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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 11.13.23

November 13, 2023 | Posted by Tony Acero
WWE Raw Drew McIntyre Image Credit: WWE
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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 11.13.23  

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I wish I could show y’all this medium rare prime rib eye that I Just cooked. GOOD GOD!

It’s Monday…you know what that means

The announcement of War Games is replayed to start RAW. It’s not Regal, but Pearce tried, and good for him.

We start proper with Cody Rhodes. He would like to talk about something, and asks our opinion, although I don’t think it truly matters.

He says he has a lot of wonderful memories in this arena, and he’d like to give us more memories tonight in the main event. He also wants to introduce us to his team for War Games!

Sami Zayn, Jey Uso, and Seth Rollins come out individually to their own music, with Seth soaking in his own song and Cody seeming just a tad bit bothered. The crowd continues the song of Seth, and he says they are too kind.

Cody tells us that they are all in the ring for one reason, and that reason is The Judgment Day. Whether he has gotten along with them his whole career, just recently gotten along with them, or – in Seth’s case…

Before Cody can fully express himself, The Judgment Day comes out to ruin the fun. Finn Balor makes mention that the four men in the ring cant even look each other in the eyes. Damien Priest says they are a group of randoms thrown together, while The Judgment Day is a family. Finn asks Seth how it feels to be champion but standing next to Cody, the one man Seth could never beat? Speaking of Cody, says Priest, how does it feel knowing Cody can beat all of his teammates, but the one thing he cant do is be a champion. Finn points to Sami, says he is world championship level, but last night proves he is just a loser. As for Jey, he has screwed everyone on the team while in The Bloodline.

Sami tells Dom the truth is that no one wants to hear him talk. He knows what they are doing. His team can put their issues aside, because they all understand. This match is about power. At Survivor Series (SS), it is WarGames. This will be the most brutal match of their lives. They will find out the hard way that the power of RAW lies with the four men in the ring.

Speaking of power, Cody says, he’s surprised they’re out here without Mami. She is the leader, right? Priest mentions that there is no leader. Cody wonders if Rhea isn’t here, then Dom is the leader? Priest says he’s not, Finn is not, so does that make JD the leader, says Cody? Priest sxreams: “I’m the leader.”

Seth is tired of the talking. He wants a fight. How bout Sami and Seth vs Dom and JD, right now?

Seth and Dom to start. Seth with a quick back body drop. He kicks, double underhook. JD escapes, corners Seth, tag to Dom, and he comes in with some right hhands. Boots to Seth. Seth gets out the corner, whip, back elbow to Dom. Tag to Sami. Sami hops to the 2nd rope and drops an axe on Dom. Sami corners Dom, hits some right hands, then sends Dom into the buckle head first. Sami to the 2nd rope again, and drops an elbow to the forehead. Sami tags in Seth, holds onto Dom. Seth with a kidney shot. Sami locks the head, Dom pushes him to the corner, tag from JD. Kicks in the corner. Ref holds him bac and JD argues with him, then drops a knee. Tag to Dom. Dom with a right hand, locks the head, suplex. Dom tries for the Three Amigos. Seth stops the third one as I choke up a bit for Eddie.

Tag to Sami. Sami meets Dom in the corner, whip, Sami hops over backwards, and hits a huge lariat to Dom! Locks up from behind, tries to lift but Dom holds onto the ropes and JD pulls him outside. Sami and Seth follow and meet the guys at the ramp. Sami sends Dom into the barricade, Sami drops JD onto the barricade.

In the ring, Seth hits a body slam to Dom, tries for a Helluva Kick, but Dom rolls out of the ring. In comes JD, misses a right, Seth dives in, hits a clothesline to JD. Sami and Seth hit the ropes and dive through and over the ropes onto their opponents!

We are BACK and Sami shoots the legs and catapults JD into the corner face first. Tag to Seth, JD with a tag to Dom. Big boot from Seth. Duck under, capture, big slam. Slingblade to Dom. JD gets kicked in the stompach, another kick, but clothesline, Seth sends JD to theo utsdie. He turns to Dom, fireman’s, lifts up and drops him with a gut buster. Seth hits the ropes and kicks Dom in the face. Seth lifts, tries for a buckle bomb but JD holds him from the apron. Sami is here to grab JD. Right hands thn JD gets posted. Dom turns and Seth kicks him. PEDIGR—NO!!! Dom drops down. Drop toe hold! Dom hits the ropes but Seth is up! Big kick!

Locks the head, lifts up, BUCKLE BOMB! Seth turns and Dom is in position. But here come Finn, Priest, and Ripley! They pull Seth out of the ring for the DQ.

Winners: Sami Zayn and Seth Rollins via DQ
100% just a means to an end, but in no way unentertaining.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 10:10

It’s not long before Cody and Jey run down to meet their foes.

Here come the refs and agents to stop the raucous.

Adam Pearce is in the ring with a mic, he says he is sick of the games. Everyone involved in War Games is banned from ringside. Actually, it’s not good enough. He wants them out of the arena by the time the main event starts.

Rhea gets in the face of Pearce for some reason, and they argue into the commercial break.

We come back with Rhea and Pearce still arguing. Here comes Zoey Stark to tell Rhea that she is worried too much about all things but her. She earned her shot, and she will not be overlooked.

Rhea stops her, tells her she is not overlooking her. She’s been watching since NXT. Zoey has accomplished a lot. She sent Trish packing. Zoey beat The Man. Zoey is a future champ, but the only way she will be champ is if she is on some other brand than her, because Mami is always on top. She can handle The Judgment Day, the tag team championships, War Games, backstage politics, her Dom Dom…she is Rhea Bloody Ripley. So now that zoey has said her piece, it’s time for her to get out of Rhea’s ring and let her continue handling her business.

Rhea drops the mic and goes back to yelling at Pearce.

Zoey tells Rhea that she almost took the title at Crown Jewel, and she WILL become champion at Survivor Series.

Rhea tries to attack, but Zoey holds the ropes and Rhea slips out of the ring. Zoey looks to jump off the top rope but stops last minute as Rhea stares her down.

Shinsuke Nakamura gets a backstage promo. He’s waitin for someone.

Cody meets with Seth backstage to tell him, that for one night, please get along. Seth tells Cody that he promises, at War Games, he’s got a teammate. Now go win those tag titles.

Otis vs Shinsuke Nakamura

LOCKUP! Otis shoves Shin. Shin wants to lock knuckles. Otis obliges and Seth icks his thigh. He attacks the belly with rights and lefts, but it doesn’t phase Otis. Otis wit a headbutt. Whip and Shin breaks the grip. High knee. Otis still stands. Shin works the left arm, but Otis lifts Shin with ease and drops Shinsuke down with a body slam. Otis takes a note out of Shin’s book and gives him some Good Vibrations. Otis with a splash in th corner. Otis with some rights. Shin drops to the mat. Otis wants the caterpillar. Shin pulls himself out of the ring before Otis can hit it, but Otis leaves the ring and hits a clothesline!

WE come back and Otis hits a big clothesline then hits the caterpillar! He covers for 1..2..NO!!! Otis sits Shin on the top rope. He climbs, hits a right on his way up, Shin slinks down and pulls otis’ leg out from under him. Shin misses a kick but hits him with the spinning heel kick. KINSHA—NO!!! Otis with a World’s Strongest Slam! Cover! 1…2……N!O!!!

Kinshasha off the 2nd rope! Otis still stands! Kinshasha to the back of the neck! ONE MORE TO FINISH OTIS OFF! Cover! 1…2…..3!!!

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura
They didn’t HAVE to protect Otis, but the fact that they did is great. Small but powerful.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 9:01

Shinsuke shoves Chad Gable’s, then leaves the ring nd tells him to COME ONNNNN

War Games video package.

Seth Rollins is on his way out, and here comes Drew McIntyre to tell Seth he was right; if he lost at Crown Jewel, it would only be Drew’s fault. He also said he’d be happier, and maybe he’s right about that, too. There’s something he’s been wanting to give to Seth since last Saturday.

Drew extends out his hand, shakes Seth’s and says he’ll do what he always does. He’ll fight his way back and get his rematch.

Seth slaps the chest and tells Drew he knows he will, then leaves the arena, seemingly in a bit of pain.

Piper Niven (w/ Chelsea Green) vs Tegan Nox (w/ Natalya)

Piper is quick to get the upperhand, suplexing Tegan into the ring off the apron then hitting a running senton. A cover gets 1..2.NO!! After a slam, Piper locks in a choke on Tegan. Tegan hits some elbows but Piper hits a short clothesline and a cover for 1..2.NO! Headbutt from Piper. Tegan tries for some body shots, but Piper grabs her and hits a shoulder breaker. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Tegan kicks up and hits Piper in the face. Another kick to the chin. Piper grabs Tegan, pulls her up, but Tegan rolls through for 1..2.>NO!!! Tegan hits the ropes, big knee! Cover! 1..2…N!O!! Green on the apron. Tegan is distracted, and Piper hits a clothesline. Natalya chases Green onto the apron. She shoves Green off the apron, Piper sends Nattie off the apron, turns, and tries for a low crossbody. Tegan moves, World’s Shinest Wizard! Cover! 1..2….NO!!! Piper gets the leg on the ropes. Tegan tries to drag Piper to the center, lifts Piper.

Tegan calls for the end, hops over for a Sunset Flip, Piper holds on, sits down, Tegan rolls out the way, crucifix pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Tegan Nox
Nope. Every move Piper did seemed either sloppy or painful or both. I’ve enjoyed Piper for the most part, but this was not her night.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 4:41

The Miz is questioned about his drive, which gives him a chance to mention that he finally has a bus. Great. Lol.

Miz then does some Arnold impressions before Ivar comes up to him to tell him that he’s not making it to Survivor Series.

Here comes Bronson Reed to interrupt. He wants them both to know they’re lucky to be standing. Ivar tells Bronson that he had his shot. Reed tells him to stand down. He tells Valhalla to smarten her man up. Ivar shoves Reed’s face, he turns, turns back, and Valhalla’s there. For no reason.

Ludwig Kaiser vs Tommaso Ciampa

Kaiser starts with some aggressive chops. Tommaso corners Kaiser and hits some of his own. Kaiser grips the nose and hops off the corner, then grabs a boot and slaps the taste out of Ciampa’s face. Kaiser corners Ciampa then drives some knees into the side of his head. Ref holds him back, and Kaiser lifts then whips. Chop from Ciampa, jawbreaker and he hits the ropes, then a big clothesline. Cover from Tommaso. 1..2..NO!!! Ciampa eats a right hand. Kaiser hits the ropes and gets a running kick to the chest. Whip to the ropes, Kaiser ducks, Ciampa kicks, Vinci grabs the leg of Ciampa, and he turns right into a spinning clothesline.

The ref kicks Vinci to the back. Kaiser is pissed.

We come back from the break, and Ciampa hits Thesz Press then some rights. He hits the ropes. Clothelsine. Another, hooks the arm, the head, inverted DDT! Cover! 1..2..NO!!! Kaiser stops Ciampa from running with a huge right, then a clotheline. Firemans and Ciampa slinks off, Kaiser with a Death Valley Driver, he flips out of it, huge punt, cover! 1..2..NO!!!! Ciampa tries for the dastardly DDT, but Ciampa elbows, right form Kaiser, right from Ciampa. They go back and forth, each one landing softer, Ciampa ducks an enziguri and stomps the back. Ciampa corners Kaiser, sits him up top. Chop to the chest. Right hand, another. Kaiser chops, Ciampa chops back, He gets Kaiser on his shoulders, sets up for a White Noise type move, but Kaiser slinks under, tries for a powerbomb, right hands crom Ciampa, Ludwig pulls the legs out, Cimapa spins Kaiser into a right, uppercut from Ludwig. Kaiser flies off the 2nd rope, but Ciampa with a knee!!!!

Vinci is back! He runs and kicks Gargano in the face! Kaiser rolls up Ciampa! 1…2….3!!!!

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa
Damn, that got good quickly. I hated the ending. So so much, I did. They had any number of ways to make Kaiser win nefariously, but a returning Vinci and a rollup was a double no from me…
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 10:06

Backstage, The Judgment Day consider later tonight. Rhea makes note of Priest caling himself the leader. Priest says he got hot and didn’t mean it. Rhea says it sure sounds like it. Rhea says it is a good idea for War Games, though. They make him in charge of War Games. Finn has one more thing to take care of. Rhea mentions JD, and Priest is annoyed. Rhea says JD took a shot for him tonight. Finn says it’s time to make JD a real member of the team. Priest wants to do it himself.

Xia Li vs Indi Hartwell

Both girls end up outside to start. Indi gets the upperhand, rolls Li into the ring, and that’s the end of it. Li with a running knee in the corner, another one is missed as Indi side steps. Indi with a back elbow. Big kick to the knee, hammer blow to the back of the neck, right hand, clothesline. Spinebuster to Li! Cover! 1..2..NO!!!

Throat thrust, spinning kick to Indi. Indi cant stand. Li looks to attack, but the kick causes a collapse. Ref holds Li back and calls it.

Winner: Xia Li
I’m loving Li’s kick just knockin bitches ded.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: Shiiiiiiid

Becky Lynch is here to tell Li that they’ll be doing this on her time now, not on Li’s time. Becky gets a cheap pop then says she came lookin for a fight.

She enters the ring, tries for The Manhandle Slam, Li escapes and rolls out of the ring, then walks up the ramp saying it’ll be on her time.

Becky is fuming. She grabs a mic. She wants to keep running? Well she has 7 more days. Next week, it’ll be Becky vs Xia Li. Welcome to the big time.

Gunther congratulates “Mike” backstage. He says Miz surprised everyone last week. Congrats. Miz cuts him off, says to watch his match tonight. He does whatever it takes to win. He’s been doing this for twenty years. There is a reason he’s held that title for 8 time. He is the greatest of all time.

Gunther tells Miz he knows who he is dealing with. Whatever happens out there tonight will not compare to the beating of a lifetime he’ll receive at Survivor Series.

Backstage, Shayna Baszler tells Zoey she is looking forward to watching Zoey beat Rhea at Survivor Series.

In comes Raquel Rodriguez to wish Zoey good luck.

Nia Jax is here to call all of them pathetic. They all know it should be her vs Rhea. They also know that none of them can beat her one-on-one. Raquel steps up to challenge her. Raquel goes all Lucha Bros on Nia tellin her YO NO TENGO MIERDO, PENDEJA!

The Miz vs Ivar

Ivar corners Miz with ease, and hits some hard back elbows. Hard whip, Miz hops onto the 2nd buckle. Big kick, and a rana off the top! Clothe3sline doesn’t quite send Ivar over, so he tries again. He tries for a third but Ivar kicks him. They run the ropes, and Miz finally gets him over! Miz flies through the ropes with a kick to Ivar! Ivar shoves Miz hard into the apron. Ivar with a HUGE low crossbody to Miz into the apron! That looked sick.

Ivar sends Miz into the ring. Miz fights back with right, left, right, left, Ivar sends him over his head, Miz lands on his feete, fights out the corner, hits a kick, the ropes, spinning DDT to Ivar! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! Miz locks up with a nElso,n but Ivar sends him into the corner. Spinning slam by Ivar and a cover for 1..2..NO!!!

Reed is down here to distract. Miz hits a Tornado DDT. Covers for 1..2.>NO!!! Miz rushes the corner, and Ivar sits on the chest of Miz. Miz rolls to the outside. Reed grabs a chair. Ivar heads out of the ring, too. Reed takes a seat to watch up close.

WE are back and Miz gets a 2 on Ivar. He is up first. He kicks Ivar in the chest. Again. Again. Some more, switching legs, then hitting the final one, and one more for good measure. He’s up, throat thrust from Ivar, cheap shot from Valhalla, spinning leg lariat from Ivar. Cover for 1..2…N!O!! Ivar to the corner, seated on the top buckle. Miz hops up there and looks for a Skull Xrushing Finale off the 2nd, but an elbow stop Miz. Ivar lifts Miz, and we get a World’s Strongest Slam off the 2nd rope! Cover! 1…2….NO!!!! Even Reed is impressed.

Reed is up to distract Ivar. Miz rolls up Ivar. He uses the ropes to pin. 1..2…3!!!

Winner: The Miz
Both men put on their working boots, and commentary did a hell of a lot to cement the fact that Miz is loved by the fans and at a “main event level” currently.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 10:50

After the match, Bronson Reed enters the ring and hits a Tsunami off the top rope onto Ivar.

JD is backstage. Here comes Priest. He says a part of him isn’t sure JD is ready, and a bigger part still gets annoyed. Tonight, JD took one for the team, and took one for Priest.

Priest pulls a jacket out of a bag and welcomes JD to the Judgment Day.

Here comes Finn and says finally. Congrats! The celebration will have to wait because Dom and JD gotta get out of here.

WWE Unified Tag Team Championship Match
Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes vs The Judgment Day (Finn Balor and Damien Priest)

Jey and Finn to start. Jey with a big slap to Finn. Finn fires back ,and all four men enter the ring to go at it. Cody gets Priest to go outside and hits his apron. Finn hits a back elbow to Jey, Jey gets a tag. Cody enters and gets a delayed suplex to Finn. He drops Finn in front of him and covers for 1..2.NO!! Cody drags Finn to the corner, tags in Jey. Jey with a right hand. Finn kicks out of the corner and whips Jey into his own corner. Tag to Priest and Priest hits a hard right hand, almost knocking Jey out. Priest lifts Jey, sends him into the corner hard, and hits a righ hand. Stomps from Priest. Finn and Priest double team Jey then Finn covers off the tag. 1..2.NO! Side headlock to Jey. Priest enters the ring, and here comes Cody yet again. Jey sends Finn out of the ring, Cody sends Priest out, and we go to break!

We are back to Cody and Finn goin at it. Cody runs over him, catches Finn mid air with a Fireman’s but Finn rakes the eyes as Priest distracts. Finn corners Cody and hits some shoulders. Priest with a right hand off the tag. Some more beats Cody down.

Cody and Priest now. Priest kicks the knee out of Cody. He whips Cody into the ropes, Priest catches him off the run, and slams Cody to the mat upside down. Cover for 1..2.NO!! Priest turns Cody around and attacks the kidneys then flips him over, Cody lands on his feet, hits Finn , roll through, tag to Jey, Priest is ready for ihm, but Jey blocks some rights and hits some rights with a YETE in between! He kicks, drops the shirt around the neck of Priest, and ihts a right. Big right to Finn. Preist sends Jey to the apron, high kick to the face. Jey gets sent outside and Finn hits him hard with a clothesline. Priest and Finn celebrate, Finn sends Jey into the apron, attacks the mid-section then sends Jey over the announce table.

Back again and it’s Cody and Finn. Disaster Kick from Cody! Priest in! Bionic elbow for him! Finn rolls up! 1….2…NO!! Cody kicks! Tries for a Cody Cutter, but Finn catches him and locks the head, cody revereses, tries for Cross Rhodes, Finn drops down, tags in Priest. Kick to Finn from Cody. Jey gets a blind tag. Preiset misses a asplash. Jey kicks Balor. Jey flies with a crossbody! Cover! 1..2..NO!!! Jey calls for a butt splash, Finn stops him, so Jey hits A Superkick, one for Priest, another! Jey to the top rope! Jey flies! FROG SPLASH! COVER! 1…2….NO!!!! Priest kicks out! Priest with a kick! Clothesline to Jey knocks him down. Priest tags in Finn. GOOZLE! South of _NO!! Jey hops out, gives a right to Finn, Cody in! CROSS RHODES TO PRIEST!!! Jey with a SPEAR TO FINN!!! Jey grabs Finn. Cody hits the ropes. CUTTER/D combo! Cover! 1….2…NO!!! Priest stops it! Priest sends Cody into the ringpost outside, then hits a chokeslam on the apron. Preist goes over to Finn to help him up outside. Jey sees, hits the ropes, dives over the top onto both men! Jey grabs Finn, sends him into the ring,

Drew McIntyre is by the timekeeper’s area. CLAYMORE TO JEY USO!!!!

Drew tosses Jey into the ring and leaves. Finn covers. 1…2….3!!!!

Winners: The Judgment Day
Solid action, solid main event, a continued slow burn for Drew, and, thankfully, the titles stayed put for a now. Good ending to a good episode.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 22:48

After the match, Drew stands at the top of the ramp. Out comes Rhea Ripley, and she extends her hand to Drew. Drew smiles and shakes it as Rhea smiles.

Slow burn over. Haha. Nice.

End Show

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
A pretty standard RAW, so long as we base the standard on solely the past year. Which is to say, it was not bad at all. I could see a bit of a lull in the middle, with a slight dip in quality, but at that point, it’s just a reality of pacing, because outside of the Piper v Tegan match, nothing was out right bad. The great news is, RAW continues to be a really good show, making three hours not the chore it used to be. The bad news is, a high quality show can sometimes be difficult to keep up, especially with no real story-arcs that have a finite ending. Still, RAW finally does it well, and tonight was another one of those instances.

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