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Beyond Wrestling’s All Killer 10 Review

November 11, 2013 | Posted by Jesse Nguyen
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Beyond Wrestling’s All Killer 10 Review  

Match #1: Mark angel vs. Steve Wiener
Surprised to this match go as long as it did. Quite a fun match and it is always good to see Steve Wiener get some time in the ring. He brought out some more technique that I was not expecting. Would put this on par with the match had earlier in Beyond. There was one noticeable botch though.

Match #2: Sugar Dunkerton vs. Jaka
This was a fantastic match. A lot of stiff offense from both wrestlers. More of a fight than a wrestling match, but there were some good submission attempts. These two are some of the best that Beyond has to offer, and it really shows in this match. Just a great back and forth match.

Match #3: Chris Dickinson vs. Anthony Stone
Not a very long match, but still good. They managed to get a lot of impressive moves in for the time they had. Would call this a speed vs power match, where Dickinson would try to keep the pace slower. Still, this was a fast paced battle that was fun to watch.

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The 411: This is one the best All Killers I've seen in a while. All three matches were good, if not great. Beyond really put together quite an episode this time. Hopefully this series will continue to impress me with more episodes like this.
Final Score:  8.0   [ Very Good ]  legend

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