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Csonka’s Free Match Reviews With AJ Styles, WALTER, & More

July 1, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s Free Match Reviews With AJ Styles, WALTER, & More  

Csonka’s Free Match Reviews With AJ Styles, WALTER, & More

From TNA Sacrifice 2009: Beer Money defeated The British Invasion @ 12:00 via pin [***½]
From WWE MITB 2016: AJ Styles defeated John Cena @ 24:12 via pin [****¼]
From EVOLVE 99: WALTER defeated Zack Sabre Jr @ 18:05 via pin [****½]

Beer Money vs. The British Invasion: Roode and Williams to begin, and Williams outwrestles him early. Back spinning elbow by Williams, but Roode back with a clothesline. Corner clothesline, Henning neck flip follows. Tag to Storm, double teams on Williams and have control until Williams takes Storm to the corner. Magnus in and Strom with clotheslines, neck breaker by Storm and a cover for 2. Rights by Storm and then misses a clothesline, skin the cat and he takes a drink of beer on the way up, SPITS it in Magnus’ face and then Beer Money tosses Magnus into Williams. Double Suplex…BEER!…MONEY~! Roode then tosses Storm over the top as a weapon and he wipes out the entire Invasion! Magnus rolled in, rights by Storm follow. Boot by Storm, goes for the 8-second ride, but Williams tosses him to the floor. Williams works him over on the floor, rolls him back in and Magnus lays the boots to him. Williams tags in, slam to Storm, knee drop follows and gets a cover for 2. Storm fights back, gets the back stabber and BOTH men are down. Magnus stops a tag for Storm, Williams over and tags in Magnus and he chokes out Storm. Williams in and Storm avoids the attack and slams them together. DIVING tag to Roode! Roode in and cleans house with clotheslines. Backdrop on Magnus! Neck breaker on Williams. Spinebuster follows and a cover gets 2 as Magnus makes the save. Strom kicks Williams in the head, but Rob Terry attacks Strom. Williams gets the toss into the uppercut on Roode and gets a CLOSE 2! Magnus in, grabs Roode, he escapes and Storm back in as well. Magnus tossed to the floor. TOP ROPE RANA by Storm on Williams! SPLASH by Roode! Rob Terry pulls the ref out of the ring, and he gets tossed! The Invasion attacks Beer Money, knees by Williams to Storm and he grabs a briefcase. Roode back in, grabs it, NAILS Williams and Storm superkicks him in the back of the head for the finish Beer Money defeated The British Invasion @ 12:00 via pin [***½] This was a very good tag match, with Storm and Williams really taking control as they locked in a smart pace and gameplan. It was nothing spectacular, but just sound tag wrestling with the right things done at the right time and delivering.

John Cena vs. AJ Styles: Awesome atmosphere from the crowd here. The early story was Styles out wrestling Cena, and even running some circles around him as promised. Cena then came back with arm drags and a monkey flip, showing Styles that he could wrestle. Styles they lit him up with forearm strikes and chops. Cena started to fight back, they spilled to the floor and Styles again used his speed to frustrate Cena. They’re telling a good story early, with Styles seemingly having Cena’s number and staying one step ahead due to speed and skill. Cena finally hit a high backdrop to slow Styles down. Cena then looked to run through his trademark stuff, but Styles cut him off with the dropkick. Styles then grounded Cena with the chinlock, Cena managed to power out and then hit the shoulder tackles. But Styles again cut him off, this time with an enziguri, not allowing Cena to mount momentum and run through his usual stuff. Cena finally hit the promo bomb as Styles missed the corner splash, Styles countered the five-knuckle shuffle with a head scissors and sent Cena to the floor. The slingshot plancha followed, but when Styles went for the suicide dive, Cena sidestepped and Styles crashed to the floor. Back in the ring Styles escaped the AA, hit a series of strikes but Cena scored with the STF. Styles managed to get the ropes, frustrating Cena. Styles took Cena down and headed up top but Cena cut him off, looked for the superplex but Styles slipped out and pulled Cena to the buckles. Styles charged, and Cena sent him onto the ropes, where Styles landed badly. Cena set him up top and looked for a super AA, Styles fought him off but as he went for the springboard, Cena caught him and went for the AA, but Styles rolled into the calf killer. Cena got the ropes, but it got a great reaction, which is why Styles using it recently was such a good call. Styles laid in some leg kicks, breaking Cena down, but Cena then decapitated him with the lariat. Cena went for the AA, Styles fought but Cena hit it for a great near fall. Cena slowly headed up top, selling the leg, Styles countered the fameasser into the powerbomb and both men were down. Styles slowly covered for a near fall. They traded strikes, PELE by Styles and he then went for the clash and hit it, but Cena kicked out! The crowd loves this, and have been into it the whole time. Cena managed to get the knees up on the springboard 450, went for the AA but Styles out, missed the PELE and then kicked Cena away on the STF try. We then got a ref bump as Cena hit an AA, and Cena got the phantom pin. UGH. Doc and Karl arrived and hit the magic killer on Cena, placed Styles on top and ran as the ref counted the three. AJ Styles defeated John Cena @ 24:12 via pin [****¼] We all saw the run in finish coming a mile away, and they unfortunately did it. Thankfully it was still a great match with a tremendous story and a super hot crowd that reacted to everything they did. These two just clicked so well together, and always made for a good match.

Non-Title Match: EVOLVE Champion Zack Sabre Jr. vs. WALTER: WALTER looks to use his size advantage to begin, but Sabre is able to escape. WALTER then starts to toss him around, making Sabre look like a highflier. WALTER starts working the arm, grounding Sabre. It’s all WALTER early. Sabre now works leg kicks, breaking WALTER down, but WALTER powers back and takes Sabre down. Sabre bridges up, and lays in uppercuts. WALTER just no sells those and takes Sabre down with chops. They start slapping each other; WALTER hits a big boot and chokes out Sabre in the ropes. WALTER tosses Sabre across the ring with a slam. Sabre now starts to work into his grappling game, but is quickly cut off with chops. WALTER is slowly starting to destroy Sabre with strikes and chops. Sabre again with leg kicks, pulls a knee bar, but WALTER makes the ropes. To the floor they go and WALTER dumps him on the apron and follows with more chops. Every time Sabre fires up, WALTER is there to cut him off. WALTER tosses him back into the ring, and continues to abuse Sabre. Sabre hits a desperation tornado DDT, but can’t follow up. Sabre manages to hit a PK, but WALTER cuts off the second, but Sabre locks on an octopus. WALTER escapes, but Sabre follows with running uppercuts. WALTER hits the shotgun dropkick to end that bullshit. Sabre slaps WALTER, but eats a big boot and WALTER follows with a German & butterfly suplex for 2. Sabre counters a powerbomb and looks for the octopus, and cranks back on the arm. WALTER escapes and then Sabre slips out, avoids the dropkick and hits the PK. Sabre attacks the arm with kicks, but WALTER kills him with a big palm strike. Sabre looks for the European clutch, but WALTER escapes and decapitates him with a lariat. Sabre counters a powerbomb into a guillotine, but WALTER hits a butterfly suplex to escape. Sabre lays in a series of kicks, but WALTER cuts him off with chops. Sabre keeps trying to fire up with strikes, but WALTER keeps dropping him with single shots. Sabre manages to roll into an arm bar, and then into a triangle choke. WALTER powers out into the powerbomb, hits another and Sabre kicks out! WALTER hits another powerbomb and finally pits Sabre away. WALTER defeated Zack Sabre Jr @ 18:05 via pin [****½] This was an excellent co-main event match, and a great example of how to work a big man vs. little man match. The story was that Sabre was the superior grappler, but constantly got pulled into WALTER’s game. While Sabre was able to link together some great exchanges, WALTER was constantly able to cut him off with a singular move or strike, due to his power and size advantage. They have worked together before and know how to mix their styles very well, and while Sabre tends to dominate matches, it was refreshing to see his opponent take most of the match and make him fight from the bottom. The action was smooth, seamless, and at times very brutal. The match was simply excellent.

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This was an overall great set of matches, with two that are very much worth your time. The set clocks in at about an hour, and flies by; it’s worth the watch.