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Csonka’s GFW Destination X Review 8.17.17

August 17, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Matt Sydal GFW Destination X Impact Wrestling
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Csonka’s GFW Destination X Review 8.17.17  

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Csonka’s GFW Destination X Review 8.17.17

Knockouts Title Match: Champion Sienna defeated Gail Kim @ 7:02 via pin [**½]
Super X Cup Finals: Desmond Xavier defeated Ishimori @ 8:56 via pin [**¾]
X-Division Title Ladder Match: Champion Sonjay Dutt defeated Trevor Lee @ 16:03 [**½]
– oVe defeated Jason Cade & Zackary Wentz @ 2:18 via pin [NR]
Winner Gets a Title Shot of His Choosing: Matt Sydal defeated Lashley @ 14:52 via pin [**¾]

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– We get a new opening video.

– Lashley arrives flanked by American Top Team fighters and owner Dan Lambert.

– We now get a hype package for tonight’s show.

– Mackenzie Mitchell tries to talk with Bruce Prichard, but he blows her off; she teases that she saw a surprise in the office.

Knockouts Title Match: Champion Sienna w/KM vs. Gail Kim: Kim uses her speed to begin, lays in strikes but Sienna cuts her off, but Kim gets a sunset flip for 2. The reverse DDT by Kim gets 2. Sienna bails to the floor as Kim looks for eat defeat. Kim follows, but Sienna slams her to the steps. Kim rolls back in and Sienna beats her down in the corner, hits the corner splash and covers for 2. Sienna then grounds her with the Japanese strangle hold, maintaining her control. Sienna follows with the back breaker and fall away slam, covering for 2. Sienna sets Kim up top, follows and looks for a superplex, but Kim fights her off and hits the sunset bomb. Kim fires up with strikes, hits a clothesline and then up top and hits the high cross for 2. Sienna counters the corner splash and they roll to the mat. Kim escapes AK 47 and hits eat defeat. KM distracts the ref, and Kim takes him out. Taryn Terrell then makes her return, attacking Kim with the cutter and allowing Sienna to hit AK 47 for the win. Terrell last worked for TNA in July of 2015, teaming with Marti Belle & Jade, losing to Awesome Kong & Brooke. She had just lost her Knockout’s title to Kim. Champion Sienna defeated Gail Kim @ 7:02 via pin [**¼] They were working their way to a good match, and then the KM distraction and interference happened and killed the momentum for me. It’s cool Taryn is back (and does make sense), and if she’s motivated like she was in some of her last run, she’ll be a positive addition, but no matter what you call the company, they always fall back on old tricks, and the interference finish is at the top of the list.

– Post match, Taryn mounts Kim and then stands tall.

– Matt Sydal says Lashley will know his name by the end of the night, and he will earn Lashley’s respect.

Bruce Prichard Decides The Fate of The GFW Championship: Prichard is out with the GFW world title to address the situation, since Patron was stripped of the title. He’s a corporate consultant and it’s his job to oversee on air talent. He says the past year has been great and the next will be even better. He has a prepared statement regarding Patron and says he’s been stripped of the title. Patron gave up the title to focus on his family and wishes him the best in his future endeavors. So he has to fix the issue, and the company is only as good as its champion. He can order the title to revert back to a former champion, and is giving the title to Lashley. But instead of Lashley, Jim Cornette appears making his return to the company. He’s been gone since 2009. They shake hands and hug. Prichard tries to get him to leave, and Cornette says he is now working for Anthem to help fix things. Prichard claims to run things and calls for security. He adds that Cornette will never be his boss and orders him removed. Cornette says that he isn’t his boss, and calls Prichard arrogant and a guy that pushes his agenda; people are sick of him. Cornette says Prichard is fired. Cornette has Prichard escorted from the ring and takes the GFW title from him. Cornette says Patron didn’t give up the title, he was stripped of it. It’s a new day moving forward, no more vacations, you have to fight for your spot. The wrestlers have to prove themselves or they will deal with Cornette. Cornette says he isn’t handing anyone the title. They will have a 20-man gantlet next week, and the winner will become the new champion. LAX now arrives, and after the commercial break, Konnan says that they traded one lying cracker for another. Konnan says Ki should be the #1 contender since he has a title shot tonight, but Cornette disagrees. Ki then says that he smells fear on Cornette. Cornette says he’s willing to listen, and says Ki is getting the shaft in this whole situation, but he will out Ki in the gauntlet and will enter at #20. That’s the best he can do for him, due to corporate’s orders. Konnan says if Cornette double-crosses them, they will end him. I would be happy about Prichard being one, but we all know that he’ll be back and we’ll end up with another power struggle angle. Cornette is leaps and bounds a better on screen character compared to Prichard, but the last thing this company needed was another authority figure/talking head. I’m smelling the latest reboot in the making.

Super X Cup Tournament Final Match: Desmond Xavier vs. Ishimori: They work a fun and fast paced opening stretch, and as they work Josh announces that a Global OTT network is coming as they continue to largely ignore the action, Ishimori grounds Xavier, and then follows with chops. Ishimori picks up the pace and hits the springboard seated senton. He slams down Xavier, but Xavier counters the double stomp and gets a roll up for 2. Xavier looks for a RANA, but Ishimori counters out with a flapjack. Xavier fires up with strikes and hits a cutter for the double down. He follows with corner attacks, and then a standing corkscrew moonsault for the near fall. The basement dropkick follows, Xavier up top and has to roll through on the 450, and Ishimori then hits a dropkick. The back handspring kick follows, and Ishimori heads to the ropes and hits a double stomp for 2. Ishimori hits the double knees, and hits the 450 for 2. Xavier battles back with a series of kicks and picks up the anticlimactic victory. Desmond Xavier defeated Ishimori @ 8:56 via pin [**¾] This was a pretty good match, but it really lacked excitement and drama, as well as that balls to the wall action you’d expect from the finals of an X-Division tournament. Xavier winning was the right call, but the match felt disappointing.

– Post match, Xavier gets interviewed and promises to come for the X-Division title.

– Grado cries backstage about being deported. Park says he gets to say goodbye next week.

– Grado cries backstage about being deported. Park says he gets to say goodbye next week.

X-Division Title Ladder Match: Champion Sonjay Dutt vs. Trevor Lee: They battle back and forth at the bell and then the fight quickly spills to the floor. They work back in, and Dutt keeps the pace high and hits a RANA, sending Lee to the floor. Lee looks to get a ladder involved, but Dutt dropkicks it into his face and follows with a moonsault to the floor. Lee battles back, hits the apron PK and then sets up a ladder and looks to climb. Dutt rolls back in and cuts him off until Lee slams him to the buckles. Lee follows with a dump suplex onto the ladder as we take a break. Post break and Lee beats on Dutt with the ladder and now looks to climb. Dutt manages to cut him off, but Lee hits the running double stomp and cuts off the champion. Lee now breaks out a table and sets it up in the ring, in the corner. Lee looks for a German, but Dutt fights out and hits a tornado DDT using the table to run off of. Dutt now sets up the table, lays Lee on it and heads up top but Lee crotches him. Lee then tosses Dutt over the table, and then sends him to he floor. Lee works over Dutt, rolls him back in the ring and sets up a ladder. Lee then makes a ladder bridge, but Dutt cuts him off and lays him on it and heads up top and hits a splash. Dutt climbs, but Caleb Konely arrives to attack Dutt and help Lee; he powerbombs Dutt through the table. But Petey Williams arrives to make the save, DESTROYER on Konley. Williams tries to rally Dutt, but Lee hits him with the ladder. He climbs, but Dutt springboards onto the ladder, knocks Lee off and wins. Champion Sonjay Dutt defeated Trevor Lee @ 16:03 [**½] This felt rather lackadaisical, didn’t have any real drama or notable high spots, making the ladder match stipulation rather useless. The run ins added nothing, and considering we saw a run in finish in the earlier title match, it didn’t mean nearly as much. The match layout and booking didn’t help anyone here. Good old Jeff & Dutch just can’t help themselves. Petey being back is cool, but there are so many other new and fresh guys out there they could be bringing in.

– Mackenzie interviews Lashley backstage. Lashley is not an X-division guy, he’s here to destroy Sydal and take his title back.

oVe (Jake & Dave Crist) vs. Jason Cade & Zackary Wentz: Wentz attacks at the bell, they have some awkward exchanges and oVe then works double teams. Cade in, but the double teams continue. Cade fires up with strikes, hits a code breaker but gets cut off. oVe work over Wentz, hits a superkick on Cade as he flies in and the high low kick finishes Cade. oVe defeated Jason Cade & Zackary Wentz @ 2:18 via pin [NR] While they got the win, I didn’t feel that this was an impressive performance or debut for oVe.

– Cornette is making a deal for next week as Moose & EC3 arrive and want in the gauntlet, and Cornette says they are in. Drake & Adonis arrive, and they want in the gauntlet as well. Cornett puts them in the gauntlet, with Drake being given the #1 spot.

– Lashley’s ATT teammates are at ringside.

The Winner Gets a Title Shot of His Choosing: Lashley vs. Matt Sydal: Sydal looked to use his speed to begin, and hit a kick but Lashley hit the running cross body to take control. Sydal fought off the powerbomb, they blew a pop up powerbomb spot, went back to it and Sydal hit a RANA and standing moonsault but Lashley kicks out and sends Sydal to the floor. Post break, Lashley is working over Sydal on the floor and slams him into the barricade. Lashley high fives his ATT pals, and then sends Sydal back in. Lashley dominates now, just slamming Sydal around with ease. Lashley hits a corner spear, and then works body shots in the corner. Lashley then with the cocky cover for 2. Lashley follows with the delayed suplex, sets and Sydal avoids the spear and lands a spin kick. The tornado DDT follows, and the cover gets 2. Sydal up top, but Lashley cuts him off, but they slip up top, that could have been bad. They battle back up top; Sydal sends Lashley off and hits the meteora. Sydal works kicks, but as he picks up the pace, runs into a spinebuster for 2. Lashley then hits the running power slam for a near fall. Lashley then hits a dominator for 2. Lashley to the floor and grabs a chair. The ref tries to take the chair, Sydal kicks it into his face and heads up top. The shooting star press eats knees. Lashley then misses a spear, posts himself and Sydal rolls him up for the win. Matt Sydal defeated Lashley @ 14:52 via pin [**¾] They had the right layout, with Lashley dominating and playing the cocky overconfident heel who eventually fell to the never say die smaller babyface. But they simply didn’t work as well together as well as I hoped, with two really bad botch spots and an anticlimactic ending.

– ATT owner Dan Lambert is disgusted by Lashley’s loss. The ATT guys attack the ref, but Lashley stops them.

– We get a video package for Johnny Mundo Impact, he’s coming.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
I was really excited for tonight’s Destination X show; the card was good on paper, and even with losing the GFW title match, I felt that they had enough to deliver an entertaining show and to maybe even turn the page and gain some momentum. You always hear companies like GFW talking about wanting to change the game, but unfortunately, no matter the name (TNA, Impact Wrestling, GFW) every reboot is the same. They revert to interference I title matches, old names returning, and some sort of authority figure/power struggle angle. I like Cornette much better as an on air character than Prichard, but we know Prichard will be back. Taryn and Petey returning could be fun, but I felt that having them return in such similar ways led to diminishing returns. I also felt that the matches greatly under delivered, mostly average, especially the X-division matches. The show had a ton of potential, but I felt it failed to deliver and felt like the usual poorly planned “reboot” style episode we get from the company. This wasn’t the best first step on the road to Bound for Glory; you have to do better when there's so much product out there to choose from.