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Bully Ray Comments On NXT’s Progress Under Shawn Michaels

October 3, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Shawn Michaels WWE

In a recent episode of Busted Open, Bully Ray offered his thoughts on NXT’s current standings and where the brand is poised to progress under Shawn Michaels’ leadership (via Wrestling Inc). According to Ray, Michaels is directing NXT back toward its “Black & Gold” era, to the benefit of the brand and the fans. You can find a few highlights from Ray and listen to the full podcast episode below.

On the predicted direction for NXT: “I think very slowly, at a pace you might not be able to recognize or see, NXT is going to turn back into the Black & Gold brand… I think lessons were learned. And now it’s just going to be a more steady, gradual way of going about bringing that Black & Gold work mentality and type of show.”

On Michaels’ work with NXT: “I think Shawn is starting to get intuned with this roster more and more, and he’s becoming quite the booker/producer/agent — whatever you want to call him — and when you have somebody who is truly intuned with their roster, i.e. Paul Heyman with ECW, you get some really great stuff. And every single week, NXT seems to be taking a step forward.”