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Alexa Bliss Explains Why She Started Out Wearing Cheerleader Oufits

March 14, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Alexa Bliss WWE WrestleMania 34

– WWE recently spoke to Alexa Bliss for a “WWE Then & Now” video, where she takes a look back at her NXT debut in 2013. You can check out that video and some highlights below.

Alexa Bliss on her first wrestling outfit for WWE: “This is actually a cheerleading uniform that I had purchased. It was meant to pass as wrestling gear, but I had no idea where people get wrestling gear. So, I just went with what I know, which is cheerleading outfits. It’s just what I knew. It wasn’t like I was supposed to be, ‘I’m coming out wearing cheerleading outfits because I’m a cheerleader. No, it was literally because I just had no idea and no clue, just very oblivious to everything.”

Alexa Bliss on coming up with her original character for her debut: “So, there was a time in NXT where I was originally Scott Dawson’s girlfriend. And so when he got injured, what happened was is that Paige had just won the WWE Divas Championship, and she had vacated the NXT women’s championship. They had needed a tournament for the women, and I remember I was in promo class, and the night before, they were like, ‘Hey. You’re going to debut tomorrow.’ I remember thinking, ‘Oh my gosh. I don’t have a character.’ And they were like, ‘What did you do last promo class?’ ‘I wore a tutu and blue glitter.’ They said, ‘Great. Do that.’ So, actually for a while, I got glitter banned. I always blame Tyler Breeze for this because I had a match. I blew glitter. It stuck to my hands, and then the very next match, Tyler Breeze had a match and it was all over his back. And I guess, his back just kept shining on the camera angles and everything. And everyone was complaining about how sparkly he was. So, the glitter was actually banned for a while.”

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