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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 11.28.22

November 28, 2022 | Posted by Tony Acero
WWE Raw 11-28-22 Kevin Owens Jey Uso Image Credit: WWE
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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 11.28.22  

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It’s the fallout of Wargames, and I’m kinda excited. LETS GOOOO!!!!

Took multivitamins and my usual fat-burner because I planned to go to the gym before RAW.
Got busy during errands, bought a Bang without thinking.
Realized I wouldn’t make it to the gym in time.
Now I’m here covering RAW, hands jittery, heart goin crazy
RAW bout to be LITTTTT

The Bloodline has arrived after a nice video package focusing on Sami Zayn’s actions. They all appear to be very happy.

Becky Lynch is here to start the show!

Becky is adored by the crowd and Kevin Patrick alike, as he practically creams his pants talking about her WarGames antics.

Becky says it feels good to be back and welcomes us to RAW. She has missed us. She loves us, but this doesn’t feel right, her standing in the ring. She wants to come say hi to the crowd. She walks over to a dude in the front row with her shirt on. She slaps some hands, heads to the steps, gives props to a Seth Rollins shirt wearer. She gets to Bobby, a tall man in an X-Men sweater. BOBBY gets a nice little chant. Becky says after four months on the bench, coming back was the most physically brutal way she could have returned. She heads over to Zachary, and says now that she is back, she is ready to put her body on the line and jump off the top of cages to take care of business.

Zach: “That’s what THE MAN does!”

Lol. Norfolk got some promo kings.

She says shes seen a lot of new faces come in and come back, and she cant wait to slap the hell out of all of them.

Bayley is over it. She comes out in all black with the mic, tells Becky when she saw her come out, she thought she’d return to WWE and felt a little humbled since she’s sitting in the crowd. Then she goes on and on and on. SHUT UP. Bayley has been putting her body on the line for months. Becky has ONE brutal match, and you all love her? She’s gotten no respect the last four months. Ladder Match, Last Woman’s Standing Match, WarGames, and we idiots have no appreciation.

Becky warns Bayley to dare not call Bob a peasant.

Bayley: “Ey Bob, YOU SUCK!”

Becky says they don’t appreciate Bayley because she lost; she kept losing. Her and her lackies started this four months ago, and she thought she ended it Saturday, but if Bayley wants to fight, she’ll come down and fight.

Bayley says she’s in the ring.

Bob: “Go kick her butt, Becky!”

As she is about to fight, we see Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky walking down the steps. Becky fights them both off with a sign from a fan. They chase her up the ramp as she tries to fight back. Bayley runs up and we get a 3-on-1.

We head to a merch table as all three girls fight Becky, and she hits them with a fake chain. Bayley grabs a mini MitB briefcase lunchbox and hits Becky in the back. Haha. This is ridiculously awesome.

Bayley mounts Becky. Some rights are short-lived as Becky up kicks her and slams her down just as refs and security come to stop the fight.

Bayley is sick of these people, and sick of Becky.

A Mia Yim video package is followed by the entrance of Rhea and her boo thang.

Match 1: Rhea Ripley vs “Michin” Mia Yim

They are slow to start, smirking at each other before the eventual LOCKUP! Mia corners Rhea, and the ref breaks it up. Rhea misses a huge kick. Arm drag from Mia, another. Rhea rolls out of the ring. Dom talks it over with his dom. She whispers in his ear, and he heads to the apron. Rhea hops up and back into the ring. Another lockup and Rhea hits a knee then a hard leg sweep. She lifts Mia up and corners her. Some shoulders. Ref stops her. Rhea chops the titties! Kick from Mia, she hops up, locks in a tarantula!!!! Dom is there to distract, Rhea misses a right, Mia hits her own and sends Rhea into the ring. Rhea misses a right, Mia shoots the legs, right hands to the chest. Rhea kicks her away, up, another kick, foot stomp, knee to the face, clothesline! Rhea punches the gut, then chokes Mia up on the 2nd rope. Kick to Mia in the corner. She whips, Mia hits the corner hard. Another hard whip and Rhea celebrates.

Rhea grabs Mia, goes for a delayed suplex, hits it. Cover. 1…2…NO!!! Rhea rubs her forearm into the back of Mia’s head, talking some shit to her face. Rhea stands over her body and taunts the crowd, then shoves Mia around a bit. This is her world, says Rhea. Mia is up. Knee. Another. Kick to the hammy, high kick to the chest. Another and Rhea goes down! Mia yells that she talks too much and hits a dropkick to Rhea into the corner. Mia gets sent over the ropes, Mia blocks a right, hits another, tornado DDT from apron to mat! Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Mia tries to finish it, but Rhea reveres, pumphandle, Mia turns her body, DDT TO RHEA!!! She rolls to the outside!

Dom is on the apron, Mia brings him in the hard way. Rhea attacks! Shoots the legs! Mounts. Right hands!

Here comes AJ Styles to attack Dom and that, somehow, calls for the bell.

Winner: No Contest
This was a great showing for those that only know Yim from the mask-wearing days of Retribution. Rhea looked only slightly better, but they left enough meat on the bone for more. Nice opener.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 6:55

Finn Balor and Damien Priest are here to attack AJ!!! Out come The OC to even the odds!!!

They clear the ring. AJ wants a mic. Judgment Day walks up the ramp. AJ asks them where they goin. He thought this was over, but he guesses not. It’s going to end tonight. Four v Four on RAW tonight! AJ wants a ref.

Judgment Day rushes the ring, and we get a back and forth from all eight.

After some ass-kickery from both teams, AJ and Finn roll into the ring and we are on.

Match 2: The OC vs The Judgment Day

AJ starts with a suplex, then a backbreaker to stop a pin. AJ offers Anderson some, grabs Finn and corners him then tags in Karl. Kick to the chest, head to the corner, Karl sends Finn into the corner, tags in Gallows. He hits a big kick, locks the head, and hits a suplex. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! The former Festus corners Finn and hits a huge uppercut then tags in Anderson. He gets some crowd support then high kicks. Tag to AJ. Clothesline in the corner. Tag to Gallows. Running splash. He lifts Finn, Finn flies off, tags in Priest, and he takes his time getting in the ring before rushing in with a knee. Right, whip, reverse, kick from Priest, back elbow in the corner, grabs the head, suplex to G—No! Gallows lifts, Priest lands on his feet, hits a ear clap, kicks, turns for a right but Gallows hits an uppercut. Kick from Priest. Kick from Gallows. Running back elbow from Gallows, hits the ropes, HUGE right from Priest! He hits the ropes and Gallows with a flapjack! Right hands in the corner from Gallows. Another right to the face. He grabs the neck for a Tree Slam, Dom enters the ring to distract, Priest high kicks .Tag to Finn. Finn corners Gallows, hits some shoulders. Tag to Priest. Kick to the chin, cover for 1..2..NO!!! Tag to Dom, and he rushes in to so many boos. HUGE uppercut to some cheers. Tag to Priest, high kick to the face. Tag to Anderson.

Anderson in with a chop to Priest, another, uppercut, shove from Priest, Andersno blocks a kick, chop to the chest, Priest tosses him into the corner, misses a right, chop from Anderson. Right, another, whip. Reversed, Priest misses a back elbow, Anderson with a high kick to the face. Finn in and Anderson drops him, then Dom. SPINEBUSTER!!! Running senton to Finn! PRIEST with a clothesline! Cover! 1…2…NO!!!!

Good God, this is a lot of action.

Priest pulls back on the arms of Anderson. Anderson turns, Priest with a right. Sends him to the corner. Tag to Finn, he flies over the apron with a stomp. Tag to Dom, he flips over the top rope, landing on Anderson, tag to Finn, tag to Priest, they both go in to double team Anderson with a backbreaker leg drop combo. Cover from Priest for 1..2..NO!!! Tag to Rhea, and she hits Anderson with a right hand. She attacks the back of Andreson, then tags in Dom!

WHOA!!! No gender swap! Tag to Finn as commentary explains the gender rules are still in effect, but Rhea just don’t give a fuck.

Finn corners Anderson with a chop. Whip to the corner, Anderson dodges an elbow, a right, neckbreaker to Finn! Tag to Dom! He is in to stop the tag. He goes for the Three Amigos, and Virginia hates it. He shimmies for the third, and hits it. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Tag to Finn. He runs in with a kick. Finn with a side headlock.Anderson escapes, hits a right hand, Finn wont let go of the hand, pulling Anderson away from a tag, pulls him in, drops the elbow and a cover for 1…2..NO!! AJ in to stop it. Finn turns Anderson on his knees, locks the head, and looks like he’s going to mock AJ. It’s a no go as Anderson hits a back suplex. HOT TAG TO AJ!

Aj in with an elbow to Finn, right to Priest, flurry of offense to Finn, running right hand. Shoulders, he drops Finn as Priest tries to get in. AJ clocks him with a right, here comes Gallows to spear Priest onto the announce table1 AJ hits. Running kick to Dom on the apron, heads to the top, back flips, locks the head, drops Finn! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Rhea here to kick Aj in the back of the head! AJ cannot believe it. Rhea kicks, AJ catches her foot, Finn with a rollup!!!! 1…2…N!O!!! SLINGBLADE! To AJ! TAG TO RHEA!!! Mia in! chop, chop, chop, dropkick! Crowd went nuts, by the way. Another dropkick! Flapjack! Kick to the chin, right to the fac,e hits the ropes, running kick to the chest! Rhea rolls to the corner. She stands, Mia with a running high kick. CANNONBALL to Rhea!!!! Rhea rolls to the outside. Mia hits the ropes. SUICIDE DIVE!

Anderson with an uppercut to Dom in the ring, Priest enters, Big kick to Priest! They go for a Magic Killer, but Dom stops it. Uppercut to him. Priest chokeslams Gallows!! PHENOMENAL FOREARM TO PREIST!!! Finn is in! he sends AJ outside!

Mia re-enters the ring! She turns Finn! BODY SLAM TO FINN!!! Kick to Dom! She locks the head of Dom! Rhea in! RIPTIDE!!! Cover! 1…2……3!!!!!

Winners: The Judgement Day
Holy shit. Look, this was not the highest quality and caliber of match in terms of “wrestling,” but good LORD was it action packed, and that crowd was INTO it! Hell, I was into it! It was one of those matches where emotions added to the match quality. Solid action. Good shit. GREAT multi-man match.
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 14:21

Commentary lets us know The Street Profits are returning!

Earlier tonight, Saxton stopped them upon entry to welcome them back. Tonight, they are taking on Alpha Academy. How does it feel to be back?

Ford says a lot has changed. Becky is back, Mysterio left, Theory lost his briefcase, but The Street Profits are back tonight and back in business.

Chad Gable and Otis are here to cut off their catchphrase with his own. While they were out on their little vacation, he has been on RAW, making himself the best person on the show. He was the one who requested a match with them two, and tonight they will put Street Profits back on the shelf.

Dawkins calls Gable the Elf on the Shelf. Ford tells them beating them tonight will be no different than any time before.

The Usos are here! They come out with Solo Sikoa and Sami Zayn.

Sami posing with them like he’s super Ucey is just a joy to see.

Jimmy says The Bloodline has no cracks, but someone backstage is hella mad. Kevin Owens is mad cuz he aint Sami’s dawg, he’s thiers! Sami says Jimmy has always been on his side no matter what. He’s really been down since day one.

As for Jey, he knows it has not always been easy. Most of that time, he didn’t trust Sami and definitely didn’t like him. At WarGames, the way that he accepted Sami into the family, THAT was Ucey!

Jey has a straight face here. Sami says any Bloodline business that they have to handle, they are on the same page.

Sami extends his hand. Jey smiles, hesitates, slaps it and hugs Sami. BIG HUGS from Sami! In comes Jimmy! Sami asks for Solo to bring it in. He stands, arms crossed, Jimmy and Jey want it now, Solo considers it, and….

Here comes Kevin Owens!

Sami tells him to stop at the ramp, tells him before he does something stupid,

But Owens cuts him off, says that’s not why he is out here at all. Owens is out here to tell him that he gets it. He understands why Sami did this. How many times has Owens done the exact same thing?V He gets it. Owens is not mad, cant blame him one bit. Owens is not here to fight, it’s the opposite. Since Saturday, he cant help but think about how for 20 years, their careers have been linked to one another but after Saturday…

Owens doesn’t wanna fight Sami, doesn’t wanna team with him, ride to shows together, he’s just done.

Sami says that’s fine, he feels the same way. He is ok if he is never in the same room as Owens ever again. He doesn’t need Owens anymore. He has family now.

Owens says he is happy for Sami with all that’s been going on. Finally, everyone out here and in the WWE Universe can finally see just how great Sami is. He’s known for 20 years, and to see Sami get this recognition, he loves it. But here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter how many times they tell Sami he is in The Bloodline, or how many times he calls them family. He is not their real blood, and never will be.

Jey on the mic, tells Sami not to worry bout him. He’s got this. He just mad cuz he ain’t got no damn family around him. Check this out, KO, if he’s got a problem with sami, he’s got a problem with Jey Uso now, too.

Owens smirks, says he has good news. He is done with Sami, but he’s not done with Jey Uso. He’ll kick ass any day of the week!

We are reminded of last month when Candice LeRae dissed Bayley. She is in action tonight. We see her walking the halls, and from behind, Nikki Cross is creepin. She is stopped by HOLY SHIT Cathy looking stone cold foxy. Wowza. Lemem catch my breath…

She wants to ask Candice a question, and Candice tries to find her footing before asking for the mic.

Candice re-introduces herself with a mini promo. She will be taking Dakota Kai out, tonight!

The Street Profits are here in Dodger inspired gear. They head through the crowd as we finish our commercial free hour.

Seriously…good GOD!

We are backstage, and Matt Riddle is asked what’s it like teaming with Elias? Riddle says it’s been great, wonders if Elias remembers last week. Elias sees himself as a solo artist, but he does admit they have some chemistry. Riddle says they should go after the tag titles. Elias says he never has had WWE gold.

The Bloodline is here to tell them they never will. They offer an any time, any place opening.

Match 3: The Alpha Academy vs The Street Profits

Gable and Ford to start. He works the arm, Ford kips up out of it, works the left arm.

Ford to Otis: “IF he tag you, Imma whoop your ass, too!”

Gable escapes the arm lock and gets his own, then tags in Otis. Otis with a knee, attacks the back. Tag to Gable, side headlock .tag to Dawkins to hit a shoulder tackle. He grabs the left arm of Gable. Dawkins sits on the back, Gable tries to grab t he leg, Gable escapes, grabs the leg, front face lock, spin on the mat,Dawkins hops on his back into a side headlock. Gable hops over Dawkins, hits the ropes, ducks under, Gable catches him and just slams Gable down hard! Ouch. Arm drag from Galne, misses a right hand, Dawkins flips over Gable, arm drag, another one from Gable, dropkick from Dawkins! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Tag to Ford. Ford in hits a hard clothesline. Otis in, gets sent to the outside immediately. Ford sends Gable over the top rope onto Otis! Dawkins in,. STEREO FRONT FLIPS TO THE OUTSIDE!!!

We are back to Otis distracting the ref while he has a rollup on Gable. Gable is able to escape before the ref counts, but gets a shoulder from the apron from Ford. Ford hits a hard right to Otis in the face! Northern Lights from Gable to Ford for 1..2..NO!!! Gable smacks Dawkins off the apron. Gable waits, Ford stands, lcok up from behind, roll through into a Germ-NO! Elbow from Ford, he misses a right, but locks the head for a DDT! Tag to Otis. He rushes the corner and eats ringpost as Ford moves. Otis falls to his back, Ford is slow to stand. Dawkins wants in. Tag to Gable! Tag to Dawkins! Right, another, right to Otis, whip to the ropes, Dawkins flies over Gable, back elbow, Splash in the corner, kick to Galbe, double underhook into a silencer. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Otis with a right to stop the pin. He corners Dawkins, misses a splash, high kik from Dawkins. He rushes Gable with an elbow, but Gable moves and hits a dragon Screw. Lockup from behind, another roll through into a German! 1..2…NO!!! Ford in to stop the pin!

Otis grabs Ford, tries for a back suplex, Ford lands on his legs, turns, BODY SLAM TO OTIS!!! AWWW SHEEEEUUUUTTTTT!!!!

Gable in the corner, right hand from Dawkins! Tag to Ford, SPINEBUSTER FROM DAWKINS! FROG SPLASH! Cover! 1….2…..3!!!!!!

Winners: The Street Profits
Ya boys came back with some fire in their blood! Dawkins pounce-like slam was sick, and Ford bodyslamming Otis was a sight to see. Good for them.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 12:02

Video package for the US Title Triple Threat match.

Afterwards, we get an official teaser for the Royal Rumble.

We come back to the show and Austin Theory is here!

He brings up how everyone said he looked stupid, but who looks stupid now. We will never call him a kid again. He beat Rollins and Lashley at the same time. He is the face of Monday Night Raw. Since Day 1, everyone has had a problem with him. Why is that? One word: jealousy. Everybody wants to be him. We all see the inevitable. He is younger, stronger, better, and unescapable. The Austin Theory era begins now.

Seth Rollins is out in a hell of a fit and a manbun. Hard not to hate him.

Rollins tells Austin to shut his mouth and let them sing.

Theory wonders what happens when someone so young, talented, and far ahead of everyone in the industry makes the so-called undisputed future look like the past?

Rollins tells Theory that he may have lucked his way into the title on Saturday, but it doesn’t change a damned thing. He knows deep down that Monday Nights belong to Seth. Before he goes, he only has one thing left to say: congratulations, KID.

What’s the matter? You don’t like it? Want to hit him? Want to fight him? They can do it right here and now, says Seth. Give him the best shot, KID.

Seth closes his eyes and exposes his chin as the crowd sings. Theory stares on in anger. He says he’ll fight Seth on his time. He then gets in Seth’s ear and tells him, “I am not your damn kid.”

Seth is left in the ring alone, smiling and laughing.

Theory walks up the ramp with a scowl, turns at the top, stares Seth down hard, and the crowd sings along.

We are here for another episode of “WWE Investigates” with Byron Saxton. He goes over the Lumis and Miz saga.

BACK FROM BREAK and The Miz is stopped backstage by Saxton. He has a LV bag and it is full of money, apparently. Miz says he has re-injured his hand, and competing in this condition is against medical advise.

Adam Pearce is here to tell Miz that’s not even the right hand.

Miz: “No, it’s the left hand.”

Pearce says this match will happen tonight. Miz says Dexter’s hopes will end tonight, and before this show is over, Pearce will be hearing from his lawyer.

The Miz tries to walk back from his entrance, but Pearce is there to walk him to the ring. Pearce takes the bag from Miz, Dexter is standing in front of the ring. We turn to Miz, turn back to the ring, and Lumis is gone. Ah, he’s creepin by the barricade. He attacks Miz, then sends him into the ring. Lumis hops into the ring, and Miz hits him with a DDT! He wants the bell rung.

Match 4: Dexter Lumis vs The Miz

Lumis pops up into a crawl and grabs Miz, miz hits the ropes. Thesz Press. Lumis hits an axe handle to the face. Miz crawls out, Lumis pulls himself out of the ring like a weirdo. Uppercut. He pulls Miz off the apron and lsmas his head into the apron TV. It flickers as Dexter grabs Miz by he neck and sends him into the barricade. Lumis grabs Dexter, sends him to the announce table. He rips off the table cover, grabs Miz, shoots him onto the table. Lumis kicks a tv aside, locks up for a Rock Bottom, but Miz elbows out and tries for the Skull Crushing Finale. Lumis shoots him off the table into the timekeeper’s area.

We are BACK and Dexter and Miz are in the crowd. Miz is laid out on a table. Dexter walks the barricade and drops an elbow onto The Miz.

We are back in the ring with a turnbuckle exposed. Miz shoves Dexter into it face first, rolls him up, feet on the ropes, gets a 1..2…NO!!! Miz is shocked but is quick to call the end. He turns.

Sitout Rock Bottom from Dexter! He locks in a submission. Miz taps.

Winner: Dexter Lumis
Well, it was something…
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 9:42

Pearce is standing by with a contract. Lumis signs it and takes the bag full of money. He heads over to the crowd and hands over a $100 to a kid in the crowd. Another $100, this time for a few more kids in the crowd. One kid checks to see if it’s real.

As he hands the final dollar, Miz attacks him from behind and grabs the bag! He then takes the $100 away from THE KID!!! Hahahahaa.

Miz walks up the ramp, but Johnny Gargano is there to hit a Superkick!

Gargano takes the $100 and gives it back to the kid.

Match 5: Dakota Kai vs Candice LeRae

We come back to the match already going down. Bayley and Iyo are being walked to the back, yelling at Pearce to watch his people on the roster. Lol. Damn.

Candice rolls Kai up for a 1..2.NO! Backslide for 1..2.NO!!! Cradle for 1..2..NO!!!! Kai with a clothesline. Kai kicks the back, another kick. Kai attacks the back, sends LeRae to the outside. She stands on the ropes, taunting Candice. Candice rolls in, Kai attacks with a kick. She chokes her up with a boot, then backs up at the demands of the ref. Kai grabs the head, Candice tries to fight back. Snapmare. Kai up. Pump kick sends Candice down hard. She attacks the back. Whip to the corner, Candice hits it hard back first. Kai whips, hits the ropes, runs for a kick but Candice moves. Kai appears to have hurt her leg. Candice sends her to the apron. Kick from Kai and Candice drops on her ass on the apron. Kai locks the head. Suplex attempt. Candice fights out, looks to hit her own, Kai shoves her away, LeRae with a FLATLINER ONTO THE APRON! Holy shit. LeRae to the top rope. She dives. Dropkick to Kai! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Candice hits the ropes. She dives! KAI KICKS HER IN THE FUCKING HEAD!

We BACK and Kai is showing some massive frustration after not getting a pin from a superkick. Kai rushes the corner with a HUGE kick to the side of the head. She sends Candice to the cneter of the ring, misses a kick, Candice rolls her up, pin for 1..2…NO!!! Kick to the head. Dakota shoves, Candice hits a right, right from Kai, another from LeRae. Kai with a Scorpion Kick! She gets a fireman’s then shoots LeRae up and onto a knee! She should really name that something! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! kai sits Candice on the top rope. Right hand to Kai, Kai with ahigh kick, Candice drops to the mat. Kai corners her, sits her back up, locks the head, Candice with right hands.

They are both seated on the ropes, Candice grabs the arm, enckbraeker off the ropes! Cover! 1…2..3!!!

Winner: Candice LeRae
A nice outing for Candice, and a nice welcome back for her as well. Looks like NXT is showing up and showing out in the second hour.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 12:16

Commentary lets us know that some of the girls were unable to compete tonight, and some of them are backstage.

We see Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss.

Bianca is glad this is all over with. Her and Bayley have been goin at it for months. It’s over. Bianca held this division down, and she made the call to becky, and every plan that Damage Control had backfired. Bianca is bery happy with the team she chose.

Asuka says something in Japanese, and Bianca agrees.

Alexa: “What? Oh, yeah, Becky was a good call.” FAKE SMILE.

Match 6: Jey Uso vs Kevin Owens

Jey tries to attack, but Owens corners him with a bunch of right hands. Ref stops him and he goes in with some more hits. Chops in te corner. Jey hits a right, but his finger is still hurt so he favors that a bit. Owens corners him with shoulders over and over. Ref holds him back. Jey with some right hands. He cotinues to be concerned bout his finger. Whip to Owens is reversed and Owen hits a back elbow. Jey to the outside. Kevin to the apron as Jey gets in the ring. He hits an enziguri sending Owens flying.

We are BACK and Jey has owens in the corner. Whip from Owens, hits a hard clothesline. He is favoring the back, runs with a cannonball anyway. They meet in the center of the ring and trade blows.

We come back from break again, and I just realized I missed a bit of this match due to a temporary internet outage, and not due to a very elongated commercial break.

Jey mounts Owens with some right hands, not caring about his hand at all at this point. Jey asks Owens if he’s done or nah. Jey corners Owens and slaps him some before hitting some hard forearms. Sami looks very proud of his family. Owens fires out fo the corner with a hard clothesline. He drops to his knees, stands and sotmps the back. Owens to the top rope. Nice. He looks to hop onto the apron first, but Jimmy is out there, so just hops straight to the top. Little but cool. Jey clocks Owens to stop the attck. He climbs up, locks the head, but Owens hooks the leg and suplexes Jey off the top rope!!!! Owens back to the top! Frog Splash! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Sami tries to motivate Jey as Owens lifts Jey up by the head. Jey with a surprise Superkick!

Owens rushes…..INTO ANOTHER SUPERKICK!!! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!!! Jey tries for a Samoan Drop, Owens floats off, tries for a Stunner, Jey escapes, SUPERKICK! COVER! 1…2…..NO!!!! Jey up! Owens up! Jey goes for ANOTHER superkick! Owens catches it! SUPERKICK!!! POP UP! NO!!!! His back goes out! Jey! SUPERKICK!!! COVER!!! 1….2…..NO!!!! Sami is FUMING ringside.

Owens on the outside. Sami is nearby. Owens with a right hand to the flying Uso! Jimmy on the apron. SUPERKICK TO JIMMY! Right from Jey, they fight on the apron and in the ring! Ref holds back Jey!

SOLO trips up Owens!!! Jey to the top rope! He flies with a frog splash, but Owens rolls out of the way. STUNNER!!!COVER! 1…..2…..3!!!!!!

Winner: Kevin Owens
Main Event Jey Uso did work with Prized Fighter KO tonight! It’s interesting to note Sami did not interfere at all, while Solo and Jimmy did what they could. A good main event for a good episode.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 22:13

End Show

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
I gotta say, they could have coasted tonight after Survivor Series, as it was a great success from all accounts, including the dudes here at 411. Instead, they kept the foot on the gas and came out swinging! Excessive metaphors aside, tonight's episode was a great sign that the Triple H era just hits different. Typically, a commercial-free hour (or episode for that matter) is unbearable, with obvious telegraphs and elongated segments leading into one another that make little sense or come off as eye-rolling. Not to say, a No Contest leading into an eight-person isn't just that (obvious and elongated), but it came off as a bit more natural than usual. Y'all remember the pandemic episodes? Yeesh. Anyway, after that first hour, we saw a second hour that dipped in quality but still held its own with the presence of some NXT Alum to keep it trucking. The returning Street Profits did their thing, and we saw the blue brand's biggest story show its face on the red brand to close out the show. All of this coupled with a GREAT crowd (likely enhanced by the numerous moments of the show INCLUDING them) just made for a solid three hours.

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