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Best Damn TNA Recap 05.26.04: World X Cup Edition

May 30, 2004 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Welcome to THE BEST DAMN TNA RECAP of the 5-26-04 show for 411wrestling.com. I am your party host Larry Csonka! Who’s that, a new guy? Indeed my friends but no I am not Hall of Fame running back Larry Csonka of the Miami Dolphins, just a VERY distant relation.

Well, a little background. I live in North Carolina, but grew up in Pittsburgh Pa. (Long live the Steelers!) Went to college in Fairmont WV. And have a B.A. in Music Education. I have been married over 4 years, and have a 2-year-old Daughter that kicks like Low Ki. For work I am the Choir Director at my church, and am a stay at home dad. I would like to tell you all about my finding the net and 411 being a green and black geocities place, but that speech is overdone.

For my style, I recap on the fly and do my best to catch as much as humanly possible. I don’t do star ratings, not my thing. So sit back and relax and enjoy The Best Damn TNA Recap!

Team Japan tells me in Japanese (Why yes, I can speak Japanese) not to steal cable. BANZAI!

Highlights of the previous weeks World X Cup preview matches air.

Mike Tenay and Don West welcome us to the Asylum and the WORLD X CUP!

Match #1 Gauntlet Match (Royal Rumble Rules, all 16 men to participate) (3pts. For the winner, 1 for the 2nd place man)

Every 60 seconds someone new comes in. Over the top to be eliminated. When we get to the last 2 Christopher Daniels and Johnny Devine. They slap each other to start. Reversals off the ropes, Daniels almost over, but slingshot back in and LEVELS Devine with a clothesline. Hip tosses by Devine, and #3 is Nosawa. Basement drop kick by Nosawa to Daniels, drop toehold, and he and Devine double-team Daniels. Crowd already into it as Daniels tries to fight off them off, and #4 is Ishikari. All 3 men work over Daniels as Devine seems to be directing traffic. Devine chokes out Daniels as #5 Chris Sabin enters. He takes out everyone and ELIMINATES Ishikari! Devine catches him from behind, and tries to eliminate him as Nosawa and Daniels fight in another corner. #6 Mr. Agulia is in. Spring board reversal into a double clothesline! He is tossed, but skins the cat and goes after Devine. Sabin and Daniels work as a unit on Nosawa as Devine and Agulia are tied up and #7 is Petey Williams. Right away he and Sabin lock it up. Agulia works on Nosawa in a corner, and Daniels tries to eliminate Devine. #8 is Hijikata who attacks Daniels. Williams gets a RANA and takes Sabin to the floor and Sabin is gone! Williams hung on. #9 is Jerry Lynn and he attacks Nosawa and ELIMINATES HIM! He goes to work on Devine, as we have lots of brawling and #10 is Heavy Metal. Agulia gets a springboard drop kick on Williams and Heavy Metal get another to eliminate WILLIAMS. Lynn works on Agulia and #11 is Hirai. Daniels and Devine are still in. Lynn ALMOST eliminated, but he hangs on. Agulia chokes him out, as Hirai works on Metal. #12 is Bobby Rude. SPEAR to Daniels! Then he tosses him and Daniels is ELIMINATED! Hijikata works over Rude, and Hirai is all over Metal. #13 is Abismo Negro. He attacks Devine, and he and metal ELIMINATE Devine! Metal and Hirai ELIMINATE EACH OTHER! #14 is Elix Skipper. Reverse suplex to Agulia! LYNN IS ELIMINATED! Agulia misses a spin kick as ELIMINATES HIMSELF! Hijikata, Skipper, Negro and Rude are left, and #15 is Eric Young. He and Rude double-team Negro. Skipper kicks away at Hijikata. Negro holds on as he is ALMOST eliminated. #16 is Hector Garza. He hits anything that moves and eliminated RUDE! Young misses Negro in the corner, and Hijikata eliminates HIMSELF AND NEGRO! Garza with a stiff kick to Young. It is Young, Skipper and Garza. Skipper and Garza FLAPJACK Young and then ELIMINATE HIM!

It is Skipper and Garza left in a regular match. Garza with a cross body for 2. Roll up almost gets Skipper. Skipper with a roll up gets 2! They duke it out in the corner, but Garza gets a scoop slam. Goes up top…Misses a moonsault, Skipper tries the play of the day, but Garza reverses it into a face plant and gets the 3 count @ 18:46.

Lots of brawling but a nice ending sequence to get to the final 2 men. Enjoyable match.

AAA gets 3 points. TNA gets 1.

Highlights of last weeks Deadly Draw match.

Jeff Jarrett makes an appearance and makes Tenay get in the ring. He wants Russo as well. He wants conformation of his title shot on June 2nd. JJ says they thought they were rid of him, but they were wrong. Russo says he hates him, but JJ was going to get his rematch. JJ says Russo has had all the things he has done are for not, because the 2nd, he gets his rematch and his title back. He says to line them all up, because he will take them all out! Russo says man to man, JJ gets his title shot. He offers JJ a handshake, and he takes it. Russo says it will be JJ’s way. He says it will be JJ vs. The Truth vs. Raven vs. AJ vs. Harris. JJ will get his chance to be King of the Mountain. The match will be 5 men, if one man gets pinned, he sits in the penalty box for 2-minutes, any man who scores a pin, can get the title and climb a ladder and hang the title. The person who hangs the title, is the King of The Mountain and the NWA Champ! He says if JJ doesn’t like it, then he gets NO REMATCH! JJ says they have under estimated him for the last time.

Scott Hudson with Team TNA. Lynn says they have a hell of a team, and he guarantees they will make the comeback.

Match #2 Elix Skipper & Christopher Daniels vs. Johnny Devine & Bobby Rude (2 pts.)

All 4 men brawl to start! Elix to the floor, and the double-team Daniels. Daniels takes out Devine, and Elix is back in. Elix and Rude now, they double hip toss Rude, and Elix gets 2. Stiff kicks by Elix and Rude is hurting. Rude gets a tag to Devine, and he gets a nice snap suplex on Elix. Off the ropes, cross body to Elix who then gets a spin kick for 2. Tag to Daniels, Elix pick up Devine, and Daniels hits an elbow off the top for 2. Daniels crotches Devine, and Elix gets a leg drop to the prone Devine for 2! DDT To Devine who pops up and gets a super kick and tag to Rude. Rude is in control and punches away on Elix. Elbow drop to Elix now, drags him over and tags Devine. Basement drop kick to Elix for 2. Hard elbow shots to Elix, and Devine distracts the ref as Rude chokes out Elix. Tag to Rude, who continues to work over Elix. He chokes Elix over the middle rope now, and Devine goes to the floor and nails Elix with a stiff punch. Rude tries to wear down Elix, Elix escapes, off the ropes but he eats a back elbow and Rude gets 2. Tag to Devine, Suplex into a stunner to Elix. He covers and Daniels makes the save. Slam to Elix, Devine up top…MISSES A SHOOTING STAR PRESS! Both men are down! Tag to Rude, Tag to Daniels! ENZIGURI TO RUDE! Another to Devine! Covers Rude and gets 2! STO by Daniels! BEST MOONSAULT EVER gets 2! Devine gets the tag but Daniels picks him up for a suplex and Elix gets a Cross-body to Devine for 2! Rude takes down Daniels and attacks Elix. TKO to Elix! Devine coves Elix and only gets 2! Tag to Daniels who gets leveled by Devine. Devine goes up top, but Daniels chases…Tries a RANA, but is flipped off and a MISSILE DROP KICK BY DEVINE only gets 2! Rude has Elix, TWISTING STI DOWN POWER BOMB! Devine with a moonsault to Elix! Super kick into a suplex to Elix by Team Canada. Spine buster to Daniels but only a 2! They try another double team, but Elix saves Daniels . NEW SCHOOL RANA TO DEVINE! Power-bomb/neck-breaker combo to Devine finishes it @ 11:33.

Great match! Just very well worked and exciting from start to finish.

AAA – 3
TNA – 3

Highlights of last week’s bunk house brawl with Dusty Rhodes. On June 2nd, Kash and Dallas will defend against Storm and Dusty!

Scott Hudson with Storm and Dusty. Storm says Dusty has always been there, and they will take the titles home. Dusty says he studied all the tag teams ever, and says Kash and Dallas are not the greatest ever. He says it is the old and the new together and they will take the gold home. Dusty says he may need a belt extension to wear the belt. Dallas and Kash, get ready because there’s a storm a commin!

Match #3 Heavy Metal & Abismo Negro vs. Ryuji Hijikata & Mitsu Hirai Jr. (2 pts.)

Hijikata and Hirai double –team Negro to start. They take him down again with a clothesline, and Hijikata drop kicks Negro down. Rear choke to Negro, then Hijikata sets up Negro, and a little shattered dreams for Abismo! Double drop kick by Negro as they all 3 go to the floor, and Metal gets a plancha to the floor! Metal and Hijikata now, and Metal eats a brain buster. Hirai in now with a pair of elbow drops, but Metal gets a slam and Negro with a frog splash for 2! German suplex by Negro gets another 2 count. Sitout powerbomb gets 2 as Hijikata makes the save. Negro misses a corner drop kick, and Hirai rolls into a cross arm breaker. Hirai catches Negro on the top and slams him down. Stiff kicks by Hijikata to Negro’s arm. SHADES OF THE GARVIN STOMP! Hirai back in, and a reverse arm bar on Negro. Metal tries to save him, but the ref stops him. Suplex by Hijikata gets 2. Arm bar again, and Metal makes the save. Hirai MISSES a corner clothesline, and tags Metal! Metal with some stiff kicks of his own, and a Missile drop kick gets 2! Roll up by Metal only gets 2. v in with a SWEET SUPER KICK to Metal! Tiger bomb to Metal gets 2 as Negro delivers a basement drop kick for the save. Hirai on top….and Negro tosses Metal for a SUPER RANA! FROG SPLASH by Negro to Hijikata . The ref tries to get order, and Negro is taken down as Metal goes back to his corner, but an EXPLODER BY HIRAI finishes Negro @ 8:00

Not bad, had some flow issues at times, but a fun match to watch. No complaints here.

AAA – 3
TNA – 3
Japan – 2

Scott Hudson with Scott D’more. He says Young needs to step it up and win this ladder match.

Match #4 Jerry Lynn vs. Mr. Agulia vs. Taichi Ishikari vs. Eric Young (Ladder Match) (4pts.)

Ishikari attacks Lynn, as Young tries for the ladder, and Agulia gets a baseball slide into the ladder and Young is down. Ishikari gets an Enziguri to Lynn, as Agulia and Young fight over the ladder. Young tossed into the ladder in the corner, but Agulia MISSES a spin kick and eats the ladder! Young and Lynn in the ring, and he slams Lynn and gets a moonsault! Slingshot cross body by Lynn to Young on the floor! Ishikari and Agulia back in, and Ishikari gets a nice head scissors to Agulia. Tries another, but Agulia blocks it. Scoop slam by Agulia, he goes up top, and Lynn crotches him. Lynn goes up with the aid of a ladder, but Agulia drops Lynn onto the ladder! Splash by Agulia to Ishikari! Young flies to the floor onto Lynn! Agulia sets up the ladder and Young missile drop kicks it into Agulia’s face. Lynn back in, and he goes after Young. Lynn gets a face jam onto the ladder. Ishikari picks up the ladder, and goes terry Funk and spins around with the ladder on his shoulders! Young spears him to the corner, and goes back after Lynn. DDT by Lynn to Young on the ladder! Lynn sets him up on the ladder and leg drops him on the ladder. Agulia slams Ishikari on the ladder, he picks it up and sets it back in the corner. Lynn and Young fight on the outside. All4 men back in the ring. Lynn takes down Young on the apron. Lynn up top…and Young tries to fight him off and does. They have a ladder from ring to the rail. Agulia has Ishikari leg in the ladder and stomps away on it! Lynn goes after Agulia, slams and a leg drop. Young back in, Lyn tries a head scissors, but Young reverses it and drops him face first on the ladder! Young now after Ishikari but Ishikari back drops Young on a ladder. Agulia tosses Ishikari into the ladder in the corner, and Young does the same to Lynn. Ishikari nails Young with the ladder, then lays in on the middle rope. Lynn gets him…tries a powerbomb, but Ishikari reverses it into a RAN AND LYNN ONTO THE LADDER! Young takes out Ishikari with a face plant onto the ladder. Young goes after Lynn, who hip tosses him onto the ladder and Agulia gets an ASAI MONNSAULT ON YOUNG ON THE LADDER! Agulia and Lynn go through a series of reversals, but Agulia gets him and POWERBOMB ONTO A LADDER! Young down on the ladder, Agulia MISSES the asai monnsault and lands on the ladder. Ishikari tries a tornado DDT, but Lynn gets a northern light suplex onto the ladder. Lynn sets up the ladder and he and Young both climb. Agulia shoves them both off, but goes over the top himself! Ishikari nails Young onto the ladder that is set up teeter-totter style, and Young is CATAPULTED OVER THE TOP ROPE! Ishikari climbs, but is powerbomed off by Lynn. Lynn sets up the ladder in the corner, but Agulia get shim from behind. He climbs and misses a 450 splash to Lynn from the top of the ladder. Young back in, and goes up top of the ladder, and Lynn chases…SLAMS OFF YOUNG TO THE MAT! Lynn now climbs the ladder, but gets a spin kick and Lynn to the mat. Agulia and Ishikari climb the ladder…they punch it out…but Young pushes the ladder and the both crotch the rope. Young climbs now…Lynn tries to climb the other side…the punch it out…and Lynn tries the cradle pile driver, but Scott D’more nails Lynn with the hockey stick. Lynn’s leg’s are caught in the ladder and Young gets the giant red X for the win @ 18:37

Holy spot-fest Bat Man! All kidding aside, if you want crazy ladder spots and lots of flying around, this is for you. Lots of fun, I will so watch this again when I am done with the recap!

Canada – 4
AAA – 3
TNA – 3
Japan – 2 and Eliminated.

Scott Hudson with 3 Live Krew. Ron “The Truth” Killings. He says he will go into Impact as the Champ. James and Konnan aren’t happy about the match, but will have Killing’s back.

Tenay and West shill next week and the website. The Amazing Red vs. Frankie Kazarian for the X Division Title, Kash and Dallas vs. James Storm and Dusty Rhodes for the Tag Team Titles and the King of the Hill for the NWA Heavyweight title.

Armando Quinterro with Hector Gaza. They talk some smack in Spanish. He will win and take the X Cup back to Mexico again.. Yes, I speak Spanish as well.

Match #5 Petey Williams vs. Chris Sabin vs. Hector Garza (Ultimate X)

The winner of this match wins the World X Cup. Borash is in to the ring announcements. Which are great.

They take out Williams to start, and Sabin and Garza duke it out. Williams tries to climb the cables, but is pulled down right away. Garza and Sabin try to toss Williams for a flapjack, but he grabs the cable and almost gets the X! Williams to the floor, Sabin goes to fly, but is crotches and drops to the floor. Garza and Williams in now, and Garza just is all over him. Garza climbs, but is knocked off by Sabin, and almost jacks his knee! Drop kick to Sabin by Williams, but Sabin gets a nice spin kick as the crowd chants “HAIL SABIN!” Sabin goes for the electric chair, but Williams escapes and tries a bulldog but Sabin gets a German! Garza and Sabin cling but knock each other off. Williams gets up and climbs to the middle of the cable, and Garza tries to stop him. Williams is able to DDT Garza! Sabin climbs, but Williams stops him. They reverse each other, and Garza comes over…DOUBLE GERMAN SUPLEX! Crowd very vocal! Garza climbs but Williams grabs him and tries to powerbomb him down. Sabin climbs, MISSILE DROP KICK POWERBOMB COMBO! Garza is down on the floor…and Williams gets a Russian Leg sweep to Sabin. Williams grabs him…Sabin reverses him and tosses Williams to the floor. He and Garza are down…Sabin up…Top Rope Cross Body to both men! Crowd really diggin on this match! Sabin tries to work over Williams, but Garza throws Sabin into the steel railing. Williams climbs and is on the cables…Garza comes in and Williams gets a RANA on Garza! Sabin back in but Williams crotches him on the top. Williams tries a superplex, but Sabin grabs him and gets a FISHERMAN BUSTER! Garza runs across the ring and DRILLS Sabin with a kick to the head. Off the ropes and Garza delivers a tilt a whirl slam. Garza tries a German to Williams, Sabin saves him with an Enziguri. Williams up…CANADIAN DESTROYER TO SABIN! (Flip piledriver) All 3 men slow to get up, and they do. They all climb the rope and on the cables now. They get to the middle at the same time. They kick each other in the head and all drop! Sabin is up…Brain Buster to Garza! Williams is up, and a JUVI DRIVER to Sabin. Garza back up, and clotheslines Williams out of his shoes! Garza kicks Williams down, then chops him in the corner. He charges Williams and Garza to the floor! Sabin and Williams climb, Sabin shoves off Williams. Garza climbs to the top, and MISSES A MISSLIE DROP KICK. Sabin is hanging and he grabs the giant X for the victory @ 13:39!

Best Ultimate X match so far. They just had a hot crowd and a lot of drama. Hats off to these 3 guys, as they really busted their Asses to put on a great Main Event.

Team TNA wins the World X Cup, and the whole team comes to celebrate as they all get a giant trophy. They pose in the ring with the hardware, and Hector Garza shows some class and shakes their hands before he leaves and we fade to a video package for next week.

WOW! Let me tell you, this was a BEAST! The X Cups really make the road to arthritis really short. It was a GREAT show, and if you are a fan of Lucha, Puro, X Division, Ladders or all of them I would suggest the replay. Best $10 I have spent on ANYTHING in a long time. Thanks for reading, if you want to drop me some feedback, do so at [email protected] If you enjoyed my recap, hop over to www.twtf.com to catch some of my other columns.

Thanks for reading, until next week I am Larry Csonka and you know you want to be a Zonkamaniac~!


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