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NXT Great American Bash Finishes Ahead of AEW Fyter Fest in Overnight Viewership, NXT Draws Highest Audience Since February

July 2, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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Showbuzz Daily has the overnight ratings between last night’s Wednesday Night Wars battle between NXT and AEW. Both promotions raised the stakes last night, with both brands presenting jam-packed, specially themed summer cards. AEW is running a two-week Fyter Fest series, which started last night. Meanwhile, NXT revived the old Great American Bash name for its own two-week event, which also kicked off last night. Both shows saw significant ratings and viewership growth this week, with NXT’s Great American Bash coming out ahead of Fyter Fest in terms of overnight viewership. However, it was AEW that won the ratings battle for the evening.

Night 1 of NXT’s version of the Great American Bash finished with 792,000 viewers. This is the biggest overnight audience for NXT brand since the February 19 broadcast, which drew 794,000 viewers for its overnight audience. Additional good news is that this is the third consecutive week of overnight audience growth for NXT. It’s slightly higher than last week’s overnight viewership of 786,000. It also gives NXT back-to-back victories over AEW for the last two weeks of programming, but only in the overnight viewership.

The good news for AEW is that Fyter Fest pulled up from last week’s record-low numbers for Dynamite with 633,000 viewers. Night 1 of Fyter Fest had an overnight audience of 748,000 viewers. So, AEW at least bounced back with an increase of about 115,000 viewers.

The ratings were a totally different story and showed a lot more success for AEW. Fyter Fest drew a rating in the P18-49 key demo of 0.29. That’s a significant increase from last week’s 0.22 rating, which was a new record low rating for last week’s Dynamite. So arguably, Fyter Fest can walk away with a victory of sorts having won in the key demo ratings, though not the overall viewership.

NXT also saw a ratings increase this week. The show went from last week’s 0.19 to a 0.22 rating for the Great American Bash show. While last week was a much closer race in the key demo ratings between AEW and NXT, AEW managed to widen the gap again this week. One takeaway from the head-to-head battles between NXT and AEW is that AEW has largely managed to stay ahead of NXT in the ratings since December 18.

In the Cable Top 150 rankings, the Fyter Fest edition of AEW managed to land solidly in the Top 10 at No. 6, moving up 11 spots from last week’s No. 17 finish. NXT also surged up the rankings this week, going from the No. 26 slot to No. 13 this week. However, unlike AEW, NXT failed to make it into Top 10 of the rankings with the Great American Bash.

Challenge: Total Madness on MTV topped the cable ratings for the evening with a 0.47 key demo rating and 851,000 viewers. Hannity on FOX News Channel topped the viewership for the evening with 4.326 million viewers.

Next week, AEW and NXT go head-to-head with the second respective nights of their summer event series with Nights 2 of Fyter Fest and Great American Bash. AEW will have its work cut out for it, as NXT Great American Bash Night 2 is slated to feature a huge Winner Take All match with NXT World champ Adam Cole vs. NXT North American champ Keith Lee in a title vs. title match.

AEW was recently forced to delay its scheduled Jon Moxley vs. Brian Cage world title match. That match will now take place at Fight for the Fallen on July 15.

Here are the week-by-week AEW-NXT Wednesday Night War numbers:

October 2nd: AEW 0.68 demo rating (1.409 million viewers), NXT 0.32 demo rating (891,000 viewers)
October 9th: AEW 0.46 (1.018 million viewers), NXT 0.22 (790,000 viewers)
October 16th: AEW 0.44 (1.014 million viewers), NXT 0.20 (712,000 viewers)
October 23rd: AEW 0.45 (963,000 viewers), NXT 0.21 (698,000 viewers)
October 30th: AEW 0.33 (759,000 viewers), NXT 0.18 (580,000 viewers)
November 6th: AEW 0.35 (822,000 viewers), NXT 0.30 (813,000 viewers)
November 13th: AEW 0.43 (957,000 viewers), NXT 0.25 (750,000 viewers)
November 20th: AEW 0.39 (893,000 viewers), NXT 0.30 (916,000 viewers)
November 27th: AEW 0.26 (663,000 viewers), NXT 0.24 (818,000 viewers)
December 4th: AEW 0.32 (851,000 viewers), NXT 0.29 (845,000 viewers)
December 11th: AEW 0.28 (778,000 viewers), NXT 0.24 (778,000 viewers)
December 18th: AEW 0.25 (683,000 viewers), NXT 0.27 (795,000 viewers)
December 25th: AEW N/A, NXT 0.22 (831,000 viewers)
January 1st: AEW 0.36 (967,000 viewers), NXT 0.15 (548,000)
January 8th: AEW 0.36 (947,000 viewers), NXT 0.19 (721,000)
January 15th: AEW 0.38 (940,000 viewers), NXT 0.21 (700,000)
January 22nd: AEW 0.35 (871,000 viewers), NXT 0.24 (769,000)
January 29nd: AEW 0.34 (828,000 viewers), NXT 0.22 (712,000)
February 5th: AEW 0.36 (928,000 viewers), NXT 0.22 (770,000)
February 12th: AEW 0.30 (817,000 viewers), NXT 0.24 (757,000)
February 19th: AEW 0.31 (893,000 viewers), NXT 0.25 (794,000)
February 26th: AEW 0.30 (865,000 viewers), NXT 0.23 (717,000)
March 4th: AEW 0.35 (906,000 viewers), NXT 0.23 (718,000)
March 11th: AEW 0.26 (766,000 viewers), NXT 0.21 (697,000)
March 18th: AEW 0.35 (932,000 viewers), NXT 0.16 (542,000)
March 25th: AEW 0.34 (819,000 viewers), NXT 0.20 (669,000)
April 1: AEW 0.25 (685,000 viewers), NXT 0.15 (590,000)
April 8: AEW 0.26 (692,000 viewers), NXT 0.19 (693,000)
April 15: AEW 0.25 (683,000 viewers), NXT 0.17 (692,000)
April 22: AEW 0.25 (731,000 viewers), NXT 0.18 (665,000)
April 29: AEW 0.27 (693,000 viewers), NXT 0.16 (637,000)
May 6: AEW 0.28 (732,000 viewers), NXT 0.18 (663,000)
May 13: AEW 0.23 (654,000 viewers), NXT 0.15 (604,000)
May 20: AEW 0.26 (701,000 viewers), NXT 0.13 (592,000)
May 27: AEW 0.32 (821,000 viewers), NXT 0.19 (731,000)
June 3: AEW 0.29 (730,000 viewers), NXT 0.20 (715,000)
June 10: AEW 0.23 (677,000 viewers), NXT 0.16 (673,000)
June 17: AEW 0.28 (772,000 viewers), NXT 0.20 (746,000)
June 24: AEW 0.22 (633,000 viewers), NXT 0.19 (786,000)
July 1: AEW 0.29 (748,000 viewers), NXT 0.22 (792,000)