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Csonka’s Free Match Reviews With Brock Lesnar, Asuka, & More

November 18, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Brock Lesnar Survivor Series
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Csonka’s Free Match Reviews With Brock Lesnar, Asuka, & More  

Csonka’s Free Match Reviews With Brock Lesnar, Asuka, & More

From Survivor Series 2017: Brock Lesnar defeated AJ Styles @ 15:25 via pin [****]
From Survivor Series 2017: Alicia Fox, Nia Jax, Sasha Banks, Asuka, and Bayley defeated Becky Lynch, Carmella, Tamina, Naomi, and Natalya @ 18:25 via pin [**¼]
From NXT Takeover: Toronto 2016: Champion Asuka vs. Mickie James @ 13:03 via submission [***½]

Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles: Lesnar attacks rights away, laying in knee strikes and tossing Styles around. It’s all Lesnar early, as he’s cut off Styles and starts dragging him around. Lesnar then tosses Styles across the ring with an overhead belly to belly. Lesnar hits a German and then tosses Styles to the floor. Lesnar follows, slam Styles off of an announce table and rolls him back in. Lesnar hits a release German and Styles has no idea who or where he is. Lesnar hits a running knee strike, but Styles keeps trying to pull himself up. Lesnar counters Styles’ strikes and takes him down again. Styles finally fires up, lays in strikes, but Lesnar cuts him off. Lesnar looks for an F5, but Styles escapes and Lesnar misses a knee strike, Styles attacks the knee and follows with a DDT. Styles now lays in leg kicks, the enziguri follows and then get botchy on the asai DDT and tornado DDT attempt. That wasn’t pretty. Styles hits a PELE, he springboards in and gets caught with a release German. Lesnar charges and ends up over the ropes (not pretty) and on the floor. Styles hits a slingshot forearm to the floor. Styles slams Lesnar to the steps and then hits a running forearm off of the steps. Back in and Lesnar lays in strikes, but Styles hits an enziguri. The asai moonsault connects and then Styles hits the springboard 450 but Lesnar kicks out at 2. Styles looks for the clash, but Lesnar counters but Styles rolls into the calf crusher. Lesnar fights, and starts slamming Styles’ head off the mat repeatedly to escape. Lesnar looks for the F5, Styles escapees and hits the springboard forearm for a great near fall. Styles to the apron again, springboard but Lesnar catches him and hits the F5 for the win. Brock Lesnar defeated AJ Styles @ 15:25 via pin [****] This was a great match, that would have been excellent if it wasn’t for the botchy moments, which held it back. The layout was excellent, with Styles overcoming the odds and giving Lesnar a great fight before the well done finish. The crowd was also really into it, especially down the stretch when AJ was running wild. Had they avoided the botches on the DDT spots and when Lesnar was dumped to the floor, I would have easily called this excellent. Brock felt motivated and AJ was simply awesome. It was a ton of fun that’s for sure and had a great vibe to it throughout.

Survivor Series Elimination Match: Alicia Fox, Nia Jax, Sasha Banks, Asuka, and Bayley vs. Becky Lynch, Carmella, Tamina, Naomi, and Natalya: Fox and Becky start things off, with Fox taking early control. Becky quickly fights back, stunning Fox off the ropes and follows with a leg drop, covering for 2. Becky goes for he arm bar, but Fox makes the ropes. Bayley tags in and gets the sneaky roll up, eliminating Becky. Natalya tags in, and beats down Bayley in the corner. The snap suplex follows, and Natalya tags in Tamina. Tamina lays the boots to Bayley, but Asuka tags in and starts kicking the shit out of Tamina. Fox tags herself in, and then Bayley tags in and Tamina cuts her off, and takes Bayley to her corner. Natalya tags back in, but Bayley fires up and starts to clean house, but Carmella tags in and cuts that off. She hits a superkick to Bayley, Tamina hits the top rope splash and Bayley is gone. Tamina and Jax tag in, and it’s women’s hoss time. Jax hits a head butt, but Tamina answers back with one of her own. Jax beats down Tamina in the corner, hits a cannonball and that gets 2. Tamina fights back with strikes, Jax takes out Lana and eats a superkick and another from Tamina and she is sent to the floor. Naomi takes out Jax with a plancha, she and Tamina brawl on the floor and Tamina hits a high cross off the steps and Jax gets counted out for the protective loss. Fox yells at Jax, and Naomi rolls her up for 2. Naomi follows with an enziguri but misses the split legged moonsault. Naomi and Fox get confused, and then Naomi rolls Fox up and into the neck crank, and Fox is gone. Banks statement on Naomi and she’s gone. Carmella attacks Banks, hits a suplex and covers for 2. Asuka tags in, kicks the shit out of Carmella and the ass attack gets 2. Carmella cuts off Asuka, using the hair, and then lays the boots to her in the corner. The broncobuster follows, Carmella talks shit an slaps Asuka, She gonna die. Asuka kills her with a knee strike and head kick and Carmella is gone. Natalya and Banks tag in, leading to a suplex and Banks covering for 2, Banks slaps Natalya, but Natalya hits a lariat, covering for 2. Banks picks up the pace, hitting a dropkick and corner knees. Banks locks in the banks statement and Tamina makes the save. Natalya slams Banks to the buckles, locks in the sharpshooter and Tamina takes out Asuka, as Banks taps. Asuka is left against Natalya and Tamina. Natalya attacks, taking Asuka to the mat. Tamina tags in, the double team suplex follows. Tamina hits a slam, covering for 2. Tamina heads up top, but misses the splash. Asuka locks in thee arm bar and Tamina taps. Natalya back in and attacks, laying in strikes. She looks for the sharp shooter, but Asuka locks in a heel hook and escapes. Asuka then kicks her face off, locks on the Asuka lock and Natalya taps. Alicia Fox, Nia Jax, Sasha Banks, Asuka, and Bayley defeated Becky Lynch, Carmella, Tamina, Naomi, and Natalya @ 18:25 via pin [**¼] Asuka being the lone survivor was the right call here. That was the best thing about this, As for the actual match, I felt that it just sort of existed, it had fun parts, but the Fox and Tamina stuff was largely bad and the eliminations largely fell flat.

NXT Women’s Title Match: Champion Asuka vs. Mickie James: I thought James looked good during her run in CHIKARA’s King of Trios and was hoping she’d get another chance on a big stage. Nice back and forth at the beginning; James tried to slow things down, but Asuka’s speed was a bit too much for the challenger. They both tried to play mind games, opening the ropes for each other, they traded kicks and Asuka landed a pair of hip attacks. Asuka blocked a kick on the floor, Asuka looked for an ankle lock and then hit a German suplex on the floor. James made it back into the ring, but Asuka kept on the attack, hitting a corner dropkick and then following with mounted strikes. Asuka would miss the hip attack, but then connect with a series of kicks. James then worked the single leg crab, and then locked in the Muta lock center ring. Asuka survived, sent James to the corner, and then they traded forearm strikes. This pissed off Asuka, James hit a neck breaker and then a series of clotheslines. Asuka missed a high cross and James followed with the flapjack. Thesz press off the ropes by James got 2. Asuka countered The DDT into the rolling arm bar, but James escaped and hit the spin kick for a near fall. Asuka again countered the DDT, Asuka went for the Asuka lock, and finally got it, and James had to tap. Champion Asuka vs. Mickie James @ 13:03 via submission [***½] I thought that this was a very good match, with the company playing well off of James’ history and laying out a match that made her more than competitive with Asuka. James looked in great shape and put in a strong performance. At the time I noted that I would have no objections to the company signing her up again, and while they haven’t done a lot with her, they did and she seems very happy.

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Clocking in at just around 50-minutes, the collection is a good one that reminds us that Brock can still wrestle when he wants to, that Asuka is awesome when booked as such, and that Mickie can still go when she’s not playing Alexa’s sidekick.