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October 18, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Ultima Lucha Tres

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– We get the big opening video package.

Steel Cage Match: Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. The Monster Matanza Cueto: This is escape rules, and Dario is out with Matanza. No fucking around here as Dragon Azteca attacks and hits a moonsault off of the cage onto Matanza. He tries to run wild but eats a lariat and gets flung into the cage. Matanza follows with a snake eyes, and then tosses him into the cage once again. Dragon Azteca fires back with strikes, but gets suplexed through the cage and to the floor. Dario says the match is not over, and restarts the match because he’s an asshole; you have to win by pin or submission now. Matanza follows him to the floor, and beats down Dragon Azteca. Dragon Azteca manages a tornado DDT on the floor, and attacks Dario, ripping his tux off. Matanza makes the save, and the beatings will continue as he slams Dragon Azteca to the wall. Back in the ring they go, and Matanza grinds Dragon Azteca’s face off the cage. Matanza then rips away at his mask, and starts to toss Dragon Azteca around. A German suplex follows, and then clotheslines. Dragon Azteca picks up the pace, looks for a RANA, but Matanza cuts him off and Black Lotus returns. She hits a high cross off the cage onto Dragon Azteca, Matanza hits wrath of the gods and wins. The Monster Matanza Cueto defeated Dragon Azteca Jr. @ 6:30 via pin

– Black Lotus attacks Matanza and tries to go after Dario, who admits that he lied to her. Matanza lays her out and stands tall.
Magical Gauntlet Elimination Match: Cage vs. Mil Muertes vs. Jeremiah Crane: Catrina is out with Muertes, but she also has a past relationship with Crane. Dario arrives and talks about the power of the gauntlet, and says he wants no question as to who the winner is and makes this an elimination match. They all brawl at the bell, Muertes kills Crane with a chokeslam and attacks Cage. Crane battles back, and Cage beats down both of his opponents and hits running boots on both. He takes cage to the floor and follows with a suicide dive. Cage hits a dive. Muertes up top and hits a high cross to the floor onto both. Back in and Muertes works over Cage, they work back and forth and Cage hits a pump handle driver and now gets a table. Crane gets a trashcan and we get a plunder brawl. Crane has been busted open big time. He sets up a table, and he and Muertes battle on the apron. They trade strikes and kicks, and Muertes chokeslams him through the table on the floor. Muertes works over Cage, Crane is a bloody mess on the floor. Back in and Muertes powerbombs Cage for 2. Muertes up top, Cage cuts him off and follows him up. Cage hits a RANA off the ropes and follows with a lionsault for 2. Cage tosses him to the floor, and Crane drives wooden stakes into the head of CAGE! They are stuck in his head as Crane takes control. You sick fuck chants. Crane gets a hammer and now gets a pane of glass. He slams Muertes through the glass, but Muertes battles back and hits an apron bomb on Crane. Muertes’ arm is bleeding badly, Cage cuts him off and he’s busted open as well. He beats on Muertes with the hammer, lays him on tables and heads up top. Crane cuts him off and he looks to go up top, cage cuts that off and he heads back up top. Cage SUPERPLEXES CRANE onto Muertes and through the tables! Back in and Cage hits weapon X on Crane for the elimination @ 11:40. We’re down to Cage and Muertes. Post break and Cage and Muertes are kicking the shit out of each other. Muertes hits a powerslam for 2. Cage battles back, and suplexes Muertes back in, and hits a top rope elbow drop for 2. Crane returns and attacks Cage, but quickly gets taken down. Cage runs wild, but Muertes hits the flatliner onto a chair for the win. Mil Muertes defeated Cage & Jeremiah Crane @ 17:30 via pin

– Dario brings out the gauntlet, and Catrina gives it to Muertes. BUT KING CUERNO RETURNS AND ATTACKS HIM! Cuerno lays him out and stands tall, taking the gauntlet as his trophy.

– We finally see footage of the Mundo documentary that Taya was filming earlier in the season. It was amazing.

Lucha Underground Career vs. Title Match: Champion Johnny Mundo vs. Prince Puma: These two fought on the very first episode, which Mundo won. Puma then beat Mundo in the first Aztec Warfare to win the Lucha Underground title. We now come full circle with this meeting. Puma has dropped the black gear and is back to his traditional gear and headdress. They work some basic back and forth to begin, they pick up the pace and then work a really fun set of counters. Puma hits a powerslam to cut off Mundo, and Mundo bails to the floor. To the floor they go and Mundo cuts off Puma with a head kick. Mundo takes control on he floor, they battle into the crowd and then Puma tosses Mundo back to the floor. Puma leaps from the crowd to the apron and then attacks Mundo. Back in they go and Mundo takes a cheap shot, but Puma hits a cutter and standing shooting star press for 2. Mundo counters the benadryller, but Puma hits the blue thunder bomb for 2. Puma up top, but rolls through as Mundo moves, Mundo takes him down and hits a running corkscrew attack for 2. Puma fights off end of the world, lays in rights and chops but Mundo hits the standing Spanish fly for 2. Mundo beats him down with rights, and we then get a ref bump as Mundo moved and Puma kicked the ref. Puma up top and Jack Evans arrives with PJ Black and they lay the boots to Puma. They triple team Puma, Taya brings out another ref but Puma survives and kicks out. Mundo slaps the new ref, and they all beat him down. Taya tosses chairs in. But wait, Angelico makes his return and makes the save getting revenge for WWU injuring him. Angelico hits a dive, referee Rick Knox sorta hits a dive, almost killing himself. Puma hits the springboard 450 but Mundo kicks out. Angelico takes out Ricky Mundo, and chases WWU away as we take a commercial break. Post break and they trade strikes, lighting each other up and Puma hits a big enziguri for 2. Puma now heads up top and Mundo cuts him off. Mundo follows him up and hits moonlight drive off the top for a near fall! Mundo hits the end of the world two times, but Puma kicks out. Puma finally counters, fires away with kicks and knee strikes. The shotgun dropkick follows. Puma up top and hits the 630 and wins the title! Prince Puma defeated Champion Johnny Mundo @ 22:45 via pin

BUT WAIT, DARIO IS HERE TO FUCK UP THE FESTIVITIES! He says Puma still has his career, BUT, the night is not over. There is one more match…

– Post break, Dario announces that Puma will face Gift of The Gods Winner Pentagon, he says pentagon came to him last week and asked to cash in tonight, and while Dario likes to promote the match, but rules are like bones and are meant to be broken. Dario also says that BOTH of their careers are on the line.

Champion Prince Puma vs. Gift of The Gods Winner Pentagon: Puma immediately attacks, taking Pentagon to the floor and hitting a dive. Back in and Pentagon catches Puma with a superkick as he flies in. Pentagon looks for an arm break, Vampiro is very happy about this whole situation. Pentagon breaks the arm of Puma, and Puma just tapes his arm back up and says fuck it. Pentagon just starts to kick the shit out of the arm, and Puma manages to dropkick him to the floor. Puma then looks for a moonsault, but Pentagon cuts him off. Back in they go, and Puma escapes the Penta driver, fires up and manages a one armed suplex. The running shooting star press gets 2. They trade strikes, Pentagon attacks the bad arm but puma hits a superkick. Pentagon quickly cuts him off, covering for 2. The crowd is like 90% behind Pentagon here, he hits a superkick but Puma counters the destroyer, and hits one of his own. Puma hits a benadryller and falls on Pentagon, covering for 2. Puma up top now, Vampiro looks to rally him… but PULLS PENTAGON OUT OF THE WAY OF THE 630! TRTHAT BASTARD SET UP PUMA ALL ALONG! Pentagon hits the running package piledriver and wins the title. Pentagon defeated Champion Prince Puma @ 8:45 via pin

– Vampiro and Pentagon celebrate, as Puma leaves the temple. Pentagon cuts a post math promo, noting that as champion this is his temple.

– Closing cinematic as we see Puma leaving and removing his mask as he exits the temple.

– King Cuerno has the gauntlet in his hunter’s trophy room.

– Sexy Star does a press conference and a little girl brings her a box, saying “she hasn’t forgotten about you” and a spider is in it.

– The rabbit tribe is still trying to worship Mascarita Sagrata.

– Fenix and Melissa leave in his car as Carina walks in the background with Crane watching.

– DAGA has a sword and takes his place as Kobra Moon’s queen, as Drago is still imprisoned and Pindar is executed for losing the trios titles.

– Vampiro meets with his master, who says Vampiro has done well in getting rid of Puma.

– Matanza is caged up and we see Rey Mysterio is still alive.

– Dario promises to get the gauntlet back, but is told not to worry about it AND GETS FUCKING SHOT, because new management will take care of it and all of his mistakes. Dario is still alive and grabs at his phone, tries to dial and passes out…

– To be continued…

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.