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Cook’s ROH TV Review 1.14.22

January 18, 2022 | Posted by Steve Cook
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Cook’s ROH TV Review 1.14.22  

Hey kids! This week’s a departure from normal ROH TV episodes, as it’s a documentary about the ROH Women’s Championship Tournament. If you’re into that kind of thing, which I am, you’ll be excited about it.

Cook’s ROH TV Review 1.14.22

ROH Presents This Is Women’s Wrestling.

We see makeup being applied at the ROH Dojo. Maria Kanellis Bennett explains she’s about to do interviews with all of the girls to get their thoughts about how the tournament will go, their opponents & how they’re feeling. What does the championship & tournament mean to them? They’re hoping to duplicate the promos from the Pure Championship Tournament. She’s had a lot of different jobs in wrestling, and now she’s a member of the Board of Directors. She was unsure about getting back into wrestling after the pandemic, but she realized there would be a world after covid. She wanted to restart the ROH Women’s Division. ROH had the same idea.

Mazzerati & Trish Adora were super excited. Trish told her mom first. Allysin Kay was flattered. Willow was shocked, she grew up watching and admiring Maria. Holidead gives Maria a shutout. Rok-C wondered if Maria was talking to the right person. She was happy to be in the first match of the new Women’s division. Marti Belle was very emotional. Alex Gracia’s confidence was helped immensely. Miranda Alize wanted to be in ROH for a very long time, and wants to be around for a very long time. Quinn McKay talks about setting up the ring & working her way up. Sumie Sakai gets a pep talk from Maria. Sakai talks about her first ROH match at the Murphy Rec Center.

Mandy Leon says that Maria coming back is interesting. Maria left ROH several years ago, and while she was gone, other women were doing the work. Angelina Love says there doesn’t need to be a tournament, and Maria wants to produce it for her own ego. Danhausen says his number one pick is Trish Adora (who happens to be nearby) and he also picks Maxx, who is somewhere nearby devastating people. Maria talks about how women’s wrestling has been put in a box, and wants to showcase many different styles, looks & approaches in the tournament. Mazzerati talks about her insecurities growing up and how she feels confident in herself now. Willow talks about how she doesn’t look like the traditional athlete. If somebody calls her fat, she’s still a really good wrestler. Winning the title would be a validation of all that. Alize is fighting for more than the championship. Wrestling brought her out of a tough background. Nicole Savoy is the longest reigning SHIMMER champion, but she’s always been in the background of her groups. Rok-C talks about her mother kicking her out of the house over wrestling, then coming back together. Trish Adora talks about her mom being diagnosed with cancer and how she wrestles for her. (Sadly, Trish’s mother passed away two weeks ago.)

It’s time to reveal the brackets and the championship. Maria talks about how it means something to everybody in the tournament. We see clips from ROH Best in the World, including the introduction of Chelsea Green. She wasn’t able to compete in this tournament due to an arm injury, but was able to come back before the final tapings. She, Maria & Lenny Leonard hug backstage while she talks about how nervous she was. She thinks she got all her confidence back. Chelsea talks about how she was motivated by the hate on social media & proving the mean trolls wrong. She’s counting down the days until she can compete with the other women.

Now it’s time for the tournament matches. Rok-C gets nervous before all her matches, but that’s a good thing. Rok-C wrestles Sumie Sakai and gets the win. Maria & Mike Bennett watch the Mazzarati/Nicole Savoy match backstage. Alex Gracia also gets nervous before all her matches. She had reason to be, as Miranda Alize got the win over her. Alex gave it all she had. Miranda looks forward to winning the tournament. Maria talks about how anything can happen in this tournament, and it’s tough for the women that have been here for awhile. They haven’t had as many matches as the new crop.

Willow talks about how everybody’s trying to change the perception of what women’s wrestling is or could be. She ends up tapping out to Allysin Kay. Chelsea talks about how she’d like to face Allysin & Rok-C in the ring. Trish Adora gets Marti Belle to submit. Tournament Trish is back. Mandy talks about how it’s Quinn’s final opportunity. Quinn was looking for payback for all the Allure did to her, and she wound up getting the win over Mandy. She hugs the announcers. Quinn yells at the camera while Mandy expresses her disapproval. Maria talks about Quinn was fighting her own doubt. Bennett talks about how hard Maria & Bobby Cruise worked on this and how Maria’s always talked about running a women’s division. Alize finishes Savoy with the Drive-By and talks about how she’ll take everything she deserves. Quinn will ride the high of her win over Mandy and hopes for the best. Rok-C says she has it in the bag, and it turns out she does. Rok-C will face either Maxx or Angelina. Amy Rose says Maxx doesn’t like to be filmed. She’s managed several of ROH’s best champions and is excited about working with Maxx. Maxx beats Angelina up but gets disqualified. Mandy lets her know she’s still pretty. Allysin & Marti do the social media thing. Allysin talks about her reign as NWA Women’s Champion, and will bring that prestige to this title as well. Or not, as she ends up losing to Trish. Trish has lariats for days. Maria talks about how incredibly talented the remaining women are. Angelina has the experience. Trish has the fight from within. Rok-C is constantly learning. Alize is still traveling for Mexico & keeping herself relevant. Maria won’t make a pick.

Alize & Adora go back & forth, with Alize eventually getting the win. Alize promises to be the champion. Adora breaks down backstage, Maria gives her a big hug. Maria is happy with how it’s all going and how it’s all about the team. Rok-C breaks down her road to the semi-finals. Mandy thinks that Angelina has this. She doesn’t, as Rok-C gets Angelina to submit. Maria hugs Rok-C, and she’s excited about the final. She thinks it couldn’t have gone any better, and looks for a logo to point to.

Now it’s time to crown a champion. I wonder what logo Bobby Cruise is wearing that got blurred. The Briscoes are excited to see the match, Rok-C & Alize are the real deal. Quinn thinks Rok-C will win. Amy Rose picks Alize. Trish is rooting for Rok-C. Rok-C hopes she can pull it off for all the fans & her parents. Alize stays calm and goes over her strategy. Miranda’s family is excited and proud. Rok-C’s mom & dad are the same. Maria talks about how the wrestlers won’t admit they’re nervous. Rok-C & Alize go at it for the title, with Rok-C coming out on top. Holding the ROH Women’s Championship makes 10-year old little Rok-C proud.

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This was a nice little look at the inner workings of the tournament from the perspective of the creators. The one unfortunate thing would be the timing, as Rok-C lost the championship to Deonna Purrazzo on the Impact before this show aired. A little awkward. One can draw the conclusion that ROH doesn't expect Rok-C to be available when they run shows again, and they're probably right to feel that way. Should Rok-C become a star, ROH will have some of her first moments on television, which is cool.

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