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Billy Corgan Says Kerry Morton Is the NWA’s Future, Says NWA’s Vision Is Being Seen Now

August 26, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Kerry Morton NWA Image Credit: NWA

Billy Corgan believes in the next generation of wrestling talent, calling Kerry Morton the future of the NWA. Corgan spoke with TV Insider and weighed in on Morton and other young stars in the company ahead of NWA 75; you can check out some highlights below:

On Morton: “When you ask who is the future of the NWA, it’s Kerry Morton. We have our top young talent under contract. So like a team looking toward the future like my Chicago Cubs, for example, we’re really building off of youth. I love the veterans we work with, but the real backstory of the NWA and coming out of 75 is the youth movement of the NWA. The Page Sisters, Colby Corino, Kerry Morton, and Joe Alonzo, feel very good about where we are going. I think our best years are still to come.”

On his talent not getting the attention they should: “It has been frustrating for me at times to not get the attention I think we deserve. There is a real business out here running with people whose livelihood depends on drawing in professional wrestling. A lot of times wrestling media pretends to care about the business, but they really care about the gossip.”

On the future of the company: “I think when it’s all said and done the NWA will be part of the bigger conversation or I wouldn’t be doing it. I think now, especially in the last year, you are seeing the NWA vision pretty clearly.”