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Charlotte Flair Discusses Her Upcoming Appearance on Peacock’s Punky Brewster Revival

February 28, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Charlotte Flair Smackdown

ComicBook.com recently interviewed WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair, who discussed her upcoming appearance on the Peacock revival of Punky Brewster. Charlotte Flair and fellow WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss will appear on the show later in the season. The show’s young star and new addition, Izzy (Quinn Copeland), is a big fan of WWE and Charlotte Flair below are some highlights.

On her upcoming appearance on the Punky Brewster revival: “Well, I think that Izzy, actually, the character in the show is a wrestling fan and I believe she actually, really liked myself and Alexa Bliss, and it was a perfect fit. I was honored to be a part of it. It was that simple. And I mean, it’s always nice to hear when there’s another show — for example, with Peacock — that’s a fan of our show and we’re a fan of theirs and wanting to do the crossover, like with Psych and USA, I was excited.”

Charlotte Flair on working with the show’s Quinn Copeland as Izzy: “She’s a star, so I just enjoyed being in her world. I always enjoy when fans or other stars from other shows come to our shows and I like to show them how to woo or kind of show them, not literally the ropes, but what it’s like on our turf. So when I went there, it was more like I want to be the guest, I want her to run the show and just go along with what she wants to do. The best part to me was just seeing her enjoy being dressed up as the characters. I mean, that always feels good to me. Like seeing a little girl dressed up as you knowing that you’re inspiring an entirely different generation, it’s just awesome.”

Charlotte Flair on how surreal it is for children to emulate her: “It is. I can’t say that it’s still doesn’t shock me just because it’s one thing to be at work and all dress up and have the boots on and robe. But it’s a whole other thing to be on your own time and then feeling in your own space and then seeing someone else dressed up as you and the impact that you have. You’re like, wow, I do really mean something. I know that I am important to my job, but still it’s like, wow, I did that. It’s such a gratifying feeling, but also empowering, makes you want to work that much harder. Like, wow, that little girl thinks that highly of me to want to dress like me. I just want to be that much better of a person and performer. I don’t know. It just never gets old.”

“I think a lot of it to also be with I was growing up in a household where my dad was a star, who’s bigger than Ric Flair, right? I never pictured myself in that light or his shoes, so now that it is happening it’s very surreal. Plus our personas are completely different in terms of like the message that I’m sending or wanting to send.”