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Csonka’s EVOLVE 80 iPPV Review 3.30.17

March 30, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s EVOLVE 80 iPPV Review 3.30.17  

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Csonka’s EVOLVE 80 iPPV Review 3.30.17

Grudge Match: Drew Galloway defeated Matt Riddle @ 7:15 via pin [***½]
– Timothy Thatcher defeated Chris Dickinson @ 9:30 via submission [**¾]
– Lio Rush defeated Jaka and Jason Kincaid @ 9:10 via pin [**½]
– The Gate Keepers defeated Facade and Michael Richard Blaze @ 2:10 via pin [NR]
– Ethan Page defeated Austin Theory @ 7:25 via pin [**]
Keith Lee Trial Series Match #3: Ricochet defeated Keith Lee @ 17:15 via pin [****]
EVOLVE Tag Team Title Match: Champions Tracy Williams & Fred Yehi vs. Michael Elgin & Donovan Dijak @ 18:35 via submission [***½]
EVOLVE Title Match: Champion Zack Sabre Jr. vs. ACH @ 14:50 via submission [***¾]

– Lenny Leonard welcomed us to the show but was immediately interrupted by Drew Galloway. Galloway put these shows over as the biggest of the year for the company; he only trusts himself to welcome everyone to the show. You fans watching have made the wise choice in choosing these shows, these are the coolest shows of the weekend; this is not WrestleMania week. This is the weekend that fans come together, support independent wrestling. This is WRESTLING week. He has gone through a ton this year, in this war, but he has to go through Matt Riddle tonight. Riddle is out and shit got real as we get the grudge match to open the show.

Grudge Rematch: Drew Galloway vs. Matt Riddle: Galloway attacked at the bell and beat the shit out of Riddle in the corner, with Riddle quickly firing back with chops and kicks. The XPLODER by Riddle follows, and the action spills to the floor. They are showing really good intensity so far, playing off of the grudge match stipulation. Galloway then hit a powerslam off of the steps and onto the apron. Galloway then dumped Riddle off of the barricade. Riddle fires up with strikes and hits bro to sleep on the floor. Riddle pulls out a table, sets it up and then works kicks to Galloway. Knee strikes by Riddle follow, lays Galloway on the table but Galloway blocks the attack they head to the apron as Galloway lays the boots to riddle. Galloway then HITS A PILEDRIVER THROUGH THE TABLE OFF OF THE APRON! Galloway rolls Riddle in the ring and covers for a near fall. Future shock DDT by Galloway and then the stuff pile driver connects and that is all. Drew Galloway defeated Matt Riddle @ 7:15 via pin [***½] This was a very good, violent and frantic match; it was surprisingly (and somewhat refreshingly) one-sided, which leads me to believe that Riddle will win the WWN Title on Saturday.

– Post match, Catch Point makes the save before Galloway can do any more damage.

Timothy Thatcher w/Stokely Hathaway vs. Chris Dickinson: They grappled back and forth to begin, with Dickinson taking early control. Thatcher then countered out, and both men started to look to attack the legs. Dickinson is one step ahead early on, and lays in kicks and Thatcher looks pissed before laying in some uppercuts. Dickinson answers back with more kicks, but Thatcher scores the takedown and works ground and pound from the guard. Good aggression by Thatcher here, but Dickinson escapes and works the modified crab into a pendulum; he uses that to slam Thatcher’s head to the buckles and then hits a curb stomp. Thatcher catches the kick and works the ankle lock before dropping back in for ground and pound. Gut wrench suplex by Thatcher follows and that gets 2. Thatcher then works the knee strikes, Dickinson answers with chops as they trade back and forth. Thatcher cuts him off with the butterfly suplex for 2. Thatcher works the sleeper, but Dickinson counters out with the suplex. Dickinson then hits a series of corner clotheslines and a German suplex for 2. Dickinson looks for the powerbomb, Thatcher fights and they trade strikes again; enziguri by Dickinson but Thatcher kicks him in the face and locks in the sleeper, hits the take over into the side choke and Dickinson taps. Timothy Thatcher defeated Chris Dickinson @ 9:30 via submission [**¾] This was pretty good, hard hitting, back and forth match with Dickinson looking good, and Thatcher showing great aggression and picking up the big rebound victory.

– Lio Rush has been added to the next match as a special surprise.

Jaka vs. Jason Kincaid vs. Lio Rush: Kincaid send both men to the floor, and then goes back and forth with Rush. They work a fun back and forth clip, Jaka returns to cut off the Rush dive and picks up a near fall. Jaka then lays the boots to Rush, Kincaid pulls Rush to the floor and Jaka wipes them out with a dive. Jaka takes Kincaid back in, and they trade strikes. Jaka hits the rolling kick and XPLODER for the near fall. Rush returns but gets tossed back to the floor. Kincaid hits Jaka with the rolling neck breaker for 2 but Rush is back again. Rush teases a suplex to the floor and Jaka stops that and suplexes both men into the ring. They all trade strikes center ring, Kincaid fires up with chops but Jaka fires back on both. Rush then lights up both men with kicks, but Kincaid hits Jaka with a RANA, sending him to the floor. Rush catches Jaka with a kick and hits the reverse RANA on Kincaid. Rush up top, Jaka stops that and follows him up. Kincaid joins them, they all battle and Kincaid hits a SUPER RANA to both men! They all trade again center ring, Jaka goozles both men but they fight him off and Jaka just gets pissed and walks into superkicks. Rush uses his speed to land strikes, hits the Rush hour and then a dive onto Jaka. Rush up top, frog splash and that is all. Lio Rush defeated Jaka and Jason Kincaid @ 9:10 via pin [**½] Rush was a nice surprise, and it was a good idea to get him back into the mix with a win, but I am not sure that it really added to the match; it felt as if it never got locked in and was far from smooth. It was a solid match overall, with the right guy winning.

The Gate Keepers w/Ethan Page vs. Johnny & Jimmy BootsNTights: The feed froze for a moment so I did not catch the names of the victims (FYI it was Facade and Michael Richard Blaze). Our victims tried to use their speed, but the Keepers would have none of this and started to destroy. They then hit a variation of the doomsday device for the win. The Gate Keepers defeated Johnny & Jimmy BootsNTights @ 2:10 via pin [NR] Squash.

– Post match, Page put over his Gate Keepers and then spoke about his greatness and ran down the crowd. He has caused chaos here in EVOLVE for well over a year. He demands to be in the EVOLVE title picture.

Ethan Page vs. Austin Theory: Theory used his speed early and started to put some offense together, he went up top but Page cut him off and hit the iconoclasm. Page then took control, slamming Theory to the corner and followed with a backdrop; Theory favored his knee on the landing so Page attacked and targeted the knee. Page worked a slow heat, allowing Theory to hit an enziguri. Page looked for another iconoclasm, but Theory countered and hit the dropkick. Theory then hit a suicide dive, back in he followed with a running shooting star press for 2. Page then fought him off, but Theory hit a running blockbuster for a near fall. Page sent Theory to the corner, hit a clothesline and then hit RKEGO for a near fall. Theory fought of the spinning Dwayne, connected with forearms but Page hit a head kick. The bicycle kick connected for Page, and then the spinning Dwayne picked up the win. Ethan Page defeated Austin Theory @ 7:25 via pin [**] This was a technically sound match, but was completely flat and never captured the crowd’s attention or mine.

– Page ran down Theory post match. Page promises to continue the chaos until he gets his title shot.

– Pricilla Kelly arrived and played seductress, which did not amuse Page. A body bag is carried into the arena, and is brought to the ring by guys/orderlies with their faces painted. Page and the keepers attack the orderlies and destroy them. The keepers toss one orderly onto the others on the floor. Page wants then to KILL THE BAG and they slam it to the mat. They then toss it to the floor onto the orderlies. Page has them bring the bag back into the ring, and they sit it in the corner and page orders them to open it. DARBY ALLIN is back from the dead and attacks then all with a pipe, cleaning house. This was a good idea in theory but they took too long to get there and lost the crowd. Allin then told Page that there will never be en era of Ego as long as he’s alive. He challenges him to an anything goes match tomorrow at EVOLVE 81. Page accepts.

Keith Lee Trial Series Match #3: Ricochet vs. Keith Lee: They lock up and Lee easily sets Ricochet on the ropes and backs off. Ricochet foolishly looks for a takedown, but Lee tosses him aside. Lee then tells Ricochet to bask in his glory. Ricochet looks to pick up the pace, hits a dropkick but Lee brushes it off. More dropkicks follow, Lee is not amused. They pick up the pace, and Lee cuts off Ricochet with a dropkick of his own. Lee then beats down Ricochet in the corner and tosses him across the ring. Lee is just walking Ricochet down and stalking him. Lee even stands on his chest at one point before tossing him across the ring once again. Lee is so smug and cocky as he destroys someone like this, it’s absolutely great. Ricochet slowly fires back with kicks and a RANA. He trips up Lee on a charge and follows with a 619 and springboard uppercut and Lee rolls to the floor. Ricochet caught on the dive, but escapes and hits the superkick from the apron and then follows with the Sasuke special. Ricochet manages to roll Lee back into the ring and covers for 2. Ricochet looks for the benadryller, but Lee fights him off and Lee picks up the pace, runs through a lariat and hits the shoulder block and covers for 2. Lee looks for a powerbomb, but Ricochet grabs his leg and tries to fight. Ricochet attacks the knee, and hits a cutter and running shooting star press for 2. Ricochet again looks for the benadryller, but Lee fights that off, but Ricochet counters the powerbomb into a reverse RANA. Lee escapes the benadryller again, eats a series of kicks and is finally down and Ricochet covers for 2. Ricochet heads up top, misses the shooting star press and Lee then takes him down. They struggle to their feet, trading strikes center ring/ Ricochet keeps throwing, but Lee drops him with a straight left. Chops by Ricochet, but he only angers Lee who delivers clubbing blows and then hits the sitout powerbomb for a great near fall. Lee then heads to the corner, climbs and MISSES the top rope moonsault! Ricochet recovers, hits the springboard 450 but Lee survives! Ricochet back up top, shooting star press connects but Keith Lee lives! Ricochet up top once again, hits another shooting star press but Lee goozles him, only for Ricochet to fight him off with a series of kicks. Ricochet up top once again, hits the 630 and covers for the win. Ricochet defeated Keith Lee @ 17:15 via pin [****] This was an absolutely great match, playing off of the speed vs. power dynamic very well. Ricochet literally had to hit lee with all of his big moves to not only make a comeback but to finally over come. I feel Lee should have won here, and that he should go on a long undefeated streak, just wrecking fools, but the match was great.

EVOLVE Tag Team Championship Match: Champions Tracy Williams & Fred Yehi vs. Michael Elgin & Donovan Dijak: I am thrilled to see Elgin & Dijak in EVOLVE. After some basic back and forth, Williams and Elgin traded stiff forearm strikes. Williams tried to use his speed and grappling to make a comeback, but Elgin went to he power game and just ran him over. Williams then worked a hanging arm bar in the ropes, and then tried to focus on the arm. Yehi and Dijak then tagged in, Yehi started to chop him down, showing no fear. Dijak cut him off, hitting the knee strikes and then tossed Yehi across the ring with ease. Yehi battled back with the running dropkick, and then a missile dropkick gets 2. Williams and Yehi then double team Elgin, Dijak back in and Elgin pulls Williams to the floor and slam him to the apron. Dijak tosses Yehi to the floor and then hits a Fosbury flop to wipe out the pile. Back in and the challengers take control, working over Williams in their corner; slingshot splash by Elgin gets a near fall. Elgin right to the power game, working back breakers and clubbing blows to Williams. Good heat by the challengers, isolating Williams and constantly attacking the back. Williams gets the knees up on a splash attempt, but Elgin cuts off the tag momentarily, only for Williams to hit a dragon screw leg whip and get the tag. Yehi runs wild on Elgin, dropkicks Dijak to the floor and picks up a near fall on Elgin. Elgin hits a desperation enziguri, but Yehi hits the big boot, Williams hits the missile dropkick into a German by Yehi for a near fall. This all led to Williams and Elgin doing a double down, Dijak tag sin and knocks Yehi to the floor. He turns his attack to Williams, tossing him across the ring and following with the running boot. He sets Williams up top, follows and they battle on the ropes. Big right by Dijak, but Williams DDTs him to the buckles and hits the Saito suplex for a near fall. It breaks down, Williams sends Elgin to the floor, cyclone kick by Dijak and a springboard moonsault follows for 2. Dijak looks for feast your eyes, v counters out into the ankle lock. Dijak escapes, but Williams counters the choke breaker into the crossface; Elgin makes the save and then gets tossed to the floor. Elgin and Yehi brawl to the floor, Elgin back in and saves Dijak before decapitating Williams with a lariat. Elgin and Dijak hit a double team choke breaker for a good near fall. they work over Yehi, run through a series of rapid-fire offense, leading to a SUPER SITOUT POWERBOMB to Williams, but he survives. Buckle bomb to Williams, Yehi in and saves him from feast your eyes. Yehi then hits the destroyer on Elgin! The champions attack Dijak, hit a double team powerbomb and that gets a near fall; Williams locks in the crossface and Dijak powers to his feet but Yehi takes out his legs, and Dijak has to tap. Champions Tracy Williams & Fred Yehi vs. Michael Elgin & Donovan Dijak @ 18:35 via submission [***½] This was a very good . back and forth, hard hitting tag match, with the challengers getting in a lot and delivering in their debut before falling to the champions. It just felt as if it was missing something to take it to that next level, and never felt great. Lets get Dijak in NJPW to tag with Elgin, they would be great there.

– Larry Dallas is here to stir up some shit with in Catch Point. He says they (Yehi & Williams) allowed Riddle to get his ass kicked ahead of Saturday’s WWN Live title match. Yehi looks forward to his match with Riddle tomorrow; Williams says no one wants Dallas here and wants him to leave. Dickinson asks when he and Jaka will get their tag title shot. Williams tells them to focus on their matches for the rest of the weekend. Jaka says he knows it’s coming; the rift continues to grow.

EVOLVE Championship Match: Champion Zack Sabre Jr. vs. ACH: ACH didn’t fuck around here, taking the attack to the champion right away and using his speed to score some near falls. He avoided the arm bar and octopus early, but Zack fought back with kicks and took ACH down and slowed his role. ACH to the floor, took a powder, but when he returned to the ring Zack cut him off and started to tie him up and work for submissions. ACH started to fire up as Zack dared him hit him, but it was a trap as Zack attacked the legs to slow down and possibly ground the high flier. They traded strikes, ACH picked up the pace and started to put some offense together. ACH then hit the code breaker off the ropes for a near fall. ACH went for the slingshot cutter, but Zack caught him with an arm bar and stopped the momentum of ACH. They traded strikes, PK by Zack and then hit the half and half suplex for a near fall. ACH catches Zack with an elbow strike, they battle on the ropes with Zack hitting a palm strike and then locking in a hanging guillotine in the ropes. ACH escapes, hits the double stomp and then a pair of lariats; Zack counters the brain buster but gets a roll up for 2. A German by ACH gets the near fall as things are picking up nicely here, until they slow it back down and trade strikes from their knees. ACH then repeatedly slaps the shit out of Zack, but gets cut off. Zack fires away with uppercuts, and then locks in a guillotine. The PK follows but ACH rebounds with a lariat and brain buster for a good near fall. The 450 by ACH fails, as Zack catches him with a triangle and transitions into the double arm bar for the win. Champion Zack Sabre Jr. vs. ACH @ 14:50 via submission [***¾] ACH brought it in the main event setting, losing a very competitive match; Zack Sabre Jr has been so good lately, not that he wasn’t before, but it feels as if everything is clicking for him on a new level. This was a very good, bordering on great.

– Post match, Zack Sabre Jr thanks the fans. Michael Elgin arrives to hype up their match tomorrow. Elgin wants their match to be a title match and as Zack agrees, Elgin lays him out.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Good
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THE 411: This was a good show to start the weekend for EVOLVE as well as to set the stage for tomorrow night. What you have to see Lee vs. Ricochet.