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Chaotic Wrestling Results 12.07.18: JT Dunn Beats Brian Fury in Main Event

December 8, 2018 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Chaotic Wrestling

– Chaotic Wrestling held an event last night in Woburn, Massachusetts. Below are some results, courtesy of PWInsider.

MATCH ONE: Josh Briggs v. Richard Holliday

They went with a 50/50 style match for this opener and I feel like it didn’t fit.  Both of these guys are very capable of going in there and telling a good story, but instead, this felt like a string of moves put together with no real story told.  The crowd popped when Briggs got his foot on the rope after Holliday’s finish, but other than that, there was a disconnect with this match.  It’s a shame, because I’m a huge fan of both guys.  Briggs won with the M-5.

WINNER: Josh Briggs

MATCH TWO: Chaotic Tag Team Titles – Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Bear Beefcake) (c) v. The Amazing Graysons (Tommy & JP)

This match is what I’ve wanted to see out of both Bear Country and The Graysons for a long time now.  Bear Country played the savage giant killers that they should be, while the Graysons sold and got in a few hope spots rather than going 50/50 and trying to just do flashy moves.  They put the flashy moves in better spots.

While the match wasn’t great and could have used some tweaking, it was still good and showed an ability to adapt and to tell a story rather than try and do moves for the sake of doing them.  I’m looking forward to more of that from both teams.  Bear Country won in convincing fashion with a double powerbomb.

WINNERS: Bear Country

Christian Casanova, Tripilicious and Royce Bishop came out for “Casanova’s Culture Corner.”  Tripilcious said they are going to have the celebration that they should have had last month when Casanova couldn’t dethrone JT Dunn as Chaotic Champion.  Bishop took the mic and rapped.  It didn’t get a good reaction from the crowd.  They then had security bring out some champagne.  They went to have a toast and Casanova called them the greatest trio of all-time.  That’s when The Mill City Hooligans music hit and The Logans and Chase Del Monte came out to a huge reaction.  Chase did a few rhymes of his own running down Killanova.  They went back and forth until Casanova threw champagne in Chase’s face and they ran off.  The Hooligans beat up on security and then left Tripilicious laying.  Chase then entered himself into Pandemonium (a six-way match with the winner getting a Chaotic Title shot) next month so he can go after the Chaotic Title and “beat the forking shirt” out of Casanova.  Good segment.

MATCH THREE: New England Championship – “Retrosexual” Anthony Greene (with Ava Everett) (c) v. “Man of Steel” Mike Verna (with Angel Sinclair)

This continues the storyline of Angel Sinclair leaving AG and Everett and siding with Verna.

There were a few really rough slip-ups in this one, but putting those aside, they told a good story and they got the crowd to go along for the ride with them.  There was a ref bump and a backup referee came in and carried Everett to the back.  Sinclair came into the ring and teased hitting Greene, but instead gave him a kiss.  She went to hit Verna but he blocked it.  Verna and Greene went back and forth before Verna won the title after the F-5 into the uranage.

WINNER: “Man of Steel” Mike Verna


Elia Markopolous came to the ring in a suit and said he killed the legend of Johnny Vegas last month at Breaking Point (he laid him out after a loss).  He said he came out to declare himself the new Chaotic General Manager.  Before he could continue, Brett Domino came to the ring.  He said he should be in Pandemonium next month.  This brought out Scotty Slade and he was accompanied by Staff Sgt. Peterson from the United States Marine Corps.  Slade tonight was about the Toys For Tots Drive, and did Elia even bring a toy?  As Elia was about to tell Slade what to do with that toy, Slade dropped him with a right hand.  Domino then ran into a bodyslam from Peterson to a nice reaction.

MATCH FOUR: Rex Lawless (with Sidney Bakabella) vs. Robo the Punjabi Lion

Bakabella offered Lawless $5,000 to not only defeat Robo, but the end his wrestling career.  He also announced that the winner of this match will be entered into Pandemonium next month.

This match was a struggle, but the blueprints were there for a good story.  Lawless had the win with a pop-up sit-out powerbomb, but Bakabella stopped the count and said he wanted one more so Lawless could hurt Robo.  As you guess, it backfired.  They exchanged nearfalls until Robo got the win with a spear.  Both are freak athletes in their own way, but they couldn’t capture the crowd.

WINNER: Robo the Punjabi Lion

MATCH FIVE: Chaotic Women’s Championship – Tasha Steelz (c) v. Willow Nightingale

Maybe the crowd was burnt out, but this was a match that told a simple story where Willow put on a decent heat and the crowd wasn’t reacting.  With that being said, I thought the match was decent.  Steelz got the win with an Ace Crusher.

WINNER: Tasha Steelz

MAIN EVENT: Chaotic Heavyweight Championship – JT Dunn (with Sammi Lane) (c) v. “The Firebrand” Brian Fury

Very good main event and a tremendous showing for Fury considering he hasn’t wrestled in two years.  He was crisp with everything and he looked in good condition.  Hats off for being able to work that well considering the layoff.

They told a good story and took their time in building toward the end, as the match went over 30 minutes.  They exchanged some really good nearfalls and a near submission with Fury busting out the Boston Crab.  Dunn ended up getting the win with the Death By Elbow.


Overall, this show was a lot of fun and had some good matches and a couple of great moments.  It’s good to see Fury back, even if it is going to be on a limited basis.

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