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February 10, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Impact Wrestling One Night Only

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I will be doing the coverage in my regular review style; final ratings and extra thoughts will be in the final version of the review. Have a good time chatting, and thanks for joining 411 for your live coverage needs.

– Jeremy Borash and MacKenzie Mitchell host the show, and will “draw the teams at random.”

Davey Richards & Moose vs. Broken Matt & Trevor Lee: Richards and Lee to begin, Richards out wrestled him early and worked the arm. Lee picked up the pace, and tagged out to Matt. Moose tagged in, matt claimed that he was obsolete. This led to Moose vs. Delete chants. Moose easily over powered him; Richard tagged back in and worked the legs of Matt. Matt would escape, and work over Richards in the corner. Richards worked over Matt, tagged in Moose and they continued to control the match. Repeated corner kicks by Richards, but Matt hit the clothesline and bulldog for 2. Lee cut off Richards with a cheap shot, he tagged in and Moose broke up the pin. Lee took the heat, working a nice aggressive stretch and bringing some good intensity to the match. Richards fights back, tags in Moose as Matt refuses to tag in. Moose runs wild, but Lee cuts him off with a superman punch and tags in Matt. They trade strikes; Matt bites Moose to counter the game changer and hits a DDT. Lee tags himself in, matt hits Lee with the twist of fate, game changer by Moose and he wins. Davey Richards & Moose vs. Broken Matt & Trevor Lee @ 10:20 via pin

– We get an Aron Rex promo. He’s fabulous, and is against violence.

– Next are highlights from last year’s gauntlet.

Aron Rex & Spud vs. Bad Bones & Jesse Godderz: Bad Bones is a German wrestler, known by many for his work with wXw. Rex and Spud stalled a bit, and then Spud tried, and failed in attacking Godderz. Godderz quickly overpowered Spud, and press slammed him, carrying him around the ring, while teasing throwing him to the floor before tossing him to the mat. Rex would tag in, but ran away and tagged in Spud, and that allowed Spud to chop block Godderz. Rex choked him out behind the ref’s back, allowing Spud to continue to attack the leg. V manages to hit a suplex, and tags in Bones, who runs wild on Spud. Good fore from Bones, as he hit a slingshot spear. Rex distracts him allowing Spud to send him to the floor, where Rex posted him. Back in and Spud covered for a near fall. Rex tagged back in and cut a promo. This allowed Bones to try and get a tag, but Spud cut him off, and grounded him with the chinlock. Bones countered, hitting a belly to back suplex. Rex tags in, but Bones hits a code breaker and tags in Godderz. Godderz runs wild, hits a back breaker as Rex screams for help. Spud makes the save, but Godderz hits a dropkick on Rex. Bones back in, but spud and Rex double team him, Godderz is sent to the floor and Rex uses his rings for the KO shot and the win. Aron Rex & Spud defeated Bad Bones & Jesse Godderz @ 10:00 via pin

The DCC (Kingston & Bram) vs. Robbie E & Shera: I am not a fan of Kingston’s discount Shield gear. Mathews rants about the DCC rigging the draw, but said nothing about Rex & Spud. Robbie fires up and runs wild on Bram to begin, good fire from him. Shera tags in, uses his power and slams Bram around. He and Robbie work quick tags, so Kingston bails to the floor. Robbie chases, but Bram tags in and takes control. DCC takes control, beating down Robbie in their corner. Robbie shows really good babyface fire here, getting his hope spots and comebacks just at the right time. DCC just beats on him for the heat, nothing fancy at all, but he sells their offense well. Robbie finally counters Kingston, hitting a suplex and tagging in Shera. Shera’s hot tag was solid, but he had to run after them too much as DCC didn’t feed him all that well. Shera did some good power stuff, hits sky-high on Kingston, but Bram makes the save. Robbie in for the save, but Kingston clips the leg of Shera and held his legs as Bram scored the win. The DCC (Kingston & Bram) defeated Robbie E & Shera @ 6:55 via pin

Mike Bennett & Braxton Sutter vs. Tyrus & Crazy Steve: Sutter and Steve to begin, Sutter tries to make this a grappling contest, while Steve is wacky. Bennett tags in, telling Sutter he’ll show him how to do this right. He of course quickly tags back out to Sutter, who is not pleased to be tagging with Bennett. Sutter takes control for a bit until Steve hits a clothesline and tags Tyrus in. Tyrus and Steve take the heat, working well together early. Sutter fights off Steve, but as he hits a suplex, Bennett drops to the floor because he’s a heel. Tyrus back in, uses his size and power to beat down Sutter in the corner, and works the nerve pinch to slow things waaaaaaaaaay down. Tyrus slams Sutter around, hits a jogging slam and then pulls Sutter up before three. Tyrus misses the second splash, tag to Steve, who misses a senton. Bennett refuses to tag in again, Sutter gets a big fire up spot, so of course Bennett tags in when things are in control. Tyrus is in as well, Bennett tries to talk his way out of this, Maria steals his chain from Pope; Tyrus hits a suplex and corner splash, Steve in and hits the cannonball on Bennett. Sutter makes the save because he’s a good young lad. Maria distracts Tyrus with his chain; he goes after her, allowing Bennett to low blow Steve and Sutter tags himself in. They argue, Bennett sent to the floor, and Sutter hits the fisherman’s neck breaker for the win. Mike Bennett & Braxton Sutter vs. Tyrus & Crazy Steve @ 9:40 via pin

DJZ & Jeff Hardy vs. Eli Drake & Paredyse (OVW/GFW): Paredyse looks like he’s working an Dollar Tree Adrian Street gimmick. Paredyse rubbed all over DZJ and then rubbed his ass on the ref. DJZ picked up the pace, he and Jeff worked over Paredyse until Drake tagged in. Drake was fired up and attacked DJZ, DJZ hits a jawbreaker and sends Drake to the apron. Drake stuns him off the ropes, baseball slide dropkick by DZJ, who then trips Paredyse off the apron. He as distracted long enough to allow Drake to slam him to the apron, and roll him back in for a near fall. Paredyse in, he worked the heat for a bit and then tagged Drake back in. DJZ scored with the sunset flip for two, but Drake took him out with a lariat. Paredyse back in, but misses a dropkick. Drake back in, lays the boots to DJZ, and adds some intensity to the heat segment, because Paredyse surely didn’t. This heat on DJZ is dying a death, going way too long and no one cares. Tags to Jeff and Paredyse, Jeff runs wild, hit the forearm and then the leg drop to the balls. Drake makes the save, eats the twist of fate and then it breaks down. ZDT on Paredyse, the swanton follows and that is all. DJZ & Jeff Hardy defeated Eli Drake & Paredyse @ 10:57 via pin

– Mathews asking, “how do you compete with someone you don’t like” made him look stupider than usual, because we’ve seen teams do it all night.

Sienna & Jade vs. Laurel Van Ness & Allie: Allie is excited, while Van Ness throws a fit. Jade seemingly finds the entire situation amusing. Sienna and Van Ness tease facing off, but then give each other a kiss on the cheek. Jade tags in, Van Ness talks shit and runs away, tagging in Allie. Allie offers Jade a handshake, and Jade looks to work the arm. Allie escaped with a roll through and kip up, surprising herself. Allie has great facial reactions, playing the role extremely well as she looks surprised whenever she does something good. Allie had control, so Van Ness tagged herself in for a bit. She of course bailed before things got competitive, and Sienna took the heat on Allie. Good hope spot by Allie in another wise slow match. Allie finally fired up, hit a running clothesline, and looked for a tag, but Van Ness refused the tag and slapped her. The ref called a tag when Allie slapped her back. Jade in and hit gut wrench suplexes, Sienna tired to get involved by accidentally hit Van Ness. Allie hit the code breaker on Van Ness, and Jade hit the package piledriver for the pin. Sienna & Jade defeated Laurel Van Ness & Allie @ 8:10 via pin

Caleb Konley & Eddie Edwards vs. Andrew Everett & Marshe Rockett: Everett and Richards to begin, they did some fun back and forth and made it appear that they were interested in doing something fun here. They worked through the various pairings, keeping a good and quick pace here. Rockett cut off Konley, but Konley fought back, sent him to the floor and hit a dive. Konley came up limping, allowing Everett to attack the leg and then he and Rockett took the heat. Rockett used some power moves t keep control, but did a nice job of not allowing things to slow down. Everett tagged in, mostly to try and annoy Edwards and get in some cheap shots on Konley. Konley finally got the hot tag to Edwards, really good hot tag as he worked with Everett. It broke down, Konley hit a plancha to Rockett. Back in, Everett eats a backhand from Konley and the running knee strike by Edwards; he’s done. Caleb Konley & Eddie Edwards defeated Andrew Everett & Marshe Rockett @ via pin

A gauntlet featuring the winners, fighting for $100,000: The participants are: Davey Richards, Moose, Spud, Aron Rex, Bram, Kingston, Mike Bennett, Braxton Sutter, Jade, Sienna, Caleb Konley & Eddie Edwards. This over the top rules, until we get down to the final two, and then it is pin or submission to win. Richards is #1, DZJ is #2. they worked a tremendous opening stretch, great fire and intensity from both guys and it was honestly some of the best action on the show. #3 was Konley, and he did a good job of keeping up the energy level that the first two established. #4 was Bram, and completely whiffed on a knee to DJZ, there was so much space in there it was ridiculous. Bram immediately lowed things down with the walk and brawl. #5 was Kingston. Speaking of slowing things down, the energy really dropped here as they slowly beat down the guys that were having a fun match. #6 was Spud, he sat in the corner and would then kick at random people. DCC bullied him into helping them, and #7 was Edwards. Thankfully he was all fired up, and hit the ring to do some damage. The Wolves worked together and tossed Konley and then DJZ. Spud hid in the corners as the Wolves worked with the DCC. #8 was Jade. Spud said “I got this,” which meant jade kicked his ass. Jade chased him to the floor, and Spud ran for his life and ate a series of kicks. Spud sidestepped a missile dropkick and then worked her over as DCC cheered him on. #9 was Sienna. Spud talked shit to her as this slowed to a crawl. Sienna planted Spud with a powerbomb, and then she and Jade tossed him, and then they brawled. The Wolves and DCC continued to brawl, and #10 was Rex. He eliminated Jade and Sienna as they brawled. Rex took over for Spud, hiding in the corners and not doing much. #11 was Moose. He slowly entered the fight, and tossed Kingston. Rex then eliminated himself instead of fighting Moose. #12 was Bennett, and he attacked Edwards right away. Richards then accidentally eliminated Edwards (I hope they use this on Impact in a video package about their break up). #13 is Sutter, he goes right after Bennett, beating him down in the corner. We get a lot of random brawling here, and #14 is Jeff Hardy. Jeff hits the ring and tries to bring some energy to this, but Bennett rakes his eyes. Jeff eliminated Richards, as Bennett and Sutter pair off again and brawl. Bram then eliminates Sutter, and we’re down to Moose, Jeff, Bram and Bennett. Jeff eats a superkick and is eliminated. Bennett and Bram beat down Moose, but Moose manages to eliminate Bennett. Down to the final two as Bram and Moose face off and throw crazy fists, and then jabs by Moose follow. They do some reversals, game changer by Moose and he wins. Moose won @ 31:11