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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 6.20.22

June 20, 2022 | Posted by Tony Acero
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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 6.20.22  

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Straight from the home that The Rock bought me, it’s MONDAY NIGHT RAW!!!

It’s Monday…you know what that means.

WE comin out the gate hot with Bianca Belair! Commentary goes over Smackdown, then hype us up over a MitB Qualifier between Omos and Riddle.

Bianca welcomes us to RAW. Considering who she is, she looks forward to every opportunity she gets to defend her title, so she is looking forward to facing Rhea Ripley. She really wishes she wasn’t the one to come out and break this news, but Rhea will not be medically cleared in time to compete. So this match is not happening…yet. Because she stays ready, so best believe when Rhea returns, she’ll be waiting and ready. Until then, the question remains – who will she defend her title against?

Well…tonight, we have five women: Alexa Bliss, Liv Morgan, Carmella, Asuka, and Becky Lynch…they will be competing in a Fatal Five Way to see who faces Bianca.

Becky is out to claim there is only one contender, and Bianca knows it’s Becky. She has still yet to get her rematch. She is being mistreated and misused, but it’s ok, because when she wins the five way, it’ll make taking back the title so much sweeter.

Asuka is here to crush that dream.

Asuka comes out to moan and make awkward noises. She wonders if Becky is still Big Time Becky. Becky brings up Asuka losing the last two matches they’ve had.

Liv Morgan has something to say, specifically to Becky. She tells her not to just worry about Asuka, because Liv is already ready for a fight. She is in a great mood; she’s already going to be in the MitB match. She’ll gladly trade it in or a chance to go one-on-one against Bianca.

Carmella is here to say she knows why she is in this match, but why Liv? Carmella says to make it a Fatal 4 Way. Liv says she’s been here, and if Carmella wants to talk like that to her again, she’ll make sure Carmella takes a few more weeks off. Mella tells Liv she’s just riding Alexa’s coattails.

Alexa, of course, is here at the call of her name. Mella loves to namedrop. Speaking of which, should we namedrop the guy with the chin who won the briefcase for Carmella? Alexa says Carmella has enver been able to be successful on her own. Stop being a hypocrite and stop messing with Liv before Alexa has to beat her face in.

Bianca stops them, tells them that we are ready for action

Truly, the only joy I received from this segment is the fact that I get to mention that Larry Csonka is likely rolling his eyes up there at the obvious and trite revolving door opening segment.

Match 1: Becky Lynch vs Liv Morgan vs Asuka vs Alexa Bliss vs Carmella

Becky shoots the legs out of Asuka, then rolls her outside and they go back and forth. Bliss clocks Mella, then Liv hits a dropkick with her, and they both pose with their arms outstretched. Mella rolls out of the ring. Bliss and Morgan shake hands then lockup. Side headlock from Liv into a takedown, but Blis gras the leg, hops over Liv, shoves to the ropes, Sunset flip from Morgan for 1…NO!!! They rol around the ring over and over and end with a pin on Bliss. It gets a 1. Morgan shoots Bliss into the ropes, Bliss rolls into a pin for 1…NO!!! cradle from Bliss for 1..2..NO!!! And we get more rolling all around the ring. Jesus…

The girls each duck a right hand, then both hit one, knocking each other out. Mella rolls into the ring, covers Bliss for 1..2NO!! Then Liv for 1..2..NO!!! Back to Bliss. Back to Liv. Only getting 2. Bliss and Liv both roll out of the ring as Asuka rolls in. Back fist from Asuka, she hits the ropes, and there is Becky to pull the boot and kick Asuka down.

Bliss enters the ring, covers Mella for 1..2.NO!!! She sees Becky on the apron, rushes towards a kick. High kick from Becky. She dives off the 2nd rope with a leg drop. Becky misses a right, Bliss hits a right, kick, head scissors take down. In comes Mella to roll her up for 1..2.NO!!! Knee from Mella. She talks some shit then slams Bliss down face first. She lfits Bliss up, Bliss hits a right, another, tries for a body slam, but Mella slips behind her and slams her head own by the hair. In comes Liv to send Mella into the post chest first. Liv to the top rope. Mella shoves her, and Liv flies onto Asuka, Becky, and Alexa.

Back, and Becky and Alexa are in the ring. Becksploder to Bliss, who rolls out of the ring. In comes Liv to hit some kicks. Becky rolls to the corner. High knee from Liv, Liv to the 2nd rope, she dives and hits a dropkick to Becky, then kips up. Sloppy slam from Becky and Liv covers for 1..2..N!O!!! Becky crawls to the corner agai, Liv rushes and Becky moves and sends her into the corner. Stacked her up for 1..2.NO!!! Becky to the 2nd rope, in comes Mella, she flips up to send Becky down ON TOP OF LIV! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Asuka breaks up the pin.

Mella kicks Asuka in the gut, again in the face. Cover for 1..2…N!O!! Mella shoves Asuka, sscreams, Asuka screams back, tries for Asuka Lock! She gets it! Bliss in! Double knees! Becky in, to send Bliss out, grabs Asuka by the arm, Asuka escapes, holds Becky back here is Liv to hit a dropkick to Asuka, ecky sends Liv to the outside .Bliss on the apron, elbow from Becky. Rollup from Asuka! Bliss still up top. Becky with the Manhandle Slam to Asuka! Twisted Bliss off the corner! Coer for 1..2.NO!!! Liv and Mella to break it up!

Backffist from Alexa sends Bliss out of the ring, Becky sends Asuka out, Liv tries for Oblivion, Becky with a Manhandle Slam! Cover for 1..2..N!O!! Asuka pulls Becky out of the ring! A kick to the side of Becky’s head! Alexa with a dropkick to Asuka! Bliss and Liv alone in the ring.

Liv laid out, Bliss to the top rope. Twisted Bli—N!O!!!!! Liv has the knees up!!!! Bliss rolls out of the ring. SUPERKICK FROM CARMELLA! Cover for 1..2….3!!!!

Winner: Carmella
While I give major credit to the women for coming up with this match on the fly, it looked every bit like a match made on the fly. The entire first half was as multi-person match 101 as it could be, being almost obvious of the formula at times. They few big spots got pops, but came off a bit reckless. Mella winning is essentially in the same hemisphere of the complaint, as it comes off as “on the fly,” sloppy, and obvious.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 12:34

Becky is fuming backstage with Pearce. She wonders how many times is this going to happen. She should be champion right now.

Becky wants in the MitB, Pearce says she must earn it. Pearce says before the fatal five way, she was going to face Asuka. She can still do that. The match will happen tonight.

Becky wonders what we all wonder….WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!

And, in an almost poetic moment, the music of Vince McMahon hits immediately after, and out comes Vince.

Tonight is the 1,517th edition of RAW, such a landmark. He wants to thank us for this. RAW has been on the air for almost thirty years, and twenty of those have been dominated by one man. Next week, he’ll be here. Mr. HLR.

And that’s that…

We come back to Riddle in the ring talking about going toe to toe with Reigns, and hitting him with one of the sickest RKOs ever! Reigns hit him with a spear that almost broke him in half and beat him. He let himself down, all of us down, and Orton down most importantly.

He may be down, but he’s not out. Maybe he cant challenge Reigns for the title again, but he CAN win Money in the Bank.

He knows it’s a longshot, but if he wins the contract, he can cash in on Reigns and get that sweet vengeance that he and Randy desire. He knows there is a lot of competition, even like that punk ass Seth Rollins who did Cody dirty.

Omos comes out with MVP.

He name drops Wiz and Snoop. They the only type to have that top shelf stash that’ll have Riddle so divorced from reality. There’s a big Nigerian standing in his way. Riddle will get high tonight, when Omos lifts him off his feet and slams him down to reality.

Touche, says Riddle. He will get high when he raises his hand high in the air with the three most destructive letters in all of Sports Entertainment.

Match 2: Matt Riddle vs Omos

Riddle shoots out the gate with a kick and some hits, but Omos hits a side slam to stop the momentum. Omos whips Riddle into the post hard, back first.

We see Seth Rollins watching backstage.

Omos steps on Riddle’s ribs using the ropes. Ref breaks. Riddle hits the ropes and Omos catches him with a bear hug. Riddle punches Omos on the dome a few times. Drops Riddle to his feet. He hits a forearm to the lower back then locks in another Bear Hug. Riddle reaches for help, then starts with some elbows to the back of the head. GOOZLE!!! He lifts Riddle, but Riddle hits a knee while being lifted! Nice!!! Riddle rushes, attacks Omos in the corner. Running right forearm. Another, Omos stops him on a third, and tosses Riddle across the ring. Kick out of the corner from Riddle. Floating Bo to Omos, Omos still on his feet.

Riddle calls for an RKO, completely no-selling his ribs. RK—NO!!! Omos catches! TREE SLAM! Cover for 1..2…3!!!!

Winner: Omos
Omos’ best match to date, and its all thanks to Riddle. Boy put in work here. I shudder to think what a ladder match with Omos looks like…
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 3:55

After the match, Omos grabs Riddle and hits another Tree Slam to Riddle.

Riddle is stirring in the ring, writhing in pain.

Seth Rollins music hits, and here he comes in a nice pink number.

Riddle rolls to the outside as Seth asks for a mic. He calls Riddle a loser, brings up Riddle’s losing ways. Says its ok, because no one can beat Reigns, only one man can, and we are looking at him. Roman has been duckin and dodging since Rollins emotionally dismantled him at the Royal Rumble, but in less than two weeks, he’s going to climb the ladder and get the contract, and Reigns can run and hide all he wants. Seth will find him, though.

Riddle comes into the ring and attacks Rollins! But he’s too hurt! Riddle wit a kick! He hits the corner. STOMP TO RIDDLE!!!!

After a short break, we come back to Austin Theory comin out with his Ted Talk mic.

Theory is standing tall on a raised stage in the middle of the ring with the title in front of him. He brings up being on levels Lashley could never achieve. He’ll wait, he says, as everyone boos. He brings up Cena, saying his time is up, and Theory’s time is now. Seem unfair? No, it’s unfair that he was unable to show all of us his immaculate poses. So tonight, we get to see just that.

Theory rubs himself down with some baby oil, then hits. A few poses while giving his own commentary.

Lashley is behind him, Theory poses, not noticing. Lashley mocks him, stares a hole in his head. Theory looks to take a selfie, tells the crowd to shut up, looks to take one, then realizes Lashley is behind him. Lashley squirts baby oil in his eyes then hits the sickest spear ever.

Lashley isn’t asking Theory, he’s telling him. The US Title is coming home with him.

WE RETURN to Theory rubbing out the oil from his eyes. Up comes Kev Patrick, and Theory tells Lashley deserves nothing, wishes he can get a title shot. Theory has an idea, though. So if Lashley really wants to earn a title shot, then he’s gotta defeat three opponents one after the other in a gauntlet match tonigh. Only then will he defend his title at Money in the Bank.

The Usos are in the ring, and one of them are in action tonight.

Jey with the mic, asys we know who they are. Then proceeds to tell us who they are. Jimmy says they hold all the gold. They smashin everybody. Just like Reigns did Riddle. Just like Reigns is gonna do to Brock at Summerslam.

The Street Profits music hits, and out come the fellas.

Dawkins talks about the last time they beat The Usos so bad, they couldn’t even get back in the ring. Ford says they all bout that money, but there is something better tan money, and that’s more gold around their waist. Dawkins bets he can beat Jey’s ass. Ford tells them to enjoy the reign, because they want the smoke.

Match 3: Jey Uso vs Angelo Dawkins

Jey with right hands, cornering Dawkins. He whips out the corner, Dawkins reverses, spinning right hand, enziguri from Dawkins. Wow. Jey on the apron, Dawkins rushes and Jey holds the ropes sending Dawkins to the outside. Jey hits the ropes. Suicide dive to Dawkins. Right hands up against the barricade. Jey with a huge clothesline sends Dawkins over the barricade.

We are back, and Jey hits a sick neckbreaker and a cover for 1..2..NO!!! Jey waits for Dawkins to stand in the corner, goes for a butt splash, but Dawkins hits a shoulder tackle out of the corner. Double underhook. Silencer! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!

Jey to the top rope. He flies. Dawkins catches him! SKY HIGH OFF THE JUMP! Pin for 1..2….3!!!!

Winner: Angelo Dawkins
The match wasn’t bad, but the more these guys interact, the less important the wins and losses being traded feel. Yes, I’m aware they haven’t faced each other nearly as much as I assume they have, yet it really really feels that way.
Total Rating:
Match Time:

We switch gears to a man playin a guitar. We zoom out and…Ezekiel walks in to see…a beared Elias! The beard is fake, but it’s a nice fake. Zeke asks Elias where he’s been. Elias is a changed man, Zeke is out there hearing the crowd. He’s proud to be performing tonight in Nebraska. He just wonders if we remember what WWE stands for. Of course they do, says Zeke. This means the world to him. He knows mom and dad are sittin there watching. Maybe Elias will see him in the MitB ladder match! Could you imagine?

Elias tells him not to get ahead of himself, and to focus on what’s in front of him. He likes what he sees. Zeke is doing a great job. I love you, man. Elias asks Zeke for some space as he tunes up his guitar for his show.

We are BACK, and the man that we spent months watching bury himself metaphorically is back as if nothing happened. He has a song dedicated to his brother.

Kevin Owens is out before any lyrics get spit, and he says we are not doing this. We don’t have time for this crap. No one wants this concert. Elias is a liar in the ring. A disgusting liar with no integrity. You may have the wise people of Nebraska fooled, but he’s French-Canadian – as smart as it gets. Elias is a liar. He and Zeke are the same person. The video didn’t fool them. Movie magic can do whatever they want. Kevin Owens say a T-Rex fly a helicopter last week!

Zeke is on the tron! He tells Owens that he is Zeke, and Elias is in the ring. They’ve been tlling Kevin the truth. Accept it and move on. Good luck, Elias.

Elias thanks him. He tells Kevin they’re not lying. To make this clear, how bout Elias sings a song.

The smash hit “KO Is a Liar” is sung with crowd participation. Owens grabs the guitar and tosses it out of the ring. High knee from Elias to Kevin Owens. Elias grabs another guitar, and smashes Kevin Owens across the back with it.

Owens is backstage, and here comes Patrick to ask if Owens is convinced that they are not the same person. Owens can explain all of this, though! He probably pre-recorded the video. Next week, Ezekiel vs Owens. He doesn’t care if it’s Elias, Zeke, or their younger brother they haven’t met, Elrod. Next week!

Here comes Elias. He accepts. Owens is utterly confused.

Match 4: Bobby Lashley vs Chad Gable

Lockup! Lashley works the left arm, sending Gable to his knees. Lashley pushes on the shoulder from behind, hammer lock into a side headlock. Gable tries to wrap around the leg, but Lashley with a takedown. Cover for 1..NO! Stands back up, waist lock and a slam down into a front face lock. Gable escapes, works the arm, lashely reverses, works the left arm some more. Gable rolls out, bridges out, flips, spins, chop to Lashley. Lashley with a neckbreaker. Shoulder tackle off the ropes. He pulls the leg out from Gable, nice. Lashley sends Gable to the apron. Hard right off the ropes sends Gable flying. Lashley flies out of the ring, grabs Lashley, then sends him head first into. The ringpost! Lashley enters the ring. Ref starts the count. He hits the apron t 8, so Lashley grabs him by the head and we get a delayed suplex. Lashley waits in the corner. Lashley goes for a spear, but Gable with a drop toe hold! ANKLE LOCK!!!! Lashley reaches for the ropes. He tursn on his back, kicks able away, Gable to the 2nd rope, he flies off, lands on his feet, throat thrust, Gable to the top rope MOONSAULT! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Gable waits from behind. Locks the waist, Lashley turns into it, hooks the arms, OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY! Lashley with a busted ankle wants the Hurt Lock! Gable reverses, Lashley grabs the waist, flips Gable INTO The Hurt Lock! Gable taps!

Chad Gable loses at 5:47

Otis is the next man, and he attacks Lashley from behind. He steps on the throat until Lashley leaves the ring. Otis leaves, too, and circles the ring. He kicks Lashley in the gut. Otis sends Lashley into the barricade. Otis with a HUGE SPLASH outside of the ring!

We are back from a break, and Otis drops an elbow to lashley’s chest in the middle of the ring! Otis to the 2nd rope. He hops off, Lashley moves, Otis stands, hurting. Lashley goes for a clothesline, duks under one from Otis. Flatliner from Lashley! Lashley wants The Hurt Lock, but Otis elbows out! Elbows back from Otis over and over, he misses a splash in the corner, Lashley hits the ropes. SPEAR TO OTIS!!! 1..2….NO!!!

Chad Gable interferes causing a loss!!

Otis loses via DQ at 13:52

Gable and Otis double team Lashley by sending him into the post shoulder first. Otis grabs Lashley’s head, Gable hits a german! Otis with a big splash.

Lashley’s third opponent is….

Austin Theory

He comes down, pissed, enters the ring, and mounts Lashley with a bunch of rights and lefts. He stomps the left arm, flexes on Lashley. Theory corners Lashley and stomps him out. Lashley is up! Right hand, Theory kicks the arm, Lashley gets him up top! Theory to the apron, hangs up Lashley, Theory rolls in, hits a dropkick.

Theory tries for a finish, but Lashley with a cradle! 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Bobby Lashley
Call me crazy, but I did not hate this. I would have rather had someone else as the third person, but this falls in line with how delusional Theory is in thining that he can take Lashley on. Gable and Lashley had a WRESTLING match that was incredibly fun, Otis did his thing as a big guy against the muscle man, and Theory in over his head just worked.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 16:09

Up Next, AJ Styles on MizTV.

After the entrances are made, Miz brings up AJ having some issues with Edge, his alliance with Finn, Finn joining Judgment Day, and finally his loss from last week.

AJ asked why he’s out here, and Miz wants to ive Nebraska a preview of failure. AJ calls Miz naïve, saying he doesn’t watch college football, because this is Cornhusker Country. Speakin of corn, Miz must feel like a failure considering his popcorn balls.

Miz talks proudly about his balls, but still asks what is AJ going to do about his recent failures. AJ says yes, that’s on him. He got all caught up in stuff that don’t phase him. That’s on him. He’s been through adversity before. Here’s the rhing; when he gets disrespected, he doesn’t come to his little show and run his mouth; he does this: AJ attacks Miz.

BUT CIAMPA ATTACKS AJ! He shoves him out of the ring as we go to break.

I miss a match between AJ and Ciampa, but AJ wins, then gets attacked by The Miz.

Afterwards, we get an interview with Veer. He loves carnage. No one knows how to stop him, because he cant stop. WWE speaks in his native tongue, which is – honestly – just never a good idea. It gets WHAT chants. The crowd was at least interested before that. When he switches back to English, it’s too late. The crowd chatns WHAT after every pause.

Before the upcoming match, Becky attacks Asuka at the top of the ramp. She tries to beat that ass near the apron, but Asuka punches her and wants Becky in the ring asap. Ref holds them back so he can ring the bell.

Match 6: Asuka vs Becky Lynch

They roll around on the mat, punching each other back and forth. Asuka tries for an arm bar, Becky turns this into a pin. She wants a Disarmer, but Asuka slams her down. She rolls over, shoves Becky into the ropes, shoulder tackle but Asuka doesn’t go down. They hit the ropes, Asuka hits a shoulder, a tackle knocks Becky on her ass. Asuka from behind, works the chin, ut Becky sends her flying to the outside. Becky hits the mat, heads outside, grabs Asuka, and sends her into the ring apron. Head first. Asuka with kick after kick after kick. She hits the ropes, hip attack sends becky off the apron.

Becky and Asuka end up on the top corner. Asuka dives off, lands on her feet, Becky dives, Asuka with ouble knees. Cover for 1..2.NO!! Kicks to the chest of Seth. Asuka tries for another, Becky is up, right hand, uppercut, another. Whip to Asuka. Asuka twirsl to the top roep, but Becky is there to send her down and outside!

We are back, and both women are down! They are slow to stand, with both girls hitting hard rights. Asuka with the slap barrage, Becky blocks, Asuka tries for Backslide, surprises with a cradle instead. 1..2.NO!!! Kick from Asuak, Becky misses. Clothesline, both girls down again. Looks like Asuka was trying for a hip toss. Becky elbows out of the corner, but Asuka hits aback fist, another, high kick, GERMAN!!! Hip attack and a cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Asuka lock attmpt, but Becky reverses and gets THE ASUKA Loc—NO!! Asuka picks the ankle! Ankle Lock fom Asuka!!! Becky reaches for the ropes, rolls out, but Asuka steps over and keeps the hold in! Becky flings Asuka into the corner face first! Becky with a high kick to the back of the head! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Becky with a right hand with Asuka on the apron. Becky hits the 2nd rope, dives off with a leg drop, but Asuka moves! ASUKA LOCK ON THE ROPES!! REF STOPS HER AT 4. ASUKA TO THE TOP ROPE. She flies off with a dropkick! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Becky on the apron, Asuka tries for a powerbomb, but Becky stomps her chest then hits a leg drop! Becky flies off the apron….right into a knee to the face!

Both girls roll into the ring at 9! Becky tries for a Manhandle Slam, but Asuka rolls her up, Becky sits down for a pin. 1..2..NO!!!

Becky tries for Disarmer, Asuka reaches for ropes, Becky pulls her away, rollup for 1..2..NO!!! HIGH KICK TO THE HEAD BY ASUKA! 1….2…3!!!!

Winner: ASUKA
Damn, Asuka beat datass. A whole lot of action here, not all of it pretty, but all of it good.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 12:12

Becky is livid. She tears up shit around the ring, going or the annonunce table and steps as victims. After tossing a few things, she shows her sadness, looking up at the briefcases as Asuka stands happy in the ring.

End Show

The final score: review Average
The 411
There were some things I genuinely enjoyed tonight, which is typically hard to say on Mondays. The Gauntlet Match - something I thought would be just a squash - was great, with Gable showing his consistency, and Lashley reminding us that he is a wrestler's wrestler. Even his time with Otis was strong, and although I didnt like Theory losing, it goes along with the fact that he is severely overestimating his skills, and underestimating Lashley's. I also thought the main event was solid, even if the story getting there is both weak and seen before. Other than that, however, there wasnt' a whole lot of substance. We got the seemly obligatory Vince cameo that will likely be happening for the foreseeable future, another Ciampa sighting and loss with no real rhyme or reason, Dawkins getting a win over Jey Uso that felt a bit out of place, and some more of Kevin Owens attempting to heighten whatever program he is in. A below average show with not a ton of wrestling, but still some good wrestling that thankfully didnt have any 24/7 or too much over the top stuff to drag it down.

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