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BG Says: PWG The Next Show

February 21, 2006 | Posted by Brad Garoon
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BG Says: PWG The Next Show  

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The Next Show

September 4, 2004 – Los Angeles, California

Your hosts are Excalibur & Disco Machine, click the audio button on your DVD player’s remote control to hear them.

Not shown is Hardkore Kidd’s hostile takeover of the commissioner position while the official commissioner Paul T. is off doing stereotypical things in his family’s home country.

Babi SlymmBrad Bradley VS. Supa BaddHuman Tornado
Babi Slymm & Brad Bradley VS. Supa Badd & Human Tornado
Tornado and Slymm start. Tornado dances around so Slymm attacks him from behind. He rakes Tornado’s eyes against the ropes and bites him in the corner. Tornado comes back with a dropkick and a running forearm. Slymm tosses him into the air to the mat and does some jumping jacks. Bradley tags in and tosses Tornado to Badd for the tag. Bradley pummels Badd but he comes back with an enziguiri. Tornado tags in and they hit a double dropkick. Bradley falls to the floor so Tornado hits him with a tope. Back in the ring Bradley uses his strength to regain control. He hits a crazy German suplex and tags to Slymm. Slymm beats Tornado down and hits a bodyslam. He hits a stiff kick to the back for 2. He puts on a chinlock and makes an illegal tag to Bradley. Bradley puts on a full nelson but Badd breaks it up. Bradley hits an inverted brainbuster into a chinlock in a crazy moment. Slymm tags in and kicks Tornado in the balls. Unfazed, Tornado shows him his pimp hand. Slymm pounds him down and tags to Bradley. Bradley’s knee gets blown out and he rolls to the floor. Slymm takes advantage of the confusion and attacks Tornado from behind. He knocks Tornado into the front row and follows him out to beat on him. Back in the ring Slymm gets distracted calling for Bradley to get up. Tornado nails an enziguiri and tags to Badd. Badd dropkicks the knee and hits a running knee to the face. Tornado hits a leapfrog legdrop and Badd gets 2. They hit a double Russian legsweep for 2. Vanderpyle pulls Tornado out of the ring and Bradley sneaks in with a lariat on Badd for the win at 13:24. This fell apart after Bradley left the match, and wasn’t really much more than a gump festival before that.
Rating: *3/4

Hook Bomberry VS. Chris Bosh VS. Quicksilver
Hook Bomberry VS. Chris Bosh VS. Quicksilver
One man stands on the apron while the other two wrestle here. It’s lame. Hook smacks Bosh’s ass to start. They fight it out on the mat where Bosh grabs a headlock. He hits a back suplex but Hook comes back with a wristlock. Bosh goes back to the headlock but Hook fights out and hits a dropkick. Quicksilver tags in for Bosh and hits a back elbow. Bosh sneaks in and kicks out Hook’s knee. He tags in legally and hits a fistdrop to the knee. Quicksilver tags in and gets a sunset flip for 2. He dropkicks the knee and puts on a leglock. He drops a leg on the knee and tags to Bosh. Hook gets slingshotted into a dropkick. Bosh hits a hammerlock shinbreaker and Hook rolls to the floor. Back in the ring Bosh puts on a standing STF and then drops Hook to put on a half crab. Quicksilver tags in and puts on an STF but Bosh breaks it up. Quicksilver nails Bosh on the apron and pulls his tights off. I just want to take a time out to thank PWG for putting the gorilla graphic over Bosh’s junk. With his ass hanging out Bosh hits Quicksilver with a clothesline and Hook with a stun gun. Quicksilver spanks Bosh and hits a jumping kick in the corner. Hook hits Quicksilver with a drop toehold and a dropkick for 2. He hits a Michinoku driver for 2 when Bosh saves. Bosh tags himself in for Hook and dumps him to the floor. He hits a capture backbreaker on Quicksilver for 2. Quicksilver hits a crazy neckbreaker and climbs the ropes. Bosh crotches him and pulls him down with a backbreaker for 2 when Hook saves. Quicksilver hits Bosh with a spinebuster and tags to Hook. Hook hits a clothesline on Bosh for 2. He hits another clothesline and knocks Quicksilver off the apron. Bosh catches him with a modified sharpshooter for the win at 12:23. Once they all got in the match things picked up quite a bit, which makes me wish they’d have just gone with a straight up three way.
Rating: **1/2

Topgun TalwarCharles Mercury VS. ExcaliburDisco Machine
Topgun Talwar & Charles Mercury VS. Excalibur & Disco Machine
My theory is that S.B.S. stands for Shaken Baby Syndrome. This is a rematch from the tag team turmoil match at the last show. Disco and Talwar start. Disco rides Talwar on the mat and puts on a front facelock. He hits a shoulder block for 2. He misses a dropkick and Talwar checks to make sure he’s okay. See, Talwar and Mercury are under Disco’s tutelage in Sexual Aggression. Disco takes advantage and demands Talwar wrestle the match a certain way. Talwar misses a dropkick and Disco puts on a headlock. He releases and gives him a high five. Excalibur tags in, as does Mercury. They lock up and Mercury grabs a wristlock. Excalibur reverses to a headlock and gets Irish whipped in slow motion. They do an entire segment that way and it’s very awesome. Excalibur ends that with a suplex and tags to Disco. Disco won’t take the cheap shot but he does get a wristlock. Mercury gets a headlock but Disco rolls him over for 2. Disco hits a high knee in the corner and a stiff kick to the back. Mercury dumps Disco and Talwar accidentally smacks his face against the apron while trying to gently roll him back into the ring. Mercury hits a bodyslam and knocks Excalibur off the apron. He dumps Talwar on to Disco for 2. Talwar hits a bodyslam and a basement shoulder block for 2. He’s apologizing after every move he does. Mercury tags in and goes for a cloverleaf but Disco gets to the ropes. Talwar tags in and things get all messed up. Talwar hits a series of clotheslines in the corner. Mercury tags in and gets hit with an enziguiri. Excalibur gets the tag and cleans house. He hits a back suplex on Talwar for 2. He hits a brainbuster for 2 when Talwar gets his foot on the rope. Excalibur hits a jumping tombstone piledriver but Mercury breaks up the pin. Disco hits an ugly overhead suplex on Mercury. He slams Mercury for an Excalibur diving headbutt, but has trouble positioning him in the right spot. They argue about it and Talwar dropkicks Disco into Excalibur, crotching him. Mercury hits Excalibur with a superplex for 2. Disco hits Mercury with the Chokebreaker for 2 when Talwar saves. Talwar hits an inverted DDT for 2. Mercury gets a roll up with a handful of tights on Excalibur for the win at 12:34. Sloppy stuff, not very good overall, but points for creative comedy.
Rating: **

American Dragon VS. UK Kid
American Dragon VS. UK Kid
UK Kid stalls to start. They finally lock up and Kid gets a roll up for 1. Dragon puts on a hammerlock but Kid reverses to another roll up for 1. Kid hits a dropkick and gets a sunset flip for 2. Dragon gets a headlock takedown and blocks the reversal and stomps Kid’s ass. He puts on a cravat and knees Kid in the face. Kid slaps Dragon but gets leveled with a European uppercut. He puts on a Mexican surfboard and pulls Kid back into a dragon sleeper. Kid hangs Dragon on the top rope and dropkicks him out of the ring. He goes for a plancha but smacks against the floor when Dragon moves. Dragon gets back into the ring and hits a plancha onto Kid. Back in the ring Kid hits a chop block. He puts on a cobra clutch and hits a legsweep into the royal octopus. Dragon comes back with the stretch muffler but Kid gets to the ropes. Kid bails and stalls forever. Back in the ring Dragon hits a butt splash. Kid hits a big boot and gets a roll up for 2. He puts on what I’m going to call the Kayak, but Dragon reverses to the same hold for himself. He slaps away at Kid but gets hit with a side slam. Kid sets Dragon on the top turnbuckle and hits a super hurricanrana for 2. Dragon catches him coming off the second rope, airplane spins him and hits a German suplex for the win at 14:14. I don’t know much about the UK Kid, but this was pretty tame for Dragon.
Rating: **3/4

Ricky ReyesRocky RomeroPuma VS.
Bobby QuanceChristopher DanielsB-Boy
Ricky Reyes, Rocky Romero & Puma VS. Bobby Quance, Christopher Daniels & B-Boy
Daniels is standing in for Homicide here, as Quance wanted some gangster backup to help him against the heel stable from the New Japan Dojo. B-Boy and Reyes start and lock up. B-Boy gets a wristlock but Reyes gets out with a fireman’s carry. He puts on a headlock but misses a leg lariat. Puma and Quance tag in and knuckle up. Quance gets a wristlock and takes Puma to the mat. Puma gets to the ropes and the grabs a headlock. Quance reverses to one of his own and slams Puma for 2. He puts on a chinlock and they fights for a triangle choke until Romero makes the save. Daniels and Romero tag in and trade slaps. Daniels grabs a chinlock but Romero reverses to a cross armbreaker. Daniels gets an armbar but Romero comes back with chops. Daniels goes back to the armbar but Romero kicks away. Daniels hits a dropkick so Romero tags to Puma. Daniels puts on a headlock but Puma reverses to a legvice. Daniels fights out but gets hit with a clothesline. Puma hits a bodyslam for 2. He puts on a chinlock but Daniels fights to his own corner. B-Boy tags in and Puma bails. Back in the ring Puma hits a leg lariat for 2. He goes for a triangle choke but B-Boy powerbombs him for 2. He hits a spinning neckbreaker for 2. Reyes tags in and the Pitbulls double-team B-Boy. It gets 2. Reyes puts on a surfboard stretch and dodges a dropkick. The Pitbulls double-team B-Boy some more and Puma hits a second rope elbowdrop for 2. He puts on a bow and arrow lock but Daniels saves. Reyes comes in with a senton for 2. He puts on a chinlock and hits a kneedrop. Romero tags in and hits an axe kick. He kicks B-Boy to the floor where Reyes beats on him. He tosses him into the crowd and hits him with a chair. Back in the ring Puma tags in and kicks away. He puts on an STF and tags to Reyes. Reyes hits a bodyslam and puts on a half crab. B-Boy gets to the ropes but Romero comes in with a double stomp to the back. Reyes and B-Boy trade forearms until B-Boy hits an enziguiri. He hits a reverse DDT and tags to Daniels. Daniels cleans house and hits Puma with a uranage. He hits the triple jump moonsault for 2. He goes for Angel’s Wings but Romero cuts it off and hits a guillotine DDT with Reyes. It gets 2 for Puma. Reyes hits him with a pair of German suplexes for 2. Daniels comes back with an STO and tags to Quance. He serves up Polish Hammers for everyone and gets 2 on Puma. He hits a roundhouse kick for 2. Romero comes in and they trade strikes. Quance gets the best of Romero and gets 2. He blocks a triangle choke and hits a northern lights suplex. He puts on a cross armbreaker but Romero rolls him over for 2. Romero hits a hurricanrana into a cross armbreaker but B-Boy breaks it up. Reyes tags in and gets hit with a dropkick in the corner for 2. Reyes knocks B-Boy down with a forearm and everyone brawls. Daniels takes Puma out of the ring as Reyes pulls Quance off the top rope. The Pitbulls hit the Cuban Missile Crisis on B-Boy for the win at 26:53. The heat segment on B-Boy went way too long, as this match could have stood to lose 5-10 minutes. The rest of the match was good fun all the way, however.
Rating: ***

Chris Hero VS. Super Dragon
Chris Hero VS. Super Dragon
This is Hero’s first singles match in PWG. They lock up and Dragon grabs a wristlock. Hero reverses to his own so Dragon goes to the corner. They knuckle up and Hero grabs a cravat. Dragon gets to the ropes. He puts on a headlock but Hero wiggles out. Hero hits a dropkick and puts on a modified figure 4 leglock. He rolls into an STF but releases in favor of strikes. He gets a crucifix pin for 2. Dragon hits a German suplex and works Hero over in the corner. He puts on the Mark Nulty Special but Hero rolls out. Dragon hits a seated dropkick and puts on the full nelson leglock. Hero rolls back for 2 but Dragon keeps the hold on. Hero gets to the ropes. Dragon goes for the Psycho Driver but Hero blocks and hits a Regalplex. He hits a neckbreaker and a powerslam for 2. He hits a bodyslam and a senton for 2. Dragon blocks a powerbomb and hits a backdrop. He blocks another and hits a clumsy Curb Stomp. He hits a tornado DDT and goes right into a butterfly hold. Hero powers up and hits a cravat suplex for 2. He goes for the powerbomb again but Dragon blocks and hits an enziguiri. Hero falls to the floor and manages to block a suicide dive attempt. He levels Dragon on the floor and hits a double stomp. He gets back into the ring and rushes out with a suicide senton. He rolls Dragon into the ring and comes off the top rope with a double stomp. He finally hits the powerbomb and puts on a stepover toehold cravat. Dragon gets to the ropes. Hero climbs the turnbuckle but Dragon cuts him off and brings him down with a butterfly superplex for 2. Dragon unloads with strikes but Hero blocks a clothesline and hits a side suplex. Dragon comes back with a clothesline for 2. He climbs the ropes and hits a double stomp to the back of the head for the win at 19:24. Stiff match that saw Dragon fight back from behind to get a quick win over hero. The good in this match was all force with no polish, but you can’t ignore those spectacular moments.
Rating: ***1/4

Frankie Kazarian VS. Samoa Joe
Frankie Kazarian (c) VS. Samoa Joe [PWG Championship Match]
Interim Commissioner Hardkore Kidd bans Slymm and Bradley from ringside before the match. Joe beat Super Dragon by count out at the last show to get this shot. Kazarian attacks Joe from behind. Joe fights back with chops. He hits a running knee in the corner and part of the Big Joe Combo when Frankie begs off. He hits a stalling vertical suplex for 2. He hits a back elbow for 2. He tries to wash Frankie’s face but he bails. Back in the ring Frankie hits a stiff kick to the back and tries a headbutt. That doesn’t work so he goes to the eyes. He hits a dropkick and a momentum kick but has a hard time standing up afterwards. He goes low and hits a springboard back elbow for 2. He hits a blockbuster for 2. He hits a flying forearm but gets caught with an STO. Joe hits a back suplex and Frankie bails. Joe follows him out with a suicide dive. Back in the ring Joe blocks a low blow and hits a powerbomb for 2. He goes right into the STF but Vanderpyle pushes the ropes forward and Frankie reaches them. Kazarian hits an enziguiri for 2. He gets a crucifix pin for 2. Joe hits a clothesline for 2. He hits the Thousand Hand Slap but Frankie goes low when Vanderpyle distracts the referee. Kazarian hits the Wave of the Future for 2. Joe comes back with a powerslam for 2. He goes for the musclebuster but Super Dragon comes out of nowhere and attacks him. This draws the disqualification at 12:52. This was a case where the match felt completely unfinished due to the short time and lousy ending.
Rating: **1/2

After the match Kazarian brawls with Super Dragon. Joe gets in on it and takes both Kazarian and Dragon down. American Dragon comes to the ring and knocks Joe to the floor.

Joey Ryan VS. Scott Lost
Joey Ryan VS. Scott Lost [Ladder Match – Winner gets both PWG tag team titles]
Ryan and Lost won the tag team titles from S.B.S., at which time Lost turned on Ryan. They had been having trouble communicating in the ring in the months leading up to that, so it didn’t come as a huge surprise to anyone, even though Lost probably should have waited until they’d lost the tag titles. Since he didn’t, and they can’t get along, we have this match to determine who gets both titles and their choice of tag team partner. Lost tries to attack Ryan before the bell but Ryan gets the best of him. Lost bails so Ryan follows him out and beats on him. He rolls Lost back into the ring and grabs the ladder. Back in the ring Ryan hits a snap suplex and a back suplex. He leaves the ring to grab another ladder and brings it in. He tosses Lost to the floor and puts one of the ladders on a turnbuckle. Lost comes back with a clothesline and jabs Ryan in the face with the other ladder. Ryan is busted open as Lost sets him up in the Tree of Woe. He takes him off to hit a vertical suplex and an elbowdrop. He hits a bodyslam and suplexes a ladder onto Ryan. You read that right. He hits a leg lariat and a gutbuster. He sets a ladder on its side and drops Ryan stomach first on it. He whips Ryan into a ladder in the corner. He throws a ladder onto him and then slams him onto it. He sets the ladder up and starts to climb but Ryan cuts him off. Lost hits an enziguiri but Ryan comes back by throwing a ladder at him. He hits a spinebuster onto a ladder. They both run into a ladder in the corner but Lost is the first to get to his feet. He hits a bodyslam and comes off the ladder with an elbowdrop. Ryan recovers entirely to fast to set up the other ladder next to the one Lost is climbing. Lost knocks him down and then gets off to hit a spin kick. He smartly tosses one of the ladders out of the ring and then jumps around Ryan before getting German suplexed onto the remaining ladder. Ryan starts climbing the ladder so Lost brings the second one back in. Lost hits a low blow and sets up the second ladder. Ryan hits a dropkick and climbs. Lost follows him up and brings him down with an Ace Crusher. The referee gets hit with the superman spear and then Lost hits it on Ryan. Both men climb and Ryan brings Lost off the ladders with a DDT. The crowd reacts like they’re at a funeral to Ryan climbing and grabbing the belts down for the presumable win. It’s not to be however as the First Family hits the ring and takes Ryan out before putting the belts on top of Lost. The referee regains consciousness, sees the belts on top of Lost and declares him the winner at 19:28. This match was marred by an awkward start and a lame finish. There was some good action in the middle, but not enough to make this match anything more than disappointing. For a good match between the two check out The Reason for the Season.
Rating: **3/4

Highlight the banana on the main menu to reveal these bonus backstage shenanigans
Chris Hero was happy when he and Bryce the referee were on their way to PWG. But that all changed when at the airport Hero saw former WWF and WCW legend Virgil. He asked for a picture with him and he said no. That put Hero in a very bad mood and tonight he’s going to take it out on Super Dragon. Well, he didn’t really do that, but he certainly got his share of shots in. He does promise to run Dragon over with his car, so maybe that will be on the next DVD.

Scott Lost blows himself for winning the ladder match right after a difficult tour with Osaka Pro Wrestling in Japan. He wonders what he has to do to get rid of Joey Ryan. He’s going to look for a new tag team partner, and it’s going to be one that’s leaps and bounds better than Ryan. I like Lost in the ring, but his promos are awful.

Ryan knows Lost thinks he hates him, but really he’s proud of him. He’s proud Lost beat him and then went on to Japan because he did those things by himself. He’s unhappy that he needed help to beat him in the ladder match. He’s no longer proud, and it’s not over yet. Yeesh, this guy can’t talk either.

The Reference
The show after the last show, you know?

The 411BG Says

While there is some solid stuff on here, the matches that should have been very good and would have sold the DVD for me were disappointing. Hopefully Lost's new partner will bring the fun back into the tag division, and I'm praying for a Samoa Joe match with a decisive finish. This doesn't get much of a recommendation from me. PWG is all sold out of this show, but you can still pick it up at Highspots.com as Blue Thunder Video, which has one of the largest selections of wrestling DVDs you'll find and at a low price to boot.

Final Score:  5.0   [ Not So Good ]  legend

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