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BG Says: PWG Straight to DVD

October 27, 2007 | Posted by Brad Garoon
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BG Says: PWG Straight to DVD  

Straight to DVD

October 14, 2005 – Los Angeles, California

Disco Machine and, sigh, TARO tackle commentary, and as usual be sure to switch the audio channel over to hear them.

Commissioner Dino Winwood gives a speech to start the show. He talks for a minute about Arrogance before the PWG referees come to the ring. They have a problem with how Chris Bosh, Scott Lost and Joey Ryan have been interfering in so many matches and they’ve also been too violent with the referees. They’re ready to walk out. Winwood then turns into Vince McMahon and gets in their faces, but does promise to take care of the Arrogance problem. He doesn’t exactly answer Ryan’s challenge for a one-on-one match however.

QuicksilverVS. Disco Machine
Quicksilver VS. Disco Machine
Quicksilver cuts a promo about his little girlfriend, with whom he’d been for six years on this date, before the match but Disco hits him with a baseball slide during it. In the ring Quicksilver hits an armdrag and puts on an armbar. He hits a hiptoss but Disco responds in kind. Disco gets a roll up for 2. Quicksilver hits a lariat and a back elbow for 2. He chops Disco around but Disco comes back with a clothesline and a neckbreaker for 2. He puts on a seated abdominal stretch and rolls Quicksilver up for 2. He hits a full nelson slam for 2. He puts on a chinlock but Quicksilver gets out and hits an elbow from the second rope. He hits a dropkick and a climbing enziguiri. He hits a falcon arrow for 2. He counters the chokeslam to a spinebuster. He hits the Quick Qrusher for 2. Disco dumps him on the turnbuckle and hits a snap suplex. He rolls through for another and hits a facebuster for 2. He hits a tiger driver for 2. He dropkicks the back but Quicksilver counters the Chokebreaker to a sunset flip for the win at 9:52. Fun little opener.
Rating: **½

Joey RyanVS. El Generico
Joey Ryan VS. El Generico
Ryan is starting to phase out his technical pirate look in favor of the soon-to-be-infamous 70’s porn star look. They mug for the fans to start with Generico easily winning that battle. The referee gets involved and actually beats both wrestlers. After what feels like an eternity of stalling they lock up and Ryan grabs a waistlock. He kicks Generico in the face and puts on a front facelock. Generico counters to a hammerlock and they trade holds. They run the ropes for quite a while and Ryan has an asthma attack. Generico hits a leg lariat and a dropkick to the back for 2. He goes for the swinging DDT but Ryan crotches him on the top rope and shoves him to the floor. He pushes Generico into a row of chairs and rolls him back into the ring. He hits a dropkick and blocks Generico’s swinging DDT again, this time hitting a northern lights suplex for 2. He hits knees to the face and a big boot. He hits an enziguiri and Generico falls to the floor. Ryan follows him out with a suicide dive and hits a crossbody off the top back in the ring. Generico rolls through and low bridges Ryan to the floor. He climbs the ropes and hits a somersault dive out onto Ryan. Back in the ring Generico hits the Michinoku driver for 2. Ryan hits a superkick for 2. He hits the Duff Drop, now called the Mustache Ride, for 2. He chokes Generico with his own cape but Generico comes back with a roll up for 2. Ryan hits a clothesline and climbs the ropes. Generico tries to cut him off but Ryan catches him with a roll up. Ryan gets stuck between the ropes and Generico hits a sick Yakuza kick. He uses Ryan’s sash to hit the half nelson suplex for 2 when Ryan puts his foot on the bottom rope. Ryan fakes a head injury and rolls Generico up for the win at 19:07. I hate when matches go more than ten minutes and end in a cheap finish. The match was fun but when it ends like that it makes me feel like I wasted my time. It’s no different than watching a decent movie with an ending that makes no sense at all.
Rating: **½

Frankie KazarianVS. Hook BomberryVS. RoninVS. TJ Perkins
Frankie Kazarian VS. Hook Bomberry VS. Ronin VS. TJ Perkins [Elimination Match]
Kazarian and Ronin start. Hook tags Kazarian out to get a piece of Ronin and hits a dropkick. He blocks a blind charge and hits a hurricanrana. He hits another dropkick but and they trade forearms. Perkins and Kazarian come in and dropkick Hook and Ronin. Ronin and Hook wipe them out in retaliation and Hook dropkicks Ronin’s knee. Hook puts on the figure 4 leglock but Kazarian and Perkins break it up with a top rope legdrop on Hook and a frog splash on Ronin, respectively. Kazarian hits a neckbreaker and a bicycle kick on Ronin. Perkins kicks Hook to the floor. Hook and Ronin brawl on the floor for so long that they get counted out at 3:46. I fear that this means the Gunning for Hookers vs. New S.B.S. feud will continue. Back in the ring Kazarian and Perkins get things restarted with a lock up. Perkins hits a head scissors takedown into the turnbuckle and a dropkick. He hits a vertical suplex for 2. He ties Kazarian up but Kazarian powers out. Perkins hits a bodyslam and a slingshot senton for 2. He puts on a leglock but Kazarian slaps his was out of it. Perkins ties him up in the turnbuckle and unloads with European uppercuts. He hangs Kazarian in the Tree of Woe and hits a baseball slide. Kazarian comes back with a dropkick to the back. He hits the momentum kick and a bodyslam. He hits a slingshot legdrop for 2. He hits a gutwrench suplex but Perkins returns fire with a roundhouse kick and a dropkick for 2. Perkins hits a butterfly brainbuster for 2. Kazarian hits the electric chair drop for 2. He hits the Gory facebuster for 2. Perkins gets a sunset flip and puts on a modified half crab. Kazarian gets to the ropes. Perkins hits a northern lights suplex and climbs the ropes. Kazarian comes back with the Wave of the Future for the win at 13:37. The finish was actually pretty neat but the rest of the match wasn’t anything special. Why have it start as a four way at all?
Rating: **¼

Scott LostVS. Chris Hero
Scott Lost VS. Chris Hero
They trade holds to start and Lost gets control with a headlock. Hero goes for the cravat but Lost blocks it. Hero puts on a wristlock and drops a knee on Lost’s arm. Lost comes back with a wristlock of his own but Hero counters to a takedown and a front facelock. Lost gets to the ropes. Lost goes back to the headlock and hits a low blow when Hero goes for a leap frog for 2. He puts on a sleeper hold and stomps on Hero’s face. He puts on a cravat but Hero easily escapes. Lost hits a clothesline for 2. He puts on the body scissors but Hero escapes and hits an Earthquake splash. Lost dumps him to the floor and flies out after him with a dropkick. He hits a vertical suplex on the floor and a second rope elbowdrop back in the ring for 2. He puts on some goggles but they must have darkened his vision too much because he misses the Superman Spear and hits the post. Back in the ring Hero opens up with chops and forearms. He hits a big boot and a facebuster. He hits a back suplex and puts on the cravat. He hits the Cravatoplex and Lost rolls to the floor. Hero follows him out and puts the cravat back on. Back in the ring Lost hits a superkick. He hits another in the corner for 2. He blocks the Tracy Smothers strikes and hits the Ode to Bruce Lee and the Ace Crusher for 2. Hero counters the Superman Spear to the Cravat Cutter for 2. Lost blocks the Hangman’s Clutch so Hero gets a swinging cravat. Lost hits a gutbuster but Hero blocks the Sharpshooter. Lost hits a spear and puts on the Sharpshooter. Hero gets to the ropes and then puts on the standing Hangman’s Clutch. Lost goes limp but Hero gets distracted by a scuffle between Scorpio Sky and Joey Ryan at ringside. Lost rolls Hero up and grabs the ropes for 2. Hero hits the Super Hero’s Welcome for 2. He climbs the ropes but Lost cuts him off and hits the superplex (with Hero helpfully feeding Lost his arm) for 2. Lost blocks the Hero’s Welcome but Hero counters a spear and hits the move for the win at 20:17. Issues with laziness aside this was a fun match.
Rating: ***

Christopher DanielsVS. Scorpio Sky
Christopher Daniels VS. Scorpio Sky
Before the match the fans make fun of Daniels for losing the X-Division title in TNA and Sky makes fun of Daniels for looking like a penis. They lock up and Daniels forces Sky to the ropes. He starts using cheap maneuvers so Sky hits an armdrag. He hits a couple more and Daniels bails. Back in the ring Daniels stomps a mud hole in Sky. Sky hits a hiptoss and a monkey flip. He hits a dropkick and another armdrag. Daniels bails but the referee keeps Sky from diving out. That’s dumb. Sky then dives over the referee to get to Daniels on the floor. Back in the ring Sky goes for a springboard maneuver but Daniels shakes the top rope. He whips Sky hard into the turnbuckle and hits a bodyslam. He hits two more bodyslams and knees Sky’s back. He hits a delayed vertical suplex for 2. Sky hits a crossbody for 2. He hits a short-arm clothesline and climbs the ropes but Daniels slams him to the mat. Daniels puts on a chinlock and hits a tilt-a-whirl bodyslam for 2. He goes for another but Sky blocks it and hits a DDT. Sky hits a clothesline and a leg lariat. He hits a head scissors takedown and a swinging facebuster for 2. Daniels hits a Samoan drop and the uranage. He misses the triple jump moonsault and Sky sets him up top. Daniels fights him off but Sky jumps up and hits a monkey flip off the top. Sky climbs the ropes and hits a frog splash but Scott Lost runs out and distracts the referee. Danielson rolls Sky up with a handful of tights but the referee catches it and Sky knocks Daniels into Lost and rolls him up for the win at 14:23. The action that was there was good, but there were more than a few lulls.
Rating: **¾

After the match Joey Ryan and Scott Lost beat Sky up for a while. Dino Winwood and a chair-wielding Quicksilver make the save. Dino fires Lost and Ryan and has them escorted from the building. He congratulates Sky on his victory and says he can have any match he wants. Sky asks that Dino rehire Lost and Ryan. He wants a six man anything goes tag match between the three of them (AXP and Dino) and all of Arrogance. Winwood schedules it for November 18th.

Super DragonDavey RichardsVS. Chris SabinPetey Williams
Super Dragon & Davey Richards © VS. Chris Sabin & Petey Williams [PWG Tag Team Championship Match]
Dragon and Williams start. They lock up and Dragon powers Williams into the corner. Williams goes for the Canadian Destroyer but Dragon blocks it. Dragon goes for the Psycho Driver but Williams blocks it. Dragon puts on a leglock but Williams gets to the ropes. Richards tags in and gets hit with a dropkick. Sabin tags in and trades holds with Richards. Sabin gets a crucifix pin for 2 and slaps Richards across the face. Richards puts on a leglock and tags to Dragon. Dragon dodges a dropkick and hits the Curb Stomp for 2. He puts on the Mark Nulty Special but Sabin gets to the ropes. Richards tags in and kicks Sabin’s back for 2. He puts on a chinlock and slams Sabin to the mat by his hair. Dragon tags in and hits a double stomp onto Sabin after Richards drapes him over his knees. Richards tags back in and gets 2. He goes back to the chinlock but Sabin comes back with an enziguiri. Williams tags in and hits a back elbow. He hits a clothesline gets a jackknife pin for 2. He puts on the Sharpshooter and Sabin keeps Dragon from breaking it up with a big boot. Dragon fights Sabin off and breaks up the hold. Richards goes for a sunset bomb to the floor and then dodges the legdrop on the apron. Dragon hits Williams with a clothesline and then hits a double stomp to the floor off the apron. Richards and Dragon beat Williams up on the floor and Dragon gouges at Sabin’s eyes to keep him from helping out. Back in the ring Richards gets 2 on Williams. He hits a bodyslam and an elbowdrop for 2. He hits another bodyslam and tags to Dragon. Richards sets Williams in the Tree of Woe and Dragon stand on his crotch. Dragon hits an elbowdrop for 2. He puts on the leggy nelson and holds on through a dropkick from Sabin. Williams rolls back for 2. Richards tags in and hits an elbow. He puts on a camel clutch but Sabin breaks it up. Dragon tags in and hits a snap suplex for 2. He hits a back suplex for 2. Richards tags in and hits a snap suplex for 2. He hits a running forearm but Williams responds in kind. Richards puts on an abdominal stretch but Williams escapes with a hiptoss and hits a side Russian legsweep. Dragon and Sabin tag in and Sabin hits a spear in the corner. He drop toeholds Richards into Dragon’s crotch and then hits a backbreaker on Richards. He sets Dragon up top and hurricanranas Dragon onto Richards. He hits a swinging DDT on Dragon for 2. Dragon hits a dragon suplex for 2. Richards and Williams tag in and Williams comes off the top with a hurricanrana. He hits a swinging neckbreaker but Dragon keeps him from hitting the Canadian Destroyer. Dragon and Richards hit a powerbomb/lungblower combo for 2. Sabin tags in and hits a springboard dropkick to the knee for 2. Richards comes back with the handspring kick and a kick to the face. He hits a hammerlock Complete Shot for 2. Sabin comes back with a turnbuckle powerbomb and the Cradle Shock for 2 when Dragon saves. Dragon hits a short-arm clothesline, which gets 2 for Richards. Dragon tags in and walks into an enziguiri. Williams tags in and gets hit with a senton off the top after Dragon hits a dropkick on Sabin. Dragon blocks the Canadian Destroyer and hits the Supernatural Driver for the win at 28:09. Started out slow but the last fifteen minutes were a lot of fun.
Rating: ***½

After the match Sabin beats up Dragon and feeds him to Williams for the Canadian Destoyer. Dragon’s head comes in a little high and hurts Petey’s twig and berries. Williams takes it badly and hits a stunner on Sabin. See, that makes him a heel now because the fans wanted to see the Canadian Destroyer but he wouldn’t give it to them.

Kevin SteenVS. Chris BoshVS.AJ Styles
Kevin Steen © VS. Chris Bosh VS. AJ Styles [PWG Championship Match]
Bosh tries to cut a pre-match promo but Steen attacks him from behind and whips him with his denim vest. Styles jumps off of Bosh and hits a hurricanrana on Steen. He jumps onto Bosh’s back and then hits him with a hurricanrana. He hits a clothesline and a forearm on Steen. Steen dumps him to the floor but Bosh hits Steen with an armdrag. He hits Steen with his head scissors takedown on the floor but Styles gets a roll up on him back in the ring for 2. He slams Bosh to the mat and puts on the Mark Nulty Special. Steen rolls Bosh into a Boston crab, putting pressure on Styles who goes to the ropes. Steen hits a back suplex on Styles for 2. Bosh hits Steen with a neckbreaker but Steen comes back with the cannonball in the corner. Bosh trips Steen, keeping Styles from hitting him with a dropkick. Styles dives onto both opponents on the floor and gets a takedown on Steen for 2 back in the ring. Steen slams Styles to the mat and hits a sit-out powerbomb on Bosh but can’t get more than 2 on either of them. He hits a gutbuster on Styles but Bosh comes back with a stunner on both opponents for 2. Steen and Bosh slug it out so Styles hits them both with clotheslines off the top. Styles sets Bosh up top but when a superplex doesn’t work he hits the reverse DDT on Steen while hitting a regular DDT on Bosh for 2. He sets Bosh up top again but Steen pulls Styles away only to get hit with a sunset bomb from Bosh. That gets 2. Styles hits a German suplex and a facebuster on Bosh for 2 when Steen saves. Steen hits a pumphandle neckbreaker on Styles for 2 when Bosh saves. Bosh hits the clotheslines into a backbreaker on Steen for 2. Styles hits Bosh with a brainbuster on the apron and hits the Styles Clash on Steen from the apron to the floor. Back in the ring Bosh keeps Styles from getting the winning pin. Styles trips over Steen and Bosh dropkicks him to the floor. Bosh goes for the Steiner Screwdriver on Steen but Steen blocks it and rolls Bosh up for the win at 12:38. This was every bit as good as Styles’s more well known three way against Bryan Danielson and Samoa Joe in the Ted Petty Invitational finals. I expected nothing going into this and enjoyed every second.
Rating: ***¾

Highlighting Joey Ryan’s facial hair and sunglasses on the main menu will reveal the following backstage shenanigans
Joey Ryan loves strawberry shakes. They’re so sweet, like the taste of a young girl’s lips. Tonight Generico tasted defeat. Ryan takes a bite out of his whip cream and gets it all over his new facial hair. Generico took the mustache ride.

The 411BG Says

Well, tag title match is good but not amazing and the PWG title match is quite entertaining but very short but aside from that and Petey’s heel turn nothing else of note really happened on the show. It’s an improvement over After School Special but not up to what this company is capable of.

Final Score:  6.5   [ Average ]  legend

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