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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 9.25.23

September 25, 2023 | Posted by Tony Acero
WWE Raw 9-25-23 Image Credit: WWE
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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 9.25.23  

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I said boom, boom, boom,now everybody say wayhooeeee

It’s Monday…you know what that means

For like the third week in a row, we start with Cody Rhodes and I must be completely out of touch, because WWE RAW is in Ontario tonight, and I had no idea…

We get a recap of Jey Uso v Drew McIntyre, and Jey’s trouble with The Judgment Day.

We come back to Cody asking us at home to forgive him as he turns his back on us to stare at the sold out crowd. He’s been interrupted two weeks in a row, so he’ll just cut to the chase. Jey Uso moving to RAW means someone is being traded to SD. It also means there is a disgruntled locker room, a locker room that thinks he should just let Jey Uso sink. No, he and Jey are not best friends, and perhaps there are other reasons he’d want Jey Uso here – something tells him that we are no longer in the third inning, boys. Either way, he was not going to let a man get beat down 3 on 1 for making the right decision. That decision being turning down The Judgment Day – the most toxic faction in the history—–

The Judgment Day is here (sans Rhea Ripley) to interrupt Cody, yet again. They got a hell of a lot of gold. Finn Balor mocks Cody while Damien Priest says they tried to recruit Jey, but Cody had to come and save the day because everything must be about Cody. Dominik Mysterio tries to talk but gets the boos he deserves.

Cody tells them if they want to get it on, he’s game. But before that, all of them are defending their titles tonight, so what happens when Mami comes back and they’re empty handed.

Priest tosses the mic down HARD, that’s gotta be a fine. They look to attack, but Jey Uso is here to help Cody. He comes through the crowd and stands in the ring with Cody. The Judgment Day is still down. They hop on the apron for the 3-on-2, but here come Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn! We got a 4 v 3 now, and Judgment Day thinks better of it. They back up the ramp, and here is JD McDonagh with two chairs. Finn and JD run down the ramp, Doim follows, but Priest stays up top, not wanting to do this.

Sami and KO stop JD and Finn! Jey tosses Dom out of the ring. Priest finally gives in and runs down the ramp. He is surrounded by the four faces. Superkick from Jey, chair shot from Cody. Priest runs out the ring.

Shoulder tackle from Reed, but Otis doesn’t budg.e Side headlock to Reed, and Otis gets a shoulder tackle, but Reed eats it. They both hits the ropes, both try for a clothesline, and neither moves. They shove each other in the face, then hit the corner. Another big clothesline from each, and both men get knocked down, but they get up again. You’re never gonna keep them down.

On the outside, they each hit a clothesline, then head back into the ring. Reed gets Otis on his shoulders and hits a Samoan Drop! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Reed captures the head in a vice grip. Otis turns into it, hits some gut shots. Headbutt from Reed, kicks, gets caught both men hit the ropes. DOUBLE CROSS BODY! Otis with right, left, right, a bunch of blows ot the back, a back ebow to the chin. Whip to Reed, Otis rolls and turns into a shoulder tackle. ANGLE SLAM FROM OTIS! Reed is up, turns into the corner. Splash in the corner. Down goes Reed! CATERPILLAR TIME! Otis is quick to climb, bounces off ,but eed rolls out of the way.

Reed with a running senton to Otis! He drags Otis to the corner. Call up DVBBS & Borgeous because we’ve got a TSUNAMI! Cover! 1..2….3!!!!

Winner: Bronson Reed
Aw that was fun.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 4:17

Backstage, Becky Lynch is shining her title. Here comes Tegan Nox. Becky tells her what happened last week, she saw Tegan at the curtain, why didn’t she come out? Tegan say Nattie stepped up and since she’s a vet, Tegan let her go. Becky tells her you need to step on some heads to get to the top. Becky says she wants Tegan after tonight.

Backstage, Tegan Nox hits Pearce up, asking if she can get the winner of Becky’s match on Saturday.

Here comes Natalya, who wants a rematch. Nattie tells Tegan Becky is playing games with her. She has the passion.

The word passion triggers Tegan and she goes off. Nattie…hopes Tegan is hungry and forgets her manners tonight.

Earlier tonight, Wiggy Kaiser challenged Tommy Ciampa.

Tommaso Ciampa vs Ludwig Kaiser

Kaiser with a side headlock. Ciampa escapes, stomps Kaiser out, mocks Kaiser, then chops him. Another chop. Kaiser with a right. Another. Kick from Ciampa. Chop. Right hand to the face. Antoher chop. Kick from Ciampa. Another. Kaiser with rights in the corner. He sits Ciampa on the top rope and hits a hard right, dropping him down to the apron.

We are BACK And Kaiser is hitting a dropkick to the hanging Tommaso Ciampa in the corner. The ref starts the count and Ciampa gets back on the apron at 5. He flips Kaiser over the top rope to the outside. Kaiser hops onto the apron immediately. Chop to Kaiser. Kaiser to the floor. He rolls Kaiser into the ring. Ciampa with a clothesline! Kaiser is back outside! Ciampa slams his head on the apron, then the desk, and into the steps. Ciampa, with an evil grin, rolls into the ring and grabs the head of Kaiser. Willow’s Bell to Kaiser! Cover for 1.2…..NO!!!! Double underhook, tries for a Fairy Tale Ending, but Kaiser counters. Hits a right, another. Kick from Ciampa! H swings, Kaiser with a fireman’s, but Ciampa with a reverse DDT! Cimapa drops the knee pad. Vinci on the apron. Cimapa with a knee! ENZIGURI FROM KAISER! Ref is checking on Vinci, and doesn’t count.

Kaiser is pissed. He kicks Vinci out of the ring. He turns. BIG KNEE FROM CIAMPA! Cover! 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa
The commercial cut this thing in half, but everything after the break was non-stop ass-kickery. Solid.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 8:15

Tegan Nox vs Natalya

They do some chain wrasslin with Tegan working the arm. Nattie flips out of it, turns it into a hammer lock from behind. Nattie reverses. Nattie is over it and hits an elbow. She misses a spinning hit and Tegan with a leg takedown. Natie shoves her up, Running uppercut from Tegan. Running kick to the chest. She locks the head of nattie, lifts up for a suplex and drops her in front. Tegan turns her kneepad around, goes for a big hit, but Nattie rolls her up. Nattie lifts up for a powerbomb. HITS IT! Cover! 1..2..NO!!! Nattie grabs the legs.

Stomp to the stomach, tries for a sharpshooter. Tegan escapes! WORLD’S SHINIEST WIZARD! COVER! 1…2…3!!!

Winner: Tegan Nox
Nice lil win for Tegan.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:33

Backstage, Finn and Dom are talking to JD. Priest comes barging into the dark purple area of the backstage area and tells JD he isn’t in Judgment Day and will never be, he just took a beating because of him. He tells him to get out. NOW.

Seth Rollins comes out before the commercial break to give ample time to sing his song while we here from our sponsors.

We return and Seth wants to play a little game. If we are as sick and tired as he is of Shin dodging him, then sing his song.

They do.

He asks if we think it’s about time for him to defend his title, sing louder.

They do.

Seth says if Shinsuke doesn’t accept, then he is pulling the opportunity away. He’s moving on. There are a million capable talents in the locker room.

Well, not anymore…

Shinsuke Nakamura with another video where he says he would love nothing more than to leave his body in a bunch of dust. Seth has no patient, only impulse. He showed Shin all his cards. Shin has yet to show Seth his. Let’s make this clear, a match so brutal and barbaric that Seth never walks again, a conclusion so humiliating that Seth won’t want to hold his daughter anymore. This is Seth’s last chance to hear his song, last chance to be called champion. Shin will stand tall. Seth will never stand again. He accepts. Seth Rollins ends at Fastlane. Last Man Standing.

Seth, in the ring, removes his Viewfinder glasses. He mulls it over. He says Shin has made one critical mistake. Shin thinks Seth’s broken back is a weakness. It’s not, though. It’s a strength. The only way his family will be ashamed is if he doesn’t give it everything he’s got. He knows every time he steps into the ring it might be his last. Shin is crazy, and Seth’s 100% makes him the best in the world, the champion. Seth accepts the match at Fastlane.

We are backstage with Jackie and she’s chillin with Ricochet, who is on crutches. Jackie wants an update, and Ric tells her he doesn’t know what to say. He can guarantee his return. It’ll take a lot more than this to keep him down. He wants to make something clear, though. It doesn’t matter who wins – Seth or Shin – but he’s comin for Shin whether he’s champ or not.

NXT North American Championship Match
Dragon Lee vs Dominik Mysterio

Dom with a kick to start. Right hands ot the face. He whips, Lee ducks under, hits a shoulder tackle to Dom. Lee hits the ropes, flies through the legs, more rope work, standing rana to Dom. Dom to the outside. Lee hits the ropes, then flies over the top rope with a flip, sitting right on Dom’s face! He rolsl Dom into the ring. Cover for 1…NO!!! Dom with a half crab to Lee. Lee reaches the ropes. Dom pulls Lee up on the apron and tries to suplex him into the ring. Dom to the apron. DDT TO LEE ON THE APRON!

We are back and Dom is at the top rope. He flies off with a Frog Splash, but Lee has the knees up. Lee with some offense, gets sent into the corner, he shoots Dom into the air then kicks Dom in the face. Lee with another kick, he trips Dom up, swings in with a pendulum kick to Dom. Lee bounces off the corner, HUGE running dropkick to the face. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Lee locks the head under and tries for a powerbomb, Dom slips out, right, hits the ropes, GERMAN to Dom! Superkick from Dom! Flash Knee from Lee! MICHINOKU DRIVER FROM DOM! Dropkick from Dom! Lee is in position! Dom hits the ropes, goes for the 619, Lee ducks under, kicks the knee, knee to the side of the face! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! Dom with an elbow. Lee with a right. They trade blows. Chop from Dom. He sends Lee into the corner, runs, gets sent over. Right hand from Lee. He hits the ropes, hops over the top rope, locks the head, and sends Dom flying with a rana! He sends Dom back into the ring. Lee sets up for a powerbomb. HITS IT! COER! 1..2…..NO!!!!! Lee to the top rope! Dom stops him! The crowd is chanting for them! THIS IS AWESOME. Dom climbs, Lee punches, Dom hangs there, lee with a stomp to the chest! Lee drops the knee pad. He rushes the corner, Dom shoots him up and pulls him down hard onto the top rope! That was nice. Dom to the top rope! FROG SPLASH!!!!!! COVER!!!

Winner: Dominik Mysterio
Possibly Dom’s greatest match to date. Some flubs here or there, but the second half of it really worked, and they got the crowd into it big time. Good shit.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 10:13

Dom walks up the ramp and tells the cam, “I hope you’re watching, Mami.” Hahaha Nice.

Recap of the return of Nia Jax.


We are back and Kevin Owens is backstage wit Sami Zayn. KO says Jey didn’t join last week, doesn’t mean he wont win this week. Sami is more concerned about the team. They were two kids who made it to the highest point together. This isn’t about anyone else, it’s about them and taking back what is theirs. KO nods in agreement. He is so sick of talking; he wants to punch faces.

Michael Cole is in the ring. He introduces Nia Jax.

Cole wonders why she has targeted everybody.

Nia says she wasn’t paying attention. She is Nia Jax, the baddest human in all of WWE. She goes over her squashes. Put anyone in the ring with her, and she’ll squash them.

The crowd is giving her the WHAT treatment.

She is the baddest HUMAN in..

Zoey Stark is out here, and she is pissed.

Zoey runs up on Nia, dares her to do something here and now, face to face.

Nia shoves Zoey. Zoey hops up and Nia slams her down. Here come two refs to try and break them up. Not sure that’s gonna work, y’all. Zoey escapes, attacks, then that coo ass girl ref takes Zoey down, which doesn’t really help anyone.

I assume we’ll come back to a match.

Zoey Stark vs Nia Jax

Jax uses her speed to hit a few dropkicks, tries to splash off the ropes, but Nia just stuffs her. Big elbow drop to Zoey. Cover for 1…NO! Nia gras the hair, Zoey tries to fight back. Nia tosses her aside. Big splash in the corner. She tosses Zoey into the corner again, and again hits a splash. Nia drives a knee to the back of Zoey against the ropes. Another toss to the corner. Nia tries for a shoulder, but posts herself. Big kick from Zoey, another kick, Enziguri. Nia t othe corner. Zoey gets sent to the apron, high kick to Nia. Zoey springboards. Dropkick to Nia. Zoey tries to lift Nia on her shoulders, but collapses and Nia falls onto her. Nia grabs ZZOey by the hair, hangs her over the bottom rope.

Nia to the apron. Leg drop to Zoey. Nia to the 2nd rope. She sits on the chest of Zoey. A pin gets 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Nia Jax
I’m sorry, I just have no interest in a Nia Jax push.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:50

Jey Uso tells Saxton he aint joining no groups. Cody took a chance on him, so he’s not going to do him like that. JD isn’t his kind of people. Byron brings up Sami and KO. Where do things stand? He and KO got beef, it is what it is. Sami is still his dog, tho. If Judgment Day walk a little funny tonight, he’ll keep his eye on them real close tonight.

Backstage, Finn and Dom are wondering where Damien is. Finn says the night ain’t over and they got a lot of work to do.

Well that was pointless.

The Miz is here to welcome us to Miz TV. He introduces Drew McIntyre then tells him that Drew has the floor. It’s an open forum. Drew wonders if Miz has any actual questions. Miz tells him that he commends him for throwing Jey to the wolves. But if Miz wants a question…ok. Why would he leave Jey to be beaten down.

Drew wants to be clear. He is nothing like The Miz. The Miz says actually, they are a lot alike. Leaving Jey to get that ass beat is a Miz Move. They both know what it takes to be the hardest worker and be champion, only to lose it. Drew was the unbeatable Drew until he wasn’t. Clash at the Castle. He had a shot, and what happens? The Bloodline. Who was front and center? Jey Uso, the Tribal Chief’s right hand man. Drew doesn’t trust Jey, and rightfully so.

Drew says Karma is a bitch.

Miz says exactly. Jey made his bed and he had to sleep in it last week. Miz calls Drew the Batman of WWE, and that must make Cody Superman. Speaking of which, how did it feel to be upstaged by Cody?

The New Day is here! Kofi Kingston sys they didn’t know Big D was cold-blooded like that. The Drew McIntyre they know is not a coward. Xavier Woods says they’ve called him Big D for years, but there appears to be a bit of shrinkage on Drew’s end. Is Drew scared? Was his sword a little too limp to get the job done?

Miz says Big D and Massive Miz were having a conversation. Lol.

Drew tells them they didn’t do shit either. No one did. Cody did, but it’s his mess. He was just trying to clean it up.

Kofi says Drew didn’t do what he was supposed to do. He should have helped Jey.

Drew wonders if they remember what Roman did to Woods. Kofi remembers. But that wasn’t the time. Jey is here and he’s trying to make it right.

Miz keeps trying to interject, and Drew keeps telling him to shut up. Drew tells New Day they haven’t stepped up to Jey one time.

Kofi says Drew was their guy, he looks up to Drew. Drew always did what’s right. They respect Drew for it.

SHUT UP MIZ becomes a chant.

Miz holds his hand up, tries to tell the crowd to shut up. GLASGOW KICK to Miz. Drew tells Kofi to get in this ring to find out what hard times is all about.

Backstage, Otis is licking his wounds. Chad Gable tells him to be proud. They’ll watch the tape and study what went wrong.

Here comes Ludwig Kaiser to tell Maxxine to look at her boys, and look at him. What an embarrassment. Maxxine tells him to go away. Gable shoosh’s him, tells Kaiser he lost, so he assumes Kaiser’s going to get browbeat by Gunther. But he has a message for Gunther; he still has his eyes on the IC Title. He tells Gunther to run along, then thanks him in German.

Kofi Kingston vs Drew McIntyre

Drew starts off with a heay chop, then gets another in the corner. Hits him so hard Woods feels it. Right hand from Drew. He lifts Kofi, whips to the corner, Kof hops off with a dropkick. Big elbow in the corner. Kofi backs up, rushes the corner for a splash, but Drew catches him. He locks the head, lifts Kofi and hits a suplex. Kofi with a big kick, sending Drew to the outside. Kofi to the top rope. Woods blows his horn as Kofi flies off the top rope with a trust fall. Kofi and Woods celebrate. Woods on the apron, he waits, Drew turns, Kofi leaps with a clothesline to the back. Kofi headbutts Drew then sends Drew into the ring. Kofi to the top rope. Crossbody. Cover. 1..2…NO!!

Back in time to see Drew belly to belly Kofi across the ring. Drew tries for Future Shock, but Kofi reverses with a rollup for 1..2.NO!!! Fameasser from Kofi. 1…2..NO!!! Kofi hits the ropes. BOOM DROP! Tries for Trouble in Paradise, Drew sidesteps. FUTURE SHOCK DDT! Cover! 1..2..NO!!! Drew lifts Kofi by the head. Chop to Kofi. Kofi is able to shoot Drew outside and hit a suicide dive. Kof whips Drew, reversed, Kofi flies over the steps, runs up them and dives, Drew ducks, Kofi rolls though, turns, FOREARM TO THE JAW!!! Drew with an Alabama Slam onto the apron! GOOD GOD DAMN! CLAYM—NO!!!! SOS! 1…2…..NO!! Drew with a Glasgow Kiss!

THE VIKING RAIDERS (minus Erik) ARE HERE TO ATTACK WOODS ON THE OUTSIDE!!! HUGE leg lariat from Ivar! He shoves Woods into the barricade, then hits a crossbody onto Woods! Kofi reaches for the ropes, but Drew pulls him into the ring and hits a Claymore Kick! Cover! 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Drew McIntyre
They had some time and they used it well. Kofi is such a good hand, man.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 12:28

Ivar enters the ring to attack Kofi. Drew looks on at the top of the ramp. He then turns his back and leaves as Ivar heads to the top rope to hit a moonsault onto Kofi’s legs. Damn.

Gunther is backstage admonishing Giovanni Vinci until Kaiser comes up, and Gunther turns to bite his head off. Kaiser blames Vinci. From now on, Gio is Kaiser’s responsibility. IF Kaiser messes up, they have an issue. If Gio messes up, they have an issue as well. IN the meantime, he will take care of his responsibility. He will beat Tommaso Ciampa by himself.

Backstage, Ivar is stopped by Byron. He wants to know why he did what he did.

Ivar says New Day took Erik out of the fight. Valhalla says, “Eye for an eye.”

WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship Match
The Judgment Day vs Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

KO shoots Priest outside and follows, leaving Sami and Finn to fight each other in the ring as we head to break.

BACK And Priest shoots Sami into the corner hard. Sami hits a back elbow, big kick, cover for 1..NO! Priest corners Sami, tags in Finn. Finn sends Sami into the buckle headfirst. Chop. Whip and another chop. Snapmare and an elbow to the dome. Cravat from behind. Sami escapes. Tag to KO. KO with a right to Finn, kick, another right. Chop. KO with an uppercut in the corner. Whip is reversed, KO holds onto the ropes, kicks Finn. Priest kicks, but KO ducks and Priest is stuck on the top rope. KO kicks pRiest off the apron. Finn attacks. Tag to Priest. Priest in with some kicks. He chokes KO up on the ropes. Ref holds him back so Finn hits a cheap kick. Priest boxes the ears then drive a knee to the back of the head. KO is up, chops Priest again, again, they get into a hockey fight! Priest hits a knee, KO hits the ropes, DDT to Priest! Tag to Sami! He attacks the forehead. Whip, Sami ounces of the ropes, hits a clothesline. Sami corners Priest. He hits a few right hands. Whip to Priest, catches Sami, Sami with a dropkick. Sends Finn over the top rope. Priest misses a right, Sami sends him over the top rope, too. Sami hits the ropes, dives over the top onto Finn and Priest!

Back and Priest is trying to chokeslam Sami, but Sami escapes, runs the ropes and hits a tornado DDT off the corner. Tag to KO! Tag to Finn!! Big hit to Priest, some rights to Finn. Over and over. He stomps Finn over and over. Finn rolls outside. KO rolls out, runs around, hits a clothesline to Finn, one for Priest, to the apron, Finn in the eing, right hand to Finn. CANNONBALL OFF THE APRON TO PREIST! He runs in and hits another to Finn in the corner!!! Back outside, and KO with a back suplex to Priest ONTO the announce table! He runs up the corner, flies! FROG SPLASH TO FINN! COVER! 1..2….NO!!! KO grabs Finn, walks up the corner. ROLLING SENTON OFF THE 2ND ROPE!!! Cover! 1..2…NO!!!! KO tries for a SWANTON BOMB but Finn has the knees up!!!! Slingblade!!! COUP DE GRACE! COVER! 1..2…….NO!!! Sami stops the pin! Priest is in to send Sami outside. He hypes Finn up, tells him get shit done. Finn beats KO down with some right hands. Tag to Priest. Priest drops the straps. GOOZLE!!!! SOut-_-NO!!! Tag to Priest! EXPLODER TO PRIEST! Sami calls for it, but Dominik Mysterio is on the apron! He distracts! PReist grabs Sami for Razor’s Edge! Sami hops off! Priest dives, Sami with a snake eyes! BLUE THUNDER BOMB! COVER! 1..2…NO!!! Finn in there to stop it. KO and him head out of the ring. Priest drops Sami! Cover! 1..2..NO!!! Dom is on the apron! He is arguing with him!

HERE COMES JEY USO!!!! He pulls Dom off the apron. Uppercut! Jey fights Dom around the ring! JD MCDONAGH is here to attack Jey! Right hands from Dom! CODY RHODES IS OUT NEXT!!! He launches JD onto the announce table and fights Dom up the ramp with Jey Uso! Refs and agents run down.

In the ring, KO HITS A STUNNER!!! Priest in to send KO out of the ring! HELLUVA KICK FROM SAMI!!! JD WITH THE TITLE!! HE CLOCKS SAMI!!!! Priest rolls over and covers! 1…2……3!!!!!

Winners: The Judgment Day
Overbooking aside, this was a nice enough way to end RAW while incorporating everybody involved throughout. I believe after Fastlane, we’ll be seeing a bit a of a change, but for now this was serviceable.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 20:11

Just as Judgment Day attempts to celebrate, Cody and Jey come running back down to attack. It’s an all out war! KO and Cody got JD near the announce table. IN the ring, Sami and Finn are going at it. KO hits Dom with a stunner! It’s over!

End Show

End Show

The final score: review Good
The 411
I am just soooo happy this is the kind of RAW we are getting on a consistent basis. I will admit that The Judgment Day’s presence is getting tiring, but it’s on purpose and by design. I’m supposed to be tired of them. With things moving forward continually, characters having clear motives and moves, and high quality matches for the most part, Raw has become a great weekly episodic television show. Tonight was no different, with the dark spot being one that should surprise no one. I see no end game with Nia, and I see no reason for her presence on the show. Other than that, we see hints of a Drew turn, Cody dropping what we all knew regarding Smackdown, Jey Uso continuing to try and earn his spot, and a few new people getting their shot like Tegan and Ciampa. A solid 7.5

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