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Chad Gable Reveals His Favorite Part Of Being In Royal Rumble Matches

March 26, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Chad Gable WWE Raw Image Credit: WWE

Chad Gable has been in a number of Royal Rumble matches, and he recently revealed his favorite part of being in them. Gable spoke with Fightful and noted that the opportunity to get some amateur-style wrestling going with guys is some of the most fun he’s had in the ring.

“Gotch [Simon Gotch] is a funny one, for sure,” he began. “You know who I’ve had fun with, you can look back and see some of these, is Xavier Woods or Dolph Ziggler. We would do these little things, especially Royal Rumble, so we did it at Saudi. Any Royal Rumble I’ve ever been a part of, I’ve done it, where you find a guy who has an amateur background and you say, ’Whenever we get in there, screw everyone else, we’ll just find each other and just wrestle. Shoot around for whatever amount of time we’re allowed to before the carnage and 40 other guys land on you.”

Gable continued, “It’s so fun because you run in and you get in stance and just start wrestling. It’s the funnest 30 seconds you can have in a match. Those guys are legit too. You’re kind of having fun and rolling with each other, and then the old amateur wrestler kicks in and one guy starts going a little harder and you’re like, ‘Okay,’ and then it turns into a real wrestling match.”