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Beyond Wrestling’s All Killer 08 Review

October 26, 2013 | Posted by Jesse Nguyen
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Beyond Wrestling’s All Killer 08 Review  

Match #1: Pat Matthews vs. Brian Fury
Decent back and forth affair. Matthews shows a bit of potential during this match against his trainer. I have to say it loses quite a bit of steam near the middle, but does pick up for the finish. One of the better matches Beyond has shown with a relative unknown wrestler.

Match #2: Todd Sople vs. Anthony Greene
Dull match that went on a bit too long. There really is not much to note here. These two appear to be rookies, and it really shows. Greene is apparently a referee trying to make the jump to wrestler, which is always admirable. I will say there were no botches during the contest, which is a plus. Besides that, I would say these two need a bit more work before they get some more ring time.

Match #3: Slater Quaid vs. Steve “The Turtle” Weiner
Less of a match and more of a humorous look at the world of pro wrestling when you have an idea that probably should go nowhere near the ring. That being said, this was an entertaining little show.

Main Event: M1nute Men vs. Da Hoodz
The bad news is that Da Hoodz look like two juggalos who randomly walked into a wrestling ring. The good news is that they are a decent tag team. As are M1nute Men. A lot of good double team offense from both teams, and there was a very good strike exchange between all four men. This match saved the All Killer from becoming a pretty dull affair. These teams are rivals (according to the commentary) so it would be nice to see them battle in Beyond Wrestling once again.

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The 411: While it is nice to give young, enthusiastic guys a chance at the spotlight, I think the big mistake here was putting it all into one show. Besides the main event, there is not a lot of material here to make noting of. Not a terrible idea for the All Killer, just falls short of what I expect from the company.
Final Score:  6.0   [ Average ]  legend

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