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Cook’s ROH TV Review 10.22.21: Violence vs. Pure

October 25, 2021 | Posted by Steve Cook
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Cook’s ROH TV Review 10.22.21: Violence vs. Pure  

Hey kids! It’s a fun themed episode of ROH this week, as Violence takes on Pure. I usually like the themed episodes, so this should be a hoot & a holler. Let’s get it started!

Cook’s ROH TV Review 10.22.21: Violence vs. Pure

Vincent poses in the mirror all decked in white and asks the similarly white-clad Vita, Bateman & Dutch what they think. Shockingly they all agree that he is going to love it. The cameraman says “uhhh”, which counts as agreement in Vincent’s book.

Quinn McKay welcomes us to Ring of Honor Wrestling! VLNCE UNLTD & the Foundation have gone back & forth for the better course of a year trading wins and championships, and today their different philosophies face off. In the main event, godfathers Homicide & Jay Lethal continue their dispute that dates back to the infancy of ROH, a dark match at the very first Final Battle. (Here’s a JD Dunn review of the event that backs up that claim. Sup, JD?) Chris Dickinson & Brody King face off with Jonathan Gresham & Tracy Williams in tag team action. First, Tony Deppen takes on Rhett Titus!

Ian & Caprice are on the call as usual.

Tony Deppen talks about how he’s accomplished as much as Rhett Titus has in ROH in a fraction of the time, and he’ll accomplish more going forward with violence. Rhett Titus sees some similarities between them, as they both fight for their families. However, he’s a professional, and Tony’s been having playtime.

Tony Deppen vs. Rhett Titus: Titus has a distinct advantage in height & weight. Tony slaps Rhett’s hand to follow that Code of Honor. Deppen with some duck walking, now some grappling on the mat between the two. Titus with the headscissors, Deppen eventually works his way out and seems playful about it. Deppen can do this pure wrestling too, but Titus gains the advantage on the mat. Deppen answers with a leglock, but Titus reaches the ropes as we go to commercial. This isn’t a Pure Rules match so he can do that all day.

Back from commercial and Titus has gone back to the headscissors. Deppen gets out, then wrangles Titus into a modified bow & arrow before going to the headlock. Titus gets out, front facelock to headlock, into the corner, after the break the pace picks up. Deppen goes off the ropes, gets a backslide. Series of reversals, Titus hits the belly to belly. Butterfly suplex gets two. Deppen with a knee to the gut, then a kneedrop to the back of the neck. Deppen with an attempted choke, works into an armbar. Titus fights back, shoulderblocks in the corner. Deppen with a big boot as Homicide makes his way to the ring to cheer on his faction-mate. Deppen gets one with a sliding kick to the head. Deppen motions to Homicide, but misses a running senton as we go back to commercial.

Titus fighting back, sends Deppen headfirst into the turnbuckle before hitting the flying shoulderblock. Titus with a kneebreaker then a back suplex for two. Homicide now has a chair and the attention of Todd Sinclair & Rhett Titus. He tells Sinclair to mind his business! Titus misses a boot in the corner, then Deppen dropkicks Titus to the outside. Deppen hits the dive that Homicide made famous! Up top, hits the double stomp on Titus for two. Homicide with some instruction, standing switches lead to a series of rollups. Big boots in the corner by Titus, then a big DDT gets 2.87. Deppen kicks out of a half crab attempt, but Titus boots him in the face and locks in that half crab. It’s in deep! Homicide is frantic outside and tosses the chair into the ring. Titus breaks the hold, Homicide throws another chair in the ring and creates the distraction! Titus throws it out, but Deppen has the first chair…he hits Titus in the gut and hits a shining wizard for the three count!

Winner: Tony Deppen (12:23 via pinfall)
Match Rating: ***

See, this goes to show the advantage that Violence has over Pure. Titus’s friends were too nice & clean to go out there and keep the violent Homicide from being a lunatic on the outside of the ring. Deppen being violent himself means that he feels no guilt over how he wins, as long as he wins.

Rhett Titus is looking for his friends backstage and has no time for this interviewer. Tony Deppen asks why wouldn’t Homicide help him? They’ve been on the indies grinding, where there are no rules. In ROH, there are too many rules. He cares about nobody except his VU friends, and violence will always prevail.

Alex Zayne will challenge Bandido for the ROH World Championship & LSG will challenge Josh Woods for the Pure Championship on a Championship Edition in two weeks.

Dickinson claims to be the best pure wrestler in the world. Williams talks about their code, but they won’t die on their swords.

Brody King & Chris Dickinson (w/Homicide) vs. Jonathan Gresham & Tracy Williams (w/Jay Lethal): Now the Foundation is in the fight, as Gresham & Williams attack from behind at the bell. King dumps Williams out of the ring while Dickinson & Gresham face off in the ring. Gresham’s attempt at a suplex fails, and Dickinson sends him into the corner. King tags in and tags Gresham. Vertical suplex gets two. Big punch sends Gresham down. Tag to Dickinson, backbreakers to Gresham then an attempt at a leglock. Waistlock by Dickinson, he tosses Gresham into the corner and tags in King. Double elbowblock gets two. Big chop by King. King tries to twist Gresham’s head off of his neck, then delivers some shots to the ribs for two. Dickinson knocks Williams off the apron, then delivers the short-arm clothesline to Gresham for two. King tags in, but a miscommunication leads to Dickinson spearing King & Gresham tagging Williams. Williams & Dickinson face off with Williams gaining the upperhand. Clothesline in the corner, double underhook suplex off the second rope gets two as we go to commercial.

Williams hits a chop on Dickinson, then tags Gresham. Gresham with some chops of his own. He knocks King off the apron. He pops Dickinson’s arm and tags in Williams. Doubleteam combo culminates with some stomps to Dickinson’s ankles. Williams continues targeting the left ankle and locks in the anklelock before King breaks it up. Gresham tags in and chops the hamstring of Dickinson. Dickinson tries to fire back and they exchange shots. Gresham wins that round and goes back to the ankle. Then he runs into Dickinson’s knee, and King gets the tag. A double team gets two, Williams has to break up the count. King runs into Gresham’s boot, catches it the second time, Gresham hyperextends King’s knee & locks in the sleeper. Williams holds Dickinson, but eventually Dickinson powers through and breaks it up. Williams & King face off, Williams with a pump kick, but Dickinson with the blind tag and a big shot for two as we go to commercial.

Dickinson & King double teaming Williams leads to a Boston crab by King. Gresham gets put in an STF by Dickinson. Williams finds the ropes. Dickinson goes back to the STF on Williams, then Williams gets out and slides into a crossface. Gresham has King locked up in the ropes. Dickinson gets out. Williams gets put in a rear naked choke by Dickinson & he passes out!

Winners: Brody King & Chris Dickinson (12:52 via referee stoppage)
Match Rating: ***1/2

The Foundation are now 0-2 tonight. Homicide is ready to go, he wants everybody out of the ring now! Lethal looks ready too. Homicide tells Todd Sinclair to get everybody out! Williams & Gresham leave, then King leaves, Dickinson’s still hanging around though and nobody has left ringside. We’ll get a match next.

Jay Lethal vs. Homicide: Dickinson, King, Gresham & Williams eventually left. Fisticuffs at the bell. Lethal tosses Homicide out to the apron, hits a springboard dropkick then a dive to the floor. Another dive! And another! They slug it out on the apron, Homicide rakes Jay’s eyes, knocks him to the floor and hits the Homicide dive. Back in the ring, they exchange punches. Homicide places Lethal up top, goes for the cutter, but Lethal knocks him off. Lethal misses the dropkick, but takes Homicide down and sets him up for the figure four. Lethal finds a fork in Homicide’s kneepadding! Homicide retrieves the fork from Todd Sinclair, aims for Lethal but ends up forking th turnbuckle. They now try to ram each other’s heads into it, Homicide yanks it out but gets rolled up for two. Homicide hits a t-bone suplex for two. Todd finally disposes of that fork. Homicide chokes Lethal with his t-shirt. He sets up the Cop Killer, but Lethal gets out and hits a superkick. Tony Deppen walks out and he has a chair! A large man runs down and runs over Deppen, it’s Dutch! Lethal hits the Injection and gets the three count!

Winner: Jay Lethal (5:37 via pinfall)
Match Rating: **1/2

Dutch smiles at ringside holding the chair, and the rest of the Righteous come out to applaud Jay Lethal! Lethal seems confused by the appreciation. He shakes a fallen Homicide’s hand & vacates the ring. Seems obvious to me that the Righteous have embraced the Foundation’s idea of purity, what with their all being clad in white.

Next Week’s Halloween Special: Quinn McKay & Rok-C vs. Miranda Alize & Max, Shane Taylor Promotions defend the Six-Man title against Sledge, Danhausen & PCO.

The final score: review Good
The 411
VLNCE UNLTD won more matches, but the Foundation got the last laugh in an intriguing turn of events. How do The Righteous fit in with their plans? Should be interesting to see how this unfolds.

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