Chaotic Wrestling Results 9.9.16: Lowell, MA – Cody Rhodes, RVD, Austin Aries, More

September 9, 2016 | Posted by Joseph Lee

Credit: Paul Crockett & PWInsider

It’s their biggest show of the year, and Chaotic is bringing out some very big names to mix in with their own stars at the home of the Lowell Spinners, the Single-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. It’s a big stage for a lot of the less experienced talent on the show, and it will be interesting to see how they adjust to the bright lights of a baseball stadium.

MATCH ONE: Scramble Match for the New England Championship – Scotty Slade (c) v. “The Heat” Kris Pyro v. Adam Booker v. Flex Rumblecrunch v. Brandon Locke v. Travis “Flip” Gordon

As this was a scramble, there were no tags and a lot of chaos. It wouldn’t really be fair to anyone to try and describe the endless array of moves that occurred in this match. Rather, it’s easier to just tell you this: it was the Travis Gordon show. He showed himself to be a slight level above everyone in the ring when it came to everything from basics to wild high flying, despite struggling with his grip on the ropes a couple of times. He ended up finishing off Adam Booker with a spiral tap from the top rope for the win.

WINNER and NEW CHAMPION: Travis “Flip” Gordon

MATCH TWO: Warbeard Hanson v. Tommaso Ciampa

This was billed as the “Last Time Ever in Chaotic,” as Ciampa is moving on to WWE full-time. As both men started in New England, they brought in a referee who also started here: ROH Head Referee Todd Sinclair.

The match started with Hanson asserting his size advantage. He literally put Ciampa down every time the “Psycho Killer” went for a running shoulder tackle. There’s only one way to overcome that: grab the beard. That’s what Ciampa ended up doing, including an arm wringer ON Hanson’s beard.

It didn’t last long, as Hanson spent the rest of the match constantly stuffing Ciampa’s comebacks and keeping him grounded. The tide turned when Hanson missed a Bronco Buster. Ciampa followed it up with a Pedigree in honor of his employer.

The match ended when Hanson missed a HUGE moonsault and Ciampa followed it up with a running knee for the pin. After the match, Ciampa wanted a handshake and received a hug instead.

WINNER: Tomasso Ciampa

MATCH THREE: Tag Team Gauntlet – Mark Shurman & “The One Man Thrill Ride” Jimmy Preston v. Christian Casanova & Elia Markopolous v. Anthony Greene & Brick Mastone v. Cam Zagami & Robbie E v. American Destroyers (Donovan Dijak & Mikey Webb)

Before the match, Preston got on the mic and ran down his opponents as “Indyriffic Honda Civics. “ He basically called them skinny geeks.

Sherman & Preston were quickly eliminated when Casanova hit a moonsault press on Sherman for the pin.

Greene & Mastone in. Another quick bout that saw Mastone throw Greene into hitting an Ace Crusher on Elia for the win.

Cam & Robbie E in. Robbie and Cam ended up putting over their own hair a portion of the match. I’ll give them credit, it’s great hair. Greene was going for a Tope Con Hiro when he was cut off and rolled up by Zagami for the win.

Dijak & Webb in. Webb spent most of the match getting worked over until he made the tag to Dijak, who got very aggressive with his opponents. Zagami almost got another win with the rollup but Dijak kicked out at two. Webb & Dijak then finished it off with a springboard spike piledriver for the win.

WINNERS: The American Destroyers

MATCH FOUR: Triple Threat Match – JT Dunn v. Austin Aries v. Johnny Gargano

A lot of really smart, fun and athletic back and forth between everyone involved here. Aries and Gargano are obviously at a certain level, but Dunn didn’t look out of place and held his own. Aries and Gargano had a really great series between the two of them that I would have loved to have seen in NXT.

JT Dunn ended up getting knocked out of the ring. When he would be getting ready to get back in, he would get knocked out again. This ended up happening a couple of times. Once he was back in, he and Gargano had a great series as well. They went into a great double down with super kicks at the same time to the back of each other’s heads.

There were too many great sequences at the end to list, so I won’t. The finish had Aries knocked out to the ring and JT Dunn getting tapped out by Gargano with the Gargano Escape.

All I can come up with is that this was an outstanding match.

Afterwards, though, Aries jumped Dunn, but was thwarted when Dunn dropped him with a Roaring Elbow.

WINNER: Johnny Gargano

MATCH FIVE: Six-Man Tag – Mill City Hooligans (Chase Del Monte and Matt & Bryan Logan) v. Little Guido, Tommy Dreamer & Rob Van Dam

Dreamer came out to “Man in the Box” and RVD came out to the Pantera version of “Walk,” and I was instantly brought back to the Wonderland Greyhound Park in Revere in 1997. So that was great.

The Hooligans spent the early part of the match trying to get the upper hand and being upended by the Extreme Originals. A lot of crowd pleasing stuff from Team Extreme as they kept keeping the heels at bay. This all changed when Dreamer got kicked in the back while on the second rope, and from there the heels got the heat on him. He finally hit a big cutter on Matt to get the tag to RVD.

It turned into a brawl from there. In typical ECW fashion, a chair, barrel and ring bell were introduced. The ring bell ended up being used on the…groin…of Bryan. The finish saw RVD hit the Five-Star Frog Splash on Del Monte for the win. A really entertaining match.

Dreamer got on the mic and said he saw Guido’s first match in 1991 and saw RVD’s first match in 1994. He said if you told him he’d be in the ring with them at the age of 44 he would call you crazy. He said Massachusetts are a bunch of sick, hardcore freaks, which garnered an ECW chant.

WINNERS: Little Guido, Tommy Dreamer & Rob Van Dam


Back from the break, and Chaotic Wrestling GM Johnny Vegas brings out Ron Simmons.

MATCH SIX: Battle Royal for the Lowell Spinners Grand Slam Championship – Christian Casanova, Elia Markopolis, Cam Zagami, Pat Matthews, Anthony Greene, Dan Terry, Leon Losano, Kid Corageous, Ike, Wesley Thomas, Liam Christopher, Bryce Clayton, Robo, Niko Valera, Mike Poncho, Brick Mastone, Matthew Williams, Big Daddy Masters, Calvin Cambell, Flex Rumblecrunch, Adam Booker, Brandon Hawk and Travis “Flip” Gordon

One guy was in there in a cut off gray shirt and tan slacks. That was weird. Oh, wait, it turns out that was one of the play-by-play commentators Pat Matthews.

Have you seen a battle royal before? Okay, good, because then you know what this match was like. A lot of guys hitting each other and trying to throw each other over the top rope.

Final four were Flip, Booker, Zagami & Greene. Booker hit a running drop kick on Flip as he tried to skin the cat and he took a brutal bump to be eliminated. Booker held Greene and Zagami went to hit him. Greene moved, Zagami punched Booker and Booker went over the top rope. The sometimes tag team partners were the last two, but it didn’t last long as Greene tossed Cam over and won the belt.

After the match, Cam jumped Greene. Cam went for a chair and went in the ring. Special Guest Ron Simmons saw this. As Cam held the chair on the apron, Ron grabbed it away then laid him out with a punch. Simmons then awarded the belt to Greene and was asked if he wanted to say anything. So he said “DAMN!” and popped the crowd. Then he told Greene that he remembers winning his first title, so he hopes Greene enjoys his first and has many more to come. A nice touch to end the match.

WINNER: Anthony Greene

MATCH SEVEN: Chaotic Women’s Championship – Davienne (c) v. Alexxis v. Belmont v. Thea Trinidad

Belmont and Davienne jumped Alexxis, which brought out Thea with a baseball bat. Well, we are at a baseball stadium.

Chaotic GM Johnny Vegas took the mic and said it’s now a tag match between Davienne & Belmont against Alexxis & Thea.

After an initial flurry from Alexxis & Thea, Belmont and Davienne cut the ring off on Alexxis and got the heat on her. Belmont had a sleeper hold in, but Alexxis turned it into a backpack stunner to get out of it. She finally made the hot tag to Thea.

They got Belmont and Davienne into opposite corners and hit a double Rikishi-esque booty to the face. Referee Kevin Quinn then told Alexxis to do it to her, but as she was about to oblige, the heels recovered and almost got the win. The finish saw Davienne hit a standing leg drop for the win.

WINNERS: Davienne & Belmont

MAIN EVENT: Cody Rhodes v. “The Firebrand” Brian Fury

After a 17-year career, Fury calls it quits in December to concentrate full-time on the New England Pro Wrestling Academy, where names such as Sasha Banks, Donovan Dijak, Oney Lorcan and many more got their starts. He continues his “Fury’s Final Fights” tour with this main event.

This was a slow-building, classic professional wrestling match. Both guys are absolute masters of all things fundamentals, and both geniuses as storytelling. All of this and much more was on display.

Fury had been working on the back of Cody, including a bodyslam on the floor, which led to his patented Boston Crab in the middle of the ring. Unfortunately for him, Rhodes got the ropes. He also got a nearfall on a belly to back suplex, which the crowd bit on. Can you imagine that in 2016? These two made it happen. It happened again with a big pop-up sit-out power bomb for a nearfall.

Cody made his comeback and hit the springboard knee off the second rope and the Cross Rhodes for the victory. This was an excellent main event, and a showcase for simple, yet intricate professional wrestling that can emotionally draw in a crowd.

WINNER: Cody Rhodes

Fury remained in the ring and got a standing ovation from the crowd, and I can tell you that it was very well deserved on many different levels.

Thank you for reading! Check out Chaotic Wrestling on Twitter @chaoticwrestlin and see them again in Woburn on September 23!

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