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Csonka’s Impact Victory Road 2019 Review

September 14, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s Impact Victory Road 2019 Review  

Csonka’s Impact Victory Road 2019 Review

World Class Revolutionary Championship Match: Champion Prince Mahali defeated Tego @ 3:58 via pin []
– Flex Zerba defeated Damon Windsor @ 3:55 via pin []
– The North defeated Retro Randy & Fuego Del Sol @ 13:40 via pin [***¼]
– Kiera Hogan defeated Desiderata @ 8:40 via countout [**]
– Sami Callihan defeated Hawk @ 9:00 via pin [**¾]
World Class Title Match: MVP defeated Champion Chavo Guerrero @ 14:00 via pin []
Knockouts Title Match: Champion Taya defeated Rosemary @ 8:10 via pin [**]
– Moose defeated Stephan Bonnar @ 10:15 via pin [*]
– Eddie Edwards defeated Rohit Raju @ 3:25 via DQ [*]
– Cage & Edwards defeated Shera & Raju @ 5:25 via pin [**]
– Michael Elgin defeated TJP @ 17:00 via pin [****]

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Champion Prince Mahali vs. Tego: Tego takes control, knocking Mahali to the floor and follows with a suicide dive. Back in and he covers for 2. Mahali avoids the dropkick and the neck breaker gets 2. He follows with strikes, but Tego fires back and hits clotheslines. He lays in jabs, and hits a rough looking standing moonsault for 2. Mahali counters eat defeat and hits the hammerlock lariat for 2. Mahali up top with the magic carpet and misses the splash. Tego hits a code beaker for 2. Tego up top and the swanton misses and Mahali posts him and cradles him with the ropes for the win. Champion Prince Mahali defeated Tego @ 3:58 via pin [*½] There wasn’t much to this but it was slow and clunky not good.

Damon Windsor vs. Flex Zerba: they lock up and work to the ropes for a clean break. Lock up again and back to the ropes they go. Zerba follows with strikes, slams Windsor to the buckles, and follows with a clothesline and facebuster for 2. Windsor cuts him off and chokes him out in the ropes. Windsor lays n strikes, whips Zerba to the buckles and then runs into a boot. Windsor then hits the tree slam for 2. Windsor follows with rights, Zerba hulks up and Windsor instantly cuts him off. Zerba hits a slam, rips off his shirt and drops the leg and wins. Flex Zerba defeated Damon Windsor @ 3:55 via pin [*½] This was also slow, clunky, and not good.

– Mathews & D’Amore are on commentary, and welcome us to the show.

The North vs. Retro Randy & Fuego Del Sol: Swann was supposed to team with Fuego, but missed the weekend due to travel issues. This is a non-title match. Alexander overpowers Fuego to begin. They lock up and Fuego works into counters, but Alexander quickly cuts him off. Alexander again overpowers Fuego, but Fuego hits a northern lights suplex and Randy tags in as double teams follow. Page in and they work into counters, dropkick by Randy and a cross body follows for 2. Fuego tags back in and double stomps the arm. Page cuts him off with a slam, tags in Alexander and he tosses Fuego around. Fuego fires back, but Alexander counters the RANA into a backbreaker for 2. Page in and h takes the heat on Fuego, laying in strikes and Alexander then chokes him out in the ropes. Alexander follows with chops, clubbing strikes, and then a Gory special. Page tags in and follows with an elbow drop for 2. The North work quick tags, an Alexander hits a back breaker for 2. He grounds things and follows with knee strikes. The North work double teams, Fuego fires back but Page cuts him off and follows with a delayed suplex for 2. Alexander back in and keeps Fuego grounded. Fuego fires back and tags in Randy. Randy runs wild and hits a flapjack. Atomic drop on Page and the flatliner follows for 2. Alexander cuts Randy off and Fuego makes the save, hits a blockbuster and Randy hits a frog splash for 2. Alexander takes out Randy, Page cuts of Fuego and the double team cutter into a German follows for 2. The double Gotch is fought of, superkicks by Fuego and the springboard DDT follows for 2. Page makes the save, they dump Randy and Alexander takes him out. Page hits a Razor’s edge and the double team spinebuster finishes it. The North defeated Retro Randy & Fuego Del Sol @ 13:40 via pin [***¼] This was good, the north were great here and also giving, while Fuego looked good again.

Kiera Hogan vs. Desiderata: Hogan runs to the ropes to begin. She stalls, so Desiderata attacks but Hogan goes back to the ropes. Hogan chops her, Desiderata no sells her and hits a hip toss, clotheslines and Hogan powders and wants a timeout. She stuns Desiderata off the ropes and hits a running dropkick, corner attacks and covers for 2. Hogan follows with kicks, chokes out Desiderata but Desiderata counters back with a delayed suplex for 2. Hogan cuts her off with a dropkick. Follows with strikes and then grounds the action. Desiderata counters back with a slam for 2. Desiderata then misses the top rope swanton. Hogan talks shit, follows with strikes and Desiderata fires up, slaps Hogan and hits a dropkick. The slam follows for 2. Hogan counters back, hits a head kick and covers for 2. Desiderata counters back into a spinning slam but Hogan powders. Desiderata chases her, but Hogan hits a superkick and wins via countout. Kiera Hogan defeated Desiderata @ 8:40 via countout [**] This was rough at times as Desiderata seemed slow and unsure of herself. Hogan did well and brought good fire, and this ended up ok with a flat finish.

Sami Callihan vs. Hawk: Sami attacks right away and starts kicking Hawk’s ass. He mocks him with a war dance and Hawk hits a dropkick. Sami cuts him off with a powerbomb and hits another. He dumps Hawk, follows and Sami lays in chops. He teases a powerbomb, but Hawk fires back as they brawl. Hawk charges and gets backdropped into the ring. Sami now dumps him again, and follows with chops on the floor and slams him to the apron. Back in and he grounds things with a choke, and maintains control. Hawk slowly fires up and follows with strikes, a jawbreaker, and kicks. He lays in chops, an enziguri and then runs down the ramp with a flying forearm into the ring and the cutter follows for 2. Sami cuts him off and hits the brainbuster for 2. They trade, Sami hits a superkick and cactus special for the win. Sami Callihan defeated Hawk @ 9:00 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good, but I think that Sami should have won in a more dominant showing.

World Class Champion Chavo Guerrero vs. MVP: MVP attacks and takes control right away. He dumps Chavo on the ropes and knocks him to the floor. He follows and MVP stuns him off the barricade. Back in and Chavo cuts him off. Chavo follows him back out and works him over. Back in and MVP fights back and grounds the action until Chavo dumps him. He follows with a plancha, and back in Chavo lays the boots to him. He starts attacking the knee, MVP fires back and follows with clubbing strikes in the ropes. Chavo cuts him off, heads up top and the frog splash gets 2. Chavo grounds things again, working the knee and locks on a knee bar. He transitions to a modified deathlock. MVP powers up and counters out but misses the corner boot as Chavo covers for 2. Chavo goes back to the knee, keeping things grounded as MVP makes the ropes. MVP fires back, hits a backdrop and covers for 2. MVP attacks the ribs stunning Chavo off the ropes and he follows with jabs. The facebuster and ballin elbow drop follows for 2. Chavo counters play of the day and hits the rolling suplexes because it’s Dollar Tree Eddie time. The frog splash is cut off, and they work up top and Chavo knocks MVP to the mat, but the frog splash eats knees. The running boot that was supposed to be a shining wizard finishes it for MVP. MVP defeated Champion Chavo Guerrero @ 14:00 via pin [*½] It wasn’t that this was horrible, it was just lethargic and really boring, at no time made you actually care about it. They didn’t even really play the hits.

– Taya tries to talk Rosemary out of tonight’s match for a girl’s night out. Taya runs down people in Oklahoma, and has a bag ready to give Rosemary a makeover. Rosemary refuses and attacks.

Champion Taya vs. Rosemary: Rosemary works her over in the corner, and Taya powders. Rosemary follows and chokes her out, and then follows with chops. Taya rolls back in and then dropkicks Rosemary to the floor. She follows and slams her to the apron and posts her. Taya lays the boots to her, and follows with strikes. Back in and Taya hits the double knees and covers for 2. Taya lays in corner strikes, Rosemary bites her and they work into a double down. Rosemary then follows with strikes, they trade and Rosemary hits clotheslines. The sling blade connects, and then an XPLODER follows for 2. Taya counters back, trips her up and then gets something from her bag. She throws shit at Rosemary, blinds her with hairspray and the curb stomp finishes it. Champion Taya defeated Rosemary @ 8:10 via pin [**] This was another lackluster performance from Rosemary, who hasn’t been the same since her knee injury and is getting by on gimmick and charisma. She tries really hard, but just isn’t the same. Overall it was ok, with the cliché heel finish.

Moose vs. Stephan Bonnar: Moose powders and stalls to begin. Moose then pokes the eyes, follows with chops and Bonnar charges and takes him down, laying in strikes. Bonnar looks for the arm bar, but Moose slips out and powders. Bonnar follows and Moose backs away until Bonnar follows with knee strike sand kicks. Moose rakes the eyes, delivers chops and Bonnar cuts him off with knee strikes. He slams him to the apron and Moose now bites him. Bonnar manages to post Moose, rolls him back in and Moose catches him low on the way back in. He follows with strikes, and Bonnar is down. Moose follows with a suplex and dumps him. Moose follows and they battle over a suplex but Moose cuts him off with strikes. Bonnar then hits a suplex on the ramp. Back in and Bonnar his knee strikes, kicks and hip toss. he follows with kicks and covers for 2. Bonnar follows with a spin kick for 2. The arm bar follows, Moose fights and makes the ropes. Bonnar argues with the ref, and Moose cradles him with the ropes for the win. Moose defeated Stephan Bonnar @ 10:15 via pin [*] Bonnar was horribly exposed here; mostly doing MMA related things, and almost no traditional professional wrestling. He looked uncoordinated for an athlete, and while Moose tried really hard to lead him to some thing simple and watchable, he just couldn’t and for some reason, he just couldn’t win clean here, with is a bad call.

Eddie Edwards vs. Rohit Raju: Shera is at ringside, distracts Edwards and Raju attacks. Edwards quickly makes the comeback, hits an overhead belly to belly but Raju counters into neck breakers, covering for 2. He chokes out Edwards as Shera gets in cheap shots. Edwards fires back, lays in machinegun chops and follows with a TKO. Shera in and attacks for the DQ. Cage arrives and makes the save and we have a tag match. Eddie Edwards defeated Rohit Raju @ 3:25 via DQ [*]

Cage & Edwards vs. Shera & Raju: Cage and Edwards run wild after the DHS attack. Rau fires back, but Cage cuts him off with a backbreaker. He curls Raju and dumps him to the mat. Edwards in and they double team Raju and covers for 2. Shera tags in and DDTs Edwards. Cage in and gets dumped. Edwards follows with chops on Shera, but gets cut of as DHS follows with double teams. Shera follows with an elbow drop for 2. Rajju in but Edwards cuts him off with the blue thunder bomb. Cage gets the tag, runs wild on Raju and follows with Germans and a face buster for 2. Shera in and brawls with Cage. It breaks down, suicide dive by Edwards. F5 and Boston knee party finishes Raju Cage & Edwards defeated Shera & Raju @ 5:25 via pin [**] This was ok, and a fine way to get cage on the show in a match that he can take it easy and be protected.

Michael Elgin vs. TJP: They lock up and work to the ropes. Lock up again and TJP follows with strikes, unloads on Elgin and then takes him down. Elgin counters up to his feet, but TJP hits head scissors and grounds things. Elgin escapes and TJP takes him down again. Elgin counters and looks to control but TJP hits a basement dropkick for 2. Elgin cuts him off and powers out of an arm bar but TJP gets the knee bar until Elgin escapes. TJP follows with an octopus hold, but Elgin escapes with a snake eyes and German for 2. Elgin follows with uppercuts, strikes and then whips him to the buckles. Elgin follows with a back elbow for 2. The snap suplex also follows for 2. Elgin keep things grounded, maintaining control. TJP escapes, lays in kicks, and then eats an enziguri. They work up top and TJP fights back with strikes and Elgin blocks the sunset bomb until TJP superkicks him and hits the powerbomb. TJP follows with a flurry of kicks, the springboard high cross, and trips up Elgin for a wrecking ball dropkick. The top rope high cross follows for 2. Elgin fires back, but TJP counters until Elgin follows with strikes. Elgin counters the detonation kick, they work into counters and Elgin gets the crossface. TJP escapes and lays in kicks and the detonation kick for 2. TJP looks for an arm bar, transitions into a Regal stretch variation until Elgin powers to the ropes. He rolls to the apron, and cuts off TJP, they trade and Elgin hits an air raid crash on the apron. Elgin is back in and the delayed super falcon arrow does the deal for 2. The crossface follows and TJP makes the ropes. TJP counters the lariat into an arm bar, but Elgin powers up into a buckle bomb but TJP counters into a cradle for 2. TJP goes back to the Regal stretch, but Elgin makes the ropes. TJP follows with kicks, but Elgin kills him with a lariat for 2. He hits another, and the buckle bomb and Elgin bomb finishes it. Michael Elgin defeated TJP @ 17:00 via pin [****] This was a great main event, featuring a great mix of the two men’s styles, and was easily the best match of the show and weekend for Impact.

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* Intro
* NJPW Destruction in Beppu Preview: 3:25
* NJPW Destruction in Kagoshima Preview: 16:25
* WWE Changes Royal Rumble 2020 Weekend Plans (Worlds Collide Replaces Takeover): 27.55
* Impact Parent Company Anthem Media Acquires Majority Interest in AXS TV: 37.55
* WWE Clash of Champions 2019 Preview: 1:05:35

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The final score: review Poor
The 411
Despite a great main event, Impact Victory Road 2019 was another rough show for the company that wasn’t worth the time to invest. If you have time, catch the main event, but the company really has to reevaluate these shows and the talent they opt to work with.