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AEW Battle of the Belts X Review 4.13.24

April 14, 2024 | Posted by Lee Sanders
HOOK AEW Battle of the Belts X Image Credit: AEW
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AEW Battle of the Belts X Review 4.13.24  

Hello, my friends! Lee Sanders is back with you all for a special AEW Battle of the Belts X coverage! This time, it’s happening live, which is a welcomed change of pace. I see a lot of the feedback you provided on this week’s RAMPAGE. I couldn’t agree more with the overall consensus for that episode. At least we know Collision was pretty good tonight. Let’s hope that the same energy goes into Battle of the Belts. Enough talking; let’s get into the action!

Location: Highland Heights, KY
Venue: Truist Arena
Commentators: Tony Schiavone & Matt Menard

Lexi is backstage with HOOK and Shibata, and Shibata promises he’ll have his back tonight against Shane Taylor.


Hook is just jabbing away at Taylor, the accomplished boxer. He tries to pick up Taylor twice but no mas. Taylor sent over the top rope after charging at Hook. Hook is now on the outside, ramming Taylor’s head onto the steel steps. Hook follows up with explosive knee strikes to the face. Taylor is tossed back in the ring as Taylor catches him with a couple of punches to the face and midsection. Taylor hits an explosive chop to the chest. That chop sounded like a gunshot as Taylor followed up with another one! A gut shot to the chest follows as Hook returns with chops of his own. Hook is trying to deliver another suplex, but Taylor is too big for him. Taylor with a headbutt to ground Hook. Followed by another chop and hangs him across the top rope. We are back from our first set of commercials as Taylor hits a leg drop that almost beheads Hook on the side apron! The title is in big-time jeopardy as Taylor continues with his clubbing-body strikes! More body blows follow as the ref may have to step in here if Hook cannot defend himself. Taylor demands Hook quit, or he’ll be returned to his father on a body bag! Taylor misses a strike as Hook tries for a back suplex. Another no-go as Hook lights him up with strikes and a clothesline, followed by a suplex!! Hook follows up with a t-bone suplex as Taylor kicks out at two. Taylor chokeslams him and connects with a body splash from the middle rope for a near fall. Taylor misses a few strikes as Hook applies REDRUM. Taylor hits the ropes as Hook continues to hold on. Taylor finally drops to the canvas to briefly release the hold. Taylor slaps it back on as Taylor taps out!!

Winner:Hook (15 minutes)
Another solid match. I hope the rumors of Hook’s contract is false and an extension or new deal was inked a long time ago. If Hook does in fact become a free agent and signs elsewhere, it would be such a blow to AEW as far as creating homegrown AEW talents. Hook is a star in the making. Have Tony Khan and crew dropped the ball with him over the years? Oh no doubt! For the most part though they’ve tried to do well by him. Sometimes that’s not always enough though. His situation I know many in the community will be watching closely. Especially if Taz will be leaving too and they join a new company as a package.

Lexi is backstage with Rocky Romero, and she wants to know what’s going on with Best Friends. Romero isn’t sure, as he can’t really focus on them as he faces Roderick Strong tonight. Kyle O’Reilly approaches to wish him luck as we head into another set of commercials.

MATCH 2: AEW INTERNATIONAL Eliminator-Roderick Strong(c) vs Rocky Romero (if Rocky wins, he gets a title shot for Strong’s International title).

We begin with a lockup as Strong applies a side headlock. Strong is maintaining dominance as soon Romero reverses with an abdominal stretch. An excellent series of wrist holds, chops, and reversals follow. Romero with a nice leg scissors takedown. Romero hits a one-handed meteora from the top rope. Strong stuns him with a backbreaker for a near fall. The two men exchange near falls, and more strikes as soon as Strong falls outside the ring. Romero hits a shotgun dropkick as we head into our next set of commercials. We are back as Roderick gets clubbed on the back. Rocky comes back with a surge of energy and strikes to match. A chop and a foot to the face follow. Rocky hits a dive between the ropes and crashes into Matt Taven. Rocky follows up on Strong by hitting sliced bread! A big clothesline follows, and Strong reverses a third clothesline with a clothesline, followed by a dropkick. Strong goes in for the cover as it’s a near fall. Rocky hits a hurricana and a spinning DDT for a near fall. Both men now fighting on the top rope as Romero hits an avalanche sliced bread for another near fall! Rocky climbs the top, but Strong stops him. Rocky flies off the top as Strong hits him with a knee to the face! It’s a knockout victory pinfall for Roderick Strong!

Winner:Roderick Strong (13 minutes)
Now that was good, that was damn good. Is it just me or is Roderick Strong starting to grow on you? I know he’s been growing on me and I’m loving these fun non-title matches just to get an actual shot at his championship. I’m waiting for one of these matches to backfire so he can say no, no, no, no match! You know it’s coming people.

Post-victory, Kingdom jumps Romero as Kyle O’Reilly enters to check on Romero. Kingdom jumps on O’Reilly, and Strong tells him he was warned. Elsewhere, Lexi is with Serena Deeb, who has been undefeated since returning. Deeb welcomes Yuka Sakazaki to a match to prove she is the professor of professional wrestling.


A tie-up as both women are tumbling around the canvas and into the corners. Velvet hits a wristlock, followed by a side headlock. Velvet hits a dropkick, followed by a couple of pretty arm drags. Velvet hits a big leg lariat as we find out Tony Khan has signed for Kyle O’Reilly vs Roderick Strong for the AEW International Championship at AEW DYNASTY next weekend. Meanwhile, Velvet is sent back first into the ring apron by a Samoan-like one-handed drop as we head into our next set of commercials. We are back as Athena is sent between the ropes, and Velvet connects with her knees to the champion’s back! Velvet receives a near fall for her efforts as Athena hits a rollup, a pick-through, and is reversed as Velvet almost picks up the win. Velvet with an upkick to Athena from the top rope. Velvet hits a leg scissor flip/drop, followed by a spinning kick and a spiked DDT! Another near fall occurs when Velvet climbs to the top rope, but Athena rolls out. Velvet tries for a body splash but is caught as Athena suplexes her. Athena hits a pump kick as Velvet is tossed into the LED boards. Velvet with a thrust kick inside the ring as Athena slugs her silly in the face. Athena takes to the sky and hits her OH FACE for the win!

Winner:Athena (15 minutes)
Missed seeing both of these women on my tv weekly. What a fun and intense main event.

Post-match, Athena and Billie Starkz jump Velvet when Queen Aminata comes in for the save! Aminata hits the airway crash on Athena as she shoves her out of the ring to end this episode.

End of Show

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The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Honestly? This is the Rampage we should’ve gotten 24 hours ago. We probably would have gotten it to to some degree if it wasn’t for a Battle of the Belts special. It would seem Rampage is going to continue following up behind Dynamite and Collision in the weeks to come. This move by AEW is a smart one as I suggested it a few weeks ago. The change of day and time helps the show overall with more emphasis on better matches while airing live to dodge spoilers. For the three matches that aired tonight on this special, I have no complaints as I enjoyed the action. A fun fast hour with three matches, what more could you ask for? Well, some more Red Velvet and Athens on my television wouldn’t hurt! I’ll catch you all here next Saturday at 10pm ET as Rampage will be on live after Collsiion. Meantime sound off on this weeks BOTB special, 411Maniacs! For more great talk of all things wrestling and beyond, be sure to follow me on Twitter @THERCWRSHOW and check me out on YouTube.com/thercwrshow Enjoy the weekend you all!