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WrestleCon No Longer Liable For Hotel Charges, Thanks Chris Jericho & Fans

March 17, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
WrestleCon 2020

UPDATE 2: Things have worked out in the end for WrestleCon, who will no longer be held responsible for the six-figure hotel reservations bill they were dealt by Marriott after the convention had to be cancelled. As we previously noted, the convention got an email from Marriott which said they were liable for $114,000 in “damages” due to their having to cancel their many hotel reservations after WrestleMania was moved out of Tampa.

Following the hefty Twitter campaign promoted by Chris Jericho directed at the Marriott to let WrestleCon out of their charges, the convention noted tonight that they will not have to pay the charges:

5:46pm update. Thanks to Marriott Westshore for agreeing to honor the Force Majeure clause and not holding either our guests or WC responsible for the liquidated damages. The Emergency Declaration by Gov DeSantis to cancel events over the next 30 days was a major factor. We’d also like to thank the NY Yankees and Steinbrenner Field for agreeing today to return our rental payment, in full, due to circumstances. They are an outstanding organization and if we are able to return to Tampa in the future, they will be our first phone call. We anxiously await the decision of The Ritz and the Bus company we paid to complete the list of venues and services that we contracted to use in Tampa. And although they specifically mentioned that the social media campaign led by @IAmJericho had absolutely nothing to do with their decision making process, we appreciate both Chris and our Twitter audience for having our back… now back to issuing refunds…

UPDATED: Kevin Owens, along with WWE producer Adam Pearce and Natalya, all came out in support of WrestleCon on Twitter today after the news that Marriot was holding them liable for a $114,000 bill following their cancellation in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and WrestleMania 36 being moved to the WWE Performance Center.

Owens tweeted:

“Before I made it to WWE, the folks at @HighspotsWN helped me provide for my family with events like @wrestlecon.

Considering the circumstances and as a Titanium Elite member myself, I’m disappointed and truly disgusted by what @Marriott is trying to do to those guys.

Peace and Natalya noted that they are Marriott Titanium Elite members and threatened to take their business elsewhere.

ORIGINAL: As noted, WrestleCon announced its cancellation in the wake of WrestleMania 36 moving to the Performance Center in Orlando due to the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, the convention is being held liable by Marriott for the cost of hotel reservations. A number of personalities within the wrestling industry, including former AEW World champion Chris Jericho, later showed support for WrestleCon on the matter via Twitter, which you can see below.

Chris Jericho stated on the matter, “Hey @wrestlecon, no court in the world would force u to pay this bill AND if we go into city wide lockdowns, they won’t have a leg to stand on anyway. In the meantime shame on u @Marriott for taking this stance in such an uncertain time! I have tons of fans who feel the same way.”

He later invoked President Donald Trump on the matter, adding, “Excuse me @realDonaldTrump-I think @Marriott doesn’t understand your advice that NO gatherings over 10 ppl take place for the next few weeks & I think @dralexpatel would agree that its impossible & possibly illegal to move forward with @wrestlecon. So stop the threats #Marriott!”

The Twitter account for the WrestleCade convention threatened to boycott signing a contract for this year’s event at the Winston-Salem Marriott until the matter with WrestleCon was resolved. Per WrestleCade’s tweet, “For the past 8 years, the Winston-Salem @Marriott has been the host hotel for #WrestleCade Weekend during Thanksgiving weekend. Each year, our fans have sold out that hotel. This year, we won’t sign their contract until this mess is resolved with @Highspots & @wrestlecon.”

You can view all those tweets, including ones from Blue Meanie, Ian Riccaboni, Rocky Romero, Scott D’Amore, and Michael Elgin below.