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Csonka’s GFW Impact Wrestling Review 7.27.17

July 27, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Alberto El Patron Impact
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Csonka’s GFW Impact Wrestling Review 7.27.17  

Csonka’s GFW Impact Wrestling Review 7.27.17

– EC3, Chris Adonis, & Eli Drake defeated Moose, Eddie Edwards, & Marufuji @ 16:16 via pin [***]
Super X Cup Tournament Match: Taiji Ishimori defeated Davey Richards @ 8:30 via pin [***¼]
Last Knockouts Standing Knockouts Title Match: GFW Knockouts Champion Sienna defeated Rosemary @ 15:47 [***]
– Octagoncito defeated Trevor Lee @ 1:45 via countout [NR]
Non-Title Gauntlet Match: GFW Champion Alberto El Patron defeated LAX @ 8:57 via DQ [*]

– Grado and Joseph Park arrive, Park wants him to ask Laurel to marry him tonight and even brought him some clothes.

– We get highlights from last week’s show.

– The Orlando Mayor is here because this was taped on Impact Wrestling Day in Orlando.

Moose, Eddie Edwards, & Marufuji vs. EC3, Chris Adonis, & Eli Drake: This has a lot of potential. Eddie and Drake to begin, Eddie uses his speed and works arm drags and then tags in Marufuji. Marufuji grounds Drake with ease, working the arm. Eddie tags back in and continues to work the arm. Drake fights back, tagging in EC3, but Eddie and Marufuji light him up with chops. Moose in and EC3 runs from him. Adonis distracts Moose, allowing EC3 and Adonis to work him over in their corner. Moose cuts off Adonis with a dropkick, tags Marufuji back in and its chop time for Adonis. Adonis fights back, but Marufuji lights him up with rapid-fire strikes and kicks. Eddie blind tags in and he and Marufuji double team Adonis and that leads to a near fall. EC3 sent to the floor with Drake, but Adonis cuts off Eddie as he looks for the suicide dive. Post break, and the heels work the heat on Eddie. Solid work here, keeping Eddie isolated on their side of the ring with EC3 controlling and tagging in Adonis. He keeps the heat going, and then tags in EC3. The heels keep working quick tags, with Adonis working the camel clutch. More tags follow, Drake in and Eddie finally hits a suplex and needs to get the tag. EC3 in, knocks Marufuji to the floor but Moose gets the hot tag but Drake and Adonis in to cut him off. Moose fights them off, but EC3 sends him to the floor. Marufuji in and works kicks, but Adonis locks in the Adonis lock. Eddie makes the save, Drake takes him out and Moose returns. Pop up powerbomb and senton to Drake, EC3 n with the grand championship. The ref takes the belt, ECF3 low blows Moose and hits the elevated pedigree for the win. EC3, Chris Adonis, & Eli Drake defeated Moose, Eddie Edwards, & Marufuji @ 16:16 via pin [***] YAY for opening Impact with a match. Good opening match, everyone worked hard and EC3 pinning Moose should continue their feud and set them up for a grand championship match down the line.

– We see Dick Justice warming up; he claims to be the standby wrestler.

– We get a video package for oVe (Dave Crist and Jake Crist)…

– We get highlights of last week’s LAX/Patron drama.

LASHLEY MAD: Lashley says some of these new comers apparently only know who he is. They need to know their place, and not be demanding title shots, which he finds ridiculous. If anyone tries to get in his way he will take them out, because he’s the top of the food chain. He wants Prichard to give him a title match at Destination X and calls out Prichard. Prichard arrives with Tyrus watching his back, and Matt Sydal arrives and says that he will not be ignored. Lashley shoves Sydal down, but counters the spear with a jumping knee and hits the shooting star press on Lashley. Sydal stands tall. While it fell flat with the live crowd, I liked this. I dig Sydal not backing down and putting himself in the mix, mainly because Lashley killing him in a match will be glorious and a ton of fun. Plus it freshens things up as far as giving us a new match.

Super X Cup Tournament Match: Taiji Ishimori vs. Davey Richards: Good plan to match these two up, Davey should work with Ishimori well. The winner moves on to face ACH. They work a smooth and fast paced opening stretch. Davey then riles up the crowd, Ishimori picks up the pace, and dropkicks Davey to the floor. Davey gets pissed and grabs a chair, but the ref takes it from him. Davey back in and they trade strikes, and Davey takes control with kicks. He then grounds him working a head scissors, but Ishimori makes the ropes. Davey maintains control with a knee drop and then transitions into an Indian death lock. Davey gets concerned with the fans again, and then lays in kicks on Ishimori before choking him out in the corner. Ishimori battles back, hits the springboard seated senton. The corner knees follow, Ishimori up top and hits the double stomp for 2. Ishimori back up top, leaps over Davey and they trade pinning combos for a series of near falls. Davey works an ankle lock, Ishimori counters out but Davey catches the back handspring kick into an ankle lock. The running kick gets 2 for Davey. Davey up top, misses the double stomp, but Ishimori hits the sit out lung blower and shining wizard for 2. Ishimori slams Davey down, heads up top and hits the 450 for the win. Taiji Ishimori defeated Davey Richards @ 8:30 via pin [***¼] This was a good, compact, and competitive match. They meshed well and delivered a fun outing, Ishimori moving on was the right call, as the semis and finals will provide some hopefully fun and quality matches.

– Just announced…

Last Knockouts Standing Match: GFW Knockouts Champion Sienna vs. Rosemary: Rosemary wastes no time, attacking Sienna as she enters the ring. She runs wild, and goes for a table and slides it in the ring. She sets it up in the corner, they tease a table spot, and Sienna then uses Rosemary’s shirt and hockey fights her and then takes control. Sienna to the floor, she sets up a table and then gets a chair. Rosemary gets a chair and they face off, they swing and knock the chairs out of each other’s hand and brawl to the floor and into the crowd. They brawl into the bleachers and trade strikes. Rosemary then works a tarantula hanging over the railing, which looked cool. Sienna taps but that means nothing here. Post break, they work back into the ring and Sienna hits a lariat to take Rosemary down. They fight to the apron, Sienna then hits a AK47 to the floor. Almost, she just dumped her like a sack of shit to the floor, which had to suck. Rosemary breaks the count, and Rosemary cuts off the silencer with a chair shot. Sienna beats the count, misses a belt shot and Rosemary hits red wedding onto a chair. The count begins again as both are down. KM is in and helps Sienna to her feet. UGH. Rosemary with chair shots, she heads to the floor and grabs a trashcan. Tosses it in and sets it in front of Sienna who is in front of the table. Rosemary mists KM, but Sienna tosses the can into her face and Rosemary falls through the table on the floor. Sienna makes it to her feet and Rosemary is still down, so Sienna retains. GFW Knockouts Champion Sienna defeated Rosemary @ 15:47 [***] This was good, with both ladies working hard and taking some rough bumps. But it just lacked drama down the stretch and KM’s bullshit added nothing to the match.

– Joseph Park gives Grado a pep talk.

– EC3 says his new finish is the “ECD, the Ethan Carter Driver.” He faces Moose next week for the grand championship.

– El Patron is with Dos Caras and El Hijo de Dos Caras, and promises to get revenge on LAX and to get to Konnan tonight.

Trevor Lee vs. Octagoncito: Fake X-Division champion Trevor Lee is “defending his title” here. He claims he is a fighting champion and brought in the best high flier in Mexico; it’s Octagoncito. Lee gets on his knees and locks up with Octagoncito. He overpowers him and celebrates. He then puts his hand on his head and holds him back like a child. Octagoncito then hits a RANA and a head scissors. Lee tries to walk out, and gets counted out. Octagoncito defeated Trevor Lee @ 1:45 via countout [NR] Just angle advancement; I think that it was supposed to be funny, but it really wasn’t.

– Sonjay Dutt arrives to attack Lee, but gets taken away by Security.

– In the LAX clubhouse, Konnan says that Patron got soft, and tonight they get to take him out in a gantlet match. Homicide will start off for LAX and Konnan orders Homicide to cripple Patron.

– Grado arrives to propose to Laurel Van Ness; Joseph Park is with him. Grado is wearing a really tight orange tux. Sienna tries to stop Van Ness from going to the ring. Grado says Van Ness is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen and that they have a connection. Grado proposes. Allie arrives to cheerlead, but Sutter arrives and takes her to the back. Van Ness’ reactions are at least funny. Kongo Kong arrives, and scares Grado away. Van Ness calms Kong down and he picks her up and looks to carry her away, but she soothes the beast as Grado escapes.

Non-Title Gauntlet Match: GFW Champion Alberto El Patron vs. LAX (Ortiz, Santana, & Homicide): Homicide and Patron start off, and Patron pins Homicide in 20-seonds. Ortiz is in and posts Patron, allowing Santana and Konnan to lay in some strikes. Ortiz hits a sitout spinebuster for 2 and we take a break. Post break, Patron works over Ortiz and hits the enziguri and covers for 2. Patron up top, Diamante crotches him, but Patron hits the double stomp and pins Ortiz at 6:29. Santana in now and attacks Patron right away. Konnan and Diamante trip up Patron, Santana hits a dive and LAX lay the boots to Patron on the floor. Santana up top, misses the double stomp allowing Patron to go after Konnan, Diamante makes the save but he tosses her to the floor. Patron makes his comeback, hitting the tornado DDT and locks in the arm bar, but Ortiz makes the save for the DQ. GFW Champion Alberto El Patron defeated LAX @ 8:57 via DQ [*] This wasn’t much of a match, what there was wasn’t very good and again LAX looks weak as hell. Your tag team champions lost clean to Lashley and Patron, and then Patron beat their ass by himself last week, and again mostly takes them out on his own at the end of this show. Sure he had a bit of help, but it feels like they have ruined all of the work done with LAX prior to the Patron title win.

– Post match, LAX beat down Patron. El Hijo de Dos Caras tries to make the save and he gets his ass beat. Dos Caras and the Veterans of War (they’re still here) also run in and brawl with LAX. Patron then clears the ring with chair shots, pretty much beating LAX to the floor on his own.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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This was three fourths of a good to very good show, and one I was enjoying. They had good matches, they set up a title match for next week and a match for Destination X (Sydal & Lashley) and then I felt that the show went off a cliff with the Trevor Lee segment, got worse with the Grado bullshit and ended flat with LAX being bitch made once again. It’s really frustrating, because I felt that they really had things together for most of the show and that they were turning things around but it just couldn’t last the full two hours. I pray that they can learn from the first 90-minutes of this show.