elongated squash.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 3:11

The Inner Circle run out to attack Cutler, so out come The Young Bucks to back their friend up. MJF and Jericho are noticeably missing.

Matt grabs a mic and says they don’t have to wait till Evolution. Matt wants them here and now.

Jericho and MJF have their own entrance video that plays while Jericho’s music plays.

Jericho and MJF pop up on screen saying why waste their time and see them tonight when they’ll beat them come Revolution. But, they did see someone walking backstage, and were wondering if it belongs to Matt and Nick.

We see their dad, forehead bleeding eyes rolling back. Jericho sends him face first into the back of the truck he took a picture with earlier. Jericho and MJF then send him into the other side. He slides down the truck slowly. Jericho tells the bucks to call a doctor, or come pick up their trash.

Here come the boy, running towards their father. Matt, and his luscious hair, runs down a ramp to chase the car of Jericho and MJF.

We are back, and we get a Moments Ago recap of what we saw before the break.

WE COME BACK and The Bucks help their father into an ambulance, and for some reason, The Good Brothers leave with their father?

LET US revisit the oh so intriguing moments leading up to the match with Shaq.

Match 4: Isaiah Kassidy (w/ Matt Hardy and TH2) vs Hangman Adam Page

Page attacks matt before the bell rings! It dings, and he goes in on Kassidy in the corner with some rights then stomp after stomp! Page removes the vest and whips Kassidy to the ropes, who ducks under, flies for a crossbody, gets caught, and Page hits a fallaway slam! Kassidy rolls to the outside. Page follows, Kassidy slides in, stomps the back then the arm. Chop in the corner. Page chops back. Kick from Kassidy, whip to the corner, Page flies out with a clothesline! Page clubs the back of the neck. Whip to th corner from Page. He flies into a kick. Kassidy flies off the middle rope. Page kicks him, sending him to the outside! Page flies over the top rope with a crossbody onto Kassidy! Nice.

Page stares Matt down, then heads over to him to talk a little shit. He turns towards the ring, rolls in, rolls back out. Page shoves Kassidy into the barricade, then clotheslines him over it! Page locks the head, flips up. TH2 distracts the ref, Matt holds the leg of Page just as he tries for the Buckshot, Kassidy pulls on the arm over the rope. Matt sends Page into the ringpost. Silver and Reynolds run out to tell on Matt. Edwards ejects Matt Hardy to the back. Kassidy sends Page back into the ring. Kicks in the corner. Kassidy stomps in the corner. Page kicks out. Kassidy grabs the head. He snapmares Page, and pulls back on the arm.

We are back, and page kicks Kassidy from the apron. He tries for a buckshot, but Kassidy hits an elbow. Kassidy hits the ropes, but Page is there with a rolling elbow anyway! Cover for 1..2….NO!!! Page lifts Kassidy, whips him to the ropes, but Kassidy breaks the hold, kicks, step up enziguri, he hits the ropes, Page is there to catche him mid-air! Death Valley Driver! Both men to their feet. Kassidy up in the corner. Running clothesline to Kassidy! Snapmare. Page sells the arm, he hits the ropes, goes for a sliding clothesline, but Kassidy ducks. Kick to the knee, he locks the head, but Page is able to reverse and hit a suplex! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Kassidy spins Page, kickblocks a clothesline, hops up with a headscissors and flips Page onto the mat! Cover for 1..2.NO!!!! Cross arm breaker from Kassidy!! Kassidy flies over the to prop to the apron, Page kicks him in the face, Kassidy holds onto the ropes. Page hits the corner, flies off, but Kassidy grabs his head and slams the neck onto the top rope!!!!

Kassidy hops to the apron. He springboards off the 2nd rope, flies to the back of Page. DEAD EYE!!! Cover! 1….2….3!!!

Winner: Hangman Adam Page
What a showing for Kassidy who, up until now, has been solely a tag team guy. They gave him time to show his skills, and working with Page can only mean good thigs. Awesome stuff.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 13:23

Matt Hardy has a voice over saying he will hurt Page, and he will hurt every single member of The Dark Order.

Out comes Matt with #5 and a chair. Matt sends him flying over the stage, landing hard backfirst onto a table.

Marvez is catching up with Omega, who is in some sort of garage. Omega is hammering something, that is definitely not Drew McIntyre’s sword. Don say they are creating The Moxley Extermination Chamber.

Omega loses his security mask hammering some steel, and his voice is taken over by a man in the background welding and smoldering and whatever the hell else real men do.

Match 5: Nyla Rose vs Britt Baker

LOCKUP! Rose shoves Britt down, and she cowers in the corner. She stands and circles the ring. Another lockup into a side headlock by Britt. Nyla shoves, but Britt holds the lock. Myla sends her into the ropes again and hits a shoulder tackle then a body slam to Britt. Britt turns and gets another body slam for her troubles. Britt rolls out of the ring and leaves through the crowd. She shoves a trash can and tosses some random shit. She’s upset. She kicks away another trash can then shoves the camera man out of her way before re-entering the ring. She kicks Nyla in the gut. Ducks under a clothesline, fireman’s. Samoan Drop from Nyla! She kicks the back. Nyla sends Britt into the corner then gives a boot to her face. Nyla hits the corner and runs to break the leg of Nyla, but Rebel moves Britt out of the way. Britt kicks out of the corner. Britt to the top rope, right hand from Nyla. Fireamn’s. She preses Britt up and lets her fall right back down. Britt to the outside. She pulls the arm of Nyla into the post hard! Britt pulls the arm of Nyla then kicks the barricade into it. Another kick to the chest.

We are back and Rebel gets her ass handed to her on the apron by Nyla. Kick from Britt is dodged. Nyla with a neckbreaker and a pin for 1..2..NO!!!High kick from Britt. Britt has the glove! GOOZLE TO BRITT!! CHOKESLAM!!!! Rebel in! She gets shoved. Nyla cannonball into the corner! But the buckle isn’t covered! Britt sends Nyla into it! She looks for the Lockjaw! She almost hooks the arm, but nyla won’t let her! She stands, swings Britt around the back and slams her down hard. 1…2…NO!!! Cover from Britt for 1..2..NO!!! Kick from Britt. Another kick to the face!!! Britt rolls on the back for a crucifix bomb! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! LOCKJAW ATTEMPT!!!! She’s close! Close! Rights from Nyla over and over. BEAST BOMB to BRITT!!! Cover for 1…….2……NO!!!!!!! Whoa!

Nyla lifts Britt for a Tombstone, but Britt lands on her feet, kicks, Nyla catches her, another BEAST BOMB!!! Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Nyla Rose
I mean, I get why Nyla winning is a more believable feat, but she’s done jack and shit all last year, while Britt has been showin up and showin out. Maybe I’m upset because I’m a fan, but chances are Nyla is only advancing to give whoever wins a hell of a pin. Good match, either way.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 12:39

Lucha Party cuts a promo on FTR. Stunt say FTR doesn ‘t realize what they’ve unleashed. This goes to some background of Tully and pimping the upcoming match.

Match 6: Lance Archer vs Rey Fenix

Rey and Archer go head to head until Rey lays his head on the chest. He then chops the shit out of Archer. Leg kicks, roll under, spin kick. Rey spins with the ropes, gets punchesd, flies through them ,back with a kick, Archer blocks. Chop to the chest, another block, kick, Archer with the GOOZLE!!! Rey rolls up the corner, kick to Archer. Rey flies, head scissors takedown. Rey hits the ropes, springboard, Archer just swats his ass down hard. Archer grabs the head of Rey, lifts him up by the mask. He sends Rey into the corner face first hard. Archer to the apron, pulls up on the mask again. He sends Rey down. Archer grabs the boot and drags Rey into the center of the ring, sends him to the ropes, Rey holds on, holds the ropes, and Archer flies to the outside, Rey hits the ropes! SUICIDE DIVE!!!! Rey hops over the barricade. He heads over to the steps where Jake is standing. Rey to the apron,, then to the top rope, Jake is there to hold the boot, Rey stumbles and falls to the stage outside the ring. Jake bends over to check on Archer. Rey runs and dives over Jake ONTO ARCHER!!!! Holy shit.

Rey turns, locks Archer up on the barricade, and hits a hard chop. Archer hits one of his own, sending Rey to the outside.

We are BACK and Archer punches Rey directly in the face. Hard. Ouch. Archer pulls Rey into the center of the ring. He hits some crossfaces from above. Rey with ome rights, chopping over and over, and Archer no sells then hits one of his own. GOOZLE!! Rey kicks away, elbow to Archer, apron, springboard but GOOLE!!! Archer sends Rey to the apron, Archer hits a clothesline to the running Rey and he flips and lands on his freakin face!!! Jesus.

Whip to Rey right into the barricade! Archer to the outside. He grabs Rey and whips him into the barricade again, back first. Archer with a punch to the chest. Another to the face. Archer runs with a cannonball into Rey and the barricade!!! Archer sends Rey into the ring.

Archer puts Rey onto the corner for his finisher, Rey hops down, locks up from behind, Archer punches, misses, Rey swings with a kick then stomps the back of the head Archer! Rey with a chop! He tries for a fireman’s, Archer with a German! He walks over to Rey, grabs the arm, pulls and heads to the corner where he walks the ropes and moonsaults his entire body onto Rey and covers for 1..2…NO!!! Archer sends Rey into the corner chest first. He pulls back on Rey chops in the corner. Archer lifts up and hits the corner, then runs with a back elbow in the corner. Another but Rey kicks him out of the corner! Rey dodges a kick hits a high kick to the chin, Archer shoves Rey away, misses a boot, Rey attacks the head, Archer swats him away, Rey walks across the to rope and swings with a kick!!! Cover for 1….NO! Stomps over and over from Rey. Moonsault attempt, Archer moves, Rey rolls through, CUTTER!!! Pin for 1….2….NO!!!! Archer shoves Rey, Hits a huge right hand Archer catches the head, fisherman buster! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Archer to the top rope. He grabs Rey and lifts him with a GOOZLE!!!!! Rey stands on the ropes, Archer punches him and he falls to the 2nd rope. Then back to the top. SPANISH FLY FROM REY!! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!!

Rey lifts Archer on the shoulders, Archer rips the mask, Rey kicks the right hand, hit s another kick, right hand ,chop, hits the ropes, POUNCE!!!!! Archer sends Rey flying. Archer with a buckle bomb!! CHOKESLAM!!! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!!

Archer is PISSED!!! Archer drags Rey to the corner. He lifts Rey in a seated position, Archer spreads the arm! BLACKOUT! Pin for 1..2….3!!!!

Winner: Lance Archer
While Tony kind of ruined it for me by calling this a MOTY candidate well before it even got to that possibility, the match still was a hell of a banger. Lance has been a consistently great big guy, and Rey is just in a class of his own. Seriously, everything that man does is beautiful. The winner wasn’t ever really in question, and this was a perfect main event for a show that kind of dragged for the first hour.
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 17:32

Archer lifts up Rey, gives him some love with a fistbump, then leaves.

End Show

The final score: review Good
The 411
Because the show is two hours, more often than not it's not too difficult to put a good one on, mainly due to the law of averages. The other side of that same token is the fact that a solid thirty minutes of bad booking or subpar television could also greatly hurt the show. That's what tonight suffered from. We start with a three squash matches in a row, which AEW typically does a good job with, but let's call a spade a spade, y'all. So three predictable matches in a row where the quality varied, but nothing really more than average cause the first hour to really plod along. Thankfully, everything from MJF on was either good or great. Kassidy had a hell of a showing with Page, Britt and Nyla was good - even if I wanted a Baker win - and the main event was GREAT, which was to be expected, yet still was a sight to behold. I have to admit that The Bucks continue to be a sore spot on the great fruit that is AEW, down to the production of their segments. Their father is most certainly not tv-ready, and doesn't really need to be, but dude was acting possessed more than hurt. Then, we get - for I think the first time ever - one of those idiotic WWE recaps of WHAT JUST HAPPENED as if it was paramount to anything aside from the rest of the show - a move that I could only assume was done to show that it was VERY VERY important. Are The Bucks heel or face? Why should we care about their father? Why is he proud to take a photo of them and a truck when AEW's been around for a while and they are most certainly not a debut act? Of course, this could just be Acero being Acero, but the whole thing just annoyed me.

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